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					                          Victoria Johnson Hoggatt
                                 Attorney at Law
                      P.O. Box 331, Sherman, Mississippi 38869
                                    (830) 570-1299

Federal Practice                Northern District of Mississippi   Eastern District of Texas

                                 September 1, 2005

United States Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20530

Attention: Mr. Albert Moskowitz, Chief, Criminal Section –PH Building

Dear Mr. Moskowitz:

A gentleman in your office today directed that I send a summary complaint to both your
section, and to the Public Integrity section, for evaluation and review by your attorneys,
so here goes.

My husband, Dr. Eric Hoggatt, and I have the in-laws from hell that have committed
serious felonies for a period in excess of five years against our family, in New York,
Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, including Obstruction of Justice,
intentionally Making Material False Statements to law enforcement officials to avoid
prosecution for Aiding and Abetting Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution for
Aggravated Incest, Breaking and Entering, Burglary, Hate Crime Assault and Battery,
Perjury, Grand Larceny, Forgery of my name to try to effect an interstate wire transfer in
excess of $10,000, and Kidnapping, twice. Numerous public officials, including Adams
County Mississippi Judge John Hudson, Adams County Circuit Clerk, M.L. “Binky”
Vines, Prosecutor Vivian Brown-Toussaint, and state and federal law enforcement
officers have acted in concert to knowingly further, continue, and abet the relatives‟
criminal activity, acting in concert to Obstruct the Orderly Administration of Justice by
acting in concert to disclose protected juvenile records to effect Witness Intimidation of
court officers (attorney for the parents and her staff, including assault), and Subornation
of Perjury. Public officials acted in concert to Interfere with Service of Process, to
intentionally falsify records, including but not limited to making material alteration of the
docket, to commit Witness Intimidation of the minor sexual assault victim and her
mother, and Extortion Under Color of Official Right. Where I‟m from, removing,
concealing, and destroying official court records, substituting fraudulent documents for
the ones they threw out, and conveying fraudulent information by telephone, e-mail and
the United States Mails concerning those actions both to an attorney in Texas and to the
Mississippi Supreme Court constitutes Interstate Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud.

My husband and I should very much like them prosecuted for their efforts, and to that
end have submitted audiotape and video exhibits for literally years to the FBI, the
USDOJ in the Eastern District of Texas, and to prosecutors in Louisiana, Mississippi, and
Texas. The hindrance to investigation and prosecution is that the crooks appealed to
prejudice and bigotry to involve law enforcement officials in their Obstruction of Justice,
so now they are also in peril if the judge, clerk, and the Mississippi Attorney General‟s
office is ever investigated and prosecuted. The Mississippi officials have hidden behind
the confidentiality afforded minors to keep their own dastardly deeds from the light of
day. We are in the process of preparing a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the
Mississippi Supreme Court, and are making the criminal conduct as fully public as
possible at this time, to demonstrate the value of a free press to ordered liberty, including
elections to prosecute.

Enclosed is documentation of some of the Adams County [Mississippi] Court and the
Mississippi Attorney General‟s Office‟s criminal activity, in the form of a brief with three
video exhibits, 29 document exhibits, and 42 audiotaped conversations, including
audiotapes of the trial judge, the sex offender Andrew J. Allbritton, Jr. who was on the
FBI‟s Most Wanted list, and on America’s Most Wanted, FBI Special Agent Nathan
Songer, recordings of Wilton Hoggatt of Wisner, Louisiana, and his daughter Tessa
Hoggatt Albritton, both talking about Wilton Hoggatt‟s involvement aiding and abetting
the then fugitive, and part of the oral presentation prepared for the United States
Department of Justice, Eastern District of Texas in November of 2001, by both the
parents of the sexual assault victim, and by us, the parents of Noah Hoggatt. Some of
these recordings, the Mississippi judge and court officers had listened to, prior to filing a
surprise and fraudulent Motion to Terminate Legal Custody without notice to the fit non-
resident parents as required by law.

All the video and audio exhibits are copyrighted material. There is no problem with
sending you this document, as a brief with all these exhibits was rejected upon motion of
the Mississippi Attorney General‟s office as “outside the record” by the Mississippi
Supreme Court, which indeed they are. When the trial judge tells the Circuit Clerk not to
issue the parents‟ subpoenas to over 30 witnesses (while having his court docketing
secretary call opposing counsel, the lawyer in Texas, and assure her that the judge will
tell the clerk to issue the subpoenas); when the clerk omits the subpoenas from being
listed as required by statute on the docket; when Mississippi Department of Human
Services officials act in concert with law enforcement officers and the Mississippi
Attorney General‟s office, the trial judge, and clerk to communicate to subpoenaed
witnesses to not attend court hearings, and then when the trial judge purports to designate
the record for appeal himself, omitting all CASA and Mississippi Department of Human
Services records, and transcripts of most hearings in the cause, even the original police
report by the parents, and the attendant youth court petition that purported to originate the
cause, there is very little record.

M. L. Vines, the clerk, did record on the docket the Appellant‟s usual and customary
Designation of Record, which asked for all those things, but the clerk failed to record on

the docket the prosecutor‟s *** Amended*** Motion Objecting to the Designation of
Record and to Designate the Record, which included MDHS and CASA records. Nor did
the clerk list on the docket the trial judge‟s Order Designating the Record, filed on or
about July 11, 2003.

