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					                             SENior ScHooL NEwS
                                              SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER
                                              VOLUME 4 NUMBER 2 / 5 February 2010

        Dates to Diarise                 From the Headmistress’ Desk
Sat 6   07h00–   Entrance assessment,
        12h00    Form I 2011
        09h00–   IEB Conferences
        14h00–   Choir trainers’ work-
        17h00    shop

Sun 7    17h30– Chapel Service (All
         18h30 welcome)

Mon 8    15h15  Senior Interhouse
Tue 9    17h30– Parent Information
         20h00 Evening: “Living
                with My Teen”
Wed 10 17h00 Confirmation classes
Thurs 11        Buffalo Regatta
Fri 12          Buffalo Regatta
         08h00 Swimming Tour
                                         St mary’S SwimS to Victory
Sat 13          Buffalo Regatta          Stacey morley-Jepson (Vice-captain of Swimming) and Jeanie du toit (Swimming captain)
                IEB Conferences          with the swimming captains of oranje meisieskool and Eunice Girls’ School, which placed
                Midmar Mile              third and second respectively in the National all Girls aquatics Festival held at St mary’s
Sun 14          Midmar Mile              from 29 to 30 January
         17h30– Chapel Service           We were privileged to host the National           It was a most successful event organ-
         18h30 (All welcome)             All Girls Aquatics Festival last weekend.       ized by the Sports Department and fur-
         20h00 Swimming Tour             Our Aquatics Centre has made it possible        ther enhanced by our committed and
                returns                  for St Mary’s to host a 10-lane gala, to-       hard-working parents who catered for
                                         gether with diving and waterpolo compe-         the spectators.
                                         titions. The Festival was initiated in 1999       Such a weekend is a strong reminder of
        Form ii Parents                  by Pretoria Girls’ High and is by invita-       what St Mary’s School is about. Our girls
                                         tion. It requires schools to have depth in      and staff are dedicated to achieving suc-
                                         their swimming teams.                           cess in all they tackle (the results are
Form ii Parent information Evening:         The Festival was a wonderful exhibi-         recorded in this newsletter) and involve-
Living with My Teen                      tion of intense competition, combined           ment is inclusive. The sporting, cultural
Tuesday 9 February, 17h30 – 19h00        with sporting spirit. It gave our girls the     and academic aspects of our School all
                                         opportunity to compete against schools          work together to contribute to the char-
All Form II parents are welcome to at-   from around the country and to test             acter that is distinctly St Mary’s. While
tend this talk which will be presented   their ability. Involvement went further         the Festival progressed in the pool, our
by Judy Alter.                           than the sport: our First Aid girls were on     buildings were a hive of activity, with the
RSVP to Lynn Moony:,    duty and had reason to put theory into          Alexandra Community Affairs Programme
011 531 1843                             practice and some girls had administra-         taking place.
                                         tion duties, scoring for the waterpolo            Is this not what a good school is about?
                                            The event was opened by our Old Girl         Yours sincerely
                                         and Olympian Lize-Mari Retief and our           Deanne King
                                         touring choir sang the national anthem.         Headmistress
2 Senior School News            St Mary’s School, Waverley                                                      5 February 2010

meet the Board:                              meet our accounting Department
andile mazwai

                                             the accounting Department’s martin Perold and ros Howell

                                             The St Mary’s Accounting Department is          We also offer Economic and Manage-
                                             one of the newest departments in the          ment Sciences (EMS), which is a compul-
                                             School, with the 2010 matriculants being      sory component of the Form II curricu-
                                             only the fourth class to take this subject    lum. In EMS we hope to teach our girls the
                                             in Form V. Nevertheless, it is a vibrant,     value of money, although some parents
Andile Mazwai is married to Mondo Ntlha,     lively department that aims to furnish its    might question our success at times!
and they have a son and daughter at St       students with the skills necessary to un-       Our department is a small one, consist-
Mary’s: Nnema (Grade 1) and Ava (Grade       derstand Accounting. These are compe-         ing of myself and Ros Howell, our Deputy
00). Mr Mazwai is a stockbroker and CEO      tencies needed by anyone who wishes to        Headmistress. Ms Howell teaches EMS to
of Barnard Jacobs Mellet. He also serves     start her own business — and at St Mary’s     one Form II class, while I teach the other
as a Non-Executive Director on the Board     we strive to encourage and foster an en-      three classes, as well as all the Account-
of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and       trepreneurial spirit in our girls.            ing from Form III upwards. It is our aim
as a trustee for its education fund. Mr         Accounting is offered as an optional       to continue to grow this department, as
Mazwai hails from the Eastern Cape (for-     subject from Form III onwards. The cur-       there is an enormous shortage of account-
merly the Transkei) and spent his forma-     riculum is extensive and prepares learn-      ants in South Africa. There are wonderful
tive years at Cordwalles (Pietermaritz-      ers for future careers in finance, although   career opportunities in Accounting and
burg) and Kearsney College (Botha’s Hill),   Accounting is not a prerequisite for en-      we would like our girls to become as en-
where he now serves as Deputy Governor       rolling in a Bachelor of Commerce course      thusiastic about this subject as we are!
on the Board. He read a BCom (Hons) at       at university. It is a challenging subject
the University of Cape Town before set-      that teaches our girls to think logically     Martin Perold
tling in Johannesburg.                       and to work accurately under time pres-       Head of Department: accounting

