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                   Joomla Customization and its scope in
OUTSOURCING        India

              Joomla Customization and its scope in India   | Rajiv Dave
Benefits of Joomla Customization for your business

Joomla is an award winning content management system that helps you build your
website and post content. It is free and provides a graphical user interface to
simplify the management of publishing large volumes of contents including HTML
documents and rich media. Joomla is used by various organizations of all sizes for
Public Websites, Intranet and Extranet.

Joomla customization India in an essential feature of SEO Outsourcing India and
one that will prove to be useful for your website.

Features of Joomla

      Completely database driven site engines
      Every section of your website will be fully editable and manageable
      Fully customized layouts
      Runs on Linux, Solaris and other important operating systems

Process of Joomla Development at SEO Outsourcing India

Our schemes for Joomla customization India are ones that make your work
easier and smoother in matters of efficiency.

Usage of SEO Outsourcing India and the resources we provide

      Corporate business or portals
      Small business websites
      Government applications
      Magazines and newspapers
      Personal or family homepages
      School and church websites
      Corporate intranets and extranets

SEO Outsourcing India has many aspects to its Joomla customization India
      Components
          o Banner
          o Contacts
          o Newsfeed
          o Polls
          o Search
          o Weblinks
      Templates
           RHUK(Milkyway)
      Modules
           Archived content
           Banners and feed
           Content HTML
           News flash
           Related news
           Who’s online
      Plugins
           Authentication(Joomla, LDAP, OpenID, Gmail)
           Cache
           Legacy
           Rating
           Code highlighter

SEO Outsourcing India provides Joomla development India at affordable prices
and quickest possible time spans.

We take care of the usability, expansion and internationalization of your website.

Our team of Joomla customization India helps you develop your website from a
several pages to a several thousand pages in size.

Joomla Development from SEO Outsourcing India

      Joomla custom design templates
      Joomla custom modules development
      Joomla custom components development
      Joomla custom modification and customization
      Maintenance work for Joomla portals

You have all these Joomla development India services available to you through
us and that too at low price and time spans.

SEO Outsourcing India: The techniques we use for Joomla implementation India

      We provide your website with the most updates information for your clients
      We make sure that your interface is simple enough to be understood and yet
       attractive enough.
      We have a team of specialized programmers who monitor the recent changes
       in development techniques and incorporate them for your website.
      Our Joomla customization India services outrun most other options that
       you might be having in terms of efficiency and duration.
        SEO Outsourcing India also provides for your website, facilities of Joomla
           Website development, we keep track of what you website will need
           most to increase you client number and your benefits.
        Joomla Web development services by SEO Outsourcing India will prove
           to be of extreme importance to your business, as we have the potential to
           take your website to new dimensions.

We at SEO Outsourcing India have all joomla related projects handled by our expert
team of joomla developers, offering various Joomla customization services like,
Joomla Custom Design Templates, Joomla Custom Components Development,
Joomla Template Customization, Joomla Module Installation, Joomla Custom
Modules Development, Joomla Design Integration, Joomla Custom Modification and
Maintenance works.

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