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					                                  AUR Association
                                 Newsletter July 2009
             Ad e la id e U n iv e r s it ie s Re g im e n t As s o c ia t io n In c

                                                                                           1st July 2009
AUR Cocktail Party—30th May 2009
                                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1
40 members of the AUR         Guests at the cocktail         and thanked members of
Association joined with       Party were offered a selec-    the Association for their
nearly 100 members of the     tion of soft drinks with       attendance and continuing
                                                                                           Inside this issue:
Adelaide Universities Regi-   steward service and en-        commitment to the Regi-
ment for a Cocktail Party     couraged to buy their          ment. He upgraded every-
                                                                                           Catching up       2
at Keswick Barracks.          drinks at the bar for wines,   one on the current func-      with mates…..
Many of our Association       spirits and beer. The func-    tion of the Regiment.
member’s were met at the      tion was held in the Offi-                                   Our next func-    2
door by a host ‘Staff Ca-     cers’ Mess at Keswick Bar-                                   tion…..
det’ who looked after their   racks which provided an
needs for the remainder of    ideal backdrop to the                                        Why start a       3
the evening. The Staff        Cocktail Party. Through-                                     Regimental
                                                                                           Association …..
Cadets undertook the          out the evening staff circu-
hosting exercise as part of   lated with plates of finger                                  AUR moving        3
their training towards        food which added to the                                      forward …..
their promotion require-      spectacle of the evening.
ments for Officer in the      There was a great ex-                                        AURA contact      4
Australian Army.        As    change of conversations
many will already know,       between our members and                                      Our aims and      4
                                                             Our President and First
the Staff Cadets train with   the soldiers of the Regi-                                    objectives
                                                             Commanding Officer,
various University Regi-      ment. Later in the eve-
                                                             Lieutenant Colonel Rex
ments’ around Australia       ning the Commanding                                          Where to from     4
                                                             Lipman AO ED is address-
and graduate from the         Officer, Lieutenant Colo-                                    here? …...
                                                             ing the gathering on the
Royal Military College,       nel Brenton Stevens, RFD,
                                                             merits of our Association.
Duntroon.                     addressed the gathering
                                                                                           Special points of
                                                                                           • Have you got a
                                                                                             mate who you can
                                                                                             approach to join
Our members …….                                                                              the Association?
                                                                                           • Do you have Sun-
                                                                                             day 6th Septem-
                              of the current serving         tween our studies and           ber marked down
                              members of the Defence         some military service.          in your diary as a
                              Force joining our associa-                                     BBQ and AGM?
                                                             We can see Lieutenant
                              tion. Many of us trace of                                    • Have you got
                                                             Colonel’s Rex Lipman and        some photo’s of
                              early service back to those    Brenton Gasteen convers-
                              heady days in AUR where                                        your time in AUR
                                                             ing with our Legal Officer,     you are willing to
                              we were possibly struggling    Major Emma Shaw.                share with others?
                              University students trying
It is pleasing to see some    to make ends meet be-
Catching up with mates…..
These two characters have been life-      Pipes and Drums both past and pre-       helps her husband manage a packag-
long friends with over 70 years of ser-   sent. The Association is looking for     ing case company that provide the
vice in AUR between them. These           groups of people who served in AUR       boxes and dividers for the needs of
two youngsters joined the Regiment in     in some of the platoons that are no      wineries in the Barossa/Gawler area.
the 50’s and were lucky enough to be      longer maintained within the Regi-       Catching up with mates is a great ac-
continually posted and promoted           ment. The Assocaition was recently       tivity at these ‘get togethers’ organized
within the Regiment. Ray Arthur was       contacted by CPL Cathy Harlock (ne       by AUR and the AUR Association.
a senior NCO for many years in AUR        Mizzy) who now lives in Sydney and is
serving in a variety of training and      married with a couple of children.
administrative roles. Ray has some        CPL Mizzy worked in the Catering
wonderful memories of the Regiment        Platoon under the capable steward-
over a 36 year timespan and is now a      ship of WO2 Paul Bogamil who man-
resident of the Agapanthus set at vic-    aged the platoon in the 80’s. Serena
tor Harbor. John is an active member      North is another cook from the same
of the AURA Council and provides a        vintage. Selena tossed in the catering
valuable link to members of the AUR       profession many years ago and now

