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					                                    WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING
                                              REGULAR SESSION
                                        COMMISSIONERS MEETING ROOM
                                              107 W. Locust Street
                                               Boonville, Indiana
                                                 March 19, 2008
                                                   4:00 P.M.

The Warrick County Commissioners met in regular session with Don Williams, President; Phil Baxter, Vice-President,
and Nova Conner, Member.

President Don Williams called the meeting to order.

Auditor’s Secretary Tamara Serbus recorded the minutes.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Commissioner Phil Baxter

February 13, 2008 @ 4:00p.m…Regular/APC Session
February 20, 2008 @ 4:00p.m…Regular Session
February 27, 2008 @ 4:00p.m…Regular/APC Session

Don Williams: The first item on the agenda is Approval of Minutes for February 13 th, February 20th and February 27th of
2008. Has everybody had a chance to look over them? If you have, I will entertain a motion.

Phil Baxter: Do you want to take them all at once?

Don Williams: Unless somebody has a change, I’d like to take them all at once.

Phil Baxter: I have none.

Nova Conner: No.

Phil Baxter: I’d move we approve the minutes February 13th, February 20th and 27th of 2008.

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries.


EMS Monthly Report; Proposal for New Ambulance

Don Williams: Mr. Riordan, you are on sir; unless Mrs. Godsey would like to say something first.

Carol Godsey: Good afternoon. It’s kind of a wet afternoon isn’t it?

Phil Baxter: It’s better than it has been.

Carol Godsey: Yeah. Jared couldn’t be here today so I’ll present the financial report and I think you got them ahead of time
Roger, correct?

Roger Emmons: Yes.

Carol Godsey: As you can see February was also a busy month and our total expenses for the month were a little over two
hundred and eighteen thousand ($218,000.00) against a budgeted two hundred and six thousand ($206,000.00), which was
a 6% variance. And that was primarily due to salaries and wages and benefits that were over running. Part of that was as a
result of new staff that are being trained for vacancies and then the resulting over time that we’re having as a result of that.
Our fuel expenses are climbing. This particular month we were 19% over budget on that and that’s a real concern that we’re
having because as fuel costs continue to climb, not knowing where they are going to end, you know we’re not sure what is
going to happen by the year’s end. So, we’re analyzing that a little bit closer right now and hopefully by next month we’ll be
able to have more detailed information for you on what we’re projecting will happen with that fuel expense. I have a question
though. Has there been a contracted price developed?

Don Williams: Yes, we did that at the last meeting. Do you remember what it was?

Nova Conner: Two dollars and seventy four cents ($2.74).

Carol Godsey: And that will be for the remainder of the calendar year?

Don Williams: Yes.

Carol Godsey: Okay. All right. Are there any…?

Don Williams: We went with the fixed price instead of the vario.
        -2-        Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                      March 19, 2008

Carol Godsey: Okay. Are there any questions about anything?

Phil Baxter: Nova, I’m going to correct you. That was the off-road price. The on-road price is two ninety one ($2.91).

Don Williams: Two ninety one ($2.91).

Nova Conner: Okay, that’s with the tax. Yeah, he’s right. That is with the taxes added in.

Carol Godsey: Okay. And is that just for this year only; it’s not a lock year for more than one (1) year correct?

Phil Baxter: Locked in until the end of this year.

Carol Godsey: Okay. Are there any questions?

Don Williams: Did you cover professional fees? I noticed they were…

Carol Godsey: Jared has addressed that before. That’s moving some of the things from some of the other categories
around. I can bring the detail on that. I didn’t bring that this time since I knew that he had discussed it on previous times. All
right. Thank you.

 Brian Riordan: Brian Riordan, St. Mary’s Warrick EMS. I’ll do the monthly information. For the month of February, we
responded to three hundred and fifty four (354) calls. We had fifty four (54) refusals of care. We responded with the fire
department to four (4) fire runs. We had thirty two (32) private calls, four (4) scene deaths and we transported two hundred
and sixty (260) patients to the ER. We only received one (1) customer survey for the month of February and didn’t really
have anything with it other than positive check marks. Fractile response times; I didn’t receive that from Sherry yet. I
understand she is just back from vacation so I hope to get that from the Sheriff’s Department sometime this week and I’ll
update you next month for those. Station issues, I did get a final price from Hobgood Builders on what it would cost to rebuild
the Chandler station and its seventy seven thousand one hundred and seventy dollars ($77,170.00) to use the existing pad;
if that current building is torn down and the pad is ready for them to come back and build on. Last month we talked about
looking at alternative locations to build that building or move that Chandler station and Dan from Hobgood thought it would
cost us about three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) more for building costs and that doesn’t include any tap fees or driveways
or anything else; that’s just the building and then if there’s any prep work for the site itself, any dirt work, that might need to be
done that would be in addition, but we’d be somewhere around eighty thousand dollars ($80,000.00) if we were to build a
completely new site just for the building itself. Dan is going to try to put together a drawing and some more specs on the
building and I hope to take that to Joe next week so we can maybe start talking to other people to see if this is a ballpark
price or this is something that’s a workable measure. With the Council’s commitment of the forty thousand ($40,000.00), I’m
going to start pursuing the other things that I’ve talked about finding funds for us either through the Alcoa Foundation or
some other ideas that we had. So, hopefully next month I can report even more on that. But at least we have a price now
and a direction we can go. The unknown thing is the removal of that building. There has been mention that maybe the
county departments could help us with taking that building down and hauling it off. I’m not sure who to talk to or who to
maybe turn that over to get some information on.

