A new lease of life

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TOUCH Adoption Services

A new lease of life
Mission Impossible
      orn with no anus and a severe congenital condition of
      exposed bladder, Baby TY was found abandoned and
      left to die on the streets in China last year. Thankfully,
he was picked up by passing Catholic nuns who brought him
to Blue Sky Healing Home, a medical and physical therapy
foster home in Beijing, after the local town hospital and
orphanage gave up on him.
    The odds were great. Baby’s TY’s medical condition was
a life and death situation that would require expensive and
extensive surgeries. After some deliberation, Blue Sky decided
to send Baby TY to Singapore for surgery, and contacted
TOUCH Adoption Services (TAS) and appealed for help.

Mission Possible
“When we first heard of Baby TY’s plight, we felt we had to
do something to help him. We felt sorry that he had to go
                                                                       Joyful Moments: Baby TY in the arms of his nanny from Blue Sky, and flanked by TAS staff and friends.
through so much – being an orphan and having to fight for
his life. In fact one of our staff could not handle seeing photos
of his condition,” said Ms Teo Seok Bee, Senior Manager of             “We could see the change in him…he has brightened
TAS. Immediately, Seok Bee and team started their search               up so much and smiles more readily. Perhaps he is
for a foster family. Within two days, the Marshalls responded.         thinking – ‘I am one year old now and I want to be
With four children, three of whom were adopted, they were
keen to help. In December 2005, Baby TY arrived in Singapore
                                                                       happy everyday now that I am alive.’”
with a nanny from Blue Sky and stayed at the Marshalls’                                                                           - Teo Seok Bee, Senior Manager of TAS
home. Since then Baby TY has undergone three surgeries at
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Despite the “death                 since his first birthday, he has brightened up so much and
sentence” passed to him at birth, Baby TY’s will to live is            smiles more readily. Perhaps he is thinking – ‘I am one year
strong. Doctors and nurses who attended to his case described          old now and I want to be happy everyday now that I am alive.’
him as a “fighter” who was not prepared to give up. Despite                While recuperating from his surgery, Baby TY was hit by a
the after-effects of surgery and the pain of injections, Baby          serious infection that reopened his wound. As a result, he will
TY hung on to his little life.                                         be due for another major surgery in a few months’ time. The
    Baby TY not only survived; he celebrated his first birthday        road ahead will be tough for Baby TY having to live with a
here in Singapore in April when TAS organised a birthday               colostomy bag and a catheter for the rest of his life. Baby TY
party for him. Friends and nurses joined in the mini-celebration       is now in Beijing to be nursed back to health till he is ready
at his ward with a birthday cake, food, balloons and many              for his next surgery. He is beginning to walk and talk now.
gifts. Said Seok Bee, “We could see the change in him. When
Baby TY first arrived, he sometimes carried a sad look. But
                                                                       A fighter, always a fighter
                                                                       “We know that Baby TY will fight a good fight,” said Seok
                                                                       Bee. “His name in Chinese means ‘Heaven blessed’ and we
                                                                       know he is not alone in this journey. He is blessed with the
                                                                       love and support from Blue Sky, the hospitable foster parents,
                                                                       the caring nurses and doctors from the hospital, all of us at
                                                                       TAS and the many friends who have cared for him during his
                                                                       stay here. And he is dearly missed by all of us here.”
                                                                          TAS believes that every child is a gift. Although there are
                                                                       some children who may not have the opportunity to be adopted,
      A New Beginning:                                                 they deserve a chance in receiving medical help and celebrating
Baby TY after his surgery.                                             their birthdays – just like any other children.

                                   This report was submitted by Ms Teo Seok Bee, Senior Manager of TAS.
                                For more information, please call 6317 9995 or email adoption@touch.org.sg.

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