Defibrillators - B07-043 by welcomegong3


									                              CITY OF OPELIKA
                                  PURCHASING DEPARTMENT

                                      INVITATION TO BID

                                                                   SHIRLEY WASHINGTON
                                                                   PURCHASING AGENT
                                                                   OFFICE: (334)705-5120
                                                                   FAX:    (334)705-5128


                                             BID DATA

                                     BID NUMBER:                   B07-043

                                     COMMODITY TITLE:              Defibrillators (2)

                                     USER DEPARTMENT:              Fire

                                     BUYER:                        Shirley Washington

                                     BUYER TELEPHONE:              (334) 705-5120

                                     ISSUE DATE:                   May 2, 2007


                                          BID OPENING

                                     DAY/DATE:                      June 11, 2007

                                     TIME:                         2:00 p.m.

                                     LOCATION:                     Opelika City Hall
                                                                   Conference Room

                                     MAILING ADDRESS:              City of Opelika
                                                                   Purchasing Department
                                                                   PO Box 390
                                                                   Opelika, AL 36803-0390

The City of Opelika Purchasing Department will receive sealed bids for the purchase of Two
Defibrillators for the Opelika Fire Department as per attached specifications. Bids shall be
received by 2:00 PM on June 11, 2007. Late bids will not be opened nor returned.

BIDS MAY BE MAILED TO:                                BIDS MAY BE DELIVERED TO:
City of Opelika                                      City of Opelika
Purchasing Department                                Purchasing Department
PO Box 390                                           204 S. 7th Street
Opelika, AL 36803-0390                               Opelika, AL 36801

                            GENERAL TERMS AND INSTRUCTIONS


1.1    All bids submitted shall be firm for a minimum of 60 days, unless otherwise specified.

1.2    The equipment furnished under this specification shall be the latest improved model in
       current, as offered to commercial trade, and shall be of quality workmanship and material.
       The bidder represents that all equipment offered under this specification shall be new.

1.3    The City reserves the right to cancel or make null and void any purchase order, if delivery
       cannot be made on the specified delivery date.

       1.3.1 In case of default by the contractor, the City may procure the articles or services
             from other sources and hold the contractor responsible for any excess cost
             occasioned thereby.

1.4    All items shall be delivered F.O.B. destination. Delivery costs and charges shall be included
       in the bid, unless otherwise stated in the specifications or proposal.

1.5    The name and manufacturer, trade name, manufacturer or vendor catalog number
       mentioned in specifications and proposal sheet is for the purpose of designating a minimum
       standard of quality and type and for no other reason. Such references are not intended to
       be restrictive. Bids will be considered for any brand which meets or exceeds the quality of
       the specifications listed for any items unless, otherwise stated in the specifications or

1.6    Bid tabulations will not be given over the telephone. Vendors desiring a bid tabulation shall
       enclose a stamped and self addressed envelope with their bid.

1.7    Bid awards are not official until a purchase order is issued or the Purchasing Department
       notifies the successful vendor in writing.


2.1    Bids received after the designated date and time will not be opened nor returned.

2.2   All bids shall be submitted on and in accordance with forms for this purpose, which are
      available from the Purchasing Department. Additional supplementary documentation, when
      requested, shall be submitted on the bidder’s letterhead.

2.3   All bids are to be submitted in sealed, plainly marked envelopes. Envelopes shall be marked
      in the bottom left corner with the Title of the Invitation to Bid, the Bid Number and the
      Opening Date. Facsimile and telephone bids will not be accepted.

2.4   All bids shall be typewritten or completed in black ink.

2.5   An authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the bid in order to be considered
      shall sign all bids.

2.6   Bid documents shall be submitted, in duplicate, to the City of Opelika, Purchasing

2.7   Bids which show any omission, irregularity, alteration of forms, additions not called for,
      conditional or unconditional unresponsive bids may be rejected.

2.8   Any bid submitted with corrected errors shall have the correction initialed by the person
      signing the bid.

2.9   Bidder shall submit with bid, the latest printed literature and detailed specifications on
      equipment they propose to furnish. This literature is for informational purpose only and
      shall be used to help determine a product’s compliance with specifications.