Phil Baxter: If it gets that far maybe come back and talk to us and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Brian Riordan: Okay. The Boonville station, I think I reported last month…I’m not sure if I reported here for the Council, we
had generator failure. The Boonville station is the only office, or the only station that we have that has a back up generator.
During the ice storm for reason it didn’t start. We have a company coming in to look at that to see what’s going on, and the
only other station issue there is the windows and I’m sure the weather is keeping them from continuing that repair project.
That’s pretty much it for the monthly report. Are there any questions on any of that?

Don Williams: No. Thank you.

Brian Riordan: The ambulance proposal should be next. Did you get copies of all of that information? I dropped that off last
week. Okay. I dropped off two (2) different forms for you to see. One is the proposed for 2008 that’s current built for a
hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred and twenty five dollars ($116,725.00). I also had him go ahead and give us a
price of we would go forward and buy a 2009 and that price came out to a hundred and fifty one thousand two hundred and
twenty five dollars ($151,225.00). I also called “AV” which is another manufacturer I’ve used in the past. I couldn’t get a
written quote in time to bring to you so you could see, but he gave me a price over the phone of a hundred and forty two
thousand seven hundred and ninety five dollars ($142,795.00)…yeah for an ’09. So, we’re looking somewhere between a
hundred and forty ($140,000.00) and a hundred and fifty thousand ($150,000.00) if we go ahead and pursue buying an ’09.

Don Williams: And the ’08 was new?

Brian Riordan: Yeah, the ’08 is new. It’s a 2008 GMS 4500, so it’s going to be a little bit bigger than the ones that we have
chassis-wise, but box-wise it’s still the same size ambulance as we have now. It uses the Duramax and Allison transmission
versus the 6 litre International motor that we’re currently having problems with from Ford. So, we’ve heard a lot of good
things about the Chevrolet or the GMC model. We’ve heard that their fuel mileage is double what the Ford is. A lot of that
data wasn’t available when St. Mary’s first started buying these ambulances so we’re pretty comfortable that this Chevrolet
or this GMC is going to do a much better job than the current Ford…the current “Fords” I guess I should say. Any questions
on that information I’ve given you? Okay. All right.

Phil Baxter: Thanks a lot Brian.

Brian Riordan: Thank you.

Approve Polling Sites

Don Williams: The next item Polling Sites, Roger?

Roger Emmons: The Administrative Assistant, Susie Taylor, put these together and did an excellent job. There are fifty nine
(59) precincts located at forty nine (49) sites and I don’t know if I need to name all of those. There are no changes that I’m
aware of from the last election.

Don Williams: I don’t think there’s a need to list those.
        -3-         Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                March 19, 2008

Nova Conner: No.

Roger Emmons: And it would appear that they’ve all been contacted and are all okay with the county using them as a polling

Don Williams: Do we need to approve those by vote?

Roger Emmons: Yes sir.

Don Williams: Okay. I will entertain a motion to approve the polling sites for the…that’s for both the Primary and General

Roger Emmons: Yes.

Don Williams: Okay, the polling sites for both the Primary and General Election in 2008. Do I have a motion?

Nova Conner: So moved.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Phil Baxter: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Thank you.

3rd Annual YMCA Sprint Triathlon ~ Request for Road Closure

Roger Emmons: The next item we copied you on a letter from Mr. John Schwentker. He’s the Race Director for the YMCA
of Southwestern Indiana. This year on Saturday, August 16 th they’re going to have their Third Annual YMCA Sprint Triathlon
that’s over at the Bluegrass Camp Group area starting at 8:00 A.M. and they are asking the Commissioners to approve
shutting intersections of Boonville New Harmony Road from Fade Road to Zoar Church and St. John. Also, Fisherville/Zoar
Church and New Harmony and Zoar Church intersections; and I think they work with the Sheriff’s office in the for traffic
control and Knight Township Fire Department and Warrick EMS ambulance for all water safety and all emergency services.
Last year, they have four hundred (400) participants. If you add all of the spectators and participants he estimates you’ll have
close to eight hundred (800) people and it would be best for all involved if they were allowed to close those roads not only for
the participants but for vehicles that can be redirected; you know they could be detoured in the area.

