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SESSA Membership Application _ Membership Renewal Form 2010


									                                                                     SESSA Secretariat
                                                                            P O Box 868
                                                                         Ferndale, 2160
                                                                      Tel: 011 789 1384
                                                                      Fax: 011 789 1385
SESSA 37-484-NPO                                            

   SESSA Membership Application & Membership Renewal Form 2010
                        Please complete the sections below.
           Only Corporate members need to indicate appropriate Divisions.
         Once completed, fax to 086 680 7449 or email to

                        All sections marked with * are compulsory!

* Personal Details of Member
     Name of Organisation
     Trading name (if applicable)
     First Name
     Bus Tel
     Bus Fax
     Cell phone number
     Postal Address/Physical

* Additional Requirements

    Business Information
     Registration Number
     VAT Registration Number
     Trading as (if applicable)
     Regions of business
     Regions of intended business

    List full names of company directors or members :

              Membership Type                    Rates         Tick one
     Individual                                  R 275
     Student (non-voting)                        R 220
     Corporate – note divisions on page 3        R 1500
     NGO                                         R 920
     Government Agency / Utility                 R 1850

SESSA Member Application Version                                      P1
                                                                      SESSA Secretariat
                                                                              P O Box 868
                                                                           Ferndale, 2160
                                                                        Tel: 011 789 1384
                                                                        Fax: 011 789 1385
SESSA 37-484-NPO                                              

* SESSA Corporate Members to complete the Division section
                                                                       Tick ONE or
        SESSA Division
        Solar Cooking Division (AFRECA)
        Solar Water Heating Division (SWHD) **
        Photovoltaic Suppliers and Manufacturers Division (PVSM)

    Divisions: By indicating interest in one (preferably) or two (maximum) of these
    divisions, your organisation will become a member of these divisions. Half your
    corporate membership fee will be allocated to the division of your choice. If you
    choose to join one division, it will receive the full 50% of your membership fee. If
    you choose two divisions, each will receive 25% of your membership fee.
    Special requirements for membership application and renewal of Divisions
    including rates and terms will be communicated by the relevant Division.

Division - Solar Water Heating (SWHD)
         Applicants for membership of the Solar Water heating Division of SESSA
          (SESSA SHWD) are required to sign and attach a copy of the SHWD Code of
          Conduct and Responsibility with their application form.
         All applications for membership are considered for ratification at SESSA’s
          month-end meetings.
         Successful applicants for SESSA SWHD membership will be so advised
          immediately following the month-end meetings and invoiced for the
          membership fees.
         In addition to the SESSA Corporate Membership fee, SWHD members pay
          R300 per month to the SWHD Development Fund, to promote the SWH
          industry for the benefit of all SWHD members.
         This may be paid as a once-off advance payment (with a 10% deduction for
          advance annual payment) or by monthly debit order.
         For SWHD queries only, please email Colin Bain directly.

* Membership Interest Categories
            Business Category Interest                      Business Type
        Photovoltaic                                Manufacturer
        Solar Water Heating **                      Dealer/Distributor
        Renewable Energy Cooking                    Contractor/Installer
        Wind Energy                                 Consulting
        Passive Design                              Importer
        Solar Thermal                               Research
        Energy Efficiency                           Utility
        Social Science                              Training
        Biomass                                     Other - specify
        Bio Fuels
        Hydro Power
        Other - specify

SESSA Member Application Version                                        P2
                                                                     SESSA Secretariat
                                                                            P O Box 868
                                                                         Ferndale, 2160
                                                                      Tel: 011 789 1384
                                                                      Fax: 011 789 1385
SESSA 37-484-NPO                                            

       Approval of membership and renewed membership applications are at the
        discretion of Council as guided by SESSA’s Constitution.
       A once-off administration fee of R300 is payable immediately and proof
        of payment should accompany your application form. (Banking details
       An invoice will be sent to you once this application has been approved at the
        month-end meeting. Communications will reach you in this regard detailing
       Note additional requirements for SWHD membership and renewal members
        including rates and terms.
       Banking details will appear on the invoice.
       Membership is considered pending until both approval has been granted by
        Council and the invoice has been paid. Hereafter it’s considered active.

                    Signature                                 Date

                   Please complete and either fax to 086 680 7449

                           or email to

Please fax a copy of your bank deposit slip or transfer slip to 086 680
7449 with your application form.

Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch Code: 632005
Branch Name: Ferndale
Account Number: 9145520235

SESSA Member Application Version                                      P3

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