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O2 Procedures


									                                            O2 procedures


Please complete the relevant credit check form (available on the MoCo website) & email it with the proofs to
     Consumer credit vet form
     Business credit vet form

Business customer’s must provide a typed purchase order or company letter head, which must show the
      Full company name, address, post code, landline contact number
      Company Registration Number
      Dated
      Signed, name printed, position in company
      Amount of connections/resigns/upgrades/ports
      Tariff, bolt on’s, contract term
      If existing customer, state o2 account number or existing mobile number

Under 6 handsets: customer can be credit checked within a couple of hours
Over 6 handsets or existing customers: the credit check is sent to o2 & can take between 6-24 hours to be
processed by them, if it refers you maybe asked for additional proofs ie: 3 months bills

You will be contacted via email & given the credit check number; customers account number & the mobile
numbers that you need to quote on the contract & MoCo/o2 connection template when you send us the
connection. The template will partially be completed by MoCo but we require the dealer to complete this in
full for connection purposes

Please note that each credit check is now valid for 45 days.

If a deposit is requested the customer will need to pay this by credit card by contacting o2, you will be given
a reference number which you need to give back to us so we can then process the connection. The deposit
will be refunded to the customer after 3 months of clear billing.

Under the Data Protection laws, MoCo nor 02 cannot disclose reasons for a declined credit vet. We must
however stress that the decision taken is 02’s decision.

You need to provide proofs of identity. 1 from each category is required prior to activation of all consumer &
small business customers. These should be in the form of:

CATEGORY 1 - Proof of Identity/Signature

   Full UK driving licence, Northern Ireland driving licence, Provisional Driving Licence
   Passport
   Credit Card – e.g. MasterCard, Visa (Blank out the card numbers and CV2 numbers on the photocopy in
    all cases, leaving the firs 4 digits visible)
   Debit Card – e.g. Switch, Delta (Blank out the card numbers and CV2 numbers on the photocopy in all
    cases, leaving the first 4 digits visible).
   Charge card –e.g. Amex, Diners
   Store card – e.g. Debenhams, M & S (only where a valid expiry date is shown).
   Firearms Licence

CATEGORY 2 - Proof of Residency (no more than 3 months old)

   Utility Bill - e.g. Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone
   Bank/Building Society Statement
   Credit/Charge Card Statement
   Mail Order Statements
   Insurance Policy - not cover notes
   Council Tax statement
   Full Driving Licence, Provisional Driving Licence, Northern Ireland Driving Licence
   Mortgage repayment statement within 3 months

Driving Licence Full or Provisional can be used as proof of residency or proof of signature but not both. o2
will NOT accept ATM cards as signature proofs.

It is the dealer’s responsibility to check all proofs accurately. Dealers must only accept proofs that are
originals and not copies of originals. Dealers must check signatures to make sure they match the signature on
the contract.

All proofs should show the same address as the contract and credit vet and are not acceptable if:
Bank statements show any bounced payments, over credit/overdraft limit or any other detrimental
information. We do not accept letters from DHSS concerning benefits, P45s or County Court Summons.


Once the customer has been successfully credit vetted, an o2 contract, customer purchase order (for
business’s) & MoCo/o2 connection template must be completed & emailed to us. The contract MUST be
completed & scanned or emailed to us with a copy of the connection template, If you do not have a scanner
please fax the contract to: 01634 227722 but the template MUST be emailed to us.

All sections are mandatory but please ensure the following are correct otherwise it may delay the connection
 Dealer o2 revenue share code
 Credit check number
 Mobile numbers
 Contract term
 Bolt on’s
 Full description of tariff (this information with the charges etc can be found at or
 Direct Debit details

Please note: on the last working day of the month please ensure customer contracts & templates are emailed
to us by 12pm to ensure commission is paid correctly, Bulk requests will take longer so will need to be sent
to us a few days before the end of the month to ensure they are connected in that month & paid commission


Please email the contract, proofs & template as above; ensure that the following information is provided:
 Credit check number
 PAC code (please ensure this has not expired)
 Porting numbers
 Full name & description of tariff
 Sim and IMEI details (use existing IMEI’s if new equipment not being issued)

Please note: Porting 1 – 25 numbers, customer will port in 2 working days unless you specify otherwise,
Porting 26 +, customer will port in 10 working days.
Please ensure they are sent to us within these timescale’s, especially near the end of the month when o2 are
extremely busy & ports sometimes take slightly longer.
We would advise that on the day of the port you check that the number has been transferred, this could be
up until 7pm as the networks have until then to release the numbers. If there are any problems please email
us the day after the port and we will investigate.

