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									                                       SMEs Division

Activities of SMEs Division
                 May 2008

         Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya
 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division
 World Intellectual Property Organization
                                          SMEs Division

Basic Facts about WIPO
      WIPO’s Mission:
      To promote the protection of IP rights
         worldwide and extend the benefits
         of the international IP system to all
         member States

       Status: An int’l intergovernmental organization
       Member States: 184
       Staff: 932 from 98 countries
       Treaties Administered: 24
       Decisions by: GA, WIPO Conference
       Guiding Principles: Transparency, Accountability,

                                                                                   SMEs Division

          WIPO Milestones : 1883 to 2007
                                                                   1970          Madrid Protocol

                                                            1970          PCT

                                                                   WIPO established
                                                            WIPO Convention

                                  1925           BIRPI moves to Geneva

                                          Hague Agreement

              1891           BIRPI
       1886            Madrid Agreement

1883           Berne Convention

       Paris Convention
                                        SMEs Division

 Outreach and Capacity Building

      Public Sector & Policy-Makers

Building awareness                   Property

Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Universities, R & D
Institutions, General Public & Civil Society 4
                                     SMEs Division

           WIPO‟s Activities

Services                          Norm-
 to                               Setting

              Enterprise and
           Economic Development             5
                                      SMEs Division

SMEs Division: Background

• In September 2000, the WIPO Assemblies
  approved the creation of “a substantial
  new program of activities, focusing on the
  IP-related needs of SMEs worldwide”

• October 2000: SMEs Division established

                                                              SMEs Division

  Women Entrpreneurs and SMEs
• In developed countries, 40 to 50 % of SMEs are owned and
  run by SMEs
   – Women are actual or potential owners of trademarks, service marks,
     trade names as well as of industrial designs, patents and copyright.

• Pivotal Role of Women in Knowledge Driven Society
   – From „feminine‟ oriented business, home and family related inventions
     such as toys and disposal diapers
   – To professional research scientists as biology, medicine, genetic
     engineering, and information technology

• One of the major challenges of the 21st Century
   – To ensure that women gain equal opportunities of access, advancement
     and recognition
                                     SMEs Division

SME‟s Product and Intellectual Property
• Patent for the fountain pen that
  could store ink
• Utility Model for the grip and
  pipette for injection of ink
• Industrial Design: smart design
  with the grip in the shape of an
• Trademark: provided on the
  product and the packaging to
  distinguish it from other pens
Source: Japanese Patent Office             8
                                          SMEs Division

SME‟s Product and Intellectual Property

• Trade secrets for undisclosed
  information of commercial value
• Copyrights and RRs for cultural,
  artistic and literary works including
  computer software and compilation
  of data
• Geographical Indication for
  denominations for goods of a given
  quality or reputation attributable to
  the geographic origin
                                       SMEs Division

New Business Models Emerge
    Then…                     Now…

                      CRO’s                  CRM’s

      Product                  Development

                     Tool                    Testing
                   Companies                 Services

  One Integrated       Many Distributed
    Company              Companies

                                                                       SMEs Division

    New Regional Model Emerge
           Then…                                       Now…
                                                                         Region D
                                            Region A
                                                       Region B
                                                                  Region C
                                                                             Region G

                                            Region E        Region F

      Self-contained                           Specialized,
     regional clusters                      networked regions

                                          SMEs Division

 Commercialization Model
• Strategic Investment is the Foundation of a
     Successful Commercialization Model

                           SMEs Division

•   1.   Demystification
•   2.   New audience
•   3.   New Areas
•   4.   Proactive
•   5.   E-Services
•   6.   Partnerships

                                    SMEs Division

      (1) Demystification
•   National Studies on SME Development
•   Publications/Guides
•   Events and expert missions
•   Website and newsletter
•   Multimedia Product (IP PANORAMA)
•   Original Articles
•   Case Studies
                                               SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Guides)
  • WIPO/ITC Guide on Marketing of Crafts and
    Visual Arts; Role of Intellectual Property; A
    practical guide
  • WIPO/ITC Guide on Secrets of Intellectual
    Property: Guide for Small and Medium Sized
  • WIPO/ITC Guide on Exchanging Value:
    Negotiating Technology Licensing Agreements -
    A Training Manual
  • ITC Guide on Exporting Automotive Components
  • ITC Guide on Pharmaceutical SMEs (Forthcoming)

SMEs Division

                         SMEs Division

  (1) Demystification (Guides)
IP for Business Series
• Making a Mark
• Looking Good
• Inventing the Future
• Creative Expression

                       SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Guides)

                                                                 SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Guides)
 • Translation and/or customization:
 • One or more guides, completed or ongoing in the following 60 countries:
 • Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
   Czech Republic, Democratic People‟s Republic of Korea,
   Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia,
   Hungary, India, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jamaica,
   Kenya, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia,
   Malta, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique,
   Nepal, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia,
   Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey,
   Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam
 • 16 members countries of the OAPI (combined, single version)

