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Protea Stage Productions


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									               Past Productions                                       Protea Stage Productions
1972   The Bells of Bruges

1973   The Wizard of Oz
1974   Listen to the Wind
1975   A Christmas Carol         I'll Get My Man
1976   Topsy Turvey Castle       Joseph and the Amazing
                                 Technicolour Dreamcoat
1977   The Love Birds            The Big Band Show
1978   Animal Capers             The Wizard of Oz

1979   West Side Story           Captain and his Floating Zoo
1980   The Best of Protea        Listen to the Wind
1981   Peter Pan                 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1982   Alice in Wonderland       Babes in Arms
       Carols Come to Life
1883   Protea Playtime '83       A Christmas Carol

1984   Half a Sixpence           The Wizard of Oz
1985   Seven Brides for Seven    Mini Pops
1986   CanCan                    Tales of Beatrix Potter
1987   Bugsy Malone              Prism
1988   The Adventures of         Finians Rainbow
       Tom Sawyer
1989   The Jungle Book           Bye Bye Blue Jeans                     Book                Music                 Lyrics
1990   Brigadoon                 Pinocchio                         Arthur Laurents     Leonard Bernstein    Stephen Sondheim
1991   Dracula Spectacula        Mary Poppins
1992   Rockafella                Water Babies
1993   Annie Get Your Gun        Peter Pan                                   Benoni Small Town Hall
1994   A Funny Thing Happened    Three and a Half Musketeers
       On the way to the Forum                                                     May, 2002
1995   West Side Story
1996   Joseph and the Amazing
       Tehnicolor Dreamcoat                                                 Directed by Claire Wilson
1997   Leader of the Pack        Robin Hood
1998   Pinocchio                 Sweeney Todd
1999   Cindy Ella
2000   Mary Poppins                                                      Musical Direction by Gerry van Zyl
2001   Godspell                                                           Choreography by Marike Grové

                                                                                     By Arrangement with Dalro
      IC Nissan                  IC Nissan
     Bengate City,              Bengate City,
New Modder Road, Benoni.   New Modder Road, Benoni.
     Tel: 845-1640              Tel: 845-1640
                                  Message from the Chairman
                          To celebrate our 30 years as an amateur theatre society, we decided to do the ever popular West
                          Side Story.

                          We are a non-profit society with our main aim to introduce the “youth” of the East Rand to the
                          theatre. Our shows are totally open, restricted only by age. We have been fortunate to attract a
                          multi-racial cast for our last few shows. We classify our shows as “Junior”, with a cast mainly
                          between the ages of 7 years to mid-teens, and “ Senior”, with a cast mainly between mid-teens and
                          mid-twenties. West Side Story is a senior production. We are especially pleased to have an “old”
                          Protea actress as our “young” director. Our committee and production team are mainly in their
                          mid-twenties or younger with only a few “oldies” providing continuity.

                          We started life in Benoni during the sixties as a choral society and progressed into a youth
                          theatrical group with “The Bells of Bruges” in 1972. By 1975 Protea was producing two “senior”
                          shows a year. During 1979 the “junior” section was formed with their first show “Captain and His
                          Floating Zoo”. We continue with this successful format to this day with our repertoire showing the
                          distinction between the two groups with Can-Can and West Side Story on the one hand and Mary
                          Poppins and Peter Pan on the other.

                          We are also pleased that many of our players have gone on to make it professionally or semi-
                          professionally both locally and overseas.

                          So sit back and enjoy our show. You might be able to say one day. “I saw so-and-so in West Side
                          Story when he/she was a young amateur.”

                          Bob Stone

                                           Contact Darryl Voysey - (011) 786-6151 or (011) 708-2227
                                                               cell: 082 568 6273
                                               or visit our web site

                                                         Tudor Studios
                                              Karioke, Sound Recordings and Hire
                                                    849-0463, 083-568-8538
Hydes Man Shop - Benoni
                                                                              A powerful heartbeat and strong muscles: the Audi A3

There are beautiful cars, there are safe cars, there are sporty cars, there
are high quality cars. And there is a car which combines all of them at the
same time and re-defines them: the newAudiA4