Nova Conner: And you said last year Roger they didn’t encounter any problems?

Roger Emmons: I’m not aware that we’ve ever received any complaints. It’s an isolated enough area there’s really no
neighbors to speak of out there. That’s a pretty nice…that Bluegrass Wildlife Area and camp ground and they included a
small map of the course.

Nova Conner: And did they want us to participate?

Roger Emmons: If you want to.

Don Williams: As a team?

Nova Conner: We could do it.

Don Williams: Who gets the cold water?

Roger Emmons: It’s a seven hundred (700) yard swim, a nineteen (19) mile cycling portion and then a 3.1 mile run.

Nova Conner: Oh, yeah.

Don Williams: You can have the run.

Phil Baxter: I did that this morning.

Don Williams: You’re a good man Phil Baxter.

Roger Emmons: Mr. Schwentker sent an email to me that he had a previous commitment he could not attend today’s
meeting, but would be glad to come to your next meeting in case you don’t approve it today.

Don Williams: I don’t have a problem with approving it. What is the will of the board?

Phil Baxter: I’d move to approve the request for the road closures.

Roger Emmons: Fellows, if you don’t mind would you make that subject to them furnishing us with their Certificate of
Insurance with the County as the additional insured?

Phil Baxter: Okay. I’d move to approve the request for the road closures subject to them furnishing the insurance with the
county as the additional insured.

Nova Conner: Second.
        -4-         Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                March 19, 2008

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Thank you.

Don Moore, Environmental Management Consultants, Inc. discuss environmental study on the old Murphy property

Roger Emmons: Is Mr. Don Moore here? He’s with the Environmental Management Consultants and I don’t know; did you
talk to him Susie? He wanted to discuss the environmental study on the old Murphy property. I thought I had conveyed to
him that we found a file where that has been done.

Don Williams: Phase 1 and 2 both? There were two (2) studies done?

Roger Emmons: I haven’t had the time to get in and read all of it.

Don Williams: Okay.

Roger Emmons: But, now there was more than one Murphy property. They also own the old school in Folsomville, so I’ve got
you know…like I said I don’t know if that property was also included in those environmental studies or not.

Don Williams: It was not as far as I recall. There was some discussion about out there, but I think…

Roger Emmons: They were just here in town.

Don Williams: I think they were as far as the ones that Economic Development did.

Roger Emmons: Okay.

Don Williams: Why don’t we table this for a week?

Phil Baxter: Two weeks? I’m not going to be here next week.

Don Williams: You’re right. Let’s just make it for our regular scheduled meeting in April; how about April 16 th?

Phil Baxter: Fine with me.

Don Williams: Okay. Table to April 16th.

Phil Baxter: Second.

Don Williams: All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries. Thank you. Anything for “Items for Discussion?” If not, we’ll go on to your business.

Roger Emmons: Nothing I’m aware of.



Stonehaven Area Sewer

Roger Emmons: Regarding the Stonehaven Area Sewer, I was ill yesterday and did not get to attend the meeting. I
think Commissioner Williams and Attorney Welp had a discussion with the representatives from Old National Bank and
discussed the collateral for the loan. I’d have to defer to your comments.

Doug Welp: Yeah, Commissioner Williams and I met with George Day, III and I think Kristi Simmons as well, from Old
National Bank yesterday regarding the Stonehaven area financing issues. The main issues that we talked about were
the rate. The rate is still 2.99%, which has been the rate since Old National made the initial proposal to the County a
month or more ago. The other issue was what would Old National take as collateral or security for the lease purchase
financing? The way that it was originally structured is that Old National would take an interest in what I call the “stuff” but
it would be the pipes, the lift station and so forth of the sewer system. That would require the County to maintain
ownership of that property for the life of the lease purchase would be approximately six (6) years, which would then put a
maintenance obligation on the County and we were able to talk to Old National and get them to take an interest in some
other personal property owned by the County primarily some vehicles and excavators and other highway equipment.
The way that would work one is that would allow the County to go ahead and transfer ownership of the sewer system to
the City of Boonville, so that the County would not take on any maintenance responsibilities in order to obtain insurance
for a period of six (6) years. And that also, the way that we had it structured, is that the Old National would file a UCC
financing statement. That’s the way it is. That’s verbally what we talked about. Old National now needs to go back and
draft the documents and we’ll take a look at those. Those should be ready sometime we were told within the next week
or so. So, overall it was a good, productive meeting.

Nova Conner: So, he did extend that in terms of that percentage, that 2.99%?

Doug Welp: He did.

