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Atlanta Georgia Car Accident and Other Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Have you or a loved one been hurt in an auto accident?

Was the accident a result of another person or party's responsibility?

If you or someone in your family has been hurt in a truck accident, auto wreck, car accident or other
vehicle related accident, the CLEMMONS LAW FIRM in Atlanta can help. Our experience with the
investigation, evaluation, and proof of damages in auto accidents of all kinds can give you an advantage
in the settlement or trial of your motor vehicle accident case.

For a free consultation with attorney Tesha Clemmons, contact us online or call (678) 954-5736.


Atlanta Georgia personal injury lawyer Tesha Clemmons has worked on liability, damages, and
insurance issues related to auto accidents throughout his entire legal career. The CLEMMONS LAW
FIRM can help clients from anywhere in Georgia involved in the following:

      Car wrecks

      Motorcycle wrecks

      Bicycle or pedestrian accidents

      Drunk driving accidents

      Semi truck wrecks

      Commercial vehicle wrecks

      Hit and run accidents

We also represent the surviving families of fatal car accident victims, helping them file wrongful death

Our firm's experience with both the legal and practical considerations of Georgia law governing car
insurance coverage can also help you resolve problems concerning uninsured or underinsured motorist
(UM/UIM) claims in cases where your damages are greater than the other driver's policy limits. We can
also help you in situations where your own insurer has engaged in bad faith practices and delayed
settlement of your claims.

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