The trial judge, John Hudson, was told on the trial court record on or about July 10, 2003,
that Dr. Hoggatt was going to appeal the Mississippi trial court‟s order that purported to
have the trial judge choose, in violation of the Mississippi Rules of Appellate Procedure,
what Clerk M.L. Vines was to send to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Judge Hudson‟s
order was styled Order Designating the Record. Judge Hudson stated on the record,
“Don‟t do that”, meaning don‟t appeal that Order Designating the Record. The attorney
replied that she wasn‟t going to the [Mississippi] Supreme Court without a record, and
asked that the court reporter be instructed not to delay the transcription of the July 10,
2003 hearing, as had happened from the earlier hearings then on appeal. The Mississippi
judge reiterated that he did not want Dr. Hoggatt to appeal the trial judge‟s Order
Designating the Record. That discussion is now entirely missing from the official court
transcript prepared by Shelley D. Dearing, Mississippi CSR 1030. We would very much
like to see what else is altered.

Prosecutor Brown-Toussaint, Circuit Clerk Vines, and County Judge Hudson saw to it
that the judge‟s Order Designating the Record would not be appealed, by refusing to send
the official file stamped Notice of Appeal of the Order Designating the Record that
emanated from the July 10, 2003 hearing to the Mississippi Supreme Court. M.L. Vines,
the court clerk, even refused to list on the docket the Order Designating the Record which
was filed on or about July 11, 2003, the Notice of Appeal of the Order Designating the
Record which was timely filed on or about July 17, 2003, or the motion upon which the
July 10, 2003 hearing was held, viz., the *** Amended*** Motion Objecting to the
Designation of Record and to Designate the Record, which motion was filed by
prosecutor Vivian Brown-Toussaint.

The Mississippi prosecutor Vivian Brown-Toussaint sent the *** Amended*** Motion
Objecting to the Designation of Record and to Designate the Record by email attachment
to an attorney in Texas, stating she had filed the amended motion, adding MDHS and
CASA records, and asking the parents to enter into an agreed order on the amended
motion. Brown-Toussaint further stated by interstate wire (e-mail), that MDHS and
CASA records were being sent to the Mississippi Supreme Court for the appeal, which
was an attempt to get the parents to sign an agreed order that they were fraudulently
being led to believe would contain MDHS and CASA records. Brown-Toussaint never
sent the promised MDHS and CASA records to the Mississippi Supreme Court for the

The *** Amended*** Motion Objecting to the Designation of Record and to Designate
the Record, as well as the original petition, the parents‟ statutorily required Qualified
Certificate as to the Accuracy of the Record, and their Proposed Corrections to the
Record are all now missing from the court file, and presumed destroyed, as is an intake

report filed by Manfred Eidt and/or MDHS worker Ashley Junkin, filed on or about
September 7, 2000.

The last known person to possess our Qualified Certificate as to the Accuracy of the
Record and Proposed Corrections to the Record was prosecutor Vivian Brown-Toussaint,
and she‟s not talking.

A fraudulent document, styled Appellant’s Proposed Corrections to the Record, and a
fraudulent Certificate as to the Accuracy of the Record prepared by the Appellee
prosecutor has been substituted to replace the parents‟ statutorily required Qualified
Certificate as to the Accuracy of the Record, and their Proposed Corrections to the
Record. The prosecutor, clerk, and judge acted in concert to intentionally mislead the
appellate court, by removing and concealing official documents, substituting their own,
and then fraudulently listing the substituted documents on the docket to make it appear to
an appellate court that we, the real Appellants, had certified that the record was accurate,
which it most certainly is not. The right to designate the record for appeal and to propose
corrections after inspection of the record are not only statutorily guaranteed rights of due
process and equal protection of the laws afforded all litigants in the state of Mississippi,
but the duty to choose or designate the record for appeal and certification as to the
accuracy of the record are also statutory requirements imposed upon all appellants.

The fraudulently styled Appellant‟s Proposed Corrections to the Record and the
fraudulent Certificate as to the Accuracy of the Record were not listed on the first “True
and Accurate” docket sent on or about August 3, 2003 to the Mississippi Supreme Court.
The fraudulent Appellant’s Proposed Corrections to the Record was listed on a new
revised “True and Accurate” Docket that was filed on or about September 2, 2004, over a
year after Clerk M.L. Vines sent the Mississippi Supreme Court the first fraudulent
docket. The first docket also omitted all the parents‟ attorney‟s subpoena requests. Even
the second docket omitted Brown-Toussaint‟s amended motion. The clerk sent in a more
accurate docket, even though the Mississippi Supreme Court denied a Motion to Compel
Production of Documents and to Compel Amendment of the Docket. Mr. Vines may be
thinking like Mrs. Alexander, his deputy, who said she wasn‟t “going to jail for

So what we‟ve ended up with is this. No witnesses subpoenaed as required by statute, no
transcripts of hearings upon which an appellate court would find that all orders of the
Mississippi court are void ab initio for want of jurisdiction, no right to decide what the
appellate court will see when jurisdiction and disclosure are appealed, an intentionally
falsified docket, a fraudulent and intentionally inaccurate transcribed court record,
substituted fraudulent court records, all in egregious criminal violation of state statute and
the federal constitution.

