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Page 5 - Mogale Dec Page 2 _Page 6_


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									December 2007                                                             DIKGANG TSA MOGALE COMMENT                                                                                                 5

                                                                                                                                                                          WOMEN SCRIBES:
     Year may be ending,                                                                                                                                                  Pick up pens
                                                                                                                                                                          and make
    but our work goes on                                                                                                                                                  your mark!
              reetings to all the people                                                                                       elderly involves the Office of the         BY THABILE MANGE
              of Mogale City – the City                                                                                        Executive Mayor partnering
              of Human Origin. The                                                                                             with Bosasa Group of Companies             Women journalists can no longer
              year is almost over. It has                                                                                      to organise a trip to Cape Town for        claim that they are not given space to
 also been a very busy one for the                                                                                             a group of elderly residents.              practice their trade. Doors are now
 municipality as we have been                                                                                                      For four days, 24 elderly people       open for female writers to express
 focusing on improving the quality                                                                                             from Kagiso 1, 2 and Ext 12 will           their views.
 of life for the city’s people.                                                                                                enjoy the Cape Summer.                         But they are not writing, are they?
     Ours has been and will continue                                                                                               For the first time in their lives          I am concerned that our popular
 to be a quest for true humanity    .                                                                                          these senior citizens will know            local newspaper, Dikgang tsa Mogale,
     For the past few weeks we have                                                                                            what it feels like to be on an             has no female writers. The question
 been all over the city conducting the                                                                                         airplane, let alone know what it           that deserves an answer is: Why?
 Intergrated Development Planning                                                                                              feels like to enjoy the ocean breeze       Are there no female journalists in
 (IDP) roadshows.                                                                                                              in some of the Cape’s most                 our beautiful city?
     IDP is really the core of what                                                                                            stunning beaches.                              Why am I concerned about the
 drives the municipality    .                                                                                                      The highlight of this trip for all     lack of female journos in our
     These are very important                                                                                                  senior citizens, according to them,        newsroom? Here is why: Men and
 roadshows because it is where you,                                                                                            will be a long-awaited visit to                                            .
                                                                                                                                                                          women see things differently As a
 the community get a further                                                                                                   Robben Island.                             result, males cannot write
 opportunity to guide us as the                                                                                                    For years the island had been          authoratively on women issues.
 politicians and the administration                                                                                            home to South Africa’s first                   There is also much talk about
 in terms of what you think the                                                                                                democratically elected president,          gender equity in our country these
 priorities must be.                                                                                                           Nelson Mandela and many other              days. The concern is that there aren’t
     These will continue in February                                                                                           distinguished leaders and                  enough women writers in
 2008 as we move closer to finalising                                                                                          architects of our democracy    .           newsrooms.
 the IDP I call on you, once again, to                                                                                             This is expected to be formalised          Also, the number of females
 make time for these sessions                                                                                                  as an annual event so that more of         serving at management level in
 because we value your                                                                                                         our elderly are afforded the same          mainstream media is very low.
 contribution.                                                                                                                 opportunity   .                                Therefore, I think it is critically
     My office has also been                                                                                                       So our elderly in rural areas,         important for us to bring about
 particularly busy over the past                                                                                               in Krugersdorp North,                      gender equity in our newspaper. We
 weeks. I want to talk specifically                                                                                            Krugersdorp West and so on                 cannot afford to be seen as going
 about two initiatives that focused on                                                                                         will in the future get the benefit         against the tide.
 two special groups in our society    .                                                                                        of this. The main focus will be on             We also cannot afford to be seen as
 The one focused on the youth and                                                                                              low-income communities.                    practicing gender inequality not,
 the other on the elderly  .                                                                                                       Our elderly depart from OR             after 13 years of democracy   .
     In recognition of the aspirations                                                                                         Tambo International on December                I am not in anyway implying that
 of many young people in our city to                                                                                           1 2007 and return on December 5            it is the policy of this newspaper to
 become big names in the music                                                                                                 2007.                                                            .
                                                                                                                                                                          employ males only Not at all. I am
 industry we partnered with some                                                                                                   Please join me in wishing them a       not even blaming it for not having
 companies to assist.                                                                                                          safe and enjoyable trip.                   women writers in its newsroom. I
     Together with EMI/ CCP SAB, ,                                                                                                 Let me take this opportunity           am just raising a concern with the
 Bonfire Entertainment (owned by                                                                                               also to wish the entire city well          hope that things will change.
 Ntando Bangani – a local musician                                                                                             during the 16 days of Activism on              If I may ask, how many female
 who has made a big name in the                                                                                                No Violence Against Women and              journalists from Mogale do you
 industry) and Amanzi-Amakhosi,                                                                                                Children.                                                      ,
                                                                                                                                                                          know? Personally I only know one.
 we held a Young Artists Workshop                                                                                                  Whereas this campaign                  That is a cause for concern. And we
 in Krugersdorp.                                                                                                               takes place from November 25               cannot blame male writers for that.
     The 1 000-strong crowd of young
 people who attended were treated to
                                              While others are winding down Executive                                          to December 10 with the nation
                                                                                                                               uniting in condemnation of all
                                                                                                                                                                              It’s about time female journalists
                                                                                                                                                                          come out of their cocoon. Maybe we
 a detailed and insightful
 presentation on what the industry
                                               Mayor Calvin Koketso Seerane and his                                            sorts of violence against women
                                                                                                                               and children, we in Mogale City
                                                                                                                                                                          need to hold an indaba to discuss the
                                                                                                                                                                          issue of lack of women journos in
 is about and what they need to do to
 make it.
                                            team are burning the candle at both ends to                                        kicked it off on November 23
                                                                                                                               with the launch of the campaign
                                                                                                                                                                          our newsroom.
                                                                                                                                                                              For the record, the editor of this
     Also in attendance were                                                                                                   at Rant en Dal Community                   newspaper is a woman. Does that call
 Ntando and Tuks Senganga, who                 ensure service delivery and community                                           Church.                                    for celebration?
 were there to offer advice and                                                                                                   We hosted a domestic violence               But before we let emotions take
 counselling.                               issues don’t get relegated to the back burner                                      workshop on November 27 at                 control of us, we should bear in mind
     This programme was wrapped                                                                                                Hekpoort Community Hall, and               that Dikgang tsa Mogale’s editor
 up two days later with a music             Baipatile from Kagiso and In for a         ambassador, joining other               will host another one on December 5        manages a “males only” news team.
 concert dubbed “Ntando and                 Mezz from Munsieville.                     distinguished persons on                in Muldersdrift.                           May Mogale’s female writers stand
 Friends”.                                     In recognition of the good              the panel.                                 A and a father and son march            up and be counted!
     They were wowed by Ntando,             work Ntando is going to put our               We wish Ntando well and hope         will be held on December 6.                Editor’s note: Girl power is always
 Tuks, Brown Dash, Thebe, Pitch             city on the map, as the executive          he can inspire other locals to do the      I call on all residents to                                        .
                                                                                                                                                                          welcome at this paper Interested
 Black Afro, L’vovo, Mandoza as well                              ,
                                            mayor of Mogale City I appointed           same.                                   participate in these programmes.           writers can contact our chief
 as a number of local outfits like          Ntando as an official Mogale City             The initiative involving the            Thank you and God bless.                reporter Clifford Mogotsi on

