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The Institute and its members were sad to hear of the tragic loss of Geoff Farnaby (74),
who died as the result of a fall at the Storms River Nature Reserve in the early after-
noon of Wednesday 10 December 2008.
Geoff Farnaby was a well known face at the Institute who served on its committees in        GEOFF FARNABY
the years when he was a practicing structural engineer. Geoff continued to serve on
committees at the Institute right up until his retirement.

Spencer Erling remembers him: “Geoff and I met through working together on commit-
tees at the Institute and as competitors in industry. Even though we worked for different
companies in similar positions we got to know each other in a work environment quite
well and shared information regularly. We swopped e-mails only a month or two ago.”

After him and his wife Leslie retired in Sedgefield in June 2002, Geoff got busier than
ever. Joining the Sedgefield Striders he became one of the top race-walkers in his age
category in the Western Cape. He was also an active member of the Knysna
Photographic Club, a competitive participant in the spinning class, a keen bowler, an
active member of the Astronomical Society and the Bridge Club, plus more. Geoff was
certainly a very active man who participated heartily in everything he did.

Geoff is survived by his 97 year old mother, his three children Karen, Dianne and Steven,
and six grandchildren.

The Institute and steel construction industry will certainly miss Geoff.

                                                                                               Steel Construction Vol. 33 No. 2 March 2009   7

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