Don Williams: This will be very clean. They are not requiring any titles on anything. We are going to be able to be able
        -5-         Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              March 19, 2008

to buy and sell equipment as we see fit.

Doug Welp: So, in other words even thought they would file a UCC “Uniform Commercial Code” financing statement on
this equipment, it wouldn’t prevent the County from declaring this equipment as surplus and going through its normal
procedures in terms of disposing of it when it becomes obsolete or surplus property.

Phil Baxter: That sounds good.

Doug Welp: Okay.

Don Williams: Good. The next item Roger?

Warrick Bridge 43/44 Project; Parcel 9, Lake Group; Wetland Mitigation Parcel – Admin Settlement Memorandum

Roger Emmons: The next item has to do with Warrick Bridge 43/44 project regarding Parcel 9, Lake Group wetland
mitigation parcel and administrative settlement memorandum. That memo was sent to me by Rick Bennett, who is
Manager of Right-of-Way Services for Bernardin Lochmueller and Associates, at their Indianapolis office. Basically,
when you disturb a wetland, IDEM and DNR makes us mitigate it by furnishing substitute wetland; and Rick stated that
the Lake Group wetland mitigation parcel was supposed to be constructed as part of the Lynch Road project along with
the Derrington wetland mitigation parcel and he states “that it didn’t happen” so we have to construct it as part of the
Bridge 43/44 job. Because of the change in administration at INDOT…let me find it where he said it he says “that the
people up there now don’t recall the situation and the district (meaning Vincennes District office of INDOT) they want an
official administrative settlement memo in their file to cover the purchase of this parcel.” And the purchase of that parcel
was done in 2004. It was done by the Commissioners who agreed to do that by a vote of two (2) to one (1).
Commissioner (Carl) Conner was the lone descending vote at that time, but we had no other alternative because of
IDEM’s and DNR’s regulations we had to furnish the acreage we were disturbing for those projects. So, basically you’re
signing off again on something that’s already been done. The new people at Vincennes’ district just wanted a signed
administrative settlement to that fact as to the amount of acreage and what we paid for that parcel.

Don Williams: So, what do you need from us just that “FYI?”

Roger Emmons: I would ask that you pass a motion to approve the recommendation for administrative settlement and
then for the board to sign the memorandum.

Don Williams: Okay. What is your pleasure?

Phil Baxter: I move to approve.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries.

Roger Emmons: Thank you.

Request for Commissioners to pass a Resolution re “No Charge for Recording” Certain Documents for County
Offices & Departments

Roger Emmons: I think recently you’ve heard us talking about recording fees and County Recorder, Pat Brooks, has agreed
that she will start recording documents on behalf of the County at no-charge, which has been the norm for pretty well of the
Recorders that I can recall. She has asked the Commissioners to pass a resolution that would cover this basically listing the
types of documents that office would record at no-charge and I have a list from Sherri and I can also provide Doug a list of
the ones that we normally record as part of the road and bridge projects.

Don Williams: Do you have a resolution prepared?

Roger Emmons: No, that’s not prepared. I didn’t have enough time to do that. I can have that for your next meeting.

Don Williams: Okay. That would be good.

Roger Emmons: I may need some guidance from our attorney on that to make sure it’s acceptable to the Recorder.

Doug Welp: Why don’t you draft it and I’ll take a look at it? It would need to be done pursuant to home rule. We can’t
over ride what State Law says, but what the Recorder has been told by the State Board of Accounts is that she should
be charging for certain documents even if they are submitted by the County or by the Area Plan Commission. And the
State Law is not entirely clear on it, which leaves the Commissioners some room to say under the provisions of Home
Rule Act; the Recorder is not required to charge fees on certain documents. Then, if the Recorder is…if this is
discussed with the Recorder by the State Board of Accounts, then she can point to this resolution.

Phil Baxter: So, if we pass this resolution we may not go to jail, is that what you’re saying?

Don Williams: It’s not that stiff.

Nova Conner: Why? They said the jail is very nice and clean.

Don Williams: I think you just need a consensus. I think you ought to go ahead and draft the resolution for our next
        -6-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              March 19, 2008

Phil Baxter: I agree.

       Jail Lift Station Engineering Services

Roger Emmons: Thank you. I have some additional items and I don’t know if Doug’s had a chance to review some of
these. One was the agreement with M.D. Wessler and Associates for engineering services for the jail lift station
upgrade project.

Doug Welp: I have not.

Roger Emmons: Okay. I’ll continue that until next week perhaps. Will that give you time?

Doug Welp: I think it should. I won’t be in a lot between now and then, but we can put it on for next week.

Don Williams: It could be the first week in April just as easy.

Roger Emmons: Okay.

Don Williams: I don’t know if there is any urgency there, is there? Why don’t we just do that, that way Doug won’t be
rushed? We’ll make it the April 9th meeting. Is that all right with you, Commissioner Conner?