Senior School annual Photography competition
There are five prizes of R250 each for         the closing date for entries is Fri-
the five best photographers who enter        day 5 march 2010. No late entries will        tography Competition.
our Senior School Annual Photography         be accepted.
Competition.                                   All pupils may enter as many photo-           Ms A Silvennoinen
   The best entries will be selected for     graphs as they wish. All photographs            Librarian
submission to the National Schools’          must have been taken by the pupil,
Competition. Entry to the National Com-      but printing, processing and mounting
petition is not only a great accolade,       may be done commercially. There is no
it also offers a chance to win cameras       entrance fee. The photographs may be
worth thousands of rand. St Mary’s has       black and white or colour prints on any
the proud record of winning awards at        subject. The special size and mounting
the National Competition every year.         requirements are available at: stmar-
3 Senior School News          St Mary’s School, Waverley                                                   5 February 2010

Learn Latin by correspondence
The Academia Latina of the University of    details of the course, its costs and the    able experience for all enrolees. I am
Pretoria is now offering a correspondence   office at the University to which any en-   happy to answer any queries here at the
course called Schola Scripta to students    quiries may be directed.                    School.
and adults who have an interest in the        I heartily endorse this exceptionally
Classics and in Latin in particular.        well-presented and culturally enriching     Jeffrey Wolf
  The circular below provides all the       course, which I feel will be a pleasur-     Head of Department: Latin
4 Senior School News               St Mary’s School, Waverley                                                     5 February 2010

                    Sport noticeboard
aQUaticS                                          On Thursday 28 January, we hosted one
The season got off to an exciting start with      of the local midweek galas.
the Summer Splash, the local weekly gala
and the National Aquatics Festival, which         The results were as follows:
were hosted by St Mary’s.                         1st     St Mary’s A                360
   The Summer Splash has become an annu-          2nd     Pretoria Girls’ High       306
al event in our calendar. It is a gala in which   3rd     St Stithians               266
schools swim with their Junior and Senior         4th     Brescia                    248
schools combined. Auckland Park Prepara-          5th     St Mary’s B                193
tory School and Pretoria Girls’ High School       6th     Roedean                    186
combine to swim as one team. There are            7th     Parktown Girls’ High       162
events from U9 to U19 and the last four           8th     St Teresa’s                124
events are ladder relays, with one swim-          9th     St Catherine’s              88
mer from each age group taking part.
   The event was held on Saturday 23 Janu-        Friday 29 January saw the National All
ary, with the gala taking place in the morn-      Girls Aquatics Festival get under way
ing and a 1st Team Waterpolo tournament           at St Mary’s. The diving results were as
and U13, U15, U16 and Open Diving compe-          follows:
titions in the afternoon.                         U15      2nd      Montana Wernars
                                                           6th      Emma Prout
                                                           9th      Amy Hird                 JoiNt wiNNErS oF tHE DiViNG comPEttitioN:
The final results of the gala were:                                                          St mary’s Diving Vice-captain (Janine Leger)
1st      St Mary’s A                347           U16     5th      Roxanne Prout             and the Pretoria Girls’ High School Diving
2nd      APPS and Pretoria          297                   12th     Tove van Lennep           captain
3rd      Holy Rosary                249                   13th     Jessica Miller
4th      St Stithians               236                                                      The waterpolo began with two pool
5th      Brescia                    201           Open    1st      Rosalie Watkins           games per team on Friday afternoon and
6th      St Andrew’s                192                   14th     Amber Prout-Jones         continued on Saturday afternoon after
7th      Kingsmead                  173                   15th     Janine Leger              the gala. The St Mary’s 1st Team played
8th      Roedean                    165                                                      well and were unlucky to lose the bronze
9th      St Dominic’s               115           Overall diving results:                    medal in a penalty shootout.
10th     St Mary’s B                111           Joint 1st St Mary’s School         47
                                                            Pretoria Girls’ High             The final positions in the waterpolo were
The waterpolo is played on a friendly             2nd       St Stithians             26      as follows:
basis and there is no ultimate winner.            3rd       Oranje Meisieskool       25      Gold Medal        St Stithians
                                                  4th       Eunice Girls’ School     24      Silver Medal      Clarendon Girls’ High
The diving results were as follows:               Joint 5th Durban Girls’ College    10      Bronze Medal      Durban Girls’ College
U13      2nd      Isabelle Bowls                            St Mary’s Kloof                  4th               St Mary’s 1st Team
         4th      Kate Shepherd                                                              5th               St Mary’s Kloof
         5th      Jennifer Buys                                                              6th               Pietermaritzburg Girls’
U15       2nd       Montana Wernars                                                          7th               Pretoria Girls’ High
          4th       Emma Prout                                                               8th               St Mary’s Festival
          13th      Amy Hird                                                                                   Team