        Crime busting journos get our heartfelt thanks
  The big story in the Krugersdorp              However, let me                                                                                   little population of   situated in the heart of Mogale City.

 News of November 2, that flashed a         bow my head to                                                                                        sex maniacs. In           Recently the municipality
 bold and red headline reading              intrepid                                                                                              fact, all these sick   hosted a giant music festival
 EXPOSED, filled me with disgust.           journalists Terry-                                                                                    people need to be      where the Afro-pop star Ntando was
     As I went through the story  ,         Ann Booyse and                                                                                        sent to the nearest    presented with an ambassador

 anger swelled in my belly  .               Roelien Vorster.                                                                                      hell.                  certificate by mayor Koketso Calvin
     The story was about a bunch of             What a                                                                                                For many           Seerane.
 fools who engaged in prostitution at       luminous piece of                                                                                     people,                   This is not a paradise of sexual
 Coronation park.                           writing.                                                                                              Coronation is a        deviants who use it as a prostitution
     These busted male prostitutes,             It is because of                                                                                  commons of             zone.
 homosexuals or whatever they may           your investigative
                                                                                            BY CLIFFORD MOGOTSI                                   tranquility a,            I am referring to those filthy
 be labelled really makes me sick.          journalism that I                                                                                     green site where       folks who got busted by the News
     As adults, what picture do we          pen this column.                                                                                      everyone enjoy         team. You should be ashamed of
 portray in the minds of our kids?          It is solely to raise my concern, not      team comes up with a follow up          rights to leisure.                        yourselves.
     Are we endorsing the crap adage        to snatch your story   .                   story on what has happened to these         It is a favourite spot to mingle         Next time, the lens of the camera
 that “we are a lost generation”.                                      ,
                                                As people of this city we deserve      sick people. Are they behind bars or    with friends, relax with families         will zoom close enough to catch you
     This eye opener of a story has         to know what is it that law enforcers      still peddling their wares in the       while enjoying the delightful smells      with your pants down.
 also left some of us baffled as to the     are doing to end these filthy acts.        park.                                   of trees and braais.                         And to our Krugersdorp News
 kind of sick society are we living in.         I think it will be great if the News       We cannot lose our dignity over a       This park is a small haven            crime busters, you go girls!

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