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					                                                                            INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                   INFORMATION SHEET

                       AT CRC TO SOUTHWEST ASIA

This information sheet provides specific information on the medical standards and medical and dental requirements for deployment through
the CRC to Southwest Asia. Any missing information may delay departure from the CRC.

It is essential that contractor personnel meet stringent medical qualifications and physical
requirements in order to safely and efficiently perform their duties and responsibilities
without jeopardizing themselves or others. At the CRC, employees will be subject to medical
screening and personnel fitness standards as well as ensuring proper immunizations have
been received.


Contractor personnel must meet the same medical standards that are established for
Department of the Army civilian personnel. You must be able to work under field conditions,
but you will not be engaged in combat. The criteria for determining physical fitness are:
    Ability to lift 40 pounds.
    Ability to walk 1 mile in 20 minutes.
    No requirement for emergency medications that are unavailable in the theater unless a
      personal supply is available (subject to other criteria).
    No requirement for medical treatment or physical therapy.
    Because of the requirement for the Anthrax vaccination, ages 18 to 65.

Generally, only emergency medical and dental care will be available when life, limb, or
eyesight is jeopardized, and for emergency medical and dental care. Emergency care is
defined as that care which a reasonable person believes constitutes a condition or may result
in a condition that requires, or may require, immediate medical attention. An emergency is
an acute or emergent condition that requires immediate medical attention. Examples of
emergency care include, but are not limited to: refills of prescription drugs such as insulin or
other life dependent drugs, broken bones, lacerations, and broken teeth or lost fillings.
Routine medical or dental care is not authorized and will not be provided by Army Medical
Treatment Facilities (MTF) to civilian contractor personnel.

Individuals with diabetes may not be deployed.


Pre-deployment medical requirements, including physical examinations, laboratory work, and
immunization requirements are for the safety of the deploying individuals and to protect
them in the event of a deployment-related injury or illness.

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You must bring to the CRC documentation that you have undergone a thorough physical
medical examination within the past year, including an immunization record and the following
laboratory work-ups:
    Urinalysis
    Glucose test
    CBC
    CHEM 6
    PSA, if over 50 years of age
    LIPID Profile, if over 40 years of age
    HIV, tested within 6 months of deployment to OCONUS (Must have HIV results before
       smallpox vaccination will be given.)

If you   are female, you must bring a copy of the results from the following tests:
        PAP Smear (within one year)
        Mammogram (within 2 years if over 40 and within 1 year if over 50)
        Laboratory pregnancy test or doctor’s statement for waiver (based on menopause or
         hysterectomy, for example) (Proof of negative results are required before any
         necessary vaccinations or immunizations will be given.)

If you are over the age of 40, you must have had an EKG within the past year, and if it was
abnormal, you must have other studies and a release from a cardiologist.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and require a breathing assistance machine (CPAP System),
you are not deployable under Army regulations. You may be given special consideration only
if you have a doctor’s statement indicating that you could function without the CPAP system
if required and also a statement from DI. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you must notify
Aisha Maxwell in the DI HR Department.

If you require any prescription medications, you must have in your possession at least a 180-
day supply.

Additional studies might be required as deemed necessary by health care providers.

You will be required to give a DNA sample to be kept on file with DNA Repository.


Required Immunizations for Iraq and Kuwait are:
    Anthrax (initial series of 6 injections, then annual booster)
    Hepatitis A (one series in lifetime, no booster required)
    Influenza (annually from October to June)
    MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) (If born after 1956, as an adult, once in lifetime)
    Polio (injectible) (As an adult, once in lifetime)
    Smallpox (required every 10 years; must complete smallpox questionnaire and have it
      reviewied by a Health Care Provider at the site prior to receiving the immunization.
      Must have proof of negative HIV status in order to receive vaccine.)
    Tetanus/Diphtheria (once every 10 years)
    Tuberculin Skin Test (yearly, unless prior positive reaction)
    Typhoid (every 2 years)

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All live virus vaccines (for example, MMR and Smallpox) must be given together on the same
day. PPD must be given prior to or concurrently with live viruses or must wait 6 weeks
following live virus vaccine.

Immunizations that have not been received (or are not available) before CRC processing will
be given during CRC processing.

A Malaria Prophylaxis (if negative G6-PD test results) is recommended. The malaria risk in-
country is variable.


You must bring 2 copies of the records of a dental examination within the last 12 months,
including a statement from the dentist confirming your dental treatment is complete and that
you are deployable for 12 months without emergent needs.

You must bring 1 current panorex/panagraphic X-ray or full mouth series radiograph,
properly labeled with name, SSN, date, that is of diagnostic and identification quality.

If you arrive at the CRC without a physical, any lab work, EKG or dental work, you will be
required to do so locally. There are acceptable recommendations that can be obtained, but it
is your responsibility to make your appointments and get there. Payments for any outside
services are your responsibility and must be made up front by whatever means you provide.

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