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					High Point Stables, LLC
2534 and 3020 E. Vermontville Hwy.
Charlotte, MI 48813
Phone: 517-490-7013

                             Boarding Agreement
Horse Owner: ________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________ Work: _______________________
Email: _____________________________

This Agreement is made between High Point Stables, LLC, herein referred to as “Stable” and
____________________________ herein referred to as the “Owner(s)”.

   1. Rates and Fees:
          a. Full Board: For the amount of $_____ dollars a month, this rate includes use of
             box stall, hay and grain twice daily, and stall bedding and cleaning with daily

          b. Pasture Board: For the amount of $_____ dollars a month, this rate includes hay
             as needed and pasture with run-in.

          c. Upon signing this agreement, a payment of first month’s board is required.

          d. All checks should be made payable to “High Point Stables, LLC”.

In consideration of _____________ dollars/month (check or cash) paid for by
_____________________ in advance by the 1st of each month, stable agrees to board the horse
beginning ___________________________ on a basis as specified above.

             All of the above rates include full use of the boarding facilities.
             The above rates are subject to change upon 60 days written notice by stable.
             Accounts not settled by the 7th day of the month are subject to a penalty charge of
              up to $25 Dollars per week/per horse until indebtedness is paid in full.
             A returned check fee of $35 dollars shall also apply.
2. Stable hours:

The property is open between the hours of 5:00am and midnight, seven days a week. Owner
must seek permission of Stable from Lindsey VanderLaan or Jason VanderLaan to be on the
premises outside of these hours.

3. Description of Horse:

Name: __________________________________
Sex: ___________ Breed: _________________ Color: ____________________
Vices/Habits: _______________________________________________
Owner’s Preferred Veterinarian: ___________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________
Special Instructions: ________________________________________

4. Standard of Care:

Owner represents that the horse(s) described in Section 3 above is/are free from transmittable
illnesses or diseases and is/are de-wormed and current on routine equine
immunizations(including rhino, EEE/WEE, flue, etc.). Owner also represents that the
horse(s) is/are trained to lead safely and is/are reasonably safe for people to handle. Upon
Stable’s request, Owner must provide a copy of negative Coggins Test that was taken and
issued by a licensed veterinarian within the calendar year as well as proof of recent de-
wormings and inoculations.

Owner grants Stable permission to request a veterinary visit, or request the services of a
farrier if the need arises urgently. This will be done at the Owner’s expense. In an
emergency Stable will make every effort to reach horse owner. Any decisions made in
absence of the owner will be made in the best interests of the horse.

Owner will have a place to store their equipment. Stable, its owners, employees, agents, and
landlord are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. The Owner must tidy barn equipment
and premises after use.

Unless specific arrangements are made with Stable, the regular hoof-care, worming,
grooming, exercising, and training of the above horse shall be the sole responsibility of the
Supplements/vitamins and/or special hay, if required, are to be supplied by the horse owner.

Horses will be turned out in selected groups. If individual turn-out is required, Owner is
subject to an additional charge.

All veterinary costs are additional to the boarding fee. Any veterinary charges are the
responsibility of the owner, who will be billed directly by the veterinary clinic.

Any and all services above and beyond this boarding agreement are subject to an additional
charge. Please see schedule of fees for a breakdown of these additional services available.

5. Damages:

The Owner will be financially responsible for any and all damages caused by their horse(s),
their guests, or themselves to the stable or to the property.

6. Liability:

By signing this agreement Owner states he/she has read and understands the Michigan
Equine Activity Liability Act. While Stable will take all reasonable care to ensure the
horse(s) remain free of injury while on the property, High Point Stables, LLC and its owners,
agents, employees, and landlords are not liable for personal injuries, death, or loss to the
horse, horse owner, or visitors while said horse and/or owner are anywhere on the property.
The Owner must take all reasonable care when on the premises. Owner acknowledges that
horses may contract disease and agrees stable and its agents are not liable under any basis.
Owner acknowledges horses and horse riding can be dangerous and waives any claim and
releases stable and its owners, agents, employees, and landlords from any and all claims of
any nature.

7. Right of Lien:

By executing this agreement, Horse Owner grants High Point Stables, LLC a possessory lien
against Owner’s horse(s) for the value of any unpaid boarding fees or other charges that are
or may become due under this Agreement. Owner agrees that in the event that the boarding
fees and charges are not fully paid within sixty (60) days after the same have become due and
payable, than Lindsey VanderLaan has the right to sell the said horse(s) at private or public
sale. Owner shall reimburse Stable for the costs of any such sale, including reimbursement of
consignment fees, listing fees, hauling, stabling, attorney’s fees, and other charges. If the
sale of the Owner’s horse(s) does not secure a sufficient price to cover these costs and other
charges due to Stable, Owner is obligated to pay the difference.
   8. Termination of Agreement:

   By Owner: Upon thirty (30) days advance notice to Stable, Owner may terminate this
   Agreement for any reason. Owner agrees to pay Stable all fees and expenses incurred up to
   the termination date and until the Owner’s horse(s) are removed from the Stable’s custody
   and control.

   By Stable: Stable reserves the right to refuse to continue boarding Owner's horse(s) for any
   reason. Stable shall attempt to give Owner at least thirty (30) day’s advance notice to
   remove horse(s) from Stable. In extreme situations (as determined in Stable’s sole discretion
   that include, but are not limited to, horse's health, dangerous or destructive propensities of
   Horse or Owner, or others), Stable reserves the right to give Owner five (5) day’s advance
   notice. After Owner has paid Stable in full for all fees and charges and has removed Owner’s
   horse from Stable, Owner's obligations to Stable under this Agreement shall be concluded.


   This agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between both parties. Any modification or
   additions must be in writing and signed by both parties. No oral modifications will be
   considered part of this agreement unless reduced to writing and signed by all parties.

   Executed this _______________ day of _______________ 20____

   Horse Owner/Boarder: ____________________________

   High Point Stables, LLC

   By: _____________________________
             Lindsey VanderLaan

Under the Michigan Equine Activity Liability Act an equine professional is not liable for injury to or the
   death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of the equine activity.

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