Nova Conner: Yes.

Don Williams: Commissioner Baxter?

Phil Baxter: Yes, fine.

Roger Emmons: Thank you.

Jail Roof Replacement Project

Roger Emmons: Regarding the jail roof replacement project, at the last meeting you directed me to get you a list of
professional engineers and I just had a chance today to put that in your mailboxes, so if you want to take time to review

Don Williams: We do.

Roger Emmons: There’s a lot.

Don Williams: I got the list. I think you’ve got nineteen (19) of them. I crossed one of them off because they are no
longer among the living. The business may still be going, but the engineer himself is not.

Park’s Department Fuel

Roger Emmons: We had a request from Mr. Keith McDaniel at Scales Lake Park would like the board’s permission for
them to get gas at the Highway Department and then Sam would invoice them monthly and they could reimburse the
Highway Department.

Don Williams: Do the Park’s Department pay its bills?

Roger Emmons: I don’t know about that.

Jerry Lewis: We won’t go back on our word Don.

Don Williams: I don’t have a problem with that as long as…they are wanting to get their fuel at the same price as the
County, I assume?

Roger Emmons: Right.

Don Williams: We need to make sure that those people that are using that service are paying their tab and we need to
check. Because last time, I think there were some that were…okay.

Roger Emmons: I will make sure that Sam gets it out.

Don Williams: Okay. Thanks.

County Assessor

Roger Emmons: County Assessor Wilder has a couple of things, but one thing that I just got from her had to do with a
proposed agreement for personal property and inheritance tax. It was a software license agreement and Mrs. Wilder
says this should pay for itself in about three (3) years over the savings over the company she is currently using.

Don Williams: When you’re talking about those savings you’re talking about actual costs per year?

Angela Wilder: Right.

Don Williams: There is a difference between the costs?

Angela Wilder: Cost per year and then the initial cost and the savings as far as maintenance fees. Right now, our
current program ties our hands by only allowing it to be on one (1) computer, and then every additional computer is a like
a thousand dollars ($1,000.00). This new system would allow it to be on everybody’s computer at no-charge. It is exactly
the same charge for the initial set up as the initial program and then the yearly maintenance fees are thousands of
dollars cheaper.
        -7-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                                  March 19, 2008

Doug Welp: Is this the prop man and tax man?

Angela Wilder: Yes, it is.

Doug Welp: Okay. And, this is the one that we have the contract until the end of this year?

Angela Wilder: Yes, basically. I mean it’s a program that we really only use a couple of months out of the year and its
done in the spring. I already paid basically all of the up front costs because they actually bill us in November. We don’t
actually use it until April or May. So, technically I’ve already paid it for this year. There’s no additional due really.

Doug Welp: On the existing software?

Angela Wilder: Right, on the existing software and the contract. So, therefore I don’t really see if we terminated in May or
you know give them the thirty (30) days notice, I think it goes through the end of the year no matter what. It’s already
paid. It’s already done. The only issue is they do have a new update that they’re wanting to charge me fifteen hundred
dollars ($1,500.00) for before they’ll give it to me or install it on the system. I have declined the update at this point
because I don’t want to pay them the additional fifteen hundred ($1,500.00) if we’re switching anyway, which they said I
could do. They were like, “Okay, that’s fine then we just won’t give it to you.” And I said, “Okay.”

Doug Welp: I’ve not had a chance to take a look at that.

Angela Wilder: Okay.

Doug Welp: At that contract. It is a software licensing contract. It will be software that is installed onto PC’s in the
Assessor’s office. It is not, in other words, it’s not a web-based program.

Angela Wilder: No.

Doug Welp: It is one where the software resides on the computer so we do need to take a look at that.

Angela Wilder: Okay.

Doug Welp: I have not had a chance to do that.

Angela Wilder: It would also interact with the current software system that we use as a County. It’s a Manatron system.
Right now the current software that we have does not interwork. It’s like its total separate entity so that would be another
reason that it would be useful that it would interchange with what we currently have as a mass system with the mass
company that the Auditor, Treasurer and the Assessor all use. So, down the road, with all these new changes it would all
integrate whereas now we don’t integrate at all.

Doug Welp: What I would say is we can get the contract…

Don Williams: April 9th?

Doug Welp: I would think so by April 9th and we may need to from that point circulate it, you know have Erik Frazier take
a look at it, whoever else might be interacting with this software.

Roger Emmons: We just faxed it to Doug on Monday so he hasn’t had any time to look at it. If we’re done with that and
if the board doesn’t mind while Mrs. Wilder is still here, I’m jumping ahead to an item under Attorney Welps’ business.
It’s an opinion regarding the Assessor’s new website.

Don Williams: Sure.