Not to mention that the group acted in concert with Adams County Mississippi Deputy
Circuit Clerk Melody Bradley and Adams County Mississippi Deputy Sheriff Jack Smith
to state on or about March 25, 2003, by interstate (Mississippi to Texas) telephone wire
that they would issue subpoenas requested for an April 1, 2003 hearing on Disclosure of

Records only if Dr. Hoggatt overnighted Clerk M.L. Vines over $800, under color of
official right, when they have all also stated on audiotape that they know that Mississippi
statute enjoins any public officer from receiving payment for services rendered the youth
court. We did send the Clerk $150 for six witnesses to the July 10, 2003 hearing, so that
conspiracy to receive products of extortion under color of official right could be
videotaped. Circuit Clerk M.L. Vines and staff still wouldn‟t issue those subpoenas, nor
list them on the docket, though Deputy Clerk Melody Bradley said that prosecutor
Brown-Toussaint had told her to convey the first message about sending the cash just a
day or two before the scheduled hearing. Deputy Clerk Bradley later stated that Judge
Hudson had told her “in the courtroom” to charge for the subpoenas.

The Mississippi Attorney General is fighting disclosure of records because the
Mississippi Attorney General‟s office advised, indeed, forbade MDHS staff workers to
(not) attend the hearing to which they were subpoenaed, according to Raymond Holman,
MDHS supervisor, nor to even talk to the parents.

Assistant Mississippi Attorney General Patty Marshall had been both emailed and sent a
hard copy of the Petition for Disclosure, as directed by Clarence Powell of the MDHS, so
that the Attorney General‟s office could advise their workers whether or not to deny
access to the records, as Judge Hudson had ordered. The Mississippi Attorney General
knows the definition of Kidnapping, and of Wire Fraud, and of Obstruction of Justice.
The AG‟s office also knew that if CASA or MDHS workers talked of what they did, the
agency would lose its license for transporting our minor son, Noah Hoggatt, age 16,
across state lines in violation of the Compact for the Interstate Placement of Children or
be indicted for Conspiracy Against Rights Under Color of Official Right for assisting
Ronnie Rombs and Donna Hoggatt Rombs of Alvin, Texas, Wilton, Isaiah, and Maemae
Hoggatt of Louisiana, Warren, Dorothy, and Craig Johnson of Virginia, and Manfred Eidt
of Mississippi to kidnap our sixteen year old son, Noah, after his sophomore year of high
school, and to transport Noah, without any court or other legal authorization, to the very
83 year old relative, Wilton Hoggatt, father of Eric Hoggatt, DDS, who was acting in
concert to kidnap and transport Noah to Wisner, Louisiana, over 1000 miles from our
home in Patterson, New York.

All Mississippi law enforcement and court officials were fully apprised that Wilton
Hoggatt was then assisting the late Andrew J. Allbritton‟s International Flight to Avoid
Prosecution for profit, in exchange for the fugitive‟s 80 acres in Wisner, Louisiana.
Mississippi law enforcement and court officials were apprised that Wilton Hoggatt had
terrific animosity against us for encouraging him and Maemae Hoggatt from November
of 1998 to cooperate with federal authorities. We did not know at the kangaroo court
hearing presided over by Judge John Hudson on or about September 25, 2000, that law
enforcement officials had visited and warned Wilton and Maemae Hoggatt of our offer to
serve as federal witnesses against them, which fueled the animosity considerably, and
also the necessity of perjury to intentionally cloud the character and reputation of
potential witnesses and to intimidate them.

According to Donna Hoggatt Rombs of Alvin, Texas, and Pharmacist Tessa Hoggatt
Albritton of Louisiana, nieces of the fugitive, Wilton Hoggatt and Maemae Hoggatt told
Special Agent Nathan Songer of the Monroe, Louisiana office “everything” they were
doing to assist the fugitive in exchange for 80 acres of land, and Agent Songer declared,
“What kind of son would turn his own father in to the FBI?” and promised them that
nothing would ever happen to them if “they did nothing further”. CASA worker Manfred
Eidt stated on the April 1, 2003 Mississippi court record that Agent Songer assured him
that Wilton Hoggatt would never be investigated, nor prosecuted for anything.

When Victoria Hoggatt implored Judge Hudson to call Agent Nathan Songer to see that it
was true that Wilton and Maemae Hoggatt were only in Natchez, Mississippi committing
perjury against their own son, a New York resident, in order to cloud the testimony of
potential federal witnesses, because we had offered to serve as state and federal witnesses
against them, Judge Hudson told the mom, “It‟s none of your business!” Eidt later stated
that he would handle the subpoena requests to the Circuit Clerk, which included a
subpoena to FBI Agent Songer, but in fact Eidt communicated with Agent Songer on or
before March 31, 2003, after reading the Petition for Disclosure that gave detailed
information regarding Agent Songer‟s protection of Wilton Hoggatt. Eidt acted in concert
with the Mississippi judge, prosecutor, and clerk, and the Monroe, Louisiana FBI AIC
Cal Seig and the FBI New Orleans Chief Division Counsel‟s office to make sure that
Agent Songer was not there to testify at the April 1, 2003 hearing to which he was

