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Housing Rights Counseling
Explaining to our clients the laws or regulations that are applicable to their situation and their options
for action

Legal Advocacy
HRI operates a certified Lawyer Referral Service (00120) with panels of attorneys who accept referrals
regarding tenant/landlord law, personal injury, fair housing, real estate fraud, predatory lending and

Provide Information
About small claims court and other self-advocacy options.

Fair Housing Investigation
Illegal housing discrimination is when one person is treated differently than another person because of
such personal characteristics as race, religion, sexual orientation, presence of children in the family or
because a member of the household has a disability. We provide information, advocacy and counseling
to our clients who have been discriminated against.

First-time Homeowners Education
We provide classes to clients who are hoping to become home owners for the first time.

Foreclosure Counseling
We provide one-on-one counseling to clients who are going through foreclosure or in danger of

Apartment and Housing Lists
We provide lists and assistance in looking for places to live.

To find out more about any of these services call 1-866-468-0133.


Housing Rights, Inc. was founded in 1979 by a law student who could not find housing because she had
young children. We are committed to seeing that that does not happened to others. Our mission is to
fight for equal access to housing for everyone by eliminating barriers to housing choice such as
discrimination, sub-standard housing, ignorance, apathy and malice in order to eradicate illegal housing
discrimination, prevent evictions/foreclosures and encourage diversity in our neighborhoods.

The Mount Diablo Housing Opportunity Center opened in Concord in 2008. The Center is dedicated to
preventing housing discrimination and ensuring access to affordable housing to residents of Concord.
The Center is co-located and partners with Monument Community Partnership.

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2699 Monument Blvd.
Suite G
Concord, CA 94520

Phone: 1-866-469-0133


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Apartment Listings

       Craigslist: Click on "California", then "san francisco bay area", then "housing" and then use the
        search function -

       Eastbay Express Listings -

       Oakland Tribune Listings -

       Contra Costa Affordable Housing Listings
       Affordable Housing in Solano County
       Marin County Affordable Housing
       Alameda County Affordable Housing
       HUD
       Apartment Complexes in Concord (when you click this a new tab should open up with a word
        document that i'm going to send to you- concord apartment listings)

First Time Homebuyers

       The Homeownership Information Center by Housing rights -
       Habitat for Humanity East Bay -
       Wells Fargo First Time Homeownership Guide
       Information for First Time Homebuyers in Contra Costa County (Information in the second
        document I'm emailing you - homebuyer take 2 or something like that - all that information
        should be on the website, but not in a word document.)

Financial Fitness and Banking Resources

       Wells Fargo Financial Education Resources
       Federal Deposit Insurance Corportation Financial and Banking Education Resources -
       Freddie Mac Financial Education and Tools


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Housing Rights for Seniors
The Basics
       It is illegal for a landlord to ask an applicant for information about mental and physical health, or
        to try to dissuade a prospective tenant or buyer because of age of disability.
       It is illegal for a lanflord to discriminate against a senior tenant. For instance, service animals
        and care providers must be allowed.
       It is illegal for advertising to discourage senior or those with disabilities from applying.

Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications

       Fair Housing laws provide certain renters with the right to reasonable accomodations and
        modifications. This means that senios who have a disability are entitled to reasonable changes
        in policies, practices or procedures and modifications to their rental until. An example of a
        reasonable modification is a wheel chair ramp or grab bars.
       If you feel your landlord or potential landlord is denying you reasonable accommodation or
        modification, contact us at 1-866-469-0133 and we can help you.

Housing Options

       While seniors have the right to access the same housing as everyone else, there are also a
        number of housing options designed specifically for seinors. There are housing developments
        that only senior may access and assisted living facilities.
       US Department of Health Eldercare Locator:, 1866677116
       Area Agency on Aging Senior Information Line 1800 510 2020
       Califrnia and Department of Fair Enployment and Housing 18002333212 or
       Or, call us for assistance!

Housing Rights for Families for Children

       Families with children are protected from discrimination under fair housing laws.

A Bit of History

       In 1968 the federal government passed a law called the Fair Housing Act. It has undergone a
        number of amendments sine its inception and today prohibits landlords, real estate agents,
        home-selers and banks from discriminating against people based on national origin, race,
        religion, sexual preference, family status etc. Before this law was passed, renter with children
        became a protected group under fair housing laws, studies had shown that 25% of all rental
        units excluded familties with chidlren and that 50% of all units has policies that treated families
        with children different from other tenants. Many tenants with children were unable to live in the
        housing of their choice. In 1988 both the federal government and California amended their
        existing fair housing laws to extend protection to residents according to their family status.

What does familial status discrimination look like?

       Refusing to rent or sell to families with children
       Giving families with children different terms or conditions than other residents.
       Charging higher security deposits or rent to families with children.
       Requiring families with children to live on certain floors in certain buildings.
       Advertising that dissuades families with children from applying

Housing Rights for Immigrants

If you are reading this page, you probably know that immigrants often experience barriers to tenancy in
rental housing. Some landlord request proof of lawful immigration status frm prospective tenants.
Others require a valid social security number and ID from prospective tenants.

According to Section 1940.3 of the California Civil Code it is illegal for a landlord to inquire about the
immigration citizenship status of a tenant or prospective tenant. Oftentimes a policy of exclusion based
on immigration status is also a pretext for exclusion based on race, religion or national origin. This kind
of discrimination is illegal.

It is legal for a landlord to request that a prospective tenant provide information necessary to
determind or verify the financial qualifications or identify of a prospective tenant. But it is illegal to do
so with the intent of exclusion based on immigration status, race, color, religion or national origin.

Immigrants - regardless of legal status - are entitled to pursue legal action against landlord who they
feel have discriminiated against them based on immigration status, race, color, religion or national

Another abuse that non-citizen immigrants may encounter from landlords is threats and coercion based
on imiigration status. Landlords may threaten tenants with reportage to ICE (INS) when they have
found out that tenants have complaied to a public agency, fair housing grtoup, or a landlord-tenantn
cunseling group about discrimination, sub-standard conditions, or other problems. Threat of reportage
to the INS is unlawful coercion or retailation of a tenant who is attempting to exercise their legitimate
housing rights. Reportage of immigration status to the ICE (INS) by a landlord is not within a landlord's

Housing Rights for People with Disabilities

What Are People With Disabilities Protected From?

It is unlawful for a housing provider to refuse to rent or sell to a pseron because of a disability. A
housing provier may not impose different application or qualification criteria, rental feed or sale prices,
and rental or sales terms or conditions than those required of or provided to eprson who are not

What are people with disablities entiteled to?
Fair housing laws require housing providers to make reasonable accomodations for persons with
disabilities. A reasonable accomodation is a change in rules, policies, ractices, or services so that a
person with a diability will have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit or common
Fair housing laws also require housing providers to allow person with disabilities to make reasonable
modifications. A reasonable modification is a structural modification that is made to allow persons with
disabilities the full enjoyment of the housing and related facilities, such as installing a ramp or grab-
bars. (Note: Reasonable accomodations are usually made at the resident's expense. However, if you
life in Federally asisted housing he housing provider may be required to pay for the modification.
More Information
 Your local Center for Assisted Living offers a number of services to people with disabilities, including
help making important modification to housing. You can get in touch with the California Foundation for
Independent Living Centers at 1.916.325.1690 or at
California Department of Fair Employment and Housing 1-800-233-3212