Minutes of the November Meeting of Lismore Town Council

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					Minutes of the November Meeting of Lismore Town Council held in the Civic
Offices, The Monastery, Lismore on Monday 1th November, 2010 at 8.30pm

                      Mayor Orla Russell presided.

Present: Cllr Bernard Leddy  Apologies: Cllr John Heneghan
         Cllr Jimmy O'Gorman            Cllr Ken Madden
         Cllr Jan Rotte
         Cllr Julie Landers
         Cllr Joseph Tobin
         Cllr David Whelan

Officials Present:

Town Clerk            Ms. Karen Hallahan
Town Manager          Mr. Frank Curran

1. Adoption of Minutes
The Minutes of the October meeting dated 4th October 2010 having been previously
circulated were confirmed on the proposal of Cllr Bernard Leddy seconded by Cllr
Jan Rotte.

2. Matters Arising

Lismore Camogie Success The recent success of the Lismore Camogie
Intermediate Team who won the Munster Club Final was acknowledged.
Congratulations were extended to team mentors Johnny Flynn and Mary Murphy for
their commitment to the team. Cllr Orla Russell further congratulated Gráinne
Kenneally on being presented with the WLR/Granville Hotel GAA player of the
month award for September. She also highlighted that Shona Curran had been
selected as one of 2010 Camogie Soaring Stars Team. Cllr. Jimmy O’Gorman
complemented the camogie club on being well organised, while highlighting that
parents drive the players to match venues. He emphasised that the Lismore GAA and
Camogie Clubs work well together. It was agreed that in light of the achievements of
the team, a reception would be held by Lismore Town Council to celebrate the
success. The Town Clerk agreed to liaise with the Mayor to organise this event.

Clarification of request re ATM Cllr. Jimmy O’Gorman, referring to his request
at the October meeting for BOI to be contacted to increase funds available from the
ATM machine over the bank holiday weekend, said that it had been suggested that
the complaint referred to AIB services. Cllr. O’Gorman said that the Minutes of the
October meeting accurately reflected his request and that he in no way referred to the
services of the local AIB branch.

3. Reports from Councillors arising from attendance at various SPC and other

Waterford County Development Board Meeting = 7th September 2010
Cllr. Jan Rotte reported from this meeting which was held in the Coastguard Station
Tramore on the 29th October.
Cllr . Rotte indicated that much of the meeting had been dedicated to progress on the
Economic Plan which was launched in 2010. He said the Plan contains 110 objectives
of which 70 have been initiated. Cllr Rotte said that a number of things are in the
pipeline, involving;
     Prioritising Foreign Direct Investment & Job Creation
     Smarter Travel - Dungarvan has been shortlisted to the last 11
     Accelerate knowledge campus WIT
     Regional Development and Entrepreneurship
     EDP - 7 Strategic Points in County Waterford (WIT, Dunhill, Dunmore East,
        Tramore, Dungarvan, Carrick-on-Suir, Waterford Airport)
     Increased members / more inclusion of IBEC

Cllr. Rotte highlighted that there was no current focus on West Waterford as there was
no population base, but West Waterford is included in the overall Economic
Development Plan.

This concluded Cllr Rotte’s report.

     Matters Arising from Report
Cllr Bernard Leddy enquired as to whether there was any information provided at the
meeting regarding funding for job creation initiatives. Cllr Rotte replied that there was
no specific mention. Cllr. Leddy suggested that in these times of high employment
this should be the greatest priority.

Housing & Corporate Affairs and Emergency Services SPC- Report by Cllr Orla

Meeting held in the Civic Office, Dungarvan 20th October 2010

Matters Arising from May meeting of SPC

At our last meeting of the SPC in May I raised concerns about how to call out the
defibrillator which is on the fire tender in our local fire brigade station, the ideal
situation would be from the ambulance service. My argument would be that living in a
rural town our nearest hospital is one hour away. Although there is a good voluntary
service provided in the town it would be more practicable to have our local fire
personnel to be first responders, their call out time is on average five minutes. They
also have on the fire tender equipment that would assist the person such as oxygen,
blood pressure monitors and personnel that are trained to the level of first responders.
The reply from Mr. Michael Hession, Chief Fire Officer is that the fire service can not
provide this service as that it’s ultimately a fire service and that if fire personnel were
called out for the defibrillator and another call came in that this situation would not

Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy
This was presented by Kevin Moynihan who again outlined two new policies in
relation to anti-social behaviour in housing estates which include sale of illegal drugs,
supply and possession of drugs. Also anti-social behaviour including violence towards
neighbours threats defamation etc. These strategies have to adopted by 13th November

Radon Testing
This was presented by Ms Ann Kiely SEE

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas.
To date there have been nearly 1,000 Council houses tested in the County
450 between 2007 and 2008
400 in 2009
Of these there has been 800 results back, each resident were given the device and had
to leave it in their house for 3 months and then send the results back to WCC. Private
home owners can obtain this device through RPII ( Radiological Protection Institute
of Ireland) and the device costs from €40 to €80. Their website is Of the
houses that were tested 6% were higher that the recommended level of 200 which is
not bad considering some levels could reach into thousands. Lismore, Cappoquin and
Tallow all had low levels with just one house outside Lismore recording a high level.
Ventillation is a key factor in solving this problem. Also works can be done to the
house which could cost from €600 to €700. All new houses built since 1998 have
proper ventilation in place. Prolonged exposure to this can cause lung cancer, nearly
200 cases a year in Ireland are diagnosed. The SPC thanked WCC on their activity in
this area.

Housing Progress Report
This was presented by Carmel Hourigan SEO

There are 3 special needs extensions underway in the County
Rental Accommodation Scheme – 210 people signed up
Part V 2010/2011 6 in County
Grants for this year was €1.9 million and waiting to see what happens in 2011.
CLUID houses to be released in the County is 12 and 25 in Tramore.

Fire & Emergency Services Report
This was presented by Michael Hession CFO

Activity for 2010 was down
New station officer appointed in Tallow
12 Fire Personnel trained in BA course recently.
Very successful Fire Awareness week which concentrated on smoke alarms. All
crews took to the streets in the County for this.
New water tanker purchased for Kilmacthomas at a cost of €305,000

This concluded the meeting.

     Matters Arising from Report
In responding to queries from Cllr.Orla Russell in relation to the use of the Fire
Brigade as defibrillator first responders, the Town Manager indicated that Fire
Personnel are trained to use defibrillator in the line of fire service duty. They cannot
take the place of the Ambulance Service as first responders in such cases. It was
agreed that the Town Clerk would contact Nicky Glynn, Chief Ambulance Officer in
the HSE to seek HSE reports in this regard.

Cllr Orla Rusell circulated a photo of the radon testing device. The Town Manager
pointed out that since 2008 all new houses are fitted with a Radon Barrier.

Cllr. Jan Rotte queried Caredoc derfibrillator services highlightiing that Lismore has
an outstation which can be used by Caredoc. Cllr. David Whelan confirmed that the
Health Centre is being occasionally used at nightime by Caredoc but it is not a
permanent station as was originally promised for Lismore. Cllr Julie Landers said that
people had been complaining recently about having to walk to the monument to meet
the Ambulance bus. Cllr David Whelan added that this arrangement is in place with 3
Report on the Lismore Heritage Company Community Services Sub Committee
Meeting held at the Civic Offices, Lismore on Monday 4th October.

 Councillor Ken Madden provided the following report from this meeting. In the
absence of Cllr. Madden, the report was read out by Cllr. Orla Russell.

The meeting was told that there had been an increase in business year to date of c. 6%
in revenue from visitor numbers and a c. 7-8% in revenue from the center shop. The
revenue from Primary Schools was on par with the previous year.

The Company had employed a new member of staff who was presently being trained
and the existing staff was also undergoing further training to enhance the services and
visitor experience.

In Health & Safety, discussions were to take place regarding an air conditioning unit
and a review of the alarm service contracts will also be conducted.

The Community Services Celebration Day was hailed as a great success and it is
envisaged to hold a similar event next year.

A new Company website was also nearing completion and should become live online
shortly. The Company was looking ahead to the annual Christmas Sale and also to an
enhanced Science Programme for 2011.

The meeting then concluded.

4. Notices of Motion

Proposed by Cllr. Jan Rotte, seconded by Cllr. Bernard Leddy.

“That Lismore Town Council set up a number of Town Policy Committees”
In setting out the context for this Notice of Motion, Cllr. Jan Rotte highlighted the
benefits of such committees among which would be that the expertise of the
Councillors would not be lost. He felt the existence of these committees would
guarantee input to, and feedback from, SPC’s. The Town Clerk suggested that the
committees as proposed were similar to Municipal Policy Committees which are in
existence in mainly larger towns. She also indicated that it would be of concern that
such committees would carry an overhead and she suggested that attracting more
overheads would not be a welcome development at this current time. The Town
Manager highlighted that Lismore Town Council do have an input in that they have a
representative on all the SPC’s, and the County Development Board, and Lismore
Heritage Company and feedback is received through the reports provided by these
Councillors following their attendance at the SPC meetings. The Town Clerk added
that in addition to this, the option of sending written submissions/letters from Lismore
Town Council could also be used. Cllr Jimmy O’Gorman, suggested that in many
ways the Town Council itself was only a sub-committtee and he felt that the Council
did not have enough involvement to merit setting up such committees. This sentiment
was echoed by a number of Councillors. Following the debate, the Motion was voted
down and Cllr Rotte was advised that the issue could be considered again in the
5. Correspondence

Portlaoise Town Council
The Town Clerk confirmed that a letter had been received from Portlaoise Town
Council detailing three Notices of Motion which had been passed at their October
meeting as follows;

“ That this Town Council calls on the Government to extend the Bakc to School
Clothing Allowance to self employed people who are living on the edge”

“That this Town Council calls on the Government to extend the Family Income
Supplement (FIS) to self employed people.”

“ That this Town Council calls on the Minister for Finance not to impose any cuts on
the old age pension in the forthcoming budget”

It was agreed that Lismore Town Council was supportive of all three Motions and that
the Town Clerk would issue correspondence to the relevant government department in
this regard.

Naas Town Council
The Town Clerk confirmed that a letter had been received from Naas Town Council
detailing a Notice of Motion passed at their October meeting as follows;

“That this Town Council immediately write to the Minister for Health and Children,
Mary Harney T.D., urging her to reconsider the site for the proposed National
Children’s Hospital”

Cllr Orla Russell indicated that she was strongly in disagreement with the withdrawal
of services from Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin and move these
services to the proposed new children’s hospital. She said that €20,000 had been
raised in County Waterford with the assistance of the Fire Brigade for Crumlin to
make these services available there. She indicated that similar fundraisers had been
held all over Ireland. Cllr’s Leddy and O’Gorman also voiced their disagreement to
the location of the proposed new hospital citing traffic difficulties as a potential issue.
It was agreed that the Town Clerk would write to Naas Town Council confirming the
support of Lismore Town Council for their Motion. The Town Clerk also agreed to
write to the Minister highlighting the dissatisfaction of Lismore Town Council with
the proposal.

Monaghan Town Council
The Town Clerk confirmed that a letter had been received from Monaghan Town
Council detailing a Notice of Motion passed at their September meeting as follows;

“That this Council vehemently opposes any proposal to abolish Town Councils, a
move that would deprive the citizens access to the most basic form of democracy”

Cllr Jimmy O’Gorman initiated support for this Motion followed by Cllr Orla Russell.
They indicated that savings could be made in reducing TD’s salaries and state cars in
lieu of abolishing Town Councils. These sentiments were supported by all present. It
was agreed that Town Clerk would issue correspondence pledging support from
Lismore Town Council in this regard.
The AMAI Newsletter dated September 2010 was circulated to those present by the
Town Clerk. Cllr Jan Rotte indicated that the AMAI were launching a book on the
“History of Irish Towns” on the 19th November. He added that a copy is to be given to
each Town Council Free of Charge”

6. Any Other Business

Grow it Yourself Ireland
Cllr Bernard Leddy informed the meeting that he had been asked to get involved in
this group, who are a National Network of people who home grow vegetables. The
Town Clerk suggested that this would fit in well with the concept of allotments. She
indicated that Waterford County Council had advertised and allotment scheme for
Dungarvan and Tramore some years ago. The Town Clerk agreed to obtain more
information on this scheme before the next meeting.

NRA Signage
Cllr Bernard Leddy highlighted his observations in relation to the format of NRA
Road Signage which is in his opinion is upside down. He added that the signage does
not fit in with how English is read and would be more suited to Chinese or Arabic
He indicated that the “Prepare to Stop” sign at the monument was a good example of
the type of signage to which he referred. The Town Clerk agreed to write to the NRA
seeking confirmation of the rationale for such signage.

Bin for Tallow Road
Cllr Julie Landers requested that a refuse bin be placed on the Tallow Road in the
region of Hornibrooks. The Town Clerk said there was a difficulty with vandalism
and mis-use of bins but that she would discuss the possibility of this location for a bin
with the Area Engineer.

Killahala – Glaring Signage
Cllr Julie Landers commented on how glaring the signs at the site of the recent
roadworks in Killahala were. The Town Clerk replied that Waterford County Council
was legally obliged to have such signage in place for a period of time after completion
of the roadworks.

Dan Shanahan Biography
Cllr Joe Tobin congratulated Dan Shanahan on the launch of his biography ”If You
Don’t Know Me Don’t Judge Me”. He added that Dan was a great ambassador for the

Clarification on Role of County Councillors in setting Rates
Cllr Jimmy O’Gorman requested the Town Manager to clarify if the County
Councillors had a role in the setting of rates. The Town Manager responded by
explaining that the rates are decided as part of the budgetary process and in adopting
the budget, the Councillors are also adopting the rate in the euro. He went on to
explain that the valuation of premises is set by the valuation office in Dublin.
Cllr Bernard Leddy asked if Waterford County Council would be looking at an
amelioration of rates for newly established businesses as one other local authority had
done. The Town Clerk indicated that any such scheme would require approval of the

Ball Alley
Cllr Orla Russell queried as to when work on the Ball Alley would commence. The
Town Clerk indicated that once current works in Parks Road were completed by Area
Staff that the Ball Alley, and Footpaths would be next to commence. She added that
the Area Engineer had examined the structure and was satisfied that there was no
immediate danger. The first part of the work involved hiring in a hoist to remove
loose stones.

Lights on Bridge
Cllr Jimmy O’Gorman requested that arrangements be made to have the lights on the
Bridge cleaned. The Town Clerk agreed to discuss the matter with the Area Engineer.

Boundary Wall
Cllr Orla Russell requested the Town Manager to examine the issue in relation to the
boundary wall between New Street & Railway Gardens.

Bottle Bank
In response to a query regarding the proposed relocation of the Bottle Bank to the
Community Centre, the Town Clerk indicated that it was her intention to write to the
Secretary of Lismore GAA Club seeking a meeting to discuss the matter.

This concluded the business of the Meeting.

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