Judge Hudson is trying to hide all the incriminating testimony on the court record about
how “Mainstream religions consider them a cult”, “ Should be institutionalized”, and the
defense of the religiously motivated hate crime of Aggravated Assault and Battery,
committed against Ethan Hoggatt in Louisiana. Hudson is trying to hide that he canceled
the Mississippi „adjudicatory‟ hearing without notice when Craig Johnson‟s wife, came to
testify as an eyewitness to the prior kidnapping on or about August 20, 1999 of our son
Micah Hoggatt from Patterson, New York before his senior year of high school at age 17.
My sister in law, Shari Johnson, flew from Virginia to Mississippi at her own expense to
testify, but even after CASA and MDHS workers acted in concert to cancel the scheduled
hearing without notice, when Shari Johnson tried to give detailed eyewitness testimony to
court officials, CASA Guardian ad Litem Manfred Eidt and MDHS officers Ashley
Junkin and/or Ginger Johnson told her they “didn‟t want to hear anything bad”.

Ethan Hoggatt, our adult son, a resident of New York, was also present in Mississippi to
testify to the aggravated assault on the integrity of our family for years when Judge
Hudson cancelled the „adjudication hearing‟ without notice. The clerk, judge, and
Manfred Eidt didn‟t hold a disposition hearing until September 25, 2000, over a month
after we had sought police protection. The Mississippi judge did not file an order on the
September 25, 2000 disposition hearing until December 5, 2000. Hudson later told Vines
not to send a timely filed Notice of Appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court, because
“an appeal couldn‟t be perfected by Notice of Appeal” until after Judge Hudson had filed
an order. Ad nauseam.

John Hudson is trying to hide that he acted in concert with Wilton Hoggatt, Manfred Eidt,
and others to illegally convey a child across state lines under Color of Official Right.
Judge Hudson knows that Mississippi CASA worker Manfred Eidt acted to assist the
criminal conspiracy of kidnapping of a minor child when Eidt transported our son Noah,
on or about August 20, 2000 to the enraged grandfather in Louisiana, when we sought
police protection [Think Chinatown]. Hudson also knows that his illegal actions were in
clear violation of statutory injunction, in violation of the Uniform Child Custody
Jurisdiction Act, that prohibited his later making any bogus faux “custody” determination
concerning a New York child of fit, New York parents.

Not to mention Judge Hudson‟s “I’m a United Methodist, and if Isaiah had done half the
things you said in there, he would have been thrown of Millsaps a long time ago” speech.
Millsaps is a United Methodist college, and all Mississippi Department of Human
Services, CASA, and other court personnel were supplied with lots of letters from
Millsaps concerning Isaiah‟s criminal behavior which included alcohol offenses,
vandalism, arson, and publicly exposing himself, and the fact that he was then on
academic and social probation, prior to any hearing in the Mississippi court.

Isaiah won the Police Benevolent Award for citizenship his senior year of high school in
New York, placed first in state in spoken French as a Junior, third in State in written
French, won 2nd place in the Exchange Club‟s Defender’s of Freedom Award, won a
short story writing award, and Millsaps prestigious 21st Century scholarship, their best,
by essay. He helped Habitat for Humanity, and was a class senator.

We‟re not saying that folks who assist relatives that they know sexually assaulted their 8
eight year old granddaughter to escape prosecution for profit, who buy great quantities of
oxycodone and codeine in Mexico for personal use, who take their elderly wife and her
sister to live sex shows, fly into hurricanes, or let little kids play in a grain cart auguring
soybeans into a grain bin, impregnate another man‟s wife or shoot their own dad the bird
had a deleterious effect on our kids, but it could happen.

None of the parties, not the parents, child, or bogus Louisiana faux“custodian”
appointed by the Mississippi judge ever lived in Mississippi from the entire period from
the kidnapping August 20, 2000 to May 2, 2003, when the Mississippi judge purported to
terminate any remaining parental rights of the non-resident fit parents, to Remove the
Disability of Minority and to Emancipate the Minor without due process of law, and to
“terminate custody” that the state of Mississippi never legally had, in order to avoid
disclosure of court records, by filing an intentionally fraudulent motion after the judge
and court officers listened to Craig Johnson of Virginia, Wilton Hoggatt, and Tessa
Hoggatt Albritton of Louisiana on audio exhibits prepared for the USDOJ, discussing
financial assistance to the fugitive.

When Judge Hudson knew that the parents of the minor sexual assault victim and Eric
and Victoria Hoggatt were pushing for a federal indictment of extended family members
after the sexual assault victim attempted suicide at age 14, and of Manfred Eidt, the
Mississippi Department of Human Services, and the Adams County Mississippi court

system, for Conspiracy Against Rights, Judge Newt Hudson and klan committed many
more documented, as in on videotape, egregious illegal acts to try to hide the first
intentional and premeditated deprivation of rights under color of official right.

Judge Hudson has been a county judge since he was appointed by Governor William
Winter, which was a long time ago. He knows that a Conspiracy Against Rights Under
Color of Official Right, if it involves Aggravated Sexual Assault or Kidnapping, is
punishable by death, or life imprisonment. And it should be.

