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					     October 2003


I NSIDE             Learnerships attract
3 Easier, quicker
                    Presidential attention
  grant disburse-   President Thabo Mbeki is taking       year, when the President reviewed           learnerships, Mopaki said Isett
  ments in the      a personal interest in plans to       the programme’s progress.                   Seta was delighted to be part of
                    sign up 100 unemployed people                                                     the i-Community programme.
                    for learnerships that will enable     Among the delegates there to                “Provinces such as Limpopo and
                    them to participate actively in       meet him was Oupa Mopaki, CEO               Mpumalanga are sorely in need of
3 Free training     supporting community-based            of Isett Seta, which has thrown its         skills development, yet tend to
                    ICT infrastructure in                 weight behind i-Community by                take a backseat to those such as
  offered to        Mogalakwena in Limpopo                agreeing to facilitate learnerships         Gauteng and the Western Cape.
  levy-paying       Province.                             for 100 unemployed people from              This learnership project is a
  SMMEs                                                   the local community. Of these, 25           welcome departure that will help
                    The learnerships are part of a                                                    redress that imbalance.”
                    broad-based ICT programme,            will enrol for learnerships in technical
4 R50 million       known as i-Community, launched        support, 25 in systems support, 25
                                                                                                      He added that there was a clear
                    by President Mbeki and Hewlett        in call centre technology and 25 in
  in cash ear-      Packard (HP) Chairman Carly
                                                                                                      match between the goals of Isett
                                                          venture creation. Once qualified,
                                                                                                      Seta and the i-Community
  marked to help    Fiorina in September 2002 during      the 100 graduate learners will have
                                                                                                      programme. “Both emphasise
  companies         the United Nations World Summit       opportunities to become involved
                                                                                                      sustainability and the empower-
                    on Sustainable Development.           with the various ICT components
  cover learner-    More than 58% of Mogalakwena
                                                                                                      ment of people to take their
                                                          of the i-Community infrastructure,
                                                                                                      destinies into their own hands by
  ship training     residents are unemployed and          currently being managed by HP.
                    approximately 54% are illiterate.                                                 developing skills that are relevant,
  costs and                                               Commenting on the planned
                                                                                                      flexible and in high demand.”
  allowances        i-Community, run as a public
                    private partnership between
                    community stakeholders, local and
5 Two telecoms      provincial government and the
  learnerships      private sector, led by HP, is aimed
  now registered    at transforming Mogalakwena
                    into a self-sustaining community
                    through ICT-enabled solutions.
8 Looking for       These include a call centre and
                    23 community access points,
                    together consisting of more than
                    200 networked computers.

                    On launching the programme last
                    September, President Mbeki
                    pledged to visit Mogalakwena
                    after a year. That visit took place   President Thabo Mbeki visited Mogalakwena in Limpopo Province to review the progress
                    as scheduled on 7 September this      of the i-Community project, in which Isett Seta has become a partner.
                                            Editorial note

                                            It’s no coincidence that this           Because of this balanced blend of       allowances, which are mandatory
                                            issue of Isett News is                  skills, learners are ready to be        by law. To lessen the load on
                                            dominated by the latest                 productive employees by the time        industry, Isett Seta has decided to
                                            developments in learnerships.           they graduate. Even if they don’t       pour all available funding into
                                            For a sector hard hit by the            get permanent jobs with the             providing financial support for
                                            brain drain and the national            companies who took them                 employers and training providers
                                            shortage of work-ready people           through the learnerships, their         who participate in learnerships.
                                            with technology skills,                 chances of finding employment
                                            learnerships are a win-win              elsewhere in the sector are             The financial incentives are in place,
                                            skills development solution.            excellent. After all, each of the       the learnerships are up and running
                                                                                    learnerships available through Isett    and Isett Seta is standing by to
Isett Seta is putting its money where its   In the words of Isett Seta CEO          Seta has been specifically              smoothe the way administratively
mouth is on learnerships, says Oupa         Oupa Mopaki, industry wants             designed to meet some of the            … now it’s up to industry.
Mopaki, Chief Executive Officer             skilled workers with practical          sector’s most pressing skills gaps.
                                            workplace exposure and
                                            classroom training. That also           Granted, getting involved in a
                                            happens to be exactly what many         learnership comes with a price
                                            young job-seekers need to get a         tag. Somebody has to cover the          Clairwyn van der Merwe
                                            toe in the door of this sector.         costs of training and pay learner       Editor
       ‘What industry

