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                                  Media Release – November 2010

        Jenolan Caves – Best Tourist Attraction in NSW!
On Nov 19, at the glittering 2010 NSW Tourism Awards, Jenolan Caves measured up against
251 contenders, and accepted 3 prestigious awards: gold in the ‘Tourist Attraction’ category
and silver in both ‘Ecotourism’, and ‘Culture & Heritage’. The gold win makes Jenolan
Caves a contender in the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards in March 2011 - the loftiest prize in
the world of Australian tourism.

In addition, Jenolan was a finalist in ‘Tourism Restaurants & Catering Services’ and ‘Adventure
Tourism’. Also, Jenolan’s biggest annual event, ‘Carols in the Caves’ (coming up on December
11), was a finalist in the ‘Festivals & Events’ category.

Jenolan Caves is a spectacular natural wonder, located on the western edge of the Blue
Mountains World Heritage Area and is one of the world’s oldest and finest cave systems – and
Australia’s best known. A magnet for tourists since 1838, Jenolan is now at the cutting edge of
cave tour development and innovation. Inspired by technology, consumer demand and
imagination, Jenolan continually refreshes the way visitors experience the underworld -
providing ‘experiential tourism’ for today’s high expectations.

Last year’s 220,000 visitors explored, on tours of 11 huge show caves (including a multi-lingual
digital self-guided tour- available even in ‘Klingon’), ‘adventure’ caves, ghost tours, night tours,
kids’ tours, teenager tours, bushwalks, native wildlife and underground concerts. Facilities
include huge accommodation complex, historic restaurant, bar, café and gift shop.

All award entrants were judged not only on their facilities or products, but on their business
plans, marketing, customer service, training, sustainability and innovation. This year alone,
Jenolan made 24 innovations: redeveloping the delicate Ribbon Cave, renovating Caves House,
initiating a children’s audio tour and adventure tours specifically for teenagers.

Jenolan Caves is savouring their silver awards for ‘Ecotourism’ and ‘Heritage & Culture’.
There is a growing demand for nature-based destinations that encourage environmental
awareness. A little known but amazing fact is that in 1889, Jenolan built Australia’s first (and
still operating) hydro-electric system! Jenolan closely monitors water purity, as all their drinking
water comes from the caves. Jenolan has taken great steps to reduce their carbon footprint and
ensure that a national treasure is protected for future generations.

Jenolan Caves has a rich heritage and promotes contemporary culture, creating history tours and
activities about their legends, mysteries, ghosts, colourful characters and quirky history. Caves
House and its magnificent restaurant are heritage-listed, and the caves have become a unique
venue for musical concerts of all kinds. The Cathedral Chamber deep underground in the Lucas
Cave has arguably the best acoustics of any performance space in the world. In a competitive
industry, Jenolan Caves keeps up with tourist demands, using enthusiasm, imagination and the
latest technology to continually improve visitor experience.
Caves Operations Manager, Dan Cove, said, “There has never been a more exciting time to visit
Jenolan Caves. I am enormously proud to be a part of the team that has achieved so very much.
Everyone shares in this honour, and all should be very proud of themselves. This is our year!”
The hotly contested NSW Tourism Awards keep the tourism industry strong and enhance NSW’s
reputation as a premier tourist destination. These awards are very important, not only lifting the
profile of each winner, but directing consumers to the very best destinations. Many Blue
Mountains businesses reached the finals, with several winning gold. The full list of finalists and
winners (the best places to visit in NSW) can be viewed at

For media information or interviews, contact Dan Cove on 0458 201 724 or email .

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