The court record of the initial kangaroo court hearings, where we, the parents who sought
police protection against relatives on their way from Virginia to kidnap Noah, were not
allowed to testify, and the record of all later hearings, contain no allegation by the
Mississippi court or the Mississippi Department of Human Services of unfitness of the
non-resident parents, criminal activity of the child, nor of potential harm to the non-
resident child. To the contrary, even the Mississippi judge commended us on the record
for being excellent parents, as does a multitude of evidence on the record, including the
judge‟s mention of a complimentary and favorable report on the whole family from the
former Mississippi Department of Human Services worker Jackie Pegues. But the record
is replete with lots of documented perjury concerning Wilton Hoggatt‟s assistance to the
fugitive, subornation of perjury, witness intimidation of the parents‟ attorney and her
staff, denial of due process and equal protection of the laws, intentional falsification of
records by the judge himself in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Human
Services, witness intimidation of the 14 year old sexual assault survivor and her mother
by Mississippi Circuit Clerk M.L. Vines, use of the bogus Mississippi proceedings to
obstruct justice, and illegal disclosure by Circuit Clerk M. L. Vines and the Mississippi
court of over 100 pages of protected youth records to Virginia.

Craig Johnson, one of the in-laws from hell, who acted in concert with other extended
family members to kidnap both minor children, called me in Texas from Virginia upon
reading the confidential court record, disclosed by Circuit Clerk M. L. Vines and
Louisiana attorney Philip LeTard, threatening, “I‟m going to rack your ass.” Philip
LeTard committed perjury on the April 1, 2003 court record denying disclosure, while
also admitting on the record his disclosure of the records, by delivering protected juvenile
court records to Isaiah Hoggatt, who mailed them to Virginia, so the folks committing
violent crime against our family for years could read them.

While investigating and documenting all this, we had a brand new tire on a brand new
van punctured in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, home of Angola, which we reported to
law enforcement. In 2005, we had two tires slit in our driveway in Texas. In late October
of 2004, we had the rear side window of our van busted out in Texas, all of which
incidents were reported to local law enforcement. The glass people said it looked like it
had been hit over and over with a baseball bat. We had an adult son assaulted after a
funeral because he didn‟t join in a prayer in Louisiana. We moved home to Mississippi
and may have had a tire punctured in our driveway in Mississippi in the last week. Had a
puncture with no foreign object found. We are getting tired of this trash. The summary at
the front of the brief lays out a timeline for the criminal offenses. It is time they stopped.

These are the same folks that are yet setting up trust funds over our 12-year-old daughter,
Israel “Sascha” Hoggatt, with Craig Johnson of Virginia acting as “custodian”, the same
fellow that financed the kidnapping of Micah and Noah. They are still sending flowers
and jewelry. The Petition for Writ of Certiorari, with only the Mississippi judge‟s
fraudulent record, is now being prepared. Obstruction of Justice is now.

“Family matter” or “jurisdictional nightmare” is what law enforcement and prosecutors
say. Dr. Eric Hoggatt and attorney Victoria Hoggatt respectfully submit that most serious
violence committed against women and children is by family members. From the very
founding of America, “The very essence of civil liberty certainly consists in the right of
every individual to claim the protection of the laws, whenever he receives an injury.”
Marbury v. Madison, 1 Cranch 137, 163 (1803). By filing this complaint, we continue to
seek protection to which we are yet legally entitled against extended family members that
boast of their intent to “pluck the children” from their parents “one by one”, and have
proceeded by criminal means to create a nightmare for conscientious, law-abiding parents
desperately trying to protect their children from dangerous (as in children and adults have
died), amoral, criminal, alcoholic, and drug addicted relatives. “[T] he right of every
individual to claim the protection of the laws, whenever he receives an injury” is, indeed,
what separates liberty from tyranny. If you think this couldn‟t happen to you, we can only
assure you that in our wildest dreams, and worst nightmare, we could never have believed
it could be done to our family. But it was, and yet continues.

And in case you wonder, we did attempt to file criminal charges for obscene and
threatening phone calls in New York; we did file criminal charges at the Natchez,
Mississippi police department in 2000, which we did communicate to the city prosecutor,
Eileen Maher. We did file on or about July 17, 2003 in Natchez, criminal affidavits
where the prosecutor in Mississippi, District Attorney Ronnie Harper, told us to, but
criminal affidavits sworn out by an attorney licensed in Mississippi, against Judge John
Hudson, and court officials Manfred Eidt, prosecutor Vivian Brown-Toussaint, Louisiana
attorney Philip LeTard, against Craig Johnson of Virginia, Wilton Hoggatt of Louisiana,
Natchez Police officer thought to be one Carl Houston, and Circuit Clerk M.L. Vines for
Assault, Theft, Perjury, Witness Intimidation, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice,
Interference with Service of Process, Refusing to Perform Official Duty, and Illegal
Disclosure of Juvenile Records were taken care of by a secret “To Whom it May
Concern” letter by a friend of Judge Hudson‟s, Mississippi Circuit Judge Forrest “Al”
Johnson, though none of the criminal affidavits were filed in his court.

Instead of supplying the requested Mississippi police protection, a Natchez police officer
jerked a video camera off my neck, outside a public building, after a Mississippi
Department of Human Service worker called the police, stating on videotape, “They need
to come take the camera away from her”, after we had filmed Judge Hudson‟s clerk M. L.
Vines‟s office‟s Obstruction of Justice. Deputy Adams County Circuit Clerk Melody
Bradley is filmed running from the Circuit Clerk‟s office to relay that message, and she
didn‟t think it up herself. She don‟t know nothin‟ about birthin‟ babies, Miz Scarlett, but

she does wish you a “Blessed Day!” after 14 interstate phone calls seeking information
on return of service of process.