                 Audi Benoni                                                                             Audi Benoni
                       1 Main Reef Road,                                                                     1 Main Reef Road,
                      Cnr Ampthill Avenue,                                                                  Cnr Ampthill Avenue,
                            Benoni.                                                                               Benoni.
                       Telehone: 748-3000                                                                    Telehone: 748-3000
                         Fax: 421-3632                                                                         Fax: 421-3632
                                                                              Michael Baker
                                                                              Audi Sales Manager
   Michael Baker                           Peter Lewis                             748-3018                   Peter Lewis
    Audi Sales Manager                       Audi Specialist                     082 579 3209                   Audi Specialist
         748-3018                               748-3013                                  748-3013
       082 579 3209                           082 718 8746                                                       082 718 8746
                              Credits                                                          Message from the Director
Set Design            Bob Stone, Gerry Lane                                        The 19th January 2002 - a day that will stick in my mind for ever! After two sets of auditions we
Set Construction      Bob Stone, Gerry Lane, Barry Neuwerth, Des Price             had one of the largest casts I have ever worked with in my 13 years with Protea. - 70 people.
Backdrop              Des Price                                                    NIGHTMARE! How was I going to fit them on stage?Although we lost some of our cast members
Painting              Des Price, Bob Stone, Lea-Anne Neuwerth, Tamaryn Price,      to other commitments, we still have 55 stars. They all have their shining moments and their
                      Barbara Charlton, Claire Wilson, Andy Kemp, Graham Beneke    commitment and hard work has paid off. Thank you to them all (as well as their Moms and Dads).
Scaffolding           Form-Scaff, Graham Beneke, Barry Neuwerth,                   Thank you to the production team and to Gerry and Marike for all their support.
                      Justin Leach, David Santiero
Front of House        Bob Stone, Gerry Lane                                        Finally sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Lighting Design       Graham Beneke
Lighting Equipment    Ken McDonald, Benoni High School
Sound Equipment       Cash Crusaders, Tudor Studios, All Souls Church,
                      Robin Clare-Talbot
Shop Dummies          Hydes Man Shop
Rehearsal Venue       Arbor Primary School

                                                                                               ALTERNATIVE ROUTE
Public Relations      Lea-Anne Neuwerth
Tickets, Posters      Barry Neuwerth
Ticket Sales          Jane Stone
Programme             Barry Neuwerth
Show Secretary        Jane Stone
Gala Evening          Liz Neuwerth, Alta Goodchild                                SPECIALIZING IN:              REFLEXOLOGY
                                                                                                                MASSAGE THERAPY
Stage Manager         Bob Stone                                                                                 SHIATSU
Makeup                Lea-Anne Neuwerth, Tamaryn Price, Claire Wilson,                                          IRIDOLOGY
                      Marike Grové, Sharks & Jets Girls
Lighting Operator     Barry Neuwerth                                              You might now ask. What is alternative therapy? What can it do for you?
Follow Spots          Justin Leach, David Santiero
Sound Operator        Graham Beneke                                               Alterative therapy is complimentary to orthodox medicine. Reflexology, massage therapy and
Prompt                Claire Wilson                                               shiatsu are complementary therapies that aid the body to naturally heal itself and rid itself of
Cast Teas             Carolyn Havenga                                             imbalances in health eg.
Audience Teas         Louis Price
Beverages             Liz Neuwerth, Barry Neuwerth                                Sinusitis:     Relief points:    Tip of toes and orbit bones of the eyes.
Sweets                The Schimper Family, Anthea & Lynette Elinas
                                                                                  Back pain:     Relief points:    Heal of foot, top of ear and of course, back massage.

                Acknowledgements                                                  Digestive
                                                                                  Problems:      Relief points:    Digestive reflexes and colon massage.
    All Souls Church, Arbor Primary School Audi Benoni, Benoni High School,
        Cadbury, Cash Crusaders, Call Center Consulting, Hayden Ancient,          Each of us has some inborn weakness that can be helped, if not eliminated by alternate therapy.
          Design Promotions, Hydes Man Shop, Form Scaff, I.C.Nissan,
                   Reliance Appliance Repairs, Tudor Studios                      For treatment and relief of your health problems,

                                                                                                                                 CONTACT BRYAN: (011) 915-4475 / 083 271 2933
                                                                                                                                                  WE ALSO DO HOUSE CALLS
This page is sponsored by “Design Promotions”                                     Alternative therapy provides the body with optimal conditions under which it can heal itself
                 Tel. 421-6202                                                    and is a perfectly natural form of preventative therapy for the health-concious individual.