                              SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (New Guides;
      under preparation)
    •   IP in Franchising
    •   Valuation of IP
    •   Open Innovation
    •   Trade Secrets
    •   Photographers
    •   Patent Information
    •   Trademark Licensing
                                      SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Events)
 • Special programs, seminar and
   workshops organized by the SMEs
   Division in Geneva in partnership with
   selected associations and organizations
 • Annual WIPO Forum on IP and SMEs
   for IP Offices of OECD Countries

                                          SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Website)

    • Website of the SMEs Division in six UN
      languages (English, French, Spanish,
      Arabic, Russian and Chinese)
    • More than 2.2 million pages views in 2007
    • Contents include sections such as IP for
      Business, IP and E-Commerce, Activities,
      Best Practices, Case Studies and Documents

                        SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Website)

                                 SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Newsletter)
 • Monthly e-newsletter in the 6 UN
   languages (Free)
 • Content includes articles, updates
   with information, links and
 • Launched in August 2001
 • Total number of subscribers: >26,000
                                       SMEs Division

 (1) Demystification (CD-ROM)

 • 50,000 copies of the SMEs Division CD-ROM
   distributed to SME support institutions, IP
   Offices and others worldwide
• Marketing and customization
• E-learning CD ROM (in
   partnership with KIPO: “IP

                               SMEs Division

                                                             SMEs Division

developed by KIPO, KIPA and WIPO from 2004 to 2007

      Basic Modules                   Advanced Modules

1. Importance of IP for SMEs      6. Patent Information
2. Trademarks and Industrial      7. Technology Licensing in a
   Designs                           Strategic Partnership
3. Invention and Patent           8. IP in the Digital Economy
4. Trade Secrets                  9. IP and International Trade
5. Copyright and Related Rights   10. IP Audit

                                                                                       SMEs Division

Women Characters in IP PANORAMA

                  Samantha             Carly              Jee-won           May            Donna
   Susan                                                                                Business Partner
                  Mobile Phone        CEO of              CEO of           IP Lawyer
CEO of Tekor                                              Tolmnex                         in Tostralia
                   Designer          Mobile Shot
 and Seona

               Nicole            Esther            Anna               Jessica          Trisha
           Product Designer IP team manager Freelance Designer      R&D Director   CEO of Saomink
                                                                     of Tolmnex

   Eleven women characters in IP PANORMA are playing important
       roles as CEO, manager, lawyer, designer and researcher.
                                                  SMEs Division

(1) Demystification (Articles)
• Some articles recently published:
    Trade Secrets and Employee Loyalty
    Introduction of Changes to the Hague System for the
     International Registration of Industrial Designs
    Clusters of Innovation and Life Sciences
    University Trademark Licensing: Creating Value
     Through a "Win-Win" Agreement
    Independent Existence or Coexistence of Identical or
     Similar Trademarks
    SMEs or Micromultinationals? Leveraging the Madrid
     System for International Branding

                                              SMEs Division

         (2) New Audience
•   Bringing IP issues to SME events
•   Bringing new business perspective to IP events
•   New partnerships: Open door policy
•   IGOs; government focal points; SME support,
    training and financial institutions; chambers of
    commerce and industry; SME associations; SME
    research institutions; private sector institutions,
    universities; etc...

                                                               SMEs Division

                 (3) New Areas
• IP and Financing (Business Angels, Venture capitalists, securitization):
  Intellectual Capital Readiness
• Accounting and Valuation of IP assets; IP Report
• IP Asset Management, IP Due Diligence and IP Audit
• Fiscal policies and IP (tax incentives for R&D activities, patenting,
  licensing, etc.)
• IP services to tenants of incubators, IP needs of SMEs in agribusiness,
  biotechnology, handicrafts, software, textiles, tourism, etc
• IP Issues in Franchising
• Geographical Indications, Collective Marks, Certification Marks
• Masters Program on IPRs for SMEs (Caserta, Italy)
• Courses/Modules on Business Aspects of IPRs for University Students in
  MBA, Engineering, Biotechnology, International Business, and other
  programs/courses (based on SMEs Division‟s publications and IP
                      SMEs Division

(4) Being Proactive
 • Original Content
 • Links
 • Best Practices
 • Case Studies
 • Country Studies
                                     SMEs Division

            (5) E-Services
•   Web site content
•   SME mail
•   E-mail newsletter; monthly
•   Distance learning (IP PANORAMA)
•   Best Practices on IPR Support Services

                                                SMEs Division

     (6) Partnerships with…
• National and Regional IP Offices
• National SME focal points in government, private sector
• Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICC)
• SME Associations (INSME); Cooperatives
• Incubators, Science Parks, Technology Parks
• Universities; R & D Institutions
• Private Sector Consultants
• SME Finance Institutions (including business angels and
  venture capitalists)
• Other UN Agencies (ITC, ILO, UNIDO, AfDB)
• OECD, Multilateral Investment Fund of IADB
                                         SMEs Division

(6) Partnerships for…
• Joint events
• National adaptation/customization
• Teaching/Training (Training the Trainers)
• New Guides (LES International: Trademark
• Surveys/studies
• Expert missions
• Policy guidance and input

                                                        SMEs Division

WIPO SMEs Web-Site
                                           Guriqbal Singh Jaiya
“IP for Business Series” in Publications
“IP Panorama” in Multimedia      


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