      wants is skilled

        workers with                        Small companies
  practical workplace

        exposure and
                                            needn’t miss the boat
   classroom training’                      While most large and medium-            Merwe, senior manager of                learnerships. “True, at least 30%
                                            sized companies are firmly on           business development at Isett Seta.     of a learnership involves classroom
                                            board the skills development                                                    training and a two-person
                                            process, the majority of small          Small players, big                      company can ill afford to lose one
                                            enterprises are being left              returns                                 employee for that length of time.
                                            behind – and they’re missing            “Granted, small companies often         But that can be overcome by
                                            out.                                    pay very small levies and may not       teaming up with a larger company,
                                                                                    see it as worth their while to claim    that can provide replacements
                                            Latest statistics, published in Isett   back by submitting workplace skills     during the classroom training
                                            Seta’s annual report for the            plans and annual training reports,”     phase.”
                                            financial year ended March 2003,        says Van der Merwe. “What they
                                            show a strong overall increase, of      don’t realise is that the benefits of   He adds that Isett Seta is willing,
                                            35%, in the number of companies         doing this go well beyond just          eager and able to facilitate this
                                            submitting claims for skills grants.    getting back their levies.”             kind of partnership between small
                                            However, there were striking                                                    and big companies.
                                            differences in the claim rates of       These benefits include access to
                                            small, medium and large employers.      funding that can cut their own
                                            The report shows that under 14%         training costs. “Take a small
                                            of small levy-paying businesses                                                  Isett News is a quarterly newsletter for
                                                                                    company of two people who earn           stakeholders of the Sector Education and
                                            (those with fewer than 49               R200 000 a year and pays R2 000          Training Authority (Seta) for Information
                                            employees) submitted claims for         a year in skills levies,” says Van       Systems, Electronics and Telecommunica-
                                                                                                                             tions Technologies (Isett). Distributed free
                                            skills grants during the year. This     der Merwe. “Compare that                 of charge to levy-payers, this newsletter is
                                            contrasts starkly with the figure of    R2 000 with the R31 000 per              also available on the website at
                                            77% for companies with 50 to 149        learner that Isett Seta contributes
                                                                                                                             Editor: Clairwyn van der Merwe
                                            employees, and with the 88%             for learnerships, and you’re             Editorial assistant: Bongi Mthethwa
                                            claim rate among large companies        talking about a return on                Design and production: Visual Ignition
                                            with more than 150 employees.           investment of around 1 600%!”            Editorial contributions for this newsletter
                                                                                                                             can be e-mailed to
                                            “This trend is cause for concern,       He concedes that the limited             or faxed to 011 805 6833 or delivered to
                                                                                                                             Gallagher House, West Wing, 3rd Level,
                                            as small enterprises account for        personpower of such small                Block 2, Halfway House, Midrand. Please
                                            85% of all levy-payers in this          enterprises may discourage them          note that the editor reserves the right to
                                            sector,” says Wynand van der            from getting involved in                 edit material.