U16       8th       Roxanne Prout                                                            The gala was swum in our 50m pool
          11th      Tove van Lennep                                                          and we were fortunate enough to have
                                                                                             hired an electronic timing device to help
Open      1st       Rosalie Watkins                                                          with times and places. St Mary’s won
          4th       Janine Leger                   thank you to all the parents for their    nine gold, seven silver and five bronze
          7th       Amber Prout-Jones               tremendous effort and support in         medals out of a total of 30 events. The
                                                   making both aquatics festivals a huge     final scores were as follows:
In the team event, St Mary’s placed first,                       success!                    1st       St Mary’s                 430
followed by Brescia, Kingsmead and                       The Aquatics Committee              2nd       Eunice                    383
Roedean.                                                                                     3rd       Oranje Meisieskool        351
5 Senior School News             St Mary’s School, Waverley                                                       5 February 2010

4th      Durban Girls’ College     348
5th      Clarendon                 282
6th      Our Lady of Fatima        272
7th      St Mary’s Kloof           258
8th      Pretoria Girls’ High      202
9th      Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High
10th     St Stithians              142

Director of Sport

On 23 and 24 January, St Mary’s Rowing
Club took part in the annual Victoria
Lake Club Sprint Regatta at Germiston
Lake. St Mary’s did superbly, winning
the Junior and Senior divisions to place       ParENtS aND DaUGHtErS’ tENNiS Day
top of the girls’ schools. The top results     Liza-Karien and Luther van Zyl, and cheryl and Georgina Polkinghorne
were as follows:
                                               ingly. The E Team played well,
                                               reversing the defeat it suffered
                                               against King David Victory Park A
                                               last year, and the F team was too
                                               good for its opponents. Unfortu-
                                               nately, owing to the rainy weath-
                                               er, matches had to be cancelled
                                               on 26 January.
                                                 A fantastic morning of tennis
                                               was had on 24 January. Twenty-
                                               two couples participated in the
                                               Moms’/Dads’ and Daughters’ So-
                                               cial Tennis Day. The tennis was
                                               of a high standard and much fun
                                               was had by all. The younger play-
                                               ers definitely struggled against
                                               the slices and craftiness of the
                                               older generation. The final was
                                               won by Tracy and Eric Plant, who
                                               beat Kim and Amy Wilson. A big
    • Trophy for nominations for U14 and       thank you is extended to all who
      U15 races: St Mary’s placed third        made the event such a success
      (behind two boys’ schools)               and thanks to Miss Quicke, Ms
    • Trophy for nominations for U16 and       Hartnady and Mrs Ingersent for tENNiS Day FiNaLiStS
      Open races: St Mary’s placed first       participating in the event.          Eric and tracy Plant, and Kim and amy wilson
    • Trophy for overall excellence: St          Congratulations to Tracy Plant
      Mary’s placed second (behind St          for reaching the semi-finals of
      John’s)                                  the SA Closed Championships and for be- St Mary’s C beat Hyde Park A 45-18
    • Trophy for overall best girls’ school:   ing selected to compete in the South Afri- St Mary’s D beat Hyde Park B 51-12
      St Mary’s placed 1st                     can U18 Masters from 3 to 6 February.         St Mary’s E beat King David Victory Park
Congratulations to all the girls and coach-      Congratulations to Tracy Plant, Alison A 36-27
es.                                            Sanders, Amy Wilson, Lindsay Faure, Cleo St Mary’s F beat King David Victory Park
                                               Spiller, Tarryn Swanepoel and Kemang B 33-12
Abby Davidson                                  Petlane for being chosen for the Gauteng
Vice-captain of rowing                         Central Tennis Squad.                         26 January
                                                                                             Matches were cancelled owing to rain
tENNiS                                         tennis results
The tennis season started with some                                                          René Plant
excellent results. The A/B Teams out-          19 January                                    tennis coach
played St Stithians at home, while the         St Mary’s A beat St Stithians A 52-17
C/D Teams beat Hyde Park A/B convinc-          St Mary’s B beat St Stithians B 51-18
6 Senior School News           St Mary’s School, Waverley                                                   5 February 2010

