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									                                                                       Tech Talk                                 Schalk Burger

Imagine a life made simpler in home, by fingertip electronic
control over your entertainment, lighting, security and heating
form a single touch screen.

                                                 and even garden facilities, from lighting to the moment you walk in the room.
                                                                                              Play any album, track or movie form your
                                                 CEDIA’S respected education program is at entire CD and DVD collection at the touch of
                                                 the core of the Association’s work. As new a button from any room in the house.
                                                 technologies emerge and new approaches
                                                 are required CEDIA’S curriculum keeps Program and operate your home’s lighting,
                                                 designers and installers up to speed with heating, air-conditioning and water systems
                                                 the latest techniques, equipping them with to improve the comfort, ambience and
                                                 the skills-sets and knowledge the need to quality of your own environment whilst
                                                 maintain the high standards within the ensuring optimum fuel and resource
                                                 industry.                                    efficiency.
                                                                                              Integrate communications, home networking
                                                 CEDIA and its members are committed to a and security systems so effectively that you
                                                 code of ethics ensuring high levels of can take a live video peek at your sleeping
                                                 integrity, business practices and child, your holiday cottage in France or
                                                 professionalism, and work closely with communicate with your family while your
                                                 other construction industry professions to away through CCTV linked to your laptop, or
                                                 build awareness and establish industry a Voice Over IP network.
                                                 accepted standards in the design and
                                                 installation of home electronic systems.     All this and much more can be achieved
                                                                                              without an ugly wire or trailing cable in sight.
                                                 Introducing the Integrated Welcome to today’s integrated, electronic
About Cedia:                                     Electronic Home:                             home allowing you to control, conceal and
                                                                                              operate electronic systems within your home
Most of us have come across the CEDIA logo       Imagine a life made simpler in home, by as never before.
or name while paging trough Consumer             finger-tip electronic control over your
Electronic Magazines; product catalogues or      entertainment, lighting, security and What is an Integrated Home
by surfing the web looking for ideas; products   heating form a single touch screen.          Electronic System?
and suppliers.
CEDIA is the abbreviation for the Custom         Envisage a home electronic system            Every electronic system is based on a
Electronic Design and Installation               designed and installed to reflect your       ‘structured’ network of wire and, where
Association.                                     personality and your lifestyle. One that     appropriate, wireless technology distributing
CEDIA is the international trade organization    intuitive to operate where everything blends data, voice, audio and video signals to one
for the home electronic system industry.         perfectly with your interior design so your  room or every room in your house. Enabling
Spanning three continents and with global        friends won’t even know it’s there, until andyou to enjoy audio and video from a single
membership of over 4000 companies,               unless you want them to.                     system wherever you are, share information
CEDIA was founded in 1989 in the United                                                       over a computer network, control lighting
States and established in the UK in 1996.        Play a hi-fi system that breathes beautiful and security, heating, curtains and drapes,
                                                 music into every room through unseen and much more besides.
CEDIA members specialize in the planning,        loudspeakers, so that music follows you
design, supply and installation of automated     wherever you go.                             What’s more, all this technology can be
electronic systems for the modern, intelligent                                                integrated and concealed into the fabric of
home. They can install anything from multi-      Enjoy a home cinema system far better both your property to make it
room audio and home cinema to complete           visually and audibly than your local unobtrusive, effective and
home networks and sub-systems which              cinema, where curtains close, temperatures as easy to operate as
intelligently control lighting, security HVAC,   adjusts and the lighting dims automatically, possible. The idea of                    47
liberating space as well as time is a core value CEDIA members are specialists in the          year to maintain their professional status.
of CEDIA and its members.                        integration of electronic systems into home   Apart from the CEDIA core training modules,
                                                 environments. They partner directly with      CEDIA also facilitate CEDIA approved Trade
Projects carried out by CEDIA members can homeowners or collaborate with architects,           Supplier Product Training, mostly product
vary enormously in size and complexity. interior designers, house builders, security           specific, which is offered to their members.
Anything is possible. From a simple two-way experts, building services consultants and
intercom system, to a home cinema with high other specialists to maximize the lifestyle,       B: The business must submit a number off
definition plasma or drop-down screen and function, aesthetic and entertainment                completed projects to the CEDIA board, for
projector, surround-sound system, in-wall benefits of the integrated home.                     evaluation by a panel of international
speakers, special lighting, automated blinds                                                   industry specialists, to make sure the new
and individual, motion activated seating, and CEDIA members are the best informed and          company complies with the standards and
beyond this to a complete whole-house trained in the latest technologies, design,              rules set out by CEDIA.
solution where every electronic system is project management and installation
integrated.                                      techniques. CEDIA’S international             As a result, working with a CEDIA certified
                                                 education program runs throughout the         business is the best insurance you have that
Designs and installations that fulfill your y e a r, w i t h c o u r s e s c o v e r i n g a   the final system meets your expectations.
needs and aspirations and, at the same time, comprehensive range of technologies,
bring you comfort, security and peace of system designs and installation techniques            By employing a CEDIA qualified staff
mind are the overriding goal of CEDIA together with business and project                       member doesn’t mean that the business is
members. They will help you take your home management topics.                                  automatically CEDIA certified.
out of the past and make it ready for the
future.                                          Some of the minimum                           To find a CEDIA certified business please visit
                                                 requirements to become a CEDIA                www.cedia.co.uk
Why use a CEDIA member?                          certified business are:
                                                                                             SCHALK BURGER
Designing and installing an integrated         A: The business must employ CEDIA CINEMA ARCHITECTS
electronic home demands expert product,        internationally qualified engineers that 083 7770 450
systems and applications knowledge, along      after qualified and been certified in their www.cinema-architects.co.za
with specific project management and           specific career paths still needs to attend a
installation skills.                           specified number of CEDIA courses each


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