Judge Forrest Johnson‟s letter disposing of misdemeanor and felony criminal affidavits
somehow found its way only into the super secret youth court file (to which both fit
parents and their attorney were denied access for over three years) in the possession of
Circuit Judge Forrest Johnson‟s clerk, M.L. Vines, one of those against whom the
criminal affidavits were sworn out, one of the accused, without hearing and without
notifying the victims of any hearing, nor disposition, ever. Deputy Clerk Margaret
Alexander stated on or about July 11, 2003 that no one touched those files, not even the
Circuit Clerk, „without a written order from the judge‟ [Hudson]. Our man, Natchez
police officer Carl Houston, was included in the affidavits for assault and theft, as it was
not his camera, but well, that went the way of the other criminal affidavits.

We did petition the Mississippi Supreme Court for a Writ of Emergency Assistance and
Other Extraordinary Relief, we did file a Motion to Compel Production of Documents
and to Compel Amendment of the Docket. But everything is “outside the record”,
because of Mississippi‟s illegal actions to see to it that no one testified on the record as to
the criminal actions of Wilton Hoggatt, Warren, Dorothy and Craig Johnson, Manfred
Eidt, Judge John Hudson, Agent Songer, Donna Hoggatt Rombs, and Philip LeTard. We
did seek prosecution in federal court in the Eastern District of Texas, since the fraudulent
telephone, fax, and email communications from the Adams County (Mississippi) Court
were to an attorney in Tyler, Texas. Our son Micah contacted us in Tyler, Texas to let us
know that Wilton Hoggatt knew that the fugitive had died, which we reported to Agent
Songer, who didn‟t make it by his Texas A &M Corpus Christi campus to talk to him.
(The fugitive was not dead). We did contact the FBI for the Southern District of
Mississippi, who said it sounded like a personal and/or civil matter, and talked to a
federal judge. We called your office as events unfolded, for an address to send a
complaint, but were told it was a personal and civil matter that the Criminal Division
would not be interested in.

The Justice Department says report it to the FBI. The FBI says tell the Justice
Department. The FBI co-incidentally arrested the fugitive at the very time we had
subpoenaed Agent Songer and other law enforcement officials, seven years after the
offense, over three years after at least four family members had reported and corroborated
Wilton Hoggatt and Daphne Allbritton Wood‟s continuing assistance to and contact with
the fugitive in Texas and Mexico. Mike and Marisa Allbritton made a tape for the Justice
Department in November of 2001, of Wilton Hoggatt, after their beloved 14 year old
daughter attempted suicide six years after the assault, when she knew that relatives,
prosecutors, and law enforcement seemed disinterested at best, and in cahoots at worst.
Her psychologist called it a “Cry for Help”.

We even sent audiotapes of Wilton Hoggatt and Tessa Albritton Hoggatt discussing the
financial assistance to and contact with the fugitive to Tim Pylant of the Franklin Parish
Sheriff‟s Office and to Agent Songer before we knew they were playing for the other
side, but they were “lost”. A Baton Rouge private investigator thinks the FBI was using

Allbritton as a drug informant. Allbritton‟s son thinks the fugitive may have been selling
narcotics in a less official capacity. The fugitive was an Angola Prison guard at the time
of the offense, though Agent Songer listed him as “a former farmer rancher” on the FBI
wanted poster. Paul Harvey reported Wisner, Louisiana, where Manfred Eidt took Noah,
as the most drug addicted per capita community in the United States. Supposedly,
Andrew J. Allbritton just walked across the border and gave his real social security
number, and the border folks checked for outstanding criminal warrants, just
coincidentally in the month window that we were subpoenaing Agent Songer and the
Louisiana Sheriff‟s deputy, Tim Pylant, who was recorded intentionally stating that he
double checked land records, and that the date on the deed that represented the sale of the
real property that financed the Interstate Flight to Avoid Prosecution was after the
Aggravated Incest offense. Not. Just seems odd to me, what do you think?

District Attorney Ronnie Harper is the contact person for the Grace United Methodist
Church Adult Men‟s Bible Class, held at Sergeant S. Prentiss Drive at 2 Fatherland Road,
which meets every third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM, in case you should like to
attend. Wilton Hoggatt, a Holly Grove Baptist deacon, may still be teaching the Adult
Men‟s Bible Class, and is the grandfather of Dr. Ronnie Rombs, who edited "The
Christian Reception of the Pentateuch: Patristic Commentaries on the Book of Moses" in
the Journal of Early Christian Studies 10 (2002), and Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers,
Deuteronomy, for Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Old Testament, III
(2001). Judge Hudson, though not having children of his own, has been a great help to
the youth group at Jefferson Street United Methodist Church. Ronnie‟s mom, Donna
Hoggatt Rombs, and her husband Ronnie, agreed on or about August 20, 2000 to assist
the folks in Virginia to kidnap Noah, by agreeing to harbor the minor at their home in
Texas, as they had our son Micah, after he was transported from New York to Virginia,
Arizona, Hawaii, and Texas. Poor Isaiah, financed by Gramps and Granny and Uncle
Craig, is reputed to have had his license suspended in Virginia for driving over 100 miles
per hour. What excitement!

