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Edition 5 X DECEMBER 2004                                                                                          The official newsletter of Rotolabel

FREE TO GROW: The first Roties to undergo our new life skills training programme are: (Back, left to right) Gavin Jansen (trainer/facilitator),
Gordon Bridgens, Randall Visagie, Jared Flink, Vincent Horlin, Leon Moosa, Quinton Loots, Alex Keating.
(Front) Maruwaan Williams, Craig Groenmeyer, Jerome Koen and Eben Horlin.

                otolabel has introduced an exciting   their daily lives.                                 changed my whole way of living," he said.
                life skills programme for staff         "This project is aimed at helping staff deal       "I'm feeling a lot more positive about life. It
                aimed at making us all better         with everyday issues which affect their lives,     has helped me in making decisions - how to
                people both at home and at work.      both at work and at home such as personal          react when in a tight spot and how to work
                   The programme is called            growth and leadership, the world of work,          through problems. When we finished, we all
Reaching New Heights and is presented by Free         relationships, financial life skills, HIV/AIDS     wanted more. I'm a changed person after one-
to Grow - the largest training company in South       awareness, conflict handling and assertiveness.    and-a-half days of this course and I am looking
Africa specialising in life skills and personal         "It's aimed at boosting morale, improving        forward to the next session."
development.                                          interpersonal relationships, encouraging             Leon Moosa described the programme as "a
   The project was introduced to personnel during     teamwork, dealing with emotions and helping        great experience".
the October/November teambuilding workshops.          with financial management," said Wicus.              "It helps you in both your working and home
The first training session kicked off on                It is envisaged that each course member will     environment - it makes you a better person.
22 and 23 November with volunteers                    undergo a total of eight learning days, plus         Leon suggested that everyone at Rotolabel
from Rotolabel’s Team A (pictured above)              follow up sessions over a two year period.         should undergo the programme as it was
taking part.                                            The programme has been extremely well            extremely helpful with communication skills
   Rotolabel's Manufacturing Manager Wicus            received so far.                                   and built self confidence."I'll recommend it to
Maritz explained that Rotolabel's commitment            Quinton Loots said he was sceptical about        anyone," he said.
to its staff extended beyond the workplace. He        having to attend yet another training session        The course is voluntary for all Rotolabel
said the Free to Grow programme was aimed at          when the course first started but after an hour,   employees, and the programme will resume in
personal development and helping all Roties           he could already feel the benefits.                January 2005.
reach their full potential in various aspects of        "It has had a hell of an effect on me. It has
2                                                                                                                                  RotoXpress December 2004

      Message from the MD                                 Wicus Maritz’s
                                                          KHANYA UPDATE
                                                          The Khanya programme has seen some changes             Maintenance, etc). The BOPIT Leaders are
                                                          the last few months. Amongst others, we have           members of the KTF, who will meet on a two-
                                                          introduced the monthly Extra Miler recognition         weekly basis to discuss implementation progress
                                                          and reward system, whereby members of a team           and issues. Apart from this, detailed
                                                          are recognized by their colleagues for going the       implementation has been delegated to the teams
                                                          "extra mile". The programme has been in place          themselves. The first Khanya Implementation
    WE’VE COME A LONG WAY                                 now for a few months and has been well-received        Team (KIT) was formed as a pilot project in

    A nother in 1994 comprised three itNilpeter
               year draws to a close and is time          by everybody.                                          Team A. First indications about this team are
       to reflect!                                           We also conducted teambuilding workshops            extremely positive, and it is foreseen that the
    Rotolabel                                             for all Rotolabel employees during October and         concept will be introduced in other teams in the
    B200 presses with a staff of 70 operating out of      November. The main focus of the workshops              new year.
    rented premises in Sydow Street, Maitland. Ten
    years later we have seven Nilpeter presses and        was to reflect on the positive aspects of Khanya          In terms of Khanya goals and objectives, good
    a staff of 180 operating out of our own building      and Rotolabel thus far, but also to identify what      progress is being made in all areas. We have
    in Viking Place, Thornton. This is an amazing         we need "more of". The video F.I.S.H., about           consistently improved our quality over the last
    achievement of which we should be very proud.         the approach of a fish shop in Seattle, showed         few months (achieving our targets by the end of
       Think back to those days in 1994. There was        what can be done in the workplace. The four            November), the overall productivity has
    no repro department, no e-mail, no 24/7, no           principles of: Play, Be There, Make Their Day,         improved year-on-year for November. Greg is
    foiling, no silkscreen, the fax machine was
    deemed to be state of the art technology and the      and Choose Your Attitude, is something that we         busy with phase 2 of the Learnership programme
    dreaded cell phone was yet to dominate society        at Rotolabel can implement in our daily lives.         and Cedric was appointed as the first Technical
    in the way it does today!                                Furthermore, the case study video by the NPI        Officer. Jeremy is making good progress on the
       I urge every "Rotie" to take time over the         about Rotolabel was shown to everybody (this           engineering side (two apprentices will be
    Christmas break to reflect upon their personal        is something that we can be very proud of, as          appointed next year to enable the engineering
    development over the past decade and I am sure        this video will be made available country-wide         department to better service the factory), and
    it will be the exception that is not amazed by the
    change in their "then and now" situation. My          and will show-case how we do things at                 the 5S Audits have shown a steady improvement
    feeling is that the overall result will be one of     Rotolabel). The different teams also started           over the months.
    personal pride and sense of achievement.              setting some simple goals and objectives for the          Although we have achieved a great deal over
       I look forward to 2005 when I am confident         immediate and medium term. The life skills             the last few months, there is still a great deal
    there will be further growth as the Khanya train      programme of the company Free To Grow, called          more that needs to be done. Self-discipline
    continues our journey. A highlight will               Reaching New Heights, was introduced at                remains a hot topic. The teams that are starting
    undoubtedly be our "Free to Grow" personal
    development program.                                  the workshops.                                         to take responsibility for the Khanya programme,
       In closing I would like to quote the indomitable      The Khanya structure has also seen some             and the lifeskills training next year will all help
    Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu who                  changes. Firstly, in order to improve                  to make us an even better and faster company.
    recently said: "You can love, build esteem and        communication about Khanya activities, it was          The meeting of "promised dates" will receive
    create beauty or you can reject, destroy and          decided to extend the Steering Committee               great attention next year.
    hinder growth". It is clear to me the route the
    Rotolabel team has chosen and I cannot begin          membership to have at least two members from              The Khanya train is gathering speed in our
    to describe the extent of my personal support.        each shift team. Secondly, the Khanya Task             quest to become a world class company with
       My very best wishes to you all for a happy         Force (KTF) also restructured with Best                world class employees, teams, and systems. Do
    and peaceful Christmas. I hope 2005 will be a         Operating Practice Implementation Teams                your bit to ensure that we stay on track and
    year of unsurpassed personal achievement              (BOPITs) being responsible for the                     achieve our various goals and objectives. And
    and happiness.                                        implementation of the different best practices         above all: exercise self-discipline and focus on
    Simon                                                 ( 5 S , V P M , Te a m w o r k , A u t o n o m o u s   doing your job in the best way possible!

5S Results - Gold                                         NOV: Area 84, B200/5 60%                               Team C (int): Nil
Open Category                                             Toilet                                                 Team C (ext): Nil
JULY: Area 54, Downstairs toilet (disabled) 96%           NOV: Area 5, Repro 90%                                 Team D (int): Abraham
AUG: Area 6, Canteen store (upstairs) 89%                                                                        Team D (ext): Nil
SEPT: Area 7, Canteen (upstairs) 92%                      Extra Milers results:                                  Accounts (int): Ashley
OCT: Area 7, Canteen (upstairs) 100%                      AUG:                                                   Accounts (ext): Jandre
NOV: Area 16, Reception stairway 100%                     Team A (int): Randall                                  Sales (int): Bonnie
Operational Support                                       Team A (ext): Nil                                      Sales (ext): Lester
JULY: Area 47, Accounts store room 100%                   Team B (int): Buntu                                    Prod serv (int): Heinz
AUG: Area 73, Foil store 93%                              Team B (ext): Cassiem                                  Prod serv (ext): Lester
SEPT: Area 78, Assembly store 100%                        Team C (int): Winston                                  OCT:
OCT: Area 47, Accounts store room 94%                     Team C (ext): Grant                                    Team A (int): Randall
NOV: Area 47, Accounts store room 100%                    Team D (int): Malik                                    Team A (ext): Shafiek
Office                                                    Team D (ext): Cheslin                                  Team B (int): Mandla
JULY: Area 45, Financial Manager's office 86%             Accounts (int): Gaynor                                 Team B (ext): James
AUG: Area 45, Financial Manager's office 96%              Accounts (ext): Jandre                                 Team C (int): Dominic
SEPT: Area 20, MDs office 96%                             Sales (int): Tracy                                     Team C (ext): Malik
OCT: Area 17, Commercial Director's office 100%           Sales (ext): Malik                                     Team D (int): Rodney
NOV: Area 59, Technical Manager's office 100%             Prod serv (int): Hilton                                Team D (ext): Winston
Operational Cells                                         Prod serv (ext): Eddie                                 Accounts (int): Donovan
JULY: Area 86, B3000/2 67%                                SEPT:                                                  Accounts (ext): Tracy
AUG: Area 84, B200/5 87%                                  Team A (int): Faried                                   Sales (int): Nil
SEPT: Area 82, B200/3 72%                                 Team A (ext): Hilton                                   Sales (ext): Alton
OCT: Area 84, B200/5; Area 85, Machine B3000/1;           Team B (int): Nathan                                   Prod serv (int): Chris
Area 86, Machine B3000/2 67%                              Team B (ext): Cassiem                                  Prod serv (ext): Nil
RotoXpress December 2004                                                                                                                                          3

Roto Profiles                                               MEET YOUR COLLEAGUES

        RUTH MBANA                                                                   SADAKA POTGIETER

Ruth Mbana likes nothing better                                                   It is said that humility is a trait of
than a challenge.                                                                 a good leader and shift supervisor
                                                                                  Sadaka certainly displays a good
   And, as only one of two female
                                                                                  measure of this characteristic.
rewinders at Rotolabel, this is fairly                                               He's been with Rotolabel for just
obvious. This isn't the first time                                                over a year and is extremely popular
though that Ruth has worked in a                                                  among his colleagues who sing his
traditionally male field. She as                                                  praises for constantly being prepared
spent time in construction work in                                                to “go the extra mile” for them.
the past and is prepared to do any                                                   Sadaka heaps all the praise for
                                                                                  his successful team on the members
job that comes her way.
                                                                                  of his shift of whom he is
   "For me, the sky's the limit.                                                  extremely proud: "I really do think
I love adventure, travelling, the          particularly with Sadaka as            they are the best. They've had the       at the company: "His attitude is
outdoors and taking on challenges,"        supervisor:                            best performance figures for the         both friendly and motivational at
she says.                                    "He's the best and is always there   past six months and I want to say        the same time and I urge people to
   Ruth has been with Rotolabel            for us," she says.                     to them 'well done!'"                    aspire to this attitude."
since May 2003, and like many of             Ruth lives in Khayelitsha and           Sadaka enjoys his job so much            Born and bred in Port Elizabeth,
                                                                                  that he can't wait to get to work        Sadaka currently lives in
her colleagues describes the               has a four-year-old daughter,
                                                                                  every morning.                           Plattekloof and is a keen fisherman,
company as "a big family".                 Buhle, who keeps her busy on              But he feels there is sometimes       although he finds fishing "along
   "The people I work with are             weekends. Both mother and              too much interference in his team's      the side of the road" in Cape Town
great - I'm like their little sister but   daughter love swimming and Ruth        work from other departments and
                                                                                                                           a little odd.
they still treat me as an equal."          has proved herself to be               advises those who "walk around
                                                                                  looking for trouble instead of              He loves the outdoors, in
   Ruth says she loves coming to           particularly skilled on the pool                                                particular visiting game reserves
                                                                                  helping" to adopt a more positive
work because her colleagues make           table where she has shown up her                                                and birdwatching and of course,
her laugh all day and she believes         male colleagues on more than              He has high praise for Roy Clarke     camping out on the beach when he
her team is the best in the company,       one occasion.                          who he believes is an inspiration        visits PE for some "real" fishing.

 NKOSITHETHILE MATIKI                                                                  CATHY NORSICA

Better known as "DJ Mara" in his                                                  With her baby due in March
Khayelitsha community where he                                                    2005, Cathy has her work cut out
can frequently be found spinning                                                  for her both at Rotolabel and
discs at parties or at small clubs,                                               at home.
Nkosi loves his job and believes                                                     And, if she approaches
Rotolabel is one of the best places                                               motherhood as she does her
to work at in Cape Town.                                                          job, she is bound to be a roaring
   "I'm more than happy working                                                   success.
here. I have a passion for working                                                   Cathy says she has received
here," he says.                                                                   endless congratulatory remarks
   Nkosi, a machine assistant, says                                               from satisfied Rotolabel customers
he has learned a tremendous                   Nkosi says he'd like to see         and has a strong message for
amount at Rotolabel both about             Africans appointed as operators.       all her colleagues:                      much like a toddlers class.
printing and labels as well as about       "I would like to see assistants        " We l l d o n e ! We ' v e d o n e         Cathy believes Rotolabel is
life in general. In particular, he         trained to be operators rather than    fantastically and customers have         moving in the right direction: "You
says he has enjoyed the opportunity        employing from outside," he says.      been saying that they can always         always feel this company is going
to mix with other races and to break          Nkosi says the "Mara" in "DJ        rely on us."                             somewhere".
down barriers in doing so. He has          Mara" originates from his days of         Cathy has a background in                "And everyone is friendly and
also learned to speak Afrikaans in         running marathons as a youth,          pre-school teaching where the            trustworthy," she adds.
just over a year at Rotolabel.             while he is also a keen footballer.    patience she no doubt learned               Cathy lives near the beach in
   While Nkosi enjoys his job                 He is to marry at a traditional     should be invaluable for her busy        Melkbostrand where her Jack
thoroughly, he feels some of his           ceremony in Mount Fletcher in          job looking after the Woolworths         Russels, Tyson and Jenna provide
colleagues have taken practical            the Eastern Cape in December           account.                                 her with ample training for the new
jokes a little too far at times and        and we wish him and his bride             "The phones never stop ringing,"      addition to her family. We wish
has urged them not to make                 Sisanda all the very best in their     she says, adding that "everybody         her well over this exciting period
working life miserable for others.         future together!                       wants everything now!" - Sounds          in her life.
4                                                                                                                                   RotoXpress December 2004

Roto Pics: Karaoke Evening

                                                               Rotolabel's Group Life Assurance
     Did you know that, in the event of your death whilst you are a member of the Rotolabel Pension Fund, your dependents will receive an amount equal to three
    times your annual earnings, plus your normal withdrawal benefits that you would have accumulated in the fund? It is therefore important to consider this if you
    are considering taking out a Life Insurance policy as you automatically have this "life insurance" from the Pension Fund. Remember that one can only become a
     member of the Rotolabel Pension Fund if you are a permanent employee. In other words, temporary staff will only become eligible to this benefit if and when
       they are offered permanent employment. In this regard it is important to complete a Beneficiary Nomination Form that will serve as a guideline of how to
    apportion the death benefit to your dependents and beneficiaries, should something happen to you. These forms are available from the salary/wages department.
                                   Make sure that the company always has your up-to-date Beneficiary Nomination Form on record.
RotoXpress December 2004   5

Casual Day

6                                                                                                                              RotoXpress December 2004

Roto Profiles                                              MEET YOUR COLLEAGUES

    ADRIAN SEPTEMBER                                                                    FARIED GOBEY

Twenty-four year old Adrian                                                      Faried says he is a private person
September from the cleaning                                                      who doesn’t like to talk about his
department has one wish at work:                                                 personal life.
“All I want to be is an assistant at                                                But, he has a lot to say about his
Rotolabel. But that will never                                                   job and Rotolabel in general.
happen because they say I have a                                                    “I really like my job,” says
low attendance record.”                                                          Faried, a Machine Minder, adding:
  Failing this, Adrian, who is                                                   “It’s daring and everyday there are
known to be skilled in the kitchen,                                              new challenges.”
dreams of becoming a chef.                                                          “But I dislike the decisions that
  “I love food (all types). My                                                   management is making. They
                                                                                 don’t give everybody equal
speciality in the kitchen is my
chocolate mousse dessert.”
                                                                                    “Sometimes people that have
  Nonetheless, Adrian says he                His advice for management:
                                                                                 only been working here for about        earlier this year to undergo a
really likes his work colleagues          “The bosses should cater more
                                                                                 nine months will get promoted over      three-year training programme
and regards them as friends.              for the people who actually
                                                                                 somebody that has been with the         which will culminate in an
  Born in Retreat, he later moved         push the work out – the factory                                                internationally recognised diploma
                                                                                 company for seven years.
to Manenburg and then to                  floor.”                                                                        in Roll Label Machine Minding.
                                                                                    “This shows me that their
Strandfontein where he now lives             “We are working with chemicals      priority lies with the new people          Faried is married to Jo-Anne and
on his own. He has been dating his        and there are no extractor fans and    and not those that helped build the     has two children, Shakur and Jordan.
girlfriend Cindy since his                the air-con is not sufficient. Maybe   company,” he says.                         He enjoys visiting the beach,
schooldays.                               they can get showers so that we           Nevertheless, Faried is one of       fixing cars, playing soccer and
  “I like going to the gym, playing       can wash after our job or get a        the four Roties selected for the        basketball.
soccer, rugby and enjoy a good            company Laundromat to wash             company’s first Learnership                But mostly, “I love to hang out
swim,” he says.                           our clothes.”                          programme. He was selected              and go clubbing.”

