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									JUN CHEN                                                                               514-596-2226

                                                  JUN CHEH
                          907 Cherrier, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L1J1
                                Tel: (514) 5962226 or 688 2555 (cell)


Postgraduate Education

     Master of Science           Epidemiology and Biostatistics,                                    2001
                                  McGill University

      Thesis: “The Association between Dietary Intake and the Risk of Cancers of the Upper Aero-
      Digestive Tract: a Case-Control Study in Brazil”.
      Supervisor: Professor Eduardo Franco

Medical training

     Bachelor of Medicine Preventative Medicine                         1992
                           GuangDong Medical and Pharmaceutical University


2004-Now      Epidemiologist consultant

              Main activities included:

                    Developing a Chinese herbal adverse event recording system for assessing herb
                    Preparing the Investigator Brochure for one CIHR funded project.
                    Preparing the Clinical Trial Application (CTA) package for NHPD (Natural Health
                     Product Directorate) at Health Canada.
                    Serving as an epidemiologist for developing the protocol, informed consent form,
                     CRFs, and clinical data quality control.
                    Serving as an epidemiologist for developing computerized Traditional Chinese
                     Medicine diagnosis expert system.
                    Building solid partnership between Canadian and Chinese clinical investigators.
                    Recruiting qualified clinical sites in China for participating in international clinical
                    Promoting the use of GEREQ platform in China as well as GCP teaching and
                     education with the aim of improving the overall quality of research in China.

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JUN CHEN                                                                          514-596-2226

2002-2004   Epidemiologist/Research assistant
            Technology Assessment Unit, McGill University Health Center, Montreal
            This methodological skill may be used in various therapeutic areas;

            Projects involved as the first author or co-author listed below:
            (See publications at MUHC website:

                   Jun Chen, Maurice McGregor
                The Gastric Banding Procedure. An Evaluation. April 2004

                    Jun Chen, James Brophy
                Use of carmustine implants (GLIADEL wafer) in patients with malignant glioma at the
                McGill University Health Centre. A technology Assessment. January 2004

                     Jun Chen, John Penrod, Maurice McGregor
                Should the MUHC use low-molecular-weight heparin in inpatient treatment of deep
                vein thrombosis with or without pulmonary embolism? A technology Assessment.
                February 2003

                    Maurice McGregor, Jun Chen
                Use of the Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) at the McGill University Health
                Center (MUHC): A technology Assessment. September 2003

2001-2002   Research Assistant
            Randomized Clinical Trial Unit, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal

            Projects involved as a main contributor:

                    Developed a research protocol titled as “the Effects of Tai Chi on Balance and
                     Strength in an Elderly Population: A Randomised Clinical Trial”.
                    Participated in a collaborative project between China and Canada “To improve
                     the quality of life of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
                     (COPD)”. (CIHR funded – Global Health Research Initiative).
                    Assisted with developing an initiative program between McGill and Peking Union
                     Medical College on clinical research and therapeutic evaluation.

1992-1996   Epidemiologist
            Center of Disease Control in Guangzhou, China

1991-1992   Research Assistant
            Department of food hygiene and nutrition
            GuangDong Medical and Pharmaceutical College, Guangzhou, China
              -Reviewed the Chinese food nutrient table

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JUN CHEN                                                               514-596-2226


2005-Present      Level 2 of French
(Part time)       Charlemagne Academia, Montreal

2002-Present      Graduate diploma in management health care concentration
(Part time)       Career and Management studies, Center for continuous education,
                  McGill University
                  (Expected graduation in summer, 2006)

2003              Level 1 of French
(Part time)       Center for continuous education, McGill University

2002-2004         McGill course “RCT: from Regulation to Practice"
(Part time)       McGill course “Evaluation of complementary and alternative medicine”
                  McGill course “Good practice in clinical research”
                  Epidemiology & Biostatistics Department, McGill University

2001              MSc in Epidemiology & Biostatistics
(Full time)       Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McGill University

1997              Course in Statistics for Business/Industry
                  British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada

1996              Courses in college preparatory English
                  Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, Canada

1996 Immigration to Canada

1994              The training program on environmental epidemiology
                  Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Beijing, China

1992              The training program on using PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
                  technique in bacteria inspection
                  Beijing Military Medical University, Beijing, China

1992 MD in Public Health, China

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JUN CHEN                                                                        514-596-2226

Maurice McGregor, Jun Chen
Should the implantable cardiac defibrillator be used for primary prevention of sudden
death? A review of the issues relevant to hospital decision making. Can J Cardiol. 2004

Weiying Zhang, Jun Chen, limai Tang, Pingqi Feng.
Investigation about Food Poisoning of Primary School Students in Guangzhou, Chinese
Journal of Health Laboratory Technology, Vol.5 No.4 1995

Li Jingguang, Jun Chen.
Evaluate and Analyze the Effect of Monitoring Laboratory Grade 1000 Disinfected Room
for Hospital Disaffection, Journal of Environment and Health CN12-1095, 1995

Jun Chen, Pingping Li , Weiying Zhang, Jean-paul Collet
China-Canada collaboration for documenting Chinese herbal medicine safety: a cohort
follow up and adverse event documentation using the web.
The 2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicinal Research
Vancouver, Canada, September 2005

Serena Luchenski, Jun Chen, Marianne Crevon, Pingping Li, Jean-Paul Collet
Developing a model of TCM diagnosis and treatment for cancer-related fatigue: Issues
of validity and quantification.
The 2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicinal Research
Vancouver, Canada, September 2005

Wanning Xu, Jun Chen, Pingping Li, Serena Luchenski, Neil MacDonald, Jean Latreille,
Stan Shapiro, Gerry Batist, Diane Provencher, Jean-Paul Collet
A Multi-factorial Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to Assess Effectiveness of
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure massage, and Qigong on Cancer
Patients: Methodological issues.
The 2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicinal Research
Vancouver, Canada, September 2005

Jean-Paul Collet, Jun Chen, Wanning Xu, Serena Lubshenski, Ruby Klink
Issues in clinical trials of TCM: from regulation to clinical practice.
The 2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Institute of Chinese Medicinal Research
Vancouver, Canada, September 2005

Serena Luchenski, Jun Chen, Marianne Crevon, Pingping Li, Jean-Paul Collet
Traditional Chinese Medicine scale of syndrome pattern differentiation: development and
psychometric properties.
Second annual In-CAM symposium--- CAM Research in Canada: Sharing Successes and Challenges,
Toronto, November 2005

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JUN CHEN                                                                514-596-2226


          Some knowledge in muti-center clinical trial set-up and organization,
           ongoing quality control and monitoring;
          Some Knowledge in biotech industry standard operating procedures;
          Some knowledge in the different phases of drug development process;
          Knowledgeable in ICH Guidelines and GCP including international
           regulatory requirements for the conduct of clinical development programs;
          Knowledgeable in effective clinical data management practices;
          Knowledgeable in on-line data management, query generation / resolution.
           clinical data review, coding of terms,
          Special interest in the overall structure of health care organization, and the
           possibility to promote integrated care

Skilled use Microsoft Office, SAS and SPSS.

Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, both written and verbal
Elementary level of French in communication

Enthusiastic, Energetic and Perseverant.

Upon Requested.

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