Judge Hudson was legally recorded on audiotape on or about December 28, 2001, telling
Victoria Hoggatt in Texas, that she had a right under Mississippi statute to inspect all
social services, CASA, and youth court records, records that had been previously denied
inspection repeatedly on the judge‟s orders, though all Mississippi court personnel knew
that action to be illegal, and so stated on audiotape. After we again traveled to Natchez to
inspect the records, the judge instructed Vines and all MDHS and CASA personnel to
deny access for inspection, and stated that we must file a petition in his court stating why
it was in the best interest of the child for fit parents or any attorney for them to inspect
the file concerning our minor son, including even the document by which the Mississippi
judge purported to alter custody of Noah, after his sophomore year in high school, with
no accusation of criminal conduct by the New York child, potential harm to Noah, nor of
unfitness of his natural New York parents. Noah, along with his parents and siblings
Sascha and Ethan Hoggatt, was a resident of 172 Cornwall Hill Road in Patterson, New
York and was on Guitar Magazine‟s front cover making his monkey face.

Weeks later, Hudson had court docketing secretary Janine Wickham call interstate, to
Louisiana, to tell the waiting Texas resident attorney and her paralegal that the Petition
for Disclosure must be re-filed, including affidavits from Mississippi, Virginia, Texas,
and Louisiana, and approximately 50 pages of evidence exhibits, because Mississippi did
not admit filing on legal length paper. The original petition, prepared by the Mississippi
court personnel, is on legal length paper. The original petition was removed, concealed,
and presumed destroyed by court personnel, so that it could not be proven that Judge
Hudson was obstructing the orderly administration of justice, hoping the parents would
give up or go broke trying to access the records. Manfred Eidt copied copyrighted
materials on the express order of the judge, against express direction not to copy the
materials, the tapes of Craig Johnson, Wilton Hoggatt, and Tessa Hoggatt Allbritton that
had been prepared for the USDOJ, Eastern District of Texas. Eidt illegally shared the
audiotapes with Mississippi Department of Human Services worker Ashley Junkin and
who knows else, when Mississippi decided it would like to suddenly and without notice,
„terminate‟ its non-existent jurisdiction.

On or about January 17, 2003, Attorney Ann Wise of the Mississippi Attorney General‟s
office stated that we did indeed have a right to review all records. The official written
request to the Mississippi Attorney General‟s office sent by Circuit Clerk M. L. Vines
after January 17, 2003, to see if he should follow the judge‟s direction to prohibit all
access to inspect the records, or whether he must deliver a copy of the custody decree to
the parents, as required by statute, was “lost” by the Attorney General‟s office, with even
the notice of the filing of the Opinions Request expunged mysteriously from the
Mississippi Attorney General‟s Opinions Division‟s official records. Mississippi court
clerk Vines later said that Judge Hudson, “took care of it”.

Why this complaint is being sent to the Civil Rights Criminal Division, is because the
relatives taunted, “We‟re going to use your religion against you, and you know you can‟t
defend yourself against that.” We are Jehovah‟s Witnesses. Mississippi is the only state,
to my knowledge, that once had a statute outlawing the existence of Jehovah‟s Witnesses,
mainly because, as a recent newspaper said, “ Of all the religious groups in Northeast
Mississippi, Jehovah's Witnesses are probably the most racially and ethnically diverse.
Whereas most denominations affirm "Everybody's welcome," Jehovah's Witnesses not
only live out inclusiveness, they go systematically into the proverbial highways and
byways of their communities announcing God's kingdom and inviting all peoples to join
them.” The United States Supreme Court knocked down the statute as unconstitutional,
and overturned prosecutions brought under it.

The winner of the American Bar Association‟s Silver Gavel Award, Judging Jehovah’s
Witnesses, Religious Persecution and the Dawn of the Rights Revolution by Shawn
Francis Peters, postulates that the Witnesses‟ determined, systematic, and resolute
practice of freedom of worship, assembly, and freedom of speech in the face of violent
opposition in the United States, which was often facilitated by law enforcement officers
and local prosecutors, set the pattern for the Civil Rights Movement, which hardly makes
them popular with the Mississippi Old Guard.

Natchez prides itself on its twice-yearly antebellum pilgrimages, which I have been
meaning to attend. My husband‟s first cousins used to beat up black kids in the Natchez
area during integration. Wilton Hoggatt‟s dad was a Klansman 20 minutes from Natchez,
so there is a family tradition being honored here.

I hope that prosecution of these public officials and of Wilton Hoggatt, the one perjuring
himself with hideous, concerted, and intentional criminal defamation of character of his
own son to avoid prosecution for aiding and abetting the sex offender for profit, and
others who assisted him, will set a precedent that will help not only Christian families,
but also strengthen the right of all American families to protect their kids, and to raise
their children free from unwarranted governmental intrusion. As director of the Current
Constitutional Applications Project, I had the privilege of interviewing Peter Black, who
once worked for Justice concerning election whether or not to prosecute Nazi war
criminals then in the United States, and is now the Senior Historian at the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum. He remarked that the Anti-Defamation League‟s program
produced in association with the USHMM for law enforcement officers stresses that
Germany had a constitution, it had protections, but under the overweening influence of
those in authority, those protections were ignored, and folks and their kids were trampled.
Judge Newt Hudson won the Mississippi Bar Association‟s 2005 Award for Judicial
Excellence. Hudson is arguably the most prominent judge in the state of Mississippi,
nationally recognized by Joan E. Ohl, the Commissioner of the Administration for
Children and Youth of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as the
recipient of the Commissioner’s Award for the 14th National Conference on Child
Abuse and Neglect. Hooey!