    Tony - An ex Jet        Maria - Bernardo’s Sister
      Craig Allen                Tamar Biggs
                                                          Standing          Jay Sewram, Leigh Fuhri, Andrew Kemp, Nicholas Baard, Juan Visser
                                                          Center Kneeling   Shaun Moodley, Craig Groenewald
                                                          Bottom Kneeling   Wesley Havenga, Andre Cronje

Riff - The Jet’s Leader   Bernardo - The Shark’s Leader
 Robin Clare-Talbot              Andrew Kemp
                                                           Back     Marietjie Eloff, Lynsay Stone, Anthea Gibson, Cherisse Barrageiro
                                                           Center   Claire Sacks, Kernesa Weddell, Hanlie Pretorius, Michelle Flowers
                                                           Front    Kirsten Taylor, Katrina Cope, Miriam Lamarre

                                                                                           Anita - Bernardo’s Girl              Action - A Jet
                                                                                               Kirsty Shelley                   Phillip Lewis
Standing John Schimper, Richard Arentsen, Robin Clare-Talbot, Peter Stone, Phillip Lewis
         Peter Ashworth, Mmuso Makhongoane, Hilton Neuwerth, Russel Moffett
Center Candace Hennessy
Kneeling James Hurter, Dale Goodwin, Donovan Arentsen, David Selkirk

                                                                                             Doc            Lt Schrank / Gladhand    Officer Krupke
                                                                                           Des Price             Brett Newby          Gerry Lane

  Top       Candice Ryan, Jacqui Cross, Kirsten Passmoor, Verna Young, Bridget van Zyl,
            Sheryl Hutcheson, Cherene Knop
  Center    Jeanne Vanderwagen, Stefanie Towers, Kelly Hennessy
  Sitting   Joanne Schimper, Robyn Begemann, Lynette, Beneke, Shelley Waller
                                                                                Syn                                                       Scen
                                                                                                                                               e1-              ACT
                       ACT                 W YO
                                                                      The action takes place on the West side of                         Scen       9:15
                                                                                                                                                          pm -       II
                                      - NE       T                                                                                            e2-
                                                                                                                                                   10:00       A BE
                               efore K STREE                          New York during the last days of summer.
                                                                                           e                                            Scen                       DRO
                      on ths B         R                                                                                                     e3-
                                                                                                                                                          pm -
                                                                                                                                                               A BA     OM
                                   YO                                                      ts
                                                                      The “American” Jet and the “Puerto
             The M A NEW                                                                                                               Scen
                                                                                                                                            e4-          pm -       CK A
      gue -            -                 RD
                                   K YA OP                                                 wo
                                                                      Rican” Sharks are tw rival New York                                        11:40        A BE       LLE
Prolo - 5:00 pm             BAC                                       teenage gangs. Tony, an ex Jet and Maria,
                                                                                                                                           e5-          pm -       DRO      Y
      e1                  A              SH                                                                                                                  DOC        OM
 Scen               pm -          IDAL                                                                                               Scen       11:50             S DR
        e2  - 5:30         A BR                                       sister of the Sharks l
                                                                                           leader, are star crossed                       e6-          pm -
                                                                                                                                                            CEL        UGS
  Scen               pm -              YM
                                HE G ALLEY                                                 n
                                                                      lovers in this modern “Romeo & Juliette”
                                                                                                                                               Midn              LAR       TOR
               6:00                                                                                                                                  ight -                    E
         e3-             m-T                        E       P                                                                                               A NE     OF D
   Scen            :00 p           ACK UGSTOR AL SHO                                                                                                             W YO     RUG
       ene  4 - 10      pm   -AB
                                       SD R        RID     OD                                                                                                         RK S     STO
    Sc           11:00              C’          EB       HO                                                                                                                TRE
          e5-               t - DO t day - TH HBOUR                                                                                                                           ET.
     Scen         Mi  dnigh      e ne x      NEI G                                                        Act I
               7-5   :30 p
                           m, th
                               :00 pm -
                                             E HI
                                                      AY                                    1 P
                                                                                           2 Je ologue
                                                                                          3 S t Song
             e            to 9             TH
                                                                                                                                                    Acty I
       Scen         6:00             DER                                                        o
              e8-               - UN                                                     4 T mething’
        Scen            00 pm                                                                   he D
                                                                                                     an s Com
                 9 - 9:                                                                 5 M
                                                                                                aria ce at the ming                                       tt     Balle
           cene                                                                                                                                     l Pre
         S                                                                             6 B
                                                                                              a                  Gym                      1   I Fee mare and ewhere
                                                                                      7 A lcony Sc                                               ight        Som
                                                                                             meri        ene -                             2 N quence - Krupke
                                                                                     8 C           ca          Tonig                            Se           er
                                                                                    9 O ol
                                                                                            o                        ht                                Offic      at
                                                                                           ne H                                             3    Gee, Like Th
                                                                                   10 T          a                                                  B oy        ve
                                                                                          he R nd, One                                       4 A ave a Lo
          Mari            Girls
                         Kirst r Biggs
                                         Sharks                                                 umb
                                                                                                      le    Hear
                                                                                                                 t                            5
                                                                                                                                               6 F
                                                                                                                                                  IH e
        Cons ia         Anth y Shelley
      Teres ela               e
                      Lyns a Gibson
     Fran ita               ay St           Bernardo      Andrew Kemp

    Estel isca M laire Sack e
                              jie E
                                                          Jay Sewram
                                                          Leigh Fuhri
   Lulu arita M irsten Tay loff             Indio         Nicholas Baard
                     ich           lor                                                                     Anybody’s      Candace Hennessy
        ina       Miri elle Flowe           Luis          Shaun Moodley
                                                                                                                                                                    g All
                                                                                                                                                                           en albot
  Tanit          Cher
                        am L
                               amar rs      Anxious       Craig Groenewald                                 Graziella      Verna Young                        Crai Clare-T
 Nata a                                                                                                                                                              n
                 Katr sse Barra re          Nibbles       Andre Cronje                                     Velma          Kirsten Passmoor
                                                                                                                                             Tony              Robi p Lewis
 Rena ia              i                                                                                    Minnie         Sheryl Hutcheson                      Ph illi
     ta        Kere na Cope geiro           Juano         Wesley Havenga                                                                      Riff n                     Stone
                     nsa W                  Toro          Juan Visser                                      Clarice        Joanne Schimper
                                                                                                                                              A ctio            Peter Selkirk h
                    ie Pr eddell                                                                           Pauline        Candice Ryan               b              avid         wert       e
                                 us                                                                        Barbie         Shelley Waller       A-ra John D ilton Neu khongoan
                                                                                                                                                   by y           H              a
                                                                                                                                                Ba bo                      so M       tsen
                                                                                                           Bubbles        Jacqui Cross
                                                                                                                                                 Snow eal          Mmu van Aren
                                                                                                           Sandi          Stefanie Towers                                 o
                                                                                                                                                                    Don oodwin en
                                                                                                                                                  Big D l                    G          s
                                                                                                           Tansy          Robyn Begemann               se
                                                                                                                                                  Die ar             Dale rd Arent
                                                                                                           Samantha       Lynette Beneker                 t              icha urter
                                                                                                                                                   Gee- hpiece R mes H orth
           Adults                                               Orchestra                                  Baby
                                                                                                                          Kelly Hennessy
                                                                                                                          Cherene Knop
                                                                                                                                                    M  out
                                                                                                                                                     Tig  er
                                                                                                                                                                        Ja     Ashw
                                                                                                                                                                         Peter l Moffett
Lt. Schrank                                                        Gerry van Zyl                                                                                            usse        per
                    Brett Newby                           Piano                                            Tulula         Bridget van Zyl             DJ ington R hn Schim y
Doc                                                       Drums    Paul Kindon                                                                               h            J o          b
                    Des Price                                                                              Frenchie       Jeanne Vanderwagen           Was sle                    New
Officer Krupke
                    Gerry Lane                                                                                                                          Carl
                                                                                                                                                              i             Brett
Glad Hand
                    Brett Newby                                                                                                                          JD

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