Roger Emmons: Doug has sent us an email regarding definitions of public records and you know I think that there’s also
a cost involved if someone wishes their information to be deleted from this software.

Don Williams: Public information is all public record the way I understand it. Am I correct Counselor?

Doug Welp: Here’s my analysis of this is that right it is all public information. It is information which is available in
written form at the Assessor’s website. If someone were to make a public records request and state that they wanted
the information in an electronic form, then if we are able to provide that, we are required to provide it electronically. With
the public records statute the general rule it everything is public and then there are numerous, numerous exceptions. I
haven’t seen at this point an exception which would apply. So, my opinion, without having more information, is that this
information is public record and that it should stay on the website. There is the cost factor even if one of the individuals
that wanted their information redacted because they were able to provide sufficient information to say that it should be
the Commissioners should take a look at it as well because it is not a daily charge…

Angela Wilder: Right. It would be a one (1) time fee, but then it would come into okay who are we going to exclude and
then it would that one (1) time fee for these six (6) people and then if down the road there were six (6) more people, then
there would be another fee and I just wanted some guidance on if we’re going to allow exceptions or some blocking, you
know what are the guidelines for that? Who gets to be blocked and who doesn’t? And then also my concern is I’m
aware of four (4) other public sites where this same information exists already.

Don Williams: I personally see, as one (1) Commissioner, see no reason to do it unless there is some kind of mandate
that we have to.

Angela Wilder: And I just didn’t know how I should you know respond formally to the judge. I just kind of wanted your
guidance or input on how I should formally handle that.

Don Williams: You might state the other sources that are matters of public record and say that they are here and if
someone was to request it you’d have to give it to them anyway.

Angela Wilder: Right.
        -8-         Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                               March 19, 2008

Don Williams: I mean he’s a reasonable man.

Angela Wilder: Right.

Nova Conner: Where you wanting something more from us?

Angela Wilder: No. Not really. I just wanted to see as a County, seeing as though I mean the issue is coming as a
result of my website, but there are other County sites that I have nothing to do with that are providing…

Don Williams: Well, if you want board action we can make a motion. I don’t know how the other two (2) feel about it.
But, I stated my personal thoughts. What is the will of the board on this particular issue?

Nova Conner: I definitely agree it should be on there…on the website as public record.

Don Williams: So, I make a motion then that all matters of public record left as they are for the time being anyway.

Nova Conner: And I’ll second.

Don Williams: Motion and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries.

Angela Wilder: Thank you very much.

On-site Health Care Clinic Feasibility Study

Roger Emmons: Just two (2) more items. Regarding the feasibility study for the on-site health care clinic, I sent down
the confidentiality agreement for Attorney Welp to review and he replied and I forwarded that on to the board. And it
looked to me like it might take him a significant amount of paperwork to develop a confidentiality agreement that would
truly protect the County. I did get an email from Commissioner Baxter, and I believe if I was reading it correctly, you’re
saying that you do not want Doug to spend the time on doing that?

Phil Baxter: Yes.

Roger Emmons: So, you know this gentleman who made the initial presentation you know if he is an employee or
affiliated with Novia Care clinics then that’s one thing; but if he’s not then this confidentiality agreement Doug pointed out
that just the very simple paragraph that we had proposed did not provide the County any protection.

Doug Welp: There’s actually a couple different issues there. One on a confidentiality agreement we have them on our
system, but it would generally go about three (3) pages and would cover several different circumstances. The other
issue is whether this person would be reviewing PHI (protected health information) and if he/she would be then you
would also need what’s called a HIPPA Business Associates Agreement. Those are kind of stock agreements as well,
but they are much lengthier. You may well need two (2). I don’t know what this person is going to be reviewing.

Nova Conner: Well, I don’t think would really be needed. I mean we’re just looking at you know his presentation. I don’t
think any of that would happen unless we ultimately do you know the on-site clinic.

Roger Emmons: Right. And I know that Commissioner Conner is wanting a joint meeting with the Commissioners and
the Council to hear a presentation.

Nova Conner: Right.

Roger Emmons: And I assume the presentation would be by Novia Care.

Nova Conner: Um-mm.

Roger Emmons: Perhaps Mr. Lanny Green, who I think is Vice President of that company…

Nova Conner: I’m sure he will be there.

Roger Emmons: And if Mr. Wilson chooses to attend then that would be his prerogative. I’m sure it would have to be a
public meeting if both bodies were going to meet together.

Don Williams: I don’t see that as a problem at all.

Roger Emmons: So, Mr. President are you in agreement with Commissioner Baxter then as far as not having Doug…?

Don Williams: I think Commissioner Conner is.

Nova Conner: Yes. I did email you my thoughts on the issue.

Don Williams: It sounds like. So, that means my thoughts on the issue really don’t…

Roger Emmons: I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that. Thank you.