I have quite despaired of any investigation or prosecution of the perps, some of whom
were called, and rightly so, by Donna Hoggatt Rombs, “vicious, sadistic, liars”. She
should know. It was like watching three of my children die alive, as they were used by,
and became like, their “saviors”, official and unofficial. But I have my own little
Holocaust memorial, so that persons of conscience may learn just how cruelty begins, by
insinuation, then blatant propaganda, then violent crime. It‟s in Realtime, and is now, and

Please help.


_________________ __________________ __________________ _______________
Victoria Hoggatt       Eric Hoggatt, DDS Sascha Hoggatt  Ethan Hoggatt

P.S. You may find the recordings of the Sheriff of Franklin Parish, Louisiana, and his
brother, Investigator Tim Pylant, particularly interesting. I asked a newsman in Louisiana
who was to transcribe some to the audio for me, would he be afraid in the
Natchez/Vidalia area if he put the Franklin Parish Louisiana sheriff‟s staff lying on
audiotape on the net, even if their names weren‟t disclosed. He said his dad was retired
military working in a supervisory capacity for the Texas Department of Public Safety in
Texas. He said he would be afraid in Alaska. “Band of Brothers” was the comment, and
decided to decline transcribing audio into CD evidence exhibits. The video guy who did
transcribe to CD for us for the USDOJ presentation, said, “Weren‟t you afraid to tape a
judge?” Which brings us to the question, „Could America become a police state?‟

The office of Chief Division Counsel for the FBI in New Orleans, which we repeatedly
contacted concerning the subpoena of Mr. Songer, is the same office that not only refused
to facilitate Songer‟s appearance in Mississippi, but told Monroe, Louisiana AIC Cal Seig
and Agent Songer to no longer talk to us. Manfred Eidt stated under oath on the court
record that he had spoken with Agent Songer prior to the hearing to which Songer was
subpoenaed, but FBI Assistant Chief Division Counsel Dan Wehr stated on audiotape
that the requested search of Agent Songer‟s notes as to Songer‟s having any contact with
Eidt turned up “Negative”.

Yes, the same Dan Wehr who was outraged about Justice‟s blocking his request for
authorization to seize Chinagate materials as he watched them walk out the door, and
testified before Congress. I know how he feels. Except this was the safety of our own
kids’ physical, mental, and emotional welfare. And yes, we did report allegations by
Tessa Hoggatt Albritton and Donna Hoggatt Rombs of Agent Songer‟s assistance to
those harboring the fugitive, but Ken Kaiser, now thought to be AIC of the Boston FBI
office was indignant, as “Nate Songer is an honorable man”, and Ken is, “I‟m no
knucklehead”. And the sexual assault victim, her family, and our family are chopped

P.P.S. If you think this is mind boggling and confusing, you should try living through it.

Cc: Public Integrity Division, USDOJ
   New York Times
   AP Wire Service
   Mr. John Walsh, America’s Most Wanted
   USDOJ, United States Attorney‟s Office Southern District of New York
   USDOJ, United States Attorney‟s Office Eastern District of Texas
   USDOJ, United States Attorney‟s Office Southern District of Mississippi
   USDOJ, United States Attorney‟s Office Northern District of Mississippi
   The Honorable Ralph Hall, Representative for Tyler, Texas, United States Congress

Copyright 2000-2005 Bay Israel Chritikar Keller Iglesias. All rights reserved.




         On this _(9)_day of September, 2005, before me, the undersigned authority in and
for the state and county aforesaid, personally appeared Victoria Hoggatt, attorney at law,
Ethan Hoggatt, and Israel Anastasia (Sascha) Hoggatt, proved to me on the basis of
satisfactory evidence to be three of the persons whose names are signed to the preceding
complaint to the Honorable Albert Moskowitz, Chief of the Criminal Section of the Civil
Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice dated September 1, 2005, and
she/he acknowledged to me that he/she voluntarily signed the same for the purposes therein
set forth and in the capacities therein stated.

Sworn and Subscribed before me on this 9th day of September, 2005, Reggie Collums,
Chancery Clerk, Pontotoc County, Mississippi, by /s/ , Deputy Clerk.




        On this _(9)_day of September, 2005, before me, the undersigned authority in and
for the state and county aforesaid, personally appeared Eric Hoggatt, DDS, proved to me on
the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is signed to the preceding
complaint to the Honorable Albert Moskowitz, Chief of the Criminal Section of the Civil
Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice dated September 1, 2005, and
he acknowledged to me that he voluntarily signed the same for the purposes therein set
forth and in the capacities therein stated.

Sworn and Subscribed before me on this 9th day of September, 2005, Lori Moore, Notary
Public. My commission expires July 25, 2006.

/s/ Lori Moore