Please note: o2 customers have to give 30 days notice to cancel their contract. If they also wish to port back
out, they still only have the standard 14 days to change their mind & port back to their previous network.
They are required to do this process themselves directly with the network.


Should a customer wish to upgrade or resign their existing mobile number they must have been your
customer for 1 year or more, their numbers must show on our systems or you need to provide a copy of the
contract & PO from last year if they connected with you via another distributor.
If the customer connected via a direct dealer or o2 direct then you can only resign them once they are 30
days out of contract, you cannot resign them mid term.
Please send us the 02 revenue share form stating if it is an enquiry only or upgrade.

To process the upgrade/resign you will need to send us a:
     completed revenue share template
     signed contract
     purchase order
     MoCo/o2 template (detailing tariff & bolt on details, this is required if they are staying on the same
       tariff or changing as this determines the commission paid to you. (If the customer is staying on the
       same tariff then copies of their last bill are also required)

This is sent to o2 & they put the customer into the new contract term, if a tariff change is required we then
put this onto o2 e-service & this is usually actioned within 24 hours, you will be notified once we receive
confirmation from o2.

02 offer a 14-day money back guarantee enabling contract customers to return their phone from where it was
purchased for any reason within 14 days of activation. The customer must be given a full refund subject to
the equipment being in full working order. You can either resell the phone with a new Sim and mobile
number or return the faulty phone to MoCo for a credit. (We cannot accept back handsets that have just
been cancelled)
We must be notified of this by emailing us within the 14 days. (

After activation of a temporary number and once the number is live, the customer can call O2 customer
services to request the Gold number. It is then arranged by the customer directly with O2, there maybe a
charge for this.

Please email your requests to us stating customer name, mobile number, network, old Sim and new sim
number, customer’s address, customer’s contact landline number or their existing tariff.


Consumer – Consumer Transfers
This service remains unavailable until further notice

Consumer – Business Transfer of Ownership
These transfers will now be accepted subject to the following conditions:

   With effect from 2 March 2009 any consumer customer wishing to transfer to an existing business account and
    tariff will be liable for termination fees if they are within contract term.

   Completion of a satisfactory Business credit vet on the gaining business customer.
   Consumer tariff customers wishing to migrate to a business tariff will only be accepted if they can be
    identified by a ‘Trading As’ name on the new business account.

   These are paid as a new connection

Business – Consumer Transfers of Ownership
O2 are now able to offer a transfer of ownership option for business customers wishing to transfer their existing
number to a consumer account. For example this will allow a business customer who is leaving their business to
move their mobile number across to a new account on a consumer tariff.

   Advise the customer that the transfer of ownership may incur termination fees relating to their existing
    business service if they are still within contract term.

   Advise the customer that they must place an order for a brand new contract

   Once the customer has been accepted on Gateway the customer will need to complete a Transfer of Ownership
    request form (a revised version is attached) and submit to us to pass onto o2. You must enter in the new
    customer section the customer’s temporary mobile number issued on Gateway

   You do not need to complete Direct Debit Mandate – this will have been done as part of the online order on

   On receipt of the completed Transfer of Ownership form o2 will transfer the original customer number to their
    new consumer account.

   02 will then text the customer to let them know when we’ve completed everything.

   O2 standard SLA time for processing the Transfer of Ownership form will be 10 days from receipt of your
    eService request.

Credit Vetting for Business- Business Transfers of Ownership
Please follow the process below when handling all future requests:

   Complete the Transfer of Ownership form and email to MoCo

   O2 Business Credit Vet Referrals will carry out a credit check on the gaining customer. The form will be
    returned to you along with the vet reference number (if the application has been successful).

   You should then forward the completed Transfer of Ownership form and direct debit mandate to MoCo who will
    forward onto the Transfer of Ownership Team via eService.

We may ask for copies of contracts and ID at any time if the networks require them, failure to provide this
may result in clawback. All original copies of contracts are to be retained in store until requested.

Please see for O2’s updated terms and conditions, tariff guides, offers etc

Forms   required:
        Consumer credit check form
        Business credit check form
        MoCo/o2 continuation/connection/upgrade template (new or resign)
        O2 revenue share template (upgrades/resigns)
        Completed/signed o2 contract & customers Purchase order


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