Don Williams: Do you need a motion or anything to use that one (1) paragraph agreement? Not knowing the information
that he’s wanting exactly I really don’t know what to do.

Roger Emmons: Doug says there is no motion needed.
        -9-       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                               March 19, 2008

Don Williams: Okay.

PayGov Contract

Roger Emmons: The last item I have has to do with the contract for PayGov and the board agreed to allow Attorney
Welp to review this contract that Treasurer Christmas presented to the board. I think it had to do with people that
wanted to pay their property taxes with debit or credit cards.

Don Williams: Right.

Charles Christmas: Charlie Christmas, County Treasurer. A follow up with what Roger was talking about, I have since
been contacted by the Sheriff and the Clerk’s office and they are also interested in the possibility of talking to this
company. I think we said something last month about having the company come down to the Commissioners’ meeting
and meet with you here in a public meeting and maybe explain their side. But, I didn’t want to do anything until Doug
had a chance to look at this contract and they’ve called and asked when the meeting is and I said, “I’ll let you know
whenever the attorney gets through with the contract.” They want to come down and discuss their point and would
probably like to invite the Sheriff and the Clerk over too for that because it might be more than just my office here.

Doug Welp: Yeah, you can go a couple of different ways there. I don’t want to get the drafting ahead of what the
agreement is. I mean you may want to go ahead and have your meeting and then figure out what services does this
company intend to provide and to whom.

Charles Christmas: Right.

Doug Welp: And then that company can submit a contract which puts in writing what people believe the agreement to

Charles Christmas: They said that is their contract; that one (1) page deal that they gave. So, that’s what they wanted
you to look at and see what you wanted to add to it, if anything.

Doug Welp: Well, that contract doesn’t cover all of these different entities does it?

Charles Christmas: Right. It did not at that time because at that time we hadn’t even thought about…Marvin contacted
me after the last Commissioner’s meeting and said something to me and then since then, Shannon Weisheit, the Clerk,
commented to me that they might be useful in their office also because they deal in a lot of cash down there. They don’t
take personal checks.

Doug Welp: You know as an example this says, “The collection of real estate taxes.” It says, “or other obligations.”

Charles Christmas: I understand what you’re saying.

Doug Welp: What are they talking about?

Charles Christmas: I understand that. So, if you want to you can set up a date that you’d like them to come to one of
the Commissioners’ meetings.

Don Williams: It doesn’t have to be a Commissioner’s meeting necessarily if you want to sit down and hash out things. I
mean you can have one (1) Commissioner representing this board and the Sheriff can be there, Shannon can be there
and you can be there. I think that’s fine with me. Tim, if you want to come we can invite you.

Charles Christmas: Yeah you can sit there and take notes for everybody. That’s fine. He’d be glad to come down and
meet with the group to discuss it.

Don Williams: I don’t want to spend twenty (20) minutes meeting time.

Charles Christmas: I understand what you’re saying too.

Don Williams: If he can come and present it in five (5) minutes, I don’t have problem with that.

Roger Emmons: So, it might be best to have the preliminary meeting like Don suggested.

Charles Christmas: You know I suggested it last time.

Don Williams: That way all of the questions to be answered would be known and possibly even answered ahead of

Charles Christmas: Maybe we can get him next week down here and someone in the Commissioners can be available.
Are you on Spring Break next week?

Phil Baxter: Road school.

Don Williams: We’ll be at Road school next week.

Charles Christmas: Let me know when you’re back and I want to set it for the first day you’re back.

Don Williams: Nova can represent us.

Nova Conner: Yes, I can.

Charles Christmas: Let me know what day you are available.

Don Williams: Roger, he can represent us.
       - 10 -       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                               March 19, 2008

Roger Emmons: Certainly.

Don Williams: And pass the information around.

Charles Christmas: Thank you.

Roger Emmons: Mr. President, that’s all the business I have. Thank you.


Don Williams: Anything from the Auditor’s office today?

Sherry Ashby: No.

Roger Emmons: How is the Auditor?

Sherry Ashby: Sherry Ashby, Second Deputy Auditor. He has had the defibulator put in. He was there at the hospital
all night last night. We haven’t heard for certain, but he’s supposed to be home today. He will probably be back in the
office Monday. Thank you for asking. I don’t have any claims to present to the board tonight. The Boonville Standard
failed to advertise our claims. We have a note from them stating that, but the State Board of Accounts has advised us
that we’ll have to present them next week; I think it is, because it has to be presented to the board a week before it’s
advertised and a different date will be set so we will take care of that a different time.

Roger Emmons: These are expense claims; not payroll.

Don Williams: We have a copy don’t we?

Sherry Ashby: I think our payroll is advertised at the first of year isn’t it?

Don Williams: We have a copy.

Sherry Ashby: Right, but they won’t be presented for your approval at this time. Thank you.


