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									TEL: 087 808 7527 (08h00 to 12h00) EMAIL: fdia@fdia.co.za POSTAL ADDRESS: Postnet Suite #86. Private Bag X10020, Edenvale 1610

         EDITION 1
        AUGUST 2009

                                                              Chairperson’s report                    By Laura Swart
                                                  On behalf the 2009 FDIA committee members, I would like to introduce
                                                  our very first edition of “News Blaze” which will be regularly distributed to
                                                  all our members to keep them updated on current industry events and
                                                     The past 11 years of support that the FDIA has received from the
 REGISTRATION                                     industry consultants and end users as well our members is testament to
OF TECHNICIANS                                    the success of our association. The FDIA has undoubtedly grown into a
                                                  reputable association and has become recognized as the representative
                                                  body for our industry, despite the lack of legislation in place. We
                                                  encourage all FDIA members to support our latest communication vehicle
         THE MYSTERY                              by submitting articles, profiles, case studies, new products, photos, free
OF   SMOKE       REVEALED!                        advertising, etc. It is your Newsletter, make it a success.
                                                  MEMBERSHIP - The FDIA now has 77 registered members around the
             By Keith Norgate                     country. We welcome new members , KGT Enterprises, Spero Sensors and
                                                  Instruments, Heat Transformation Systems, Data Connectivity Solutions,
                                                  Gijima AST Electronic Security Systems, Innovative Fire Services and
                                                  Sitronix . There has been a significant tightening up of registration of new
Fire Detection Technology                         companies joining the FDIA. We have scrapped the interim member facility
Supplied to Maponya Mall                          and companies have now to prove they have trained staff and or have
             By Matt Kielty                       completed installations that can be accepted to meet standards. We have
                                                  in fact this year rejected more applications than accepted new members.
                                                  ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE FDIA:
                                                       Developed a Code of Ethics which is enforced by all members and
                                                       recognized by all with whom the Association does business
                                                       Developed and provided intercommunications with allied associations
                                                       on all matters of interest to FDIA members, e.g. PSIRA, ECSA, DoL,
                                                       ASIB, SAQCC, etc.
                                                       Endorsed an educational program for the interpretation and
                                                       application of codes & standards pertaining to detection and gas
                                                  TRAINING – The FDIA has put their full support behind FIRE SYSTEMS
                                                  TRAINING which offers a range of detection and gas courses. The scope of
                                                  the courses range from practical and introduction courses right through to
                                                  design courses based on the national codes of practice.                  Visit
                                                  MEDIA PROMOTIONS – The FDIA is constantly seeking ways to advertise
       Visit our website:                         and promote the association and its members via local media publications.
        www.fdia.co.za                            We have held successful workshops for consultants and end-users in Jhb,
                                                  Durban and Capetown to ensure awareness of our association and the
                                                  benefits of utilizing our members on projects.

                                                                           THE MYSTERY
                                                                  SMOKE          REVEALED!
                                                            For many years people have pondered about
                                                            the production and use of smoke: the answer
                                                            has been recently revealed.
                                                            Positive ground depends on proper circuit
The SAQCC, FD and GES have laid all the foundations for     functioning, which is the transmission of
registration of Cablers, Installers and Commissioning       negative ions by retention of the visible
Technicians Level 1. The Engineering Council of South       spectral manifestation known as "smoke".
Africa (ECSA) will register “Fire Engineers”,               Smoke is the thing that makes electrical circuits
Commissioner Level 2 Inspectors and Designers. We           work. We know this to be true because every
are hoping this will still come into force before the end   time one lets the smoke out of an electrical
of the year.                                                circuit, it stops working.
                                                            This can be verified repeatedly through
                                                            empirical testing. For example, if one places a
                                                            copper bar across the terminals of a battery,
                                                            prodigious quantities of smoke are liberated
                                                            and the battery shortly ceases to function.
                                                            In addition, if one observes smoke escaping
                  CAPE TOWN                                 from an electrical component such as a voltage
                                                            regulator, it will also be observed that the
                                                            component no longer functions.
                                                            It has been seen that when voltage is applied to
                                                            all the wrong terminals of a Ziton power supply
                                                            copious amounts of smoke are emitted, it then
                                                            no longer functions.

