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									                           Tea Party Watch
WINTER 2011	                                            THE FREEDOM INSTITUTE	                                                                    ISSUE ONE

                                                                                                                              The facts don’t lie.
                                                                                                                              Gallup polls prove
                                                                                                                              the Tea Party
                                                                                                                              Nation is alive and

  Tea Party groups get active in an off Year!
                                                              We l c o m e t o t h e N e w                      groups face stiff opposition from
     Now that the elections                            Republican Party: Scott Baugh,                           progressives within their party but also
     are over, 2011 looks to                           Chairman of the Orange County                            from those within the party that are
                                                       C a l i f o r n i a Re p u b l i c a n C e n t r a l     content with “business as usual”. Some of
     be the year Tea Party                             Committee says “We must become a                         the ways to overcome this opposition is
        groups flex their                               party of principle and not be the
                                                       party of popularity. This is the only
      muscle and remove                                way to gain credibility and respect
                                                                                                               “We want to be be able
                                                       with Conservative Americans”. Scott
     progressives from the                             goes on to say “We want to be able to
              GOP                                      be judged by the content of our                           to be judged on the
                                                       character and right now we cannot
        Not content to stand still, America’s          do that and that is why we either                      content of our character
    Tea Party movement is using the lull in            choose to not fully disclose our
                        the political process          politicians positions, or we outright                   and right now we can’t
                        to take aim and                try to deceive the public. The public
                        clean house in the             will not stand for this anymore!”                        do that.” Scott Baugh
                        Republican Party.
                                                            The Status Quo must Go!
                       The Objective:                  Efforts are being made by many Tea
                       Remove               the        Party groups to no longer rubber
                       p ro g r e s s i v e a n d      stamp primary election winners when                      sure to generate angst and fireworks
                       liberal factions from           they do not support a party’s platform                   within the Republican Party but with
                       t h e Re p u b l i c a n        and that is why many groups are forcing                  anything that is ever worth the effort it
    Party and from recent Gallup polls the             their County Central Committees to                       never seems to be a painless process.
    Tea Party seems to have the support of             adopt a county platform that helps to
                                                       better define their party. The Tea Party                       The RNP Republican National
    most Americans and Republicans.
                                                                                                                Party has made great strides in the

                            Clare Lopez speaks about                                The Keys to Freedom in Ohio
       I N   T H I S
                            the Muslim Brotherhood                                  Supporting the People’s Constitution Coalition
         I S S U E
                            in North Olmsted.                                       and the for Right to Work in our government.
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     acceptance of the Tea Party. Most
political pundits agree that for the
Republican Party to not embrace the Tea
Party is political suicide. The RNP is in
the process of integrating most if not all
of the Tea Party’s suggestions. A great
example of this was the cooperation
between the tea party group
Freedomworks and the RNP in picking
Reince Priebus as the RNP’s Chairman.

Getting the GOP Active!
Many Tea Party supporters agree that the
GOP can no longer rest on their laurels
and a huge effort must be made to
combat the falsehoods and propaganda
that are drilled into the youth of
America. “Education is our long term
g o a l     for winning and we need to
                    plant seeds now if we
                       are to have a
                        b o u n t i f u l
                        harvest.” says Jon
                       Morrow of the
                     Freedom Institute
                 that is based in
Sandusky, Ohio. “In the short term we
have to recognize the impediments to
victor y and overcome them and
sometimes this involves trying to educate
those who refuse to be educated”

Who are the pawns in this game?