Easier, quicker
grant payments
To cut out delays and                   have submitted their Annual
administrative red tape linked          Training Reports. Until then, their
to grant payments, Isett Seta is        levy money sits idle in Isett Seta’s
working on a streamlined grant          bank account. The Seta can’t touch
                                                                                  Plans to streamline grant payments will be
payment system that will                it, because it belongs to levy-           high on the agenda at Isett Seta’s
benefit levy-payers and the             payers, and neither can levy-payers.      upcoming regional roadshows for
                                                                                  stakeholders, says Wynand van der
Seta alike.
                                                                                  Merwe, senior manager of Business
                                        In the interests of productivity, Isett   Development
Before going ahead with any             Seta is considering a more flexible
changes, though, Isett Seta first       approach that would give levy-
plans to test the waters with           payers two choices. One is to
levy-payers. This will happen
during a series of roadshows
                                        maintain the status quo, meaning
                                        continue submitting annual
                                                                                         Short courses
planned for the end of October
and early November.
                                        Training Reports, and wait until
                                        financial year-end for the full grant
                                        payment. The second is to submit
                                                                                           on offer
Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview
of the changes being considered
                                        an interim Training Report, possibly
                                        eight months into the financial
                                                                                          to SMMEs
for disbursing Grant A and B            year. In this case, the levy-payer           Isett Seta is developing a series of short courses for small,
payments.                               would receive part of the grant B            medium and micro enterprises in the ICT sector. These courses,
                                        payment immediately after the                available free of charge to all Isett Seta levy-paying SMMEs,
Grant A: more                           interim report has been approved,            are aimed at helping companies to sharpen their business,
money, more often                       and the rest at the end of the
                                                                                     marketing and technical skills, by covering topics such as:
Currently, levy-payers qualify for      financial year.
                                                                                     •   Financial management for non-financial managers
Grant A payments once their
                                                                                     •   Tender processes used in the ICT sector
Workplace Skills Plans have been        Roadshows the place                          •   Business strategy
approved by Isett Seta. Usually,        to have your say                             •   Business development and marketing
these levy-payers receive their first   These proposals, says Wynand van             •   Time management
grant payment four months into          der Merwe, senior manager of                 •   Customised technical training
the financial year, after which         Business Development, are aimed
monthly payments are made.              at making life easier for levy-              As the aim is to tailor all short courses to the specific needs
                                                                                     of small businesses, SMMEs interested in participating are
These monthly payments are              payers and Isett Seta. “However,
                                                                                     invited to e-mail their suggestions to Wynand van der
typically very small, but take up a     it’s important for us to have the
                                                                                     Merwe, senior manager of Business Development at Isett
disproportionate amount of              buy-in of our stakeholders. Grant
                                                                                     Seta. Depending on demand, courses will be held in towns
administrative time and effort. For     payment schedules will be high on            or cities closest to participating SMMEs.
this reason, Isett Seta is              the agenda of our upcoming
considering paying these grants         stakeholder roadshows and the                Please send your suggestions on short courses to
two or three times a year, instead      more input we get from our         , along with details of:
of monthly, meaning that levy-          stakeholders, the better.”                   • Your company’s name and contact details, including
payers would get bigger chunks of                                                       physical location.
                                                                                     • Your company’s core business and target market.
money back, with less red tape.         Stakeholder meetings will take
                                                                                     • Specific skills that your company is interested in
                                        place between 28 October and 4
Grant B: Cutting                        November, in Midrand, Cape                   • Your company’s Skill Development Levy Number
down waiting time                       Town, Durban and East London.
In the case of grant B payments,        Details of exact dates, times and            Large companies interested in becoming an
these are now paid once a year, as      venues are on Isett Seta’s website           Isett Seta partner for SMME development are
once-off amounts, after the end of      at                          also invited to send in their suggestions.
the financial year when levy-payers

                       Major cash boost for
                       ICT learnerships
                       On top of existing tax breaks,               practical working experience and             Seven learnerships
                       Isett Seta has earmarked more                theoretical knowledge. That same,
 For as long as the                                                                                              available
                       than R50 million for direct                  extremely rare combination is also
                                                                                                                 To date, Isett Seta has developed
   budget lasts,       financial support to companies               exactly what many young job-
                                                                                                                 and registered seven learnerships,
                       participating in industry                    seekers need to get a foot in the
                                                                                                                 including two new telecommuni-
    Isett Seta is      learnerships.                                door of this sector. Learnerships,
                                                                    which blend workplace exposure               cations learnerships. These are
committing in excess   This money will be used to help              and classroom training,                      listed, along with their official
                       these companies cover training               accommodate both.”                           registration numbers, on page 5.
  of R30 000 per       costs and pay learner allowances,
                       with R30 760 allocated for every             He points out that Isett Seta’s              Says Mopaki: “We anticipate that
  learner to help      learner on a level 4 learnership             learnerships have been designed              the growing number of
                       and R37 480 for a level 5                    specifically to fill pressing skills         learnerships, together with the
 companies cover
                       learnership.                                 gaps in the sector – meaning that            new financial incentives offered,
 training costs and                                                 learners acquire skills in high              makes learnerships a very
                       Return on investment                         demand throughout the sector.                attractive proposition for
learner allowances.    “This level of financial support
                                                                    “By the time they graduate,                  companies serious about skills
                       represents a major investment but
                                                                    these learners are ready to be               development.”
                       we’re convinced it will deliver
                       excellent returns – for learners             fully productive employees. And
                       and for the sector,” says Oupa               even if they are not given                   Turn to pages 7 for details on how
                       Mopaki, Chief Executive Officer              permanent positions by the                   to get started on an Isett Seta
                       of Isett Seta.                               companies implementing                       learnership.
                                                                    learnerships, their chances of
                       “What industry wants is a steady             employment elsewhere in the
                       stream of skilled people with                sector are virtually guaranteed.”