3.1   The City reserves the right to evaluate all bids, waive any technical or informalities, reject
      any and/or all bids and proposals, and further specifically reserves the right to make the
      award and/or awards in the best interest of the City.

3.2   The bid evaluation will be made on the following criteria:

      3.2.1 Bid Price
      3.2.2 Compliance with specifications
      3.2.3 Ability to deliver product or service
      3.2.4 Prompt pay discount, if offered, and meeting requirements of **Section 3.4
      3.2.5 Availability of warranty service and parts
      3.2.6 Delivery date

3.3   The City may waive minor differences in specifications, provided these differences do not
      violate the specification intent, materially affect the operation for which the item or items
      are being purchased nor increase the estimated maintenance and repair cost to the City.

3.4   In order for a prompt pay discount to be considered as a factor in the award of this bid, the
       minimum days allowed for payment to receive discount shall be 10 days after receipt of a
       correct invoice.

3.5   The City reserves the right to award all bids in their entirety or part, whichever, in its
       opinion, best serves the interest of the City.

3.6   Unless clearly shown on the bid that it is the intent that a reduced total price is being offered
      on the basis of receiving an award of all items covered by the total, any totals should be the
      actual sum of the extension of unit prices; otherwise, in the event of any discrepancy
      between a unit price(s), extended price(s) and/or total price(s), unit price shall govern and
      the bid will be refigured accordingly.

3.7   Alabama Bid Law allows a Local Preference to businesses located within the City of Opelika
      when their bid is within 3% of the lowest responsible bid. The City will extend that
      preference when applicable.

3.8   The City shall be sole judge as to an item meeting or exceeding the specifications.


4.1   The vendor shall submit an invoice in duplicate to:
                           City of Opelika
                           Accounting Department
                           PO Box 390
                           Opelika, AL 36803-0390

4.2   Payment by the City shall be made within thirty days, unless otherwise specifically provided,
      subject to any discounts offered.

      4.2.1 Payment will be made by the City to the vendor upon receipt of invoice, and
            acceptance of the item(s) by the City.

      4.2.2   Any prompt pay discount offered will be computed from the date of delivery of the
              equipment, supplies, or materials at destination, when final inspection and
              acceptance are at those points, of from the date the correct invoice is received, if
              the latter is later than the date of delivery.

                                PART TWO
1.    Unit shall have a weight of approximately 13.2lbs including multi-function cable and AC
2.    Defibrillator shall have the following approximate dimensions:
      5.75 high
      13.1 wide
      10.5 deep
3.    Unit shall have a standard type II PCMCIA external card slot.
4.    Unit shall use standard removable type II standard PCMCIA cards (optional).
5.    Unit shall be able to digitally record ECG on a standard type II PCMCIA card (optional).
6.    Unit shall be able to transmit 12-lead ECG information through a standard type II
      PCMCIA fax/modem card.
7.    External paddles shall be able to be attached to the sides of the unit.
8.    Unit shall have a battery that is located on the top.
9.    Unit shall have a color coordinated front panel to separate the monitoring, defibrillation
      and pacing functions.
10.   Unit shall have a defibrillator discharge button that illuminates when device is charged
      and ready to deliver shock.
11.   Unit shall have an affixed protective roll cage.
12.   Unit shall have a carry case system that is affixed to the roll cage securely.
13.   Unit shall have integral carry bags providing an independent location for each cable.
14.   Unit shall be able to be tested through multi-function cable or paddles.
15.   Unit shall provide testing capability which tests: charging, energy delivery, paddles,
      multi-function cable.
16.   Unit shall have a test cap to allow multi-function cable testing.
17.   Unit shall have built-in AC or DC power as a standard feature
18.   Unit shall provide 2.75 hours typical continuous ECG monitoring time with a new sealed
      lead acid battery.
19.   Unit shall provide 4 hrs typical continuous ECG monitoring time with a new Lithium Ion
20.   Unit shall provide a GPS Clock Sync feature as a standard option.

1.    Unit shall be capable of patient monitoring through 3, 5 and 10 lead ECG cables, multi-
      function electrodes and paddles.
2.    Unit shall have a lead selector button located on front panel that allows user to change
      leads by pushing lead button.
3.    Unit shall display lead selected on display at all times.
4.    Leads shall be fully defibrillator protected.
5.    Unit shall have dedicated circuitry that detects most implanted pacer spikes.
6.    Unit shall display standard marker of pacer spike on ECG trace.
7.    Unit shall have the following bandwidths: 0.5 - 21 Hz standard! 0.05 - 150 Hz

       diagnostic/ 0.5 Hz - 27 Hz and 1 Hz - 21 Hz user -configurable
8.     Unit shall have the following ECG sizes: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 cm/mV capable of
       being displayed on monitor.
9.     Unit shall contain a digital Heart Rate display of 0 - 300 bpm +/- 5 %
10.    Unit shall show heart rate on display.
11.    Unit shall contain heart rate alarms that are user selectable.
12.    Unit shall have heart rate alarms as follows: tachycardia 60 - 280 bpm and bradycardia
       20 - 100 bpm.
13.    Heart rate alarms shall have an on/off symbol displayed on monitor.
14.    Heart rate alarms shall provide the user with a generated strip chart recording and
       audible tone when activated.
15.    Heart rate alarms shall be smart alarms with beeper/voice prompts indicating shockable
       rhythm in AED mode.
16.    Unit shall contain a I-volt! cm ECG out.
17.    Unit shall be able to be put into diagnostic bandwidth by provider through soft keys
       on front panel.

1.     The Unit shall utilize Multi-Function Electrodes that allow pacing, defibrillation,
       cardioversion and ECG monitoring via one set of disposable pads.
2.     Electrodes shall be available in two sizes for adults and pediatrics.
3.     The Multi-Function Electrodes shall allow the user to pre connect the electrodes without
       compromising shelf life.

1.     Unit shall have a high resolution color liquid crystal display as a standard feature. 2.
       Unit shall be able to change display from color to black on white or white on black
       through the push of a button
3.     Unit shall have a screen size that is a minimum of 5.63 inches ( 14.3cm) diagonally.
4.     Unit shall have a screen with a sweep minimum speed of25 mm / sec.
5.     Unit shall have a screen that provides a minimum viewing time of 4 seconds.
6.     Unit shall provide the capability of viewing 1 ECG and one parameter channel
7.     Unit shall have a display that provides the following information: Heart Rate,
       LeadlPads, Alarm On / Off, Sp02, EtC02, NIBP, AED functions and prompts,
       defibrillator test function, self test function, error corrections and faults, Pacer functions,
       Code markers, alarm selection and limits, delivered energy, joule settings, ECG size,
       Synchronized cardioversion, optional EtC02 readings, Sp02 readings and NIBP

1.     Unit shall utilize a low energy Rectilinear, constant current biphasic waveform.
2.     Unit shall have the following energy selections available to provider in manual mode
       operation: 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15,20,30,50, 70, 85, 100, 120, 150,200 joules. 3. Unit
       shall have clinical evidence of95% or better conversion rate at 120J.
4.     Unit shall have clinical evidence of>95% success on high impedance patients.

5.    Unit shall meet current AHA specifications for biphasic defibrillation «200j low energy,
      scientific data to support efficacy claims).
6.    Unit shall allow provider the ability to adjust energy selection controls on device front
      panel or sternum paddle.
7.    Unit shall be able to charge to 200 joules in 6 seconds or less with a new fully charged
8.    Unit shall display energy selected and delivered on monitor display, strip chart recorder
      and code summary.
9.    Unit shall have synchronized cardioversion capability with" sync" message displayed on
10.   Unit shall have charge controls on both the front panel of unit, as well as, on apex paddle.
11.   Unit shall have optional paddles that are external anterior/anterior adult and pediatric
12.   Adult paddles shall slide off paddle housing to expose pediatric paddles.
13.   Unit shall contain a built in defibrillator tester that tests energy output and continuity of
      the multi-function cable and paddles documented on strip chart recorder and optional
      PCMCIA card.
14.   Unit shall have a “Multi-function" cable that is field replaceable
15.   Unit Shall have a single" Multi-function Cable" that operates both multi-function
      electrodes and external paddles.

1.    Unit shall utilize a thermal strip chart recorder.
2.    Strip chart recorder shall use 90mm paper width thermal recording paper.
3.    Strip chart recorder shall utilize a 6 second delay.
4.    Strip chart recorder shall be able to print the following annotations: Time, date, defib.
      energy, heart rate, pacer output (Pacer version only), QRS sync marker, ECG SIZE, lead,
      diagnostic bandwidth.
5.    Unit shall have user configurable print out modes offering manual or automatic recording
      options initiated by alarm activation or defibrillator discharge.
6.    Strip chart recorder shall be able to print 3 leads simultaneously, diagnostic bandwidth
      and a 4x3 12-lead printout.

1.    Unit shall utilize a Rectilinear constant current 40 ms pace pulse width.
2.    Unit shall have a continuously variable current level.
3.    Unit shall have a continuously variable pacing rate from 30-180 ppm.
4.    Pacer parameters shall be maintained when switching back to defibrillation or monitor
5.    The heart rate alarms shall function in the pacing mode.
6.    Unit shall have 4.1 button that allows viewing of intrinsic patient rhythm without losing
      pacing capture.

7.    Unit shall be configurable for initial setting of pacing rate.
8.    Unit shall display pacing rate and milliamps on display.
9.    The pacer shall continue to deliver life-saving therapy in the event an ECG lead falls off.
10.   Unit shall be able to pace through multi-function or pacing electrodes.

12- Lead ECG:
1.    The 12-lead parameter shall reside within a defibrillator weighing approximately 13.2 lbs.
2.    The 12-lead parameter shall be able to provide a diagnostic 12-lead ECG 4x3 printout by
      holding the recorder button for two seconds.
3.    The 12-lead parameter shall be capable of providing a diagnostic 12-lead ECG printout
      with interpretation by pressing the acquire button in the 12-lead mode.
4.    The 12-lead parameter shall include the GE Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program
5.    The 12-lead parameter shall allow direct transmission of 12-lead ECG via land or cell
      phone to a standard fax machine
6.    The 12-lead parameter shall provide a user configuration that allows the option of printing
      detailed measurements along with the interpretation.
7.    The 12-lead ECG Shall be capable of being acquired without entering deep menus and
      without the use of a trim knob.
8.    The unit shall offer an optional 0.05 to 40 Hz bandwidth
9.    The 12-lead parameter shall allow users to easily insert patient name, age and gender using
      soft keys on the defibrillator
10.   The 12-lead parameter shall allow users to print the 12 SL Analysis, including
      measurements and patient name, age and gender on 90mm fan-fold paper.
11.   The 12-lead parameter shall be capable of storing up to 24 pre-programmed telephone
      numbers facilitating rapid and easy 12-lead ECG transmission
12.   The 12-lead parameter shall allow configuration of user defined lead groups for rapid
      printout and review of pertinent ECG.
13.   The 12-lead patient cable shall consist of 4 limb leads and a separate V lead cable. 14. The
      12-lead patient cable shall be capable of providing limb lead signals directly to the
      defibrillator when only the limb leads are attached.
15.   The 12-lead patient cable shall accommodate either snap or clip connectors.
16.   The 12-lead parameter shall be capable of providing an automatic patient identifier using 7
      alphanumeric characters.
17.   The 12-lead parameter shall be capable of providing a device identifier using 3
      alphanumeric characters.
18.   The unit shall be able to provide direct connectivity, without the use of an additional
      gateway interface, to specific GE Medical Systems MUSE systems for the
      transmission of 12-lead ECG
19.   The unit shall be able to provide direct transmission of the 12-lead ECG to the GE
      Medical Systems MAC 5000 cardiograph
20.   The unit shall be upgradeable to allow direct downloading of 12-lead ECG's via land or
      cell phone to both GE Medical Systems MUSE system as well as the MAC 5000

21.   The unit shall provide the option for integrated Bluetooth option for the wireless
      transmission of 12-lead ECG and vital sign data to fax, email or to a printer.
22.   The unit shall be able to transmit 12-lead and vital sign data wirelessly to a PocketPC and
      lor Laptop PC that sends the data to a fax, email or to a printer.
23.   The unit shall be upgradeable to allow the use of an integrated Bluetooth option for the w
      wireless transmission of 12-lead and vital sign data via a cell phone or other
      communication technology.
24.   The unit shall provide serial communication capability through an RS232 serial port. 25.
      The unit shall be able to transmit 12-lead and vital data both automatically and manually
      on acquisition.
26.   The unit shall be able to transmit all trend history data stored in the memory to either
      PocketPC or laptop.
27.   The unit shall be able to transmit all data stored on a PC card to a remote handheld device.
28.   The unit shall be able to provide the option for both landline and cellular transmission
      when utilizing a Bluetooth wireless option.
29.   The unit shall offer the option of direct fax transmission via a Bluetooth option. Pulse

1.    The unit shall have an integral pulse oximeter or be upgradeable to include an integral
      Pulse Oximeter.
2.    The unit shall utilize pulse oximetry that has FDA 51 Ok clearance for use during
      patient motion and low perfusion.
3.    The unit shall include Masimo SET technology
4.    The unit shall utilize sensors that work in bright sunlight.
5.    The unit shall utilize a pulse oximeter with alarms that are user adjustable in the field.

1.    The unit, when purchased with Sp02, Shall have an EtC02 port.
2.    All units with an EtC02 port shall be upgradeable to include C02 by plugging in a
      mainstream or sidestream CAPNO 5 sensor,
3.    The unit shall offer a solid-state CAPNOSTAT 5 sensor located outside of the unit
      allowing easy replacement if necessary.
4.    The unit shall be able to offer the option to upgrade to either mainstream or sidestream
      capnography with sensor located outside of the unit allowing easy service and
      replacement if needed.
5.    The sidestream option shall provide a removable, disposable sample cell as part of the
      sampling kit.
6.    The defibrillator shall be capable of providing continuous EtC02 and Respiratory Rate
      readings as well as a capnogram for on-screen display or print-out.
7.    The sidestream sample pump shall be rated for 24,000 hours of continuous use.
8.    The C02 sensors used shall not require a yearly calibration check
9.    The unit shall be able to display an EtCOueading and a capnogram within 15
      seconds or less, warm up in less than 80 seconds and be at full operating
      specification in less than 3 minutes.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure:
1.    Unit shall be capable of acquiring a blood pressure within a typical measurement time of
      30 seconds or less on average
2.    Unit shall incorporate oscillometric technology
3.    Unit shall display systolic, diastolic and mean pressures
4.    Unit shall be capable oftaking automatic, stat or manual measurements
5.    Automatic intervals should be user adjustable to 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, and
      120 minutes
6.    Stat mode shall allow up to 10 measurements within 5 minutes
7.    Unit shall include an artifact indicator which is displayed when excessive artifact is
8.    Unit shall display a cuff inflation status bar
9.    Unit be capable of displaying and/or printing up to 4 hours of patient BP history data

Battery/Charging systems:
1.    Unit shall be capable of using rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries and / or
      rechargeable lithium ion batteries.
2.    New, fully charged sealed lead acid batteries shall provide the following capacities: 2.75
      hours of continuous ECG monitoring, 2.25 hours of continuous ECG monitoring/pacing
      at 60 mA, 80 beats per minute and 40 defibrillator discharges at a maximum energy
      of200 joules. (without additional monitoring parameters)
3.    Unit shall offer optional "Smart" batteries that calculate capacity as well as charge
      allowing providers to view the amount of monitoring time in the battery.
4.    Smart batteries shall utilize an LED gauge showing in 'l2 hour increments available
      battery life.
5.    Smart batteries shall have 2 separate components: smart chip and cells.
6.    The smart chip or cells shall be field replaceable.
7.    The battery shall be easy to change.
8.    The unit shall offer battery option with a recharge time of 4 hours or less with the
      integral charger.
9.    The unit shall provide a LOW BATTERY indicator which displays on the monitor. 10.
      The unit shall provide a Battery Management charger system capable of charging both
      sealed lead acid and Lithium Ion batteries.

4x4 Battery Support System
1.    The AC charger shall use a standard grounded cable to operate charging system in AC
2.    The DC charger shall utilize the following DC connectors: cigarette lighter adapter or
      standard DC connector.
3.    When plugged in the AC or DC charger shall be able to recharge a depleted sealed lead
      acid battery or lithium ion battery, operate the unit without a battery or batteries

     in unit and simultaneously recharge battery and operate unit.
4.   The AC or DC charger shall be able to operate at total functionality while drawing
     power off of recommended vehicle inverters.
5.   The battery support system shall be capable of the simultaneous charging of 4 sealed
     acid batteries at one time.
6.   The battery support system shall be capable of the simultaneous testing of up to 4
     sealed lead acid batteries at one time.
7.   The battery support system shall have an auto test feature that automatically tests
     charges and recalibrates sealed acid batteries whenever a battery is installed in system.

     The unit shall be covered by a warranty providing protection against defects in material
     and workmanship. Warranty information shall be submitted with bid.

     Successful bidder agrees to provide, at his own expense, a factory-trained instructor for
     such time as the City Fire Department shall require for complete instruction in the
     operation and maintenance of the unit if requested.

     Specifications are written around a unit manufactured by Zoll, Model E-Series. This is
     not to restrict bidders from bidding equipment equal to or that exceeds specifications.
     This is only to establish the quality of equipment required. The City of Opelika
     reserves the right to determine if a unit bid meets or exceeds specifications.

     Any exceptions to these specifications must be detailed in a separate attachment, and
     failure to do so will automatically disqualify the bidder. Successful bidder shall be a
     factory authorized distributor to sell the equipment specified therein.

                                        BID FORM
                                      ITB #B07-043


The undersigned declares that before preparing their bid, they read carefully the
specifications and requirements for Bidders and that their bid is made with full
knowledge of the kind, quality and quantity of service and equipment to be furnished,
and their said bid is as stated on these pages. The undersigned offers and agrees, if
this bid is accepted within FORTY-FIVE (45) calendar days from date of opening, to
furnish any or all of the items upon which prices are offered at the price set opposite
each item, delivered at the designated point(s) within the time specified.

Item Qty              Description                   Unit Price     Total Price

1.     2 Each         Defibrillator                 $_________     $_____________

Delivery Information: Delivery shall be made within _____ calendar days after receipt of
purchase order.

                                         _____percent, 10 calendar days
Discounts will be allowed for prompt payment
                                         _____percent, 15 calendar days
                                         _____percent, 20 calendar days
                                         _____percent, 30 calendar days
                                         _____Net 30
COMPANY SUBMITTING BID ________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE____________________________________________________



______________________________                      _____________________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER                                    FAX NUMBER

______________________________                      _____________________________
DATE                                                E-MAIL ADDRESS

______________________________                      _____________________________
FEDERAL I.D. NUMBER                                 WEB SITE

                     ANTI-COLLUSION STATEMENT









                                                                 BID NO.: B07-043

NOTE: If you DO NOT intend to bid on this commodity or service, please complete and Return
this form immediately. Your response will assist us in evaluating all responses for this important project
and to improve our bid solicitation process.

The Purchasing Division of the City of Opelika wishes to keep its bid list file up-to-date. If, for any reason
you cannot supply the commodity/service noted in this bid/proposal solicitation, this form must be
completed and returned to remain on the particular bid list for future projects of this type.

If you do not respond to this inquiry within the time set for the proposal opening date and time noted, we
will assume that you can no longer supply this commodity/service, and your name will be removed from this
commodity/service list.

_____             Specifications too “tight”, i.e. geared toward one brand or manufacturer only.

_____             Specifications are unclear (explain below)

_____             We are unable to meet specifications.

_____             Insufficient time to respond to the Request for Proposal.

_____             Our schedule would not permit us to perform.

_____             We are unable to meet bond requirements.

_____             We are unable to meet insurance requirements.

_____             We do not offer this product or service.

_____             Remove us from your proposers list for this commodity or service.

_____             Other (specify below).

REMARKS           _____________________________________________________


SIGNED:                                             NAME:
                                                                                (Type or Print)

TITLE:                                              DATE:


PHONE:                                              FAX:

                  Street address)                       (City)             (State)            (Zip)


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