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									                                Brain Injury Association of Georgia
   1441 Clifton Rd NE, #114A
       Atlanta, GA 30322
         404-712-5504                        News You Can Use!


 Support Group Listing

 Albany-Dougherty County
Tom Connelly - 229-883-3911                                                  STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM
                                                                           The philosophy of having stewards is
    Athens-Clark County             VSA ARTS OF GEORGIA                    essential to the mission of the Brain
       Floretta Johnson                                                    and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund
                                VSA is a wonderful program that
        706-353-1892                                                       Commission.
                                offers FREE tickets to both ongoing       events and numerous Special
      Janice/ Les Ward                                                     The Stewardship Program will:
                                Events throughout Georgia.
          Billy Geiger          Your support group leader is emailed a     • Broaden our reach, sustain the
        770-867-1356            weekly newsletter listing ongoing and        Trust Fund, and enrich us with fresh
                                current events which should be               perspectives and expertise
           Atlanta              provided to you.
          Buckhead                                -Or-                     • Assists with the documentation
 “Minor Brain Injury Support    Go to:                     and information to move the
            Group”              Select Community Events to Left,             application forward
 Jean Kropa - 770-612-0612        .Select Calendar (to open Calendar          click on Calendar of Events at top),     • Create a “user-friendly”
      Jacques & Monique           .Ongoing Events or. Special Events         environment for those applying for
           Cappelle                               -Or-                       funding.
        770-663-8320            Call the VSA Hotline System at 404-       221-1270, then press 2, to get updates     • Enhance outreach and advocacy
                                                                             within the community.
       Atlanta/Emory            Members obtain tickets by requesting
      Dr. Louise Cording        them from their Support Group Leader.      • Change the perceptions about
        404-371-0497            Be sure to list the name of the venue        people with disabilities from the       and not just the name of the exhibit         “cared-for” and “recipients” to
     Pat Gar 404-24-6097        when requesting tickets.                     educators and contributors.
                                .There is only a limited number of         “I am looking forward to the
     Atlanta/Shepherd           tickets available because these tickets    opportunity to spearhead such a
          Pathways              are provided to all nonprofit              program. I have worked with the Brain
        Susanna Rains           organizations throughout the state         and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund
        404-603-1476            signed up with VSA.                        Commission as the administrative                                                assistant before being promoted to
         Nancy Miller           .Ongoing events require 2 weeks’           Stewardship Coordinator. My     notice, this is FIRM.                      background in marketing and ability to
          Alan Roof                                                        interact with people gave me the drive       .If you order a ticket, treat these free   to want to move this program to new
                                tickets as if you paid for them.           heights. My goal for the Stewardship
    Atlanta/VA Hospital         .There are extremely strict rules for      program is to uphold the program
       Dr. Inge Thomas          cancellation, or not showing up, for       philosophy and to merge individuals
        404-329-4654            tickets. All support group members in      with and without traumatic spinal cord        the state can be placed on probation for   and brain injuries to obtain one mission
                                weeks or even lose our privileges          of success-full change!”
       Cobb County              entirely. Your support group leader has
     Martha Leatherwood         a copy of the rules and regulations.       I can be reached at
       770-428-0284                                               or by                                                calling 404-825-1466. I look forward to
                                BIAG wants our support group
  Laura Coomes 770-924-7509                                                hearing from you.    members to get out in the
                                community and attend these free
                                events!                                    Ayanna Anderson,
                                                                           Brain and Spinal Trust Fund

                                        MEET OUR BOARD MEMBERS!
    1441 Clifton Rd NE, #114A
        Atlanta, GA 30322
                                          MARC DAVIS                            VICKIE HODGE

      Clayton County                                                                                Photo to
         Pat Buice

           Kay McCoy                                                     Vickie Hodge is the Executive
        706-565-9298                                                     Director for the Jimmy Simpson                                                  Foundation in Rock Spring,
       Shiloh Hendricks                                                  Georgia.
                                                                         Vickie’s mother, Carol Simpson,
       Fannin County                                                     wanted to find a facility for
         Blue Ridge                                                      traumatic brain injury that would
                                 For 33 years Marc has been a
        Carolyn Stepp                                                    provide quality care after her father
                                 personal injury trial lawyer with a
        706-492-5308                                                     had an anoxic brain injury from a
                                 specialty in brain and spinal cord
                                                                         fall out of a hospital bed after
     Griffin Barnesville         injuries.
                                                                         The Jimmy Simpson Foundation is
        Sharon Huey              He is the author of articles on TBI,
                                                                         named for her father and currently
                                 and he has served as speaker, chair                                                 runs two programs:
                                 and co-chair of BI/SCI seminars.
                                                                         . Safehaven, which is a 12 bed
     Gwinnett County                                                     lifelong living traumatic brain injury
                                 Marc graduated from Duke
        Dennis Stahl                                                     facility and
       770-965-9726              University on a Lockheed
                                                                         .Dayhaven, which is an Adult      scholarship and the University of GA
                                                                         Daycare specializing in Alzheimer’s
                                 law school.
                                                                         and Brain Injury.
    Macon-Bibb County
           Dr. Foster
                                                                         The Foundation is celebrating its 10
                                 Marc’s hobbies include sailing,
          Phyllis Dorn                                                   year anniversary in May of this
                                 boating, motorcycling, reading,
        478-960-2804                                                     year!!
                                 vacationing at the beach in Costa
                                 Rica where his son lives, antique car
                                                                         Vickie has been involved with the
Newton Rockdale Counties         & boat restoration, taking care of
                                                                         Brain Injury Association of Georgia
      Tom Houchins               his farm, and hanging out with his
                                                                         for the past 18 months and is
      404-316-3193               wife and their two kids, ages 26 and
                                                                         currently acting as Interim Chair           11.
                                                                         and Treasurer.
       North Fulton              You can contact Marc at 404-688-
      Stuart Hanzman                                                     She is committed to helping the
                                 2000 or You can
     770-642-4236 X41                                                    Brain Injury Association of Georgia
                                 view his website at                                                  become the State Organization it
       Annie Boriskie  
                                                                         needs to be.
                                                                          Vickie currently lives in Tennessee
    Rome – Floyd County
Kathy Adams-706-291-0168
                                                                         with her husband and has one
Linda Studard-706-509-6623                                               daughter attending East Tennessee                                                 State University in the Nursing

                                                                         You can contact Vickie 706-375-
                                                                         9520 or
                                                                         You can view her website at

    1441 Clifton Rd NE, #114A
        Atlanta, GA 30322
                                                          UPCOMING EVENT!

    Roswell – No. Fulton
       Seminole Spirit
   “Speech Listening Group”
      Mark N. Halverson
                                                     "What a Professional Needs to Know about
        404-434-7452                                         Traumatic Brain Injury"

Savannah-Chatham County
                                                    Seminar Institute of Continuing Legal Education in
George Maust - 912-927-7901                                               Georgia
Carla Johnson – 912-354-6611
                                                                       March 31, 2208
                                                             State Bar of Georgia headquarters
 Waycross – Ware County
    Southeast Georgia                                               104 Marietta St., NW
      Debra Gordon                                                      Atlanta, Ga
                                                    Co-sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of GA
                                                    & the Shepherd Center
       Incorporated Groups:

     Northeast Georgia                              A portion of the fees of will benefit the Brain Injury
      (Ft. Oglethorpe)
      Catoosa County                                Association of GA
 “Jimmy Simpson Foundation
                                                    For further information contact BIAG at 404-712-
               Kim Goodwin                          5504 or

       Stone Mountain-
        DeKalb County
   “Side By Side Clubhouse”
Fostering growth, employment, job
search skills, etc.
              Cindi Johnson

        Peer Visits January 2008
 120               103
  80     63
  60          40                        Survivor
  40                                    Caregiver
  20                     1    7   8
   0                                    Total
         Peer Visits ‐   Phone Visits

                                                    DISABILITY DAY EVENT!
Veterans and Support Groups

                                       A little rain was not enough to dampen the spirits of the 40+ people from the BIAG
                                    Support Groups, Advocates, Veterans and supporters who met and gathered at the steps of
                                                  the capitol in support of Disability Day for the TBI community!!
                                      This was the largest, organized representation for the brain injury community to come
                                                                   together and support each other.
                                     Special thanks go to everyone for coming and showing their willingness to stand out in a
                                     crowd of 2000 by banding together as a group, wearing the bandanas, carrying balloons
                                                                and marching to the sounds of kazoos!
Veterans with other group members

                                                 Support Group Members, friends, advocates who attended

  Newton/Rockdale Support Group

                                    Waring Jackson Event Coordinator        Jane Jackson, BIAG I&R    Gary Ulicny, Shepherd Center and
                                     North Fulton Support Group                                      Tom Houchins, BIAG Board Member

     Athens Support Group

                                     Bill Lee, Anita P and Ann Boriskie, North Fulton Group           North Ga Support Group

 Seminole Spirit Support Group

                                    Marching to event          Mark H making introductions           Dee helping with bandana
     Emory Support Group

  Tom Connelly, Albany Group
                                      A mothers look of love            Kay McCoy, Columbus Group           Waring and Dee Houchins,
                                                                                                             BIAG Board Member
     Attended but not
      photographed:                 BIAG has provided to each support group leader a DVD slide show of the event which can
  Buckhead Support Group            be played on a computer or tv. The DVD also contains over 100 photographs that can be
                                                             printed. Contact BIAG for questions.


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