                       In one of the latest learnership agreements, 117 students from the CIDA City Campus ICT Academy are taking part in an IT Technical
                       Support Learnership in which seven companies are participating. Shaking hands on the agreement were Oupa Mopaki (left), CEO of
                       Isett Seta, and Wolfgang Jakob, CEO of T-Systems South Africa, the lead employer in the learnership consortium. The other
                       participating companies are Comptia, DEG, Cisco Systems, OutLearning, SAP and Sun Microsystems. As part of their learnership, the
                       students will be placed with the seven companies for five-week internships.
         Telecoms learnerships
         ready to roll
         Two telecommunications                   registered learnerships available through Isett Seta. All employers
         learnerships have been added             undertaking any of these learnerships qualify for financial support to the
         to Isett Seta’s growing                  tune of more than R30 000 per learner from Isett Seta, on top of tax
         portfolio of learnership                 breaks on their taxable revenue of up to R50 000 per learner.
         offerings.                                                                                                              ‘The ground is
                                                  The seven learnerships, together with their official registration numbers,
         Freshly registered and ready for         are:                                                                            fertile, all the
         roll-out, the two new telecoms
                                                  1 Solutions Development/Programming (Level 5)          12Q12001500120 5
         learnerships have been designed                                                                                       learnership systems
         to suit the demands of South             2 Systems Support (Desktop) (Level 5)                  12Q12001400120 5
         Africa’s fast-changing telecoms          3 Systems Support Engineer (Level 5)                   12Q12001100120 5       are in place and
         environment and to overcome
                                                  4 Telecommunications Practitioner (Level 4)            12Q12001200135 4         we’re ready
         industry shortages of skilled
         technicians and practitioners.           5 Telecommunications Technician (Level 5)              12Q12001300279 5
                                                                                                                                   to deliver.’
                                                  6 Technical Support (Level 4)                          12Q00001645175 4
         The two latest offerings bring to
                                                  7 Systems Development (Level 4)                        12Q00001737181 4
         seven the total number of

         Jabu returns to his
         ICT roots
         Isett Seta has filled the key            After six years with the Depart-        What’s more, the versatile Sibeko,
         position of Senior Manager,              ment of Labour, Jabu Sibeko             who majored in Political Science
         Operations, dramatically                 joined Isett Seta on 1 September        and Industrial Sociology for his
         enhancing its capacity to                this year. As Senior Manager of         BA degree from Wits University,
         deliver on key sector skills             Operations, he is responsible for       is also familiar with the dynamics
         development targets,                     Learnerships, Education and             of employer-employee
         particularly learnerships.               Training Quality Assurance, Special
                                                                                          relationships. Before joining the
                                                  Projects and Isett Seta’s three
                                                                                          Department of Labour, he spent
                                                  regional offices in Cape Town,
                                                                                          three years as education officer
                                                  Durban and East London.
                                                                                          for the National Union of
                                                  On joining the Department of            Mineworkers (NUM).
                                                  Labour in 1997, Sibeko was part
                                                  of the team who helped craft the        Here at Isett Seta, the major
                                                  Skills Development Act and the          challenge, he says, is to deliver
                                                  Skills Levy Act, paving the way for     3 500 learners by March 2005,
                                                  the establishment of the country’s      with half of them self-employed
                                                  25 Setas. He further deepened his       or in jobs within six months of
                                                  understanding of the skills             completing their learnerships.
                                                  development scenario as Seta            Already, almost 2 100 learners
                                                  liaison manager at the Department.      are taking part in different ICT
                                                                                          learnership programmes, with
                                                  But it’s not just his skills
                                                                                          another 1 000 new learners
                                                  development background that
                                                                                          to be signed up over the next
                                                  gives Sibeko an edge in his new
                                                                                          six months.
                                                  position. He’s also no stranger to
                                                  the sector, particularly electronics.
                                                  “This is where my roots are,” he        Sibeko is confident that these
                                                  says, referring to his 10-year spell    targets are reachable. “The
                                                  at SA Philips, where he started out     ground is fertile, all the
Jabu Sibeko has joined Isett Seta as senior
manager of operations, after six years with the   in 1980 as a clerk and worked his       learnership systems are in place
Department of Labour.                             way up to sales manager.                and we’re ready to deliver.”
                     Learnerships in the limelight

