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Finding somewhere to live is probably one of          Be prepared to be flexible and change your
your greatest concerns on arrival. Staffs from        preferences according to the accommodation
Accommodation Services are pleased to assist you      available at that time.
in locating accommodation but it is up to you to
make the necessary arrangements and decisions.        2.      Assessing available vacancies
                                                      The Accommodation Officer can give you a realistic
The Accommodation Officer can liaise with             picture of what to expect given your requirements.
landlords and real estate agents on your behalf.      Is the type of accommodation you are looking for
Together with Counselling Services we provide         available immediately, are you prepared to wait,
support services to students on any tenancy           or perhaps compromise your preferences? He
issues. At any time you can make an appointment       can also put you in touch with others who may be
to discuss your accommodation needs by calling        looking for similar accommodation.
3138 1596 (GP Campus) or 3138 0072 (KG
Campus)                                               3.    Inspecting suitable vacancies and
                                                            making a decision
Accommodation service can provide extensive           Use a checklist when inspecting possible
support for newly arrived international and rural &   accommodation. Don't be afraid to ask questions
regional students. If you have recently arrived in    and be direct. It is not normal practice to bargain
Brisbane the Accommodation Officer can provide        on rental prices.
advice and transport for you when inspecting
accommodation.                                        It is in your interest to know what is involved in
                                                      starting a tenancy and what your legal obligations
Finding permanent accommodation involves;             are.

1.     Sorting out your needs                         Types of Accommodation
Finding accommodation is dependent upon you           •     Renting a whole house or unit
knowing which preferences are the most important      •     Shared house or unit
to you. (eg. are you willing to spend more to be      •     Residential colleges/apartments
closer to the campus ?)                               •     Homestay/ full board
                                                      •     Hostels
Some questions you should be asking yourself
include;                                              Renting a whole house or unit
                                                      This is the most common type of accommodation
•      How flexible is my budget?                     chosen by international students. A weekly rent is
•      Do I need meals provided?                      charged for a furnished/unfurnished flat or house.
•      Can I live with more than 3 people?            Other costs include electricity, gas, and telephone.
•      Does it have to be fully-furnished?            Please refer to Info Sheet 2 titled - Moving In - for
•      Close to major shopping centres?               more details.
•      Does it have to be brick or wooden?
•      Do I need full security?                       When renting, a tenancy agreement - usually for a
•      Preferred mode of transport?                   minimum of six months- will have to be signed. A
•      Close to campus?                               tenancy agreement is a legal document which sets
(See Info Sheet 6, Money Matters to figure out a      out rental conditions, together with the minimum
workable budget.)                                     period of time for which the property is rented.
                                                      Rent is generally paid 2-4 weeks in advance.
Once you know what preferences are most
important to you, decide on the type of
 accommodation that best suits your needs.

         Accommodation Services                     
         CRiCOS No. 00213J                                 JAN 2011
Strengths                                                        Homestay
•      Quiet study environment                                   A set weekly fee is charged to cover all expenses
•      Greatest independence & personal freedom                  associated with food and shelter, including meals
•      Reduced costs if sharing                                  (options available) per day, provision of facilities (e.g.
•      Freedom to choose compatible sharer/s                     towels, blankets, sheets, eating utensils), and gas and

                                                                 electricity). Unless otherwise requested, students have
Concerns                                                         their own bedroom with study facilities (e.g. bookcase,
•      Bond/rental agreements - 6 months minimum                 desk, study light), together with the use of other living
•      Provision of household utensils/ appliances/              areas, (e.g. lounge, dining, bathroom and toilet) within
       furniture                                                 the flat/house. The homestay provider may be either a
•      Highest establishment cost                                single person or a family.
•      Increased tasks - reduced study time
•      Expensive (if renting alone)                              Homestay rules
•      Diminished cultural/language interaction                  - No smoking in the house as this can cause unpleasant odours
                                                                 and is considered dangerous. If you are a smoker, ask where it
                                                                 is appropriate to smoke (often outside).
Shared house or unit                                             - No storing/eating food in bedroom due to health and hygiene
A set weekly rent is charged for use of a bedroom                issues
together with the use of other living areas (e.g. lounge,        - No wet clothes dried in the bedroom
dining, bathroom, and kitchen) within the unit/house. It
is important to check what furniture, if any, is provided        Unlike homestay, people listed as full board with ISS have not
with the room. Sometimes the rent includes the cost of           been inspected by the homestay coordinator. Arrangements
electricity and/or gas, otherwise these bills are shared         are informal and normally do not involve contracts.
equally between all co-tenants.
                                                                 The average price for homestay is $220.00 per week (subject
                                                                 to changes).
Food costs are additional and are normally left up to the
individual, however you should have use of all kitchen
facilities.                                                      Strengths
                                                                 •       Secure "family" environment
                                                                 •       Daily needs catered for
Shared accommodation may be offered by either a                  •       Opportunity to increase cultural awareness and
single person or couples, who might be local residents or                English language skills
other international students. Responsibilities involved in       •       Not restricted to a fixed period
shared accommodation include shopping, cooking and               •       No other establishment costs
cleaning for oneself. Also, the bond for the place can be
shared among the sharemates.                                     Concerns
                                                                 •       Communication/cultural differences
Prices for shared accommodation could range from                 •       Type of food provided
$150.00-$300.00 per week.                                        •       Study distractions - noise
                                                                 •       Lack of privacy and freedom – rules
•      Greater independence in lifestyle & food            
•      Expand social network
•      Reduced weekly costs & greater control over
                                                                 Residential Colleges
       weekly expenses                                           Residential Colleges normally provide students with a single
•      Opportunity to increase cultural awareness and            bedroom with study desk, shared bathrooms, common rooms
       English language skills                                   and a dining hall.
•      Mutually supportive environment
•      Cultural compatibility                                    Meals are usually provided at set times and residents are
                                                                 encouraged to become part of the college community. It is
Concerns                                                         suggested that students with special dietary requirements
                                                                 enquire as to how the college will cater for them.
•      Personal difficulties with fellow sharers
•      Provision of household utensils/appliances                Students are expected to stay for at least one semester.
•      High establishment costs with bonds (security             Some college residences provide kitchen facilities so students
       deposits)                                                 can choose to cook their own meals.
•      Diminished "family" support
•      Communication/cultural differences                        QUT students can apply for a place in a residential college at
•      Diminished cultural/language interaction                  University of Qld, or Griffith University. The cost of Residential
                                                                 College accommodation start from approximately $290.00 per
           Accommodation Services                                
           CRiCOS No. 00213J                                                      JAN 2011
Student Hostels, Lodges                                            Before making a final decision
A set weekly/ fornightly/semester fee is charged for               Consider all conditions relating to the particular place
either a single room, twin share (two people per room),            you are interested in: any extra costs (e.g. electricity,
three,five and six bedroom floor plan. Smaller hostels             transport); space available, furniture provided. If full
may have only 9 people in one house with larger hostels            board or homestay, find out what meals are included
having more than 30 in one building. Some hostels cater            and whether clothes, linen and towels are washed, and

for female or male students only, while others offer a             whether rooms are cleaned. Don't be afraid to ask any
mixed living environment.                                          questions, even if you think they are too personal.

All places have a communal bathroom, kitchen, dining               Never feel pressured or obligated to move somewhere
room, and living room shared by all residents. It is               that you do not think is suitable to your needs.
common for meals to be provided but there is some
where you can do your own cooking.                                 Always inspect the accommodation thoroughly. Make
                                                                   a check-list of faults as you go through the place. Try
Strengths                                                          to bring another person with you as a witness of these
•       Opportunity to meet other young people                     faults.
•       Minimum tasks - increased study time
                                                                   Once you have made up your mind we will do our
Concerns                                                           best to satisfy your needs. However, with the large
•       Overcrowding - high noise levels                           number of new students it may not always be possible
•       Limitation to freedom - rules                              to personally take you to prospective rental places.
•       Generally more expensive                                   Naturally we are obliged to help those students who
                                                                   arrive before you with their accommodation needs.
Household Tasks
Most Australian homes are organised on the basis                   So there may be times when you will feel the need
of shared responsibilities. People living together,                to search for accommodation yourself. Please don't
whether they be families or friends, help one another              hesitate to consult us if you have any questions or need
by sharing household tasks. From an early age, both                help making a decision.
male and female children are given small tasks (for
example, setting the table before meals) to teach them             IF UNSURE, PLEASE DO NOT BOOK
the importance of helping out around the house. Most                       CHECK WITH US!
families do not employ people, such as housekeepers,
to assist with housework. Since it is common for both              Search for Accommodation online at:
mothers and fathers to work outside the home in paid
employment, it is generally expected that all members       
of the household will be given particular tasks to
perform.                                                           Seqrents -
                                                                   Brisbane Rental Properties Notice Board -
Whether students choose to stay in homestay or share     
a flat/house with either an Australian person/family or   -
other international students, there may be a cultural     -
expectation that they will share in the responsibility of          Brisbane Exchange -
performing certain household tasks.
                                                                   QUT's Student Guild also has an accommodation listing.
Sharing accommodation with another person or persons     
also involves the sharing of household tasks. A fair
distribution of these tasks might be achieved through              The Courier-Mail is the daily local newspaper. The
various means, such as negotiation and the drawing up              Classified Advertisements have an Accommodation
of a roster. A roster is a list of persons who take turns in       Section which has daily listings of available houses,
performing certain tasks for a set period of time.                 flats and units, and rooms to let. Wednesday's and
                                                                   Saturday's edition of The Courier-Mail are the best days
                                                                   for accommodation notices, but you should check the
                                                                   paper daily and phone immediately as good rentals are
                                                                   taken very quickly.