Don Williams: Mr. Attorney, do you have any other business besides the Assessor’s website?

Doug Welp: Yes, one other matter. I was not here last week, but following up Sigeco had a request for waiver of this
notice of change on what’s called the “remarketing agent” on these bonds. There’s an additional change now. The initial
change was from Goldman Sacks to Wachovia; there’s now an additional change from Wachovia to Edward D. Jones.
And it’s the same situation; what’s happened is these bonds that were issued I believe it was in three (3) different series,
or at least two (2) the 1993 Series and the 2007 Series. These go through an auction process and then if the bonds are
not purchased in the auction process then Sigeco is required to buy them back and with the buy back price is about a
14% interest. So, they are going through several different changes. Sigeco will eventually buy these back at less than
14%, going to re-change their remarketing agent and try to market the bonds that way. So, as we are all aware there are
funny things going on in the financial market and this is just part of that. So, what I would recommend is that on both the
1993 and the 2007 Series, that the board make a motion to authorize the Auditor to sign this Notice of Change of
Remarketing Agent. Sigeco has the right to change the remarketing agent, it’s just that it’s a thirty (30) day notice period
and they want to shorten that period. All of the other people involved in this financing transaction have signed off on the
notice and the new remarketing agent, which is Edward D. Jones, has accepted the appointment already so that the only
thing that is left is for the County to consent to reducing the thirty (30) day notice period. The County has no liability on
these bonds anyway. The County is technically the issuer and Sigeco has to come to us for this type of change.

Nova Conner: So, we’re asking Doug the Auditor to approve the changing?

Doug Welp: You’re authorizing the Auditor to sign off on the Notice of Change of Remarketing Agent.

Nova Conner: Right. That is my motion.

Don Williams: Commissioner Conner made a motion to authorize the Auditor to sign the remarketing certificate.

Doug Welp: It’s really a notice reducing the period for the change of remarketing agent.

Don Williams: Do I have a second?

Phil Baxter: Second.

Sherry Ashby: Do you know does he have that agreement?

Doug Welp: It’s just a letter than a signature block.

Sherry Ashby: Okay. Does he have it?

Doug Welp: I know that he had the first one that was approved last week. This one should’ve been sent to him as well.
I don’t know if he has it or not.

Sherry Ashby: Maybe it’ll come in the mail. Okay.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.
       - 11 -       Warrick County Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes                              March 19, 2008

Roger Emmons: We took it over.

Don Williams: He’s got it. Roger said he took it over.

Sherry Ashby: Okay. Good deal.

Don Williams: Anything else Mr. Attorney?

Doug Welp: No. Thank you.


Don Williams: Mr. Engineer?

Bobby Howard: Yes. I have one item. As requested in regards to the old landfill property that we lease that now
belongs to Wilma Winge; I did get with Alan Ahrens and met with him. We established a legal description and I had an
appraiser appraise it. I received this back today. The legal description encompasses 17.785 acres, and it was at a
value of a thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per acre at a cost of seventeen thousand seven hundred and eighty five dollars
($17,785.00). If you would like to proceed, I would need approval to make an offer to the owner of the property and then
if accepted verbally, I would assume the attorney would draw up the paperwork for the transfer.

Don Williams: What is the will of the board?

Nova Conner: This is something that’s in his budget, right in terms of paying for it? Is that coming out of Alan’s?

Bobby Howard: I have not talked with him. He had mentioned that he had some money available for this.

Nova Conner: Right. Well, that’s what I was thinking you know in his budget that he has money to pay for that.

Bobby Howard: This is property that we have to maintain.

Phil Baxter: I’d move we offer Mrs. Winge eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000.00) for the property.

Nova Conner: Second.

Don Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Phil Baxter: Aye.

Nova Conner: Aye.

Don Williams: Motion carries.

Bobby Howard: I’ll contact her and if approved I’ll get with Doug to draw up the paperwork.


Don Williams: Sheriff, do you have any business? You look awfully comfortable.

Marvin Heilman: No.


Commissioner Williams: Commissioner Conner, do you have any business?

Commissioner Conner: No.

Commissioner Williams: Commissioner Baxter, do you have any business?

Commissioner Baxter: No sir.

Commissioner Williams: I will entertain a motion.

Commissioner Baxter: I move to adjourn.

Commissioner Conner: Second.

Commissioner Williams: Motion made and second. All in favor say aye.

Commissioner Baxter: Aye.

Commissioner Conner: Aye.

Commissioner Williams: Aye. We are adjourned.
                                                                            WARRICK COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                                                                            DON WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT
____________________________________________                                PHILLIP H. BAXTER, VICE PRESIDENT
WARRICK COUNTY, IN                                                          ______________________________________
                                                                            NOVA CONNER, MEMBER