Some of the pawns in the game may well
be your next door neighbor that is being
led to believe they are doing something
patriotic by opposing the so-called
“extremes” of the Tea Party movement.
It is easy to see why so many people are
fooled as progressives merely have to
point to the drive by             media
for confirmation of
their position
and it is an
uphill battle
f o r Te a
Partier’s to challenge the common
wisdom of the GOP’s local leadership.
Tea Partier’s and Conservative’s need to
make a convincing arguments for Central
Committeemen to question that what
they have for so long never questioned.
Many Tea Partier’s need merely point out
                                             About 7 in 10 national adults, including 88% of Republicans, say it is
those GOP organizations that were un-
                                             important that Republican leaders in Congress take the Tea Party
successful in this last election and have
                                             movement's positions and objectives into account as they address the
had a history of being un-successful and
                                             nation's problems. Among Republicans, 53% rate this "very important."
others need to make the case for a change
                                             The percentage of Americans labeling themselves as supporters of the Tea
in strategy to be even more successful
                                             Party movement has also held steady at about 30%. Currently, slightly more
than what they already are.
                                             Americans call themselves supporters of the movement than opponents,
                                             30% vs. 25%.
Bargaining                                             The Muslim Brotherhood
Unions fight proposal.
Ohio State Senator Shannon Jones
                                                         and Egypt’s Liberty
introduced a bill Wednesday to end
collective bargaining for state employees
and to make other important changes to
Ohio’s outdated collective bargaining law. 

     Eight hundred union members in
yellow t-shirts came to the Statehouse to
protest the bill. We must respond and
s h ow o u r s u p p o r t fo r c o l l e c t i ve
bargaining reform, which is crucial to
turning Ohio around and getting us back
on track to prosperity.  It is also one of
AFP-Ohio’s top priorities for this year.