                                                                   Prices listed refer to the weekly rate and are a good
                                                                   indicator of the standard of the accommodation. The
                                                                   address will rarely be given so call the phone number
                                                                   and find out as much as you can before inspecting.

           Accommodation Services                                
           CRiCOS No. 00213J                                                JAN 2011
Capital letters before or after the contact number usually               Accommodation Scam Alert
are abbreviations for Real Estate (RE) agents. Some of                   When searching for suitable accommodation, you may come
the more popular agents are PROF - Professionals, R &                    across accommodation listings that appear suspicious. While
H - Raine and Horne, LJH - L.J. Hooker, RW - Ray White.                  many accommodation listings are genuine, unfortunately from
                                                                         time to time, people come across scams (being conned). We

There is also a listing of share accommodation and board                 advise you to be aware and take pre-caution when searching
and residence. However advertisements in these columns                   for accommodation to avoid being scammed.
are not always appropriate for students.
                                                                         Note: NEVER pay money or give ID details either online or
There are many Real Estate agents. For complete listings                 to anyone without first meeting them and seeing the premise
look under the heading "Real Estate Agents" in the Yellow                – regardless of how urgent or important it is to secure your
Pages. They are also divided according to suburbs so refer               accommodation.
to your maps to see the subrbs closest to your campus.                   Scammers can be male or females of any age and provide
                                                                         all sorts of reasons to rent out the accommodation. They
When contacting these agencies ask to speak to the                       may even place pretty photos to attract people to the scam.
person in charge of rentals, and explain the type of
accommodation you are looking for and the amount of                      In most cases, scammers;
money you can afford to pay for rent. Check regularly as                 □     Want you to send them money upfront. Don't.
their listings change daily.                                             □     Offer to send you money - but need your ID details;
                                                                         bank details, passport, DOB, current address. Don't.
If they have something that suits your needs you will have
to make an appointment to see the place.                                 If the listing appears suspicious, it is most likely a
                                                                         scam! You can report scams by sending an email to
Common Abbreviations in                                        
Accommodation Advertisements                                             Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA)
adj - adjacent                                                           The RTA oversees the laws governing rental leases and
amens - amenities meaning shops, bus or train station
                                                                         rental properties in Queensland (the Residential Tenancies
b'ins,bi's,bir - built in wardrobes, closet
                                                                         and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008).
bds, bedsitter - small room similar to a sleep-out
bv - brick veneer                                                        The law provides tenants, landlords and agents with an
c/port – carport                                                         understanding of their rights and responsibilities when
cls amen - close to amenities                                            renting. The RTA publication “Renting a home – a tenant’s
conv - convenience                                                       guide to the rules of renting in Queensland” is essential
cple – couple
                                                                         reading for all new tenants.
cpt, cptd - carpet(ed)
ctge - cottage                                                           The RTA can help you to know and be aware of your rights
d.gar, dble gar - double garage                                          and responsibilities as a tenant. Receive advice on:
encl patio - enclosed patio                                              •      What to do when you are starting a tenancy
ens - ensuite                                                            •      Your rights and legal responsibilities as a tenant
f furn, ff - fully furnished, usually includes beds, dining tables       •      How to ensure to get your full bond back
and chairs, lounge suite, refrigerator
                                                                         •      What to do if you have a problem or grievance
f/fence - fully fenced
                                                                                whilst renting
f'ette, fl'ette - flatette
frig - refrigerator
gar - garage                                                             For more information call 1300 366 311 or visit
granny flat - usually small area with a bathroom and kitchen,  
self contained flat                                                      Public Customer Service Information Counter: 33 Herschel
h'set, hs, h/s - high set house, above the ground, normally with         Street, Brisbane City
a garage underneath
immac - immaculate referring to the condition of the premises            Tenants Union of Queensland (TUQ)
ldy, ldry - laundry                                                      The Tenants’ Union of Queensland can be a great
ls, l'set - low set house, ground level                                  ally if you find yourself in a difficult accommodation or
lu gar - lock up garage                                                  rental situation. TUQ offers excellent telephone advice
p/f, pf - partly furnished                                               and useful publications that are available in several
Qlder - Queenslander is a high set wooden house                          languages.
refs - references
renov - renovated, to repair and improve                                 Contacting TUQ:
s'out - sleep out, small room usually connected to a larger room         28 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley 4006
sc, s.cont - self contained means a room with its owns                   Tenancy Advice Phone: (07) 3257 1108 or 1800 177 761
bathroom and kitchen
                                                                         Administration Phone: (07) 3257 1411
spac - spacious
t'house - townhouse
                                                                         Fax: (07) 3257 1135
unf, u/f - unfurnished, usually does not have a refrigerator             Email:
v'dah - veranda, balcony                                                 * tenancy advice is not available via email
 w/m, wm - washing machine

            Accommodation Services                                      
            CRiCOS No. 00213J                                                        JAN 2011