      CLARA DANIELS                                                                    MALIK WEYERS

Quality Rewinder Clara Daniels is                                                Malik describes himself as an
so committed to her job that she                                                 “extreme sport junkie” – keen to
feels responsible for anything that                                              try sky diving, parachuting and
goes wrong in her department.
                                                                                 bungee jumping.
   “My life revolves around my job.
   “The last time I even went to the                                                For the moment, he’ll have to
cinema was when myself and my                                                    be satisfied with the excitement
husband got engaged – movies were                                                that comes with working as
still 50c,” she says.                                                            an assistant in the repro
   Like most of her colleagues, she                                              department. Malik’s been at
loves working at Rotolabel.                                                      Rotolabel for eight years and
   “I feel like I am part of a family.                                           says he enjoys his job and is fond
I see Mr Gilbert as a father. I feel                                             of his colleagues.
happier at work than at home,”
                                                                                    “I like the workers. I see them
she says.
                                                                                 as my friends and family.”              and basketball.
   “I like all the new things that they      Clara has been with the company
are doing, like the education that        for 10 years. She’s been married          But, he says, he’d like more           He also enjoys taking his
they have given us. I like the fact       for 2 years and has five children.     involvement from employees in           family on picnics and braaing.
that they do nothing behind our           Sadly, she lost a son, Christopher,    decision making.                          But, his desire is to "do
backs and inform us about                 three years ago. He was also a Rotie      And, he plans to stay on a           something different" such as
everything.”                              and working at Rotolabel helps her     Rotolabel for some time yet: “The       one of the extreme sports above.
   She does have one criticism:           overcome her grief: “It helps me       next step is for me to be a DTP           We're watching the skies
“Sometimes rules change without           deal with his death. It’s like he’s    operator.”                              with anticipation.
warning. For example, sometimes           here with me.”
                                                                                    Malik is married to Surayah
I fall under Wicus and then I fall           Clara says she is grateful that
                                          management does so much to make        and has a six year old son, Saeed.
under someone else. Sometimes I
don’t know who I fall under and           all the staff happy and says she’ll       He spends his spare time
this makes things complicated             do all she can to keep Rotolabel       playing soccer every Sunday and
for me.”                                  moving forward.                        teaching Saeed to play soccer
RotoXpress December 2004                                                                                                                              7

Face of the Customer
At Rotolabel, the customer always comes first.     expect at all times, we are introducing the "Face   in the factory.
  That's why we have built a reputation for        of the Customer" project from next year.               In so doing, we are all aware of not only what
excellence. We are constantly striving to ensure      We'll be asking our valued customers what        products we are producing labels for, but also,
we offer the best possible service and that we     they require from Rotolabel and displaying some     what our customers look like.
meet our customers’ needs.                         of their comments on a poster-sized photograph         Below are the first customers to be featured
  And, to ensure we know what our customers        of the relevant customer which will be displayed    in this project.

SOS Children’s Villages provide homes for abandoned and orphaned children. Rotolabel
recently came to the aid of our neighbouring SOS Children's Village in Thornton by
raising a total of R13,650 to provide 21 essential security gates for this village. They
have been fitted onto the children’s homes to help boost their safety. Pictured is Mandy
Bey-Leveld with SOS fund raiser Paul Senosi and four-year-old Nesipi at the
Thornton village.
   "We want to thank Rotolabel for making the lives of our orphaned and abandoned
children more secure," said Paul.

        Congratulations: To Kevin Hendricks from Sales who got married on
                  December 4. All the best from your colleagues!
8                                                                                                     RotoXpress December 2004

Team Building

Twilight Run

       RotoXpress is edited, produced and published by Mandy Bey-Leveld and Leap Communications (021) 671 1029

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