      There are two hearings on the bill
(Senate Bill 5) this week and Americans
for Prosperity, the Ohio Liberty Council,
Tea Parties, 9/12 Groups and other
liberty organizations across Ohio are all
working together to make sure we pack
the Statehouse with activists supporting
this key reform.                                     Clare Lopez is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on
                                                     Middle East, national defense, and counterterrorism issues.
This will be a difficult fight, and our
legislators will continue to hear from the                                                        Rights in Saudi Arabia, the Institute of
unions. They need to hear from us too.               Clare Lopez speaks at                        World Affairs, and the Intelligence
                                                     Christ the King Church                       Analysis and Research program at her
      If you can make it to the Statehouse
for only one of the hearings, please come              in North Olmsted,                          undergraduate alma mater, Notre Dame
                                                                                                  College of Ohio. She has been a Visiting
to the hearing on Thursday. We will meet              Ohio on Feb 18th at                         Researcher and guest lecturer on
Thursday before the hearing at 9am on                         7pm                                 counterterrorism, national defense, and
the West Statehouse Lawn, and will hear
                                                                                                  international relations at Georgetown
from Buckeye Institute President Matt                      Clare M. Lopez is a strategic policy
                                                                                                  University. Ms. Lopez is a regular
Mayer, Cincinnati Tea Party President                and intelligence expert with a focus on
                                                                                                  contributor to print and broadcast media
Mike Wilson, Ray Warrick from the                    Middle East, national defense, and
                                                                                                  on subjects related to Iran and the
Warren County Tea Party, and myself,                 counterterrorism issues. Currently a
                                                                                                  Middle East and the co-author of two
Rebecca Heimlich. Senator Jones will                 senior fellow at the Center for Security
                                                                                                  published books on Iran. She is the
likely join us as well.                              Policy and vice president of the
                                                                                                  author of an acclaimed paper for the
                                                     Intelligence Summit, she formerly was a
     Please wear a red shirt to the                                                               Center, The Rise of the Iran Lobby
                                                     career operations officer with the Central
hearing, so we will be identifiable.  Here            Intelligence Agency, a professor at the           Donations will be requested to
are the hearing times:                               Centre for Counterintelligence and           defray the cost of building rental and
                                                     Security Studies, Executive Director of      travel cost.
     Hearing 1
                                                     the Iran Policy Committee from
Proponent Testimony
                                                     2005-2006, and has served as a                   The address for the church is:
2:30 pm – Tuesday, February 15
                                                     consultant, intelligence analyst, and
South Hearing Room
                                                     researcher for a variety of defense firms.    Christ the King Church
     Hearing 2 (meet at 9:00am on the
                                                          Ms. Lopez is deputy director of the     (440) 777-3333
West Statehouse Lawn)
                                                     U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team for
Proponent and Opponent Testimony
                                                     the Military Department of the South
                                                                                                  30635 Lorain Rd,
10:00 am – Thursday, February 17                                                                  North Olmsted, OH
                                                     Carolina National Guard and serves as a
South Hearing Room
                                                     member of the Board of Advisors for the                 44070
                                                     Center for Democracy and Human
                                                                                                     PCCOH Training
The People’s Constitution                                                                               Events
Coalition of Ohio                                                                                    Sunday, February 20th, 2011.
                                                                                                     At the Allen County Sanitary
What is this group that                            let no man or society unduly restrain             Engineers Training Room in
                                                   another from exercising their freedom or          Lima, Ohio PCCOH will be
  is suddenly making                               pursuits for happiness and prosperity!            conducting a boot camp
 massive inroads with                                                                                (training) for its new and
                                                        The PCCOH believes as Americans,
the Patriot movement?                              we are united in spirit and protect our           seasoned volunteers, including
    The mission of the PEOPLES                     society, and as a society, we protect each        speaker Coach Dave
CONSTITUTION COALITION of                          man‘s individuality and Right of Self-            Daubenmire.
OHIO is plain and simple - to restore              Determination.
and maintain our American federalist
                                                        The American people are quickly              Sunday, February 27th, 2011.
system of gover nment and hold                                                                       At the Holiday Inn in
                                                   reaching the limits of their endurance for
government in compliance with and
accountable to our state and federal
                                                   governmental encroachment upon their              Sharonville, Ohio (Cincinnati
                                                   rights and liberties. They are seeking an         Area) PCCOH will be
                                                   end to the barrage of federal legislation
                                                                                                     conducting a boot camp
                                                   and mandates currently being forced
     What exactly does this mean in
                                                   upon them that will effectively place them
                                                                                                     (training) for its new and
laymen's terms? While the author of this
                                                   and their posterity into perpetual                seasoned volunteers.
column cannot do their movement justice
in this small column I will try to wrap it         financial servitude and surrender the
up for you in a nutshell.                          sovereignty of our country to foreign             Saturday, March 12th, 2010.
                                                   powers.                                           At the Holiday Inn Airport (on
     They want Ohioans to be able to                                                                 West 150th Street) Cleveland,
secure and exercise their sovereign status              No one has proposed or initiated a
over the state so the state could reject           viable solution to these problems … until         Ohio The National Center for
Federal Mandates such as Obamacare.                now.                                              Constitutional Studies Presents
                                                                                                     their full-day seminar.
                                                        What the PCCOH is trying to do is
      O u r g ov e r n m e n t s w o u l d b e
                                                   trying to put a plan into action and
                                                                                                     Stay tuned for more upcoming
restricted to function within a strict
                                                   restore the fundamental principles of             Events!
interpretation of the Ohio and federal
Constitutions and failure for politicians to       good government and they are proposing
do so would allow them to end up in the            to do this by an Amendment.
pokey if we the people so choose and to

                                                             Support the PCCOH
                                                        There are several ways to support the PCCOH Add your name to the
                                                   growing thousands that have already signed the petition to put the measure on the Ohio

                                                        Go to Boot Camp This is a very complex issue and the average Joe does not
                                                   comprehend all that this proposed amendment will accomplish and so by educating
                                                   yourself you can inform your friends and family of all the issue to help spread the word by
                                                   word of mouth

                                                        Become a Sovereignty Station If you own a business that deals with the public
                                                   you can become a station where the PCCOH can direct people to sign the petition.

                                                       Make a donation As with all grassroots movements the PCCOH is always in need
                                                   of money to better be able to further it’s cause so feel free to donate generously.
With your help in supporting the PCCOH we
can realize a better Ohio and a stronger America
for ourselves and our children.                        contact Ken Kay at kenids1225@aol.com

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