Our next function…..
AUR Association is organizing a BBQ       stead Barracks which is the home of
luncheon at Hampstead Barracks on         the Regiment in recent years. You can
6th September 2009. The activity will     come along and see the Barracks area
bring together members and families       and the training environment for the
from the Regiment and members of          new expanded role for Adelaide Uni-
the Association. The AURA Council         versities Regiment.
are hopeful that many people who
                                          Where: Hampstead Barracks
haven’t joined the Association at this
stage will also come along to meet        When: Sunday, 6th September
some mates and share a meal and a
                                          Timings: 12noon for the AGM
drink together. It is appropriate that
we are holding the function at Hamp-      BBQ from 1.00—4.00pm

The CO and his RSM …..
Brigadier ‘Oscar’ Wayland AM ED           Service was repealed in December         ing their priority and the Regiment
was our Commanding Officer from           1972. Some us will remember the          started again to build its strength and
1975—1978. He worked closely with         camp at Smithfield when soldiers were    enthusiasm for soldiering.
his RSM WO1 Noel Smith in 1976—           given the option to march out of
78. Oscar went on to command the          camp at the end of National Service.
9th Brigade and Noel went on to be        Hundred’s left the camp which left
the RSM of 3RAR and RSM Ceremo-           the Regiment with significantly de-
nial before retiring back to Adelaide     pleted numbers. The Millar Commit-
after a distinguished career in the       tee Report tabled in 1974 also had a
Regular Army. Oscar and Noel were         dramatic effect on the structure and
given the task of reforming AUR after     size of the Citizen Military Force
the decline in numbers when National      (CMF). Oscar and Noel made recruit-

Page 2                                                                                                      AUR Association
Why start a Regimental Association? …..
After 60 years of successful soldiering,     from Alex Graeme—Evans we were             ment which attained results as the
a group of older faithful decided it         able to develop a Constitution which       most efficient Reserve unit for each of
was time that the Regiment had sup-          was acceptable to the requirement for      the first four years of its existence.
port from it’s former members. Sev-          Incorporation. Alex, by the way, is the
eral meetings were held in July and          author of our history, The First
August 2008 leading to a meeting             Twenty Five Years” The book was
held at The Naval Military and Air           produced in 1972 in both a paperback
Force Club of SA in September 2008           and hard copy. They have been out of
to formally establish the AUR Associa-       print for 35 years but you may be
tion and obtain the necessary permis-        lucky enough to find a copy in the SA
sions to Incorporate the AUR Asso-           State Library or by asking an AURian
ciation. It was difficult to find some-      who bought a copy about that time.
one in Army who could give approval          The Association has a primary focus
to use the name “Adelaide Universi-          to support the Regiment in any way it      Alex Graeme Evans, Jeff Chittlebor-
ties Regiment” in the name of the            can. It is also interested in preserving   ough and Ian Wilson meeting at the
Association. With a little bit of help       the history and traditions of the Regi-    Club for our first planning session.

AUR moving forward…..
Our Regiment is undergoing a sub-            Regiments to complete other blocks of      of the functions of the 4th Training
stantial revitalization. It conducts First   training prior to their graduation as      Group and moved under the com-
Appointment Course, Cav Scout,               an Officer in the Australian Army at       mand structure of the 9th Brigade.
Infantry IET, and driver courses. AUR        the Royal military College, Duntroon.      AUR is now effectively the main train-
also conducts the preparation of             The Regiment has taken over many           ing organisation looking after the
South Australian general enlistees for                                                  needs of soldiers across South Austra-
Reserve Recruit Training Course                                                         lia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.
                                             “The unit birthday is officially 31
(Kapooka). General Staff Officer First                                                  This is a major change in direction for
Appointment Course Training block            May 1948. The Regimental March             the Regiment and a responsible posi-
2 is delivered by AUR (assisted by           is Highland Laddie in quick time           tion in training soldiers from recruit
WAUR) twice annually. Staff Cadets           and Morag of Dunvegan in slow              to first appointment officer level.
to travel to a range of other University                   time.”

The medical story…...
One of stalwart supporters if Colonel        the Regimental Association. AUR has        tracting, training and producing offi-
Peter Byrne. Peter rose from the ranks       been successful over its 60 years of       cers for the Medical Corp of the Aus-
in AUR and went off to Scotland to           at-                                        tralian Defence Force. In recent years,
study medicine and later off to Viet-                                                   the General Hospital located at Kes-
nam where he gained significant ex-                                                     wick deployed to East Timor and con-
perience in war fighting. Peter has                                                     ducted a range of medical services for
recently ‘retired’ to Wirrabra in the                                                   the Army as well as members of the
North of the State and is now focused                                                   local community. The Hospital was
on contacting doctors who joined                                                        commanded by Colonel Vikki Ander-
AUR during their undergraduate                                                          sons and was under command of a
years. Peter has a great network and is                                                 United Nations Peacekeeping author-
often seen badgering his mates to join                                                  ity.

Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                       Page 3
Adelaide Universities
                                              The aims and objectives of AURA shall be:
Regiment Association
                                              •       To perpetuate the good name and ongoing achievements of
      PO Box 7394                                     the Adelaide Universities Regiment, hereinafter referred to as
       Hutt St PO                                     “AUR”.
    Adelaide SA 5000
                                              •       To promote and support the professional and social activities
                                                      of AUR members, and in particular to perpetuate the close
   Phone: 0413270370                                  bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by past
           E-mail:                                    and present serving members of AUR.
                                              •       To raise funds or acquire property where appropriate for carry-
                                                      ing out the aims and objectives of AURA.

                                              •       To maintain, foster and develop the Regiment's memorials
                                                      and ongoing history.

                                              •       To support partners and/or widows of past and present serv-
                                                      ing members in the activities of AURA.
       Your business tag line here.

                                                                                                Remember this spot on the
                                                                                                side of the Parade Ground?
                                                                                                Now the site of a Vietnam
                                                                                                Service memorial. It was an
         Were on                                                                                excellent location for recruit-
        Facebook!                                                                               ing undergraduates and teach-
                                                                                                ers from across Kintore Ave-

     Where to from here? …...
     Following on from a successful         Drums who had a common focus              bers of the Regiment. It provides
     muster of AURA members in De-          and interest whilst serving in AUR.       an affordable casual function to
     cember 2008 at the Dom Polski          The Association would like to sup-        come along and catch up with old
     Centre, the Council are deter-         port current and former members           mates and make new friends. We
     mined to give members at least two     as they deploy on full-time service       hope to move the activities of
     opportunities each year to come        overseas. This is an increasing pat-      AURA beyond the talking stage to
     together with the current members      tern for Reservists as we observed        one of pro-active support to the
     of the Regiment and support it’s       with the recent deployment of 9th         current activities. As you drive our
     activities in an appropriate way.      Brigade soldiers to the Solomon           to the Barracks, some of you will
     The Council will be moving to          Islands in early 2009 in a peace          notice the grand entrance and
     revive the presentation of trophies    keeping role. The Association was         changes to some of the older build-
     and recognize excellence in the        able to keep in contact with it’s         ing on the site. See you there!
     training Staff Cadets, Officers and    members through email and main-
     NCO’s as they train within the         taining ‘Facebook’ with pictures
     Regiment. The Association has          and stories of recent social activities
     developed in it’s constitution a       back home. The AGM and BBQ
     capacity to form special interest      on 6th September at Hampstead
     groups either from particular peri-    Barracks will provide an opportu-
     ods of it’s 61 years of existence or   nity for us to get better acquainted
     with groups like the Pipes and         with our members and the mem-