                     Financial support from
                     Isett: how it works
                     For as long as the budget lasts,     and R37 480 per learner on a           quarterly progress report has
                     Isett Seta will provide direct       level 5 learnership. The grants        been submitted, and a site visit
                     financial support, in the form       are paid in four separate              has been conducted by Isett
                     of grants, for every learner         instalments, over a 12-month           Seta.
                     that a participating company         period, to ensure that key learner   • Another 20% is paid after a
                     enrols. These grants are             milestones are met:                    second quarterly progress
                     intended to help cover training
                                                                                                 report and site visit have been
                     and operational costs, as well       • 30% is paid after the
                     as learner allowances.                 Learnership Agreement has
                                                                                               • A final instalment of 30% is
To qualify for tax                                          been registered.
                     The grant consists of R30 760 per    • 20% is paid when the learner         paid on completion of the
rebates, employers   learner on a level 4 learnership,      has undergone assessment, a          learnership.

 have to meet the

  conditions and     Don’t miss out on
    follow the

  procedures set
                     those tax breaks!
                     On top of Isett Seta’s direct          year can the employer claim the      ∆ Proof of compliance with all
    by SARS.         financial support for learner-         full R50 000 rebate.                   requirements of the Skills
                     ships, participating employers                                                Development Act. SARS is
                     can also qualify for handsome        • Employers can claim back 100%          developing a compliance
                     tax rebates through the South          of the allowance paid to unem-         declaration form for this
                     African Revenue Service                ployed learners, to a maximum          purpose.
                     (SARS). To qualify, however,           of R50 000.
                     employers must follow the
                                                                                               • If a learnership terminates for
                     procedures and meet the              • Employers can claim 70% of           any reason other than the death
                     conditions set by SARS. Here           the annual wages paid to an          of the learner, SARS will recover
                     are some basic guidelines for          employed learner, to a maxi-         any tax deducation allowed.
                     claiming the tax incentive.            mum of R42 500 for the year.

                     • Tax incentives can only be                                              • New tax deductions are not
                                                          • Claims are made in two equal
                       claimed if a learnership                                                  allowed if there is a change of
                                                            parts: 50% of the applicable
                       agreement has been formally                                               employer who is party to a
                                                            rebate can be claimed at the
                       registered with the employer’s                                            learnership agreement.
                                                            beginning of the learnership,
                       Seta. SARS checks this with the
                                                            meaning when the learnership
                       Seta before approving claims.                                           • Claims must be submitted on
                                                            agreement has been signed and
                                                                                                 SARS form IT 180. This form
                                                            registered with the Seta. The
                     • There are two categories of                                               can be accessed on the SARS
                                                            other 50% can be claimed
                       rebates, depending on whether                                             website at
                                                            when the rebate has been
                       or not the learner is employed.
                       In the case of unemployed            successfully completed.
                                                                                               • Full details of learnership tax
                       learners, the maximum tax
                                                          Other points to note when              incentives can be found in the
                       rebate is R50 000 per learner
                                                          claiming tax rