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					Dear parents, friends,                        C AMP HI LL    C OM MU NI T Y                    Hemel en Aarde Valley, Hermanus

and families!
A lot has happened here over the last
three months and new developments
are taking place.
Camphill Farm is busy giving its man-
                                              Newsletter                                                 March 2007    05
agement a new organizational structure
( Holis-
tic Management is a value driven, goal        News
orientated decision making framework
that ensures socially, financially and
ecologically sound decisions. It is about
reducing risk in decision making by hav-
                                              First Wedding at
ing a holistic goal and using planning        Camphill Farm
procedures that create a balance be-
                                              It was love at first sight! When Hans Peyerl
tween financial, ecological and social
                                              joined our community as a resident four years
factors. We had two workshops with
                                              ago and met Claudia Jansen they and everybody
Jozua Lamprecht and are busy imple-
                                              around them knew: they were made for each
menting Holistic Management.
                                              other. We didn't take their decision to marry
Transforming Ourselves, Empowering            lightly. A lot of discussion and conversation took
Each Other is a new approach of work-         place, but in the end everybody agreed that love
ing with communities and organizations        should triumph. So Claudia and Hans Peyerl made
within the disability field and with          history when they became the first residents of
groups who carry the effects of dispos-       our community to marry on the 10 February 2007
session,. It has been developed by Julia      in a touching ceremony with the Priest of the
Wolfson throughout 25 years of working        Christian Community, Peter Holman. Claudia's
experience (also in Camphill Communi-         son Danny, who was adopted at birth by Camphill
ties) in Australia, New Zealand, UK,          house-parents and now lives at Camphill West-
South Africa, North America and Nor-          Coast, was the proud page-boy.                       Claudia, Danny and Hans
way. Julia Wolfson gave us a three-day-
workshop resulting in a huge new wave
of motivation for living and working          HeAPS – Hemel en Aarde Picnic Sensation
with our residents.
The first step towards empowerment
                                              Saturday 24 March 9h00-16h00
surely is our newly formed “Residents         We'd love to tell you about a fabulous fundraising idea to help the Friends of Her-
Council”. It is comprised entirely of         manus Hospital raise funds for the upgrading of the Hermanus Provincial Hospital.
residents, each house being repre-            You could call it a “movable feast”. Actually it is a picnic on a grand scale
sented by either one or two members.          throughout the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley and Camphill Community is a vital part of it.
A Council Member attends in an advi-          The Hemel-en-Aarde Picnic Sensation offers you shady picnic sites and scrumptious
sory capacity. The residents council will     picnic fare at various venues along the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley route. We will have
deal with matters arising from the resi-      HeAPS of fun, HeAPS to DO and HeAPS to SEE for the whole family besides having a
dent body, make suggestions, find solu-       picnic.
tions, forward requests to council, as-
                                              So – how do you go about joining the picnic? Start and selling point for your “pass-
sist in festival preparations and also act
                                              ports for a day of pleasure” (R50 per adult, children free) is at the Hemel-en-Aarde
as a practical working group – they are
                                              Shopping Village in the tarred carpark at the turn-off into the valley. About 1km
presently building, entirely on their
                                              further up the road is Camphill. It has a lovely rural setting with plenty of s p a c e
own, a proper, lighted stairway out of a
                                              to share a family picnic. Just relax, take in the peace and tranquillity of the He-
neglected path to the d-store.
                                              mel-en-Aarde Valley and maybe you will become energised enough to join in a fyn-
 Another new development is the al-           bos walk or, if you come early, a bird-walk. The children can enjoy tractor rides
teration of Olyvenbosch House, which          and treasure hunts. Camphill food-stalls will provide a delicious breakfast, hearty
has been divided into two units. In the       pizzas and quiches at lunch and home-baked cakes in the afternoon as well as cool-
small unit, Hibiscus House, will live a       drinks, tea and coffee throughout the day. However, you are welcome to bring your
team consisting of three residents, Hans      own picnic.
and Claudia Peyerl, and Jill Reid, who
                                              When you’ve exhausted yourself, buy a ticket at Camphill’s Mercury Hall to listen
will strive for as much independence
                                              to the breathtaking music from the strings of the Hermanus Youth Orchestra who
and self-determination as possible, and
                                              will treat you to relaxing and, perhaps, stirring, music. Concerts are scheduled for
one co-worker, Leli Hoch.
                                              noonday and possibly one at the end of the afternoon around 4 o”clock.
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Olyvenbosch House will have nine resi-      Other venues taking part in HeAPS are Hamilton Russell Vineyards, Sumaridge Win-
dents and the houseleaders will be          ery and Newton Johnson Winery as well as the Artist House at The Bos Dam and
Frances Anderson and Siegfried Gut-         Mogg's Kitchen further up the Valley. There will be historical bus tours of the valley
brod, working with two young volun-         to tell you more about the interesting yet quite unknown history of our valley.
teers and Zingisa Bhango will continu-      Well, doesn't that sound wonderful? So, pack your picnic basket and join us for a
ously remain as day-staff.                  day with HeAPS of fun on Saturday 24 March from 9h00-16h00.
Last but not least we have some wishes.
Perhaps you can assist us? Camphill
Farm and School would need some fold-
                                            Ibis House/Robert's House burnt down
up wheelchairs and crutches in good         As you know, Ibis House and Robert's House, connected to each other, were largely
condition. And a BIG wish from our          destroyed by fire in the morning of Monday, 5 February.
residents council: weather-proof gar-
                                            The fire was first discovered by our maintenance staff at about 7h20 in the morn-
den-benches to be able to sit down now
                                            ing, who immediately warned the co-workers and helped to bring the children out.
and then on the long walks to and from
                                            Our fire team sprang into action and the Hermanus fire-brigade arrived within min-
work or just for fun and to have a chat.
Two of our Camphill School teachers,
                                            We are very grateful that nobody was injured in this critical situation. We lost how-
Phelisa and Fezeka, are attending a
                                            ever 15 bed spaces and furniture etc. were destroyed in the fire. We have rented
part-time teachers training course in
                                            a house on a neighbouring farm to alleviate the situation. We are insured, but
Cape Town in order to gain Government
                                            obviously it will take some time for the insurance company to assess the damage,
recognized qualifications. We are so
                                            and it will be months before we can move back into these houses again. In all
grateful to Camphill Mourne Grange for
                                            probability there will be a substantial shortfall between our cost of rebuilding the
sponsoring the first year. The key for
                                            houses and replacing destroyed items and the payout from the insurance.
long term sustainability for Camphill
School is Government funding. The first
step towards that is registration. We
had a meeting with the Minister of Edu-
cation in June 2006 and he pledged his
full support. Now we must meet certain
government criteria, the most impor-
tant and urgent being the professional
registration of our teachers. This should
soon be approved by the Education De-
partment. Then we have to set up a
governing body, adjust our constitution
and make some adjustments to our fi-
nancial accounting. We hope to achieve
most of that during the next few

                                            Some of the Ibis House children with their housemother Honey Arends (right) and
                                            volunteers in front of Ibis House
Bank Details:                               Our plea for donations towards rebuilding Ibis and Roberts House was unexpectedly
First National Bank Hermanus Branch
Branch/Sort Code 200412
                                            successful and our heartfelt thanks go to: family of Roy Polonski, family of Antoinet-
Account Name: Camphill Farm Community       te d'Halluin, Moira vd Merwe, Yolanda Drewell, Beth Jandernoa, Foschini, Stanford
Fund-raising                                Valley Community, G Raimondo Trust, The Lazarich Foundation USA, Camphill Villa-
Account No.: 62011690155                    ge Trust UK, Camphill Vidarasen Norway, Camphill Milton Keynes UK.
Account name: Camphill School
                                            It was only after the fire that we became aware of some quite astounding facts. The
Account No. 62113713467
SWIFT:           FIRNZ AJJ                  plans for Robert’s House were conceived exactly 50 years ago in 1957 during Karl
                                            Koenig’s historic visit to South Africa. It was also the year when Camphill Hermanus
                                            became an official member of the Camphill Movement. Amazingly John Tallo, son of
Contact News Letter
CAMPHILL FARM COMMUNITY                     the Cape Town architect, with whom Karl König discussed the plans for the new hou-
Leli Hoch, Jill Reid                        se, is visiting with us now as speech therapist. He stayed at Camphill Hermanus many
PO Box 301                                  times as a child when his father was supervising the building. Even more amazing is
Hermanus 7200 Western Cape                  the following: Christiane Lauppe (neé Hansen) was the first house leader in Roberts,
Republic of South Africa                    sent out by Karl König. And now she is here as well at the moment! In other words,
Tel. +27 (0)28-313-8200
Fax +27 (0)28-313-8210
                                            two people with a deep historic connection to Roberts House were here by “chance”                            to witness this fire! They both feel Roberts House wants to be reborn after 50 years        as it’s architecture does not really meet present requirements any more. We have
layout:             already a new name suggestion for it: Robert’s Phoenix !
                                                                                                                     Martin Wigand