SQUaSH                                      vs Mondeor        U19E    won      13-7                      U14A    won      15-0
With only two and a half weeks of term                        U16B    won      14-3     vs Mondeor       U19F    lost     7- 11
gone by, 21 matches have already been       vs Marian College U19F    won      15-3
played, with a score-line of 18 wins and                                                Both the early morning and afternoon
3 losses.                                   week 2 Friday 29 January                    practice sessions are in full swing. If
  The details are as follows:               St Mary’s U19A beat St Mary’s               possible, squash girls should attend two
                                                             U19B             15–2      sessions per week in order to get their
week 1 Friday 22 January                    vs Sandringham U19C      won      15-1      squash shots honed and their fitness to
vs Northcliff    U19B won          12-4                      U16B    won      15-0      as high a level as possible. Keep up the
vs McAuley House U19C won          15-0                      U15B    won      15-0      enthusiasm, girls — we have made a very
                 U16C won          15-0     vs Waterstone    U16C    won      13-5      good start!
vs St Teresa’s   U19D won          15-0                      U14B    won      15-1
                 U15B won          15-0     vs King David VP U19D    won      15-0      Deirdre Ingersent
                 U14B won          15-0                                  (walkover)     Squash coach

                     Pta FUNDraiSErS                                                    DEVELoPiNG tHE
                           Paint the Town Red Raffle                                    aBiLity to BE morE
                              Cost: R50 per ticket
                                 1st — R25 000                                          A Workshop for Adolescents
                                 2nd — R15 000
                                 3rd — R10 000                                          objectives:
   The draw will take place during the PTTR Swimathon on Saturday 13 March.              • Learning what you mean and mean-
                                                                                           ing what you say in order to achieve
                                                                                           positive communication skills.
                                                                                         • Motivational tools for being the per-
                                                                                           son you want to be, appropriate goal
                                                                                           setting and dealing with some ado-
                                                                                           lescent concerns that act as demoti-
                                                                                         • Understanding ways of being, ways
                                                                                           of doing, ways of thinking.

                                                                                        the Presenters:
Dodo Pitt’s memorial Service                                                            Dr Helen Dooley (PhD Pretoria) and Meg
                                                                                        Fargher (MA Wits) have many years of ex-
St Mary’s School will celebrate Dodo        do’s memory page, which contains de-        perience working with both adolescents
Pitt’s life at a Memorial Service to be     tails of the Dodo Pitt Education Fund and   and businesspeople. They have com-
held on12 March at 15h30.                   the Africa Educational Trust.               bined their experiences to put together
   If anyone would like to send a card,                                                 a unique package for adolescents to de-
the address is: Gill Haagensen, 7 Rutland                                               velop and learn more about themselves.
Road, Parkwood, 2193, Johannesburg.
   Dodo’s family has set up a fund in her                                               Dates and times:
name: the Dodo Pitt Education Fund. It is                                               Saturday 27 March 09h00 to 13h00
a designated fund for Dodo within a larg-                                               Cost: R1 100
er charity, the Africa Educational Trust.                                               Material is aimed at students in Grades
The money donated into Dodo’s fund                                                      10, 11 and 12
will go to projects that help girls
and young women from                                                                    to Book:
disadvantaged back-                                                                     Contact Jenny Ketley on 082 343 6288
grounds in South Af-                                                                    or email her on
rica to access a good                                                         
   Should you wish to
donate to Dodo’s fund, you can
do so online at www.justgiving.
com/dodo. This will take you to Do-

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