Following a Consultant Workshop in Johannesburg and
Durban, on Thursday the 28th May 2009 four members,
Keith Norgate, Richard McLaughlin, Paul Williams and
Nick Collins of the FDIA committee attended the
Consulting Engineers Workshop held at The Peninsula
                                                            THE LOGIC IS ELEMENTARY AND INESCAPABLE!
Hotel in Cape Town and the facilities were of a high
standard. This was the best supported workshop in the
                                                            The function of a wiring harness is to conduct
FDIA history with just short of 50 attendees.
                                                            the smoke from one device to another. When
Nick gave an informative presentation regarding the
                                                            the wiring springs a leak and lets all the smoke
upcoming technician registration process and Keith
                                                            out of the system, nothing works afterward.
entertained the audience with information regarding
                                                            In conclusion, the basic concept of transmission
fire detection categories and gas system comparisons
                                                            of electrical energy in the form of smoke
All in all, the workshop was a great success and many
                                                            provides a logical explanation of the mysteries
who attended sent the FDIA compliments thanking
                                                            of electrical components.
them for the effort and excellent voluntary work being
                                                              The company has a long established partnership
     FIRE DETECTION TECHNOLOGY                                with GE Security and, as such, the company has
                                                              proved itself to be very reliable and efficient.
     SUPPLIED TO MAPONYA MALL                                 These were two very important considerations
By Matt Kielty                                                on this project, since we were running to fairly
                                                              tight time constraints in order to have the facility
                                                              completed and ready for clearance by fire
                                                              inspectors by the scheduled date for opening”.
                                                              The control equipment is the company’s FP1200
                                                              analogue addressable panels. “The panels are
                                                              located in the centre management office where
                                                              the main control unit is installed. This has the
                                                              advantage of providing specific feedback as to
                                                              the precise detector or device triggered by an
                                                              alarm, which greatly increases the response time
                                                              and the effectiveness of the reaction, which is a
                                                              crucial consideration when every second counts”.
                                                                 “In addition, the panels can be used
                                                              retrospectively to record the precise time and
Wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company,          location of an event and store this information
GE Security’s fire detection technology is making             for analysis should the need arise”.
Soweto’s flagship mall a safe place to shop.
                                                              Maponya Mall Operations Manager, Trevor
Maponya Mall is Soweto’s first mega regional upmarket         Moynna comments that the primary focus is the
shopping centre. The mall was opened in September             safety and security of all the personnel and
2007. With an area of over 60 000m² more than 180             patrons, as well as protecting the facility.
tenants and thousands of staff and shoppers passing             “We are pleased with the peace of mind that
through the mall every day, safety and security in the        comes with a sophisticated and reliable fire
event of a fire is a key concern.                             system, such as the one which we have had
Systems contractor Integrated Fire Security (IFS) was         installed”, he adds.
tasked with the responsibility of designing and installing
a fully integrated smoke detection system, engineered         The Maponya Mall is a very high profile
in conjunction with the consulting electrical engineers       development which typifies the exciting changes
on the project, KKA Electrical. IFS CEO Matt Kielty           in the current climate of South African facilities
comments that the requirements for this project were          development and the newly established spaces
for a system that was capable of interfacing with all the     and venues.
mall’s systems to ensure that, not only is management
informed when smoke is detected, but that the smoke
can be extracted from the complex while the public and
the property are protected. “The system is integrated in
such a way that it links into all the other systems in the
building, such as escalators, lifts, air-conditioning plant
and smoke vents”, he adds.
“IFS elected to use GE Security as its technology solution
supplier for this project.

                                                             CONNECTING DETECTORS
                                                              FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC
The services of the FSIB is of great value to fire     The commonly used FR20 cable is supplied with 2 cores,
contracting business owners.                           a red and a blue conductor. The metal drain wire which
                                                       is in contact with the aluminium mylar screen has to be
Life is hectic, are you sure all your teams are        joined to the outgoing cable screen wire to provide
producing quality work to standard?                    continuity of the screen throughout the entire circuit.
The owner of a contracting company does not            The drain wires should be wrapped together, soldered
have the time to visit and inspect all of their        and insulated with heat shrink to ensure the screen
installations before they are handed over to           does not come into contact with any other conductor or
clients. A clearance certificate can be offered to     metal part. The screen of the cable should be
the consultant on hand-over.                           terminated to earth inside of the fire panel AT ONE END
Taking over an existing system for maintenance?
Are you going to be blamed for inherent problems
on the site?
Call the FSIB to provide an independent
evaluation before proceeding with the contract.

The FSIB generates repairs and upgrades for the
contractor. The FSIB works with contractors by
providing unbiased independent evaluation of
existing installations and supplying the client with             NEW DETECTOR WIRING METHOD
upgrade recommendations. The FSIB assists
contractors by providing assessments of
completed installations before they are handed
over to clients.

The FSIB can be found on www.firesystraining.co.za      GOLFER: Think I’m going to drown myself in the lake.”
or can be contacted on (011) 234 8123 or Email:         CADDY: Think you can keep your head down that

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