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Soft starters _ADX_


									Soft starters (ADX)
                                  ADXM...BP series compact soft starters (2-phase control)

                                  • compact, economical soft starters for motors up to 22kW
                                  • intergrated by-pass relay
                                  • adjustable ramp up and down times
                                    - start time (ramp up) 0.5-10s (ADXM 06/12/18) 1-10s (ADXM 25/38/45)
                                    - stop time (ramp down) 0.5 - 20s (ADXM 06/12/18) 1-30s (ADXM 25/38/45)
                                  • adjustable start torque 0-85% voltage (ADXM 06/12/18) 5-70%

      ADXM06-18BP                 type              rated current   rated power    description         dimensions (mm)          price
                                                         le            415V                          (H)   x   (W)   x   (D)

                                  ADXM06BP              6A            2.2kW         soft starter     110       45        126
                                  ADXM12BP             12A            5.5kW         soft starter     110       45        126
                                  ADXM18BP             18A            7.5kW         soft starter     110       45        126
                                  ADXM25BP             25A           11.0kW         soft starter     114       90        100
                                  ADXM38BP             38A           18.5kW         soft starter     114       90        100
                                  ADXM45BP             45A           22.0kW         soft starter     114       90        100

                                  ADX...B series (3 phase control)

                                  •   reduced voltage soft starter with torque control and maximum starting current limit
                                  •   intergrated by-pass contactor fully rated (ADX...B series)
                                  •   torque ramp / voltage ramp and current control
                                  •   soft deceleration, dynamic braking, free wheeling
                                  •   control inputs and analogue outputs
                                  •   motor overtemperature, locked rotor, current asymmetry, too long start, and
                                      minimum torque
                                  •   phase failure, phase sequence and frequency out of limits
                                  •   integrated keypad and digital display (2 line 16 character)
                                  •   indicating: - voltage/current/power/powerfactor, backlit, torque, motor thermal status
                                  •   automatic communication (via RS-232 and RS-485 modem or GSM modem)

                                                    rated current      rated      motor power
                                  type                   Ie            415V          500V                  description          price

                                  ADX...B series (with integrated by-pass contactor)               208 - 500V AC control

                                  ADX0030B               30A          15.0kW         18.5kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0045B               45A          22.0kW         30.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0060B               60A          30.0kW         37.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0075B               75A          37.0kW         45.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0085B               85A          45.0kW         55.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0110B              110A          55.0kW         75.0KW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0142B              142A          75.0kW         90.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0190B              190A          90.0kW        132.0kW          heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0245B              245A         132.0kW        160.0kW          heavy duty soft starter

                                  ADX... series (without integrated by-pass contactor)              208 - 415V AC control

                                  ADX0310              310A           160kW              -           heavy duty soft starter
         ADX0060-142              ADX0365              365A           200kW              -           heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0470              470A           250 kW             -           heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0568              568A           315kW              -           heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0640              640A           355kW              -           heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX0820              820A           440kW              -           heavy duty soft starter
                                  ADX1200             1200A           630kW              -           heavy duty soft starter


                                  ADX SW                supervision software kit for soft starters
            ADXTAST               ADX TAST              remote keypad with 3 meter cable for soft starters

                                                               26                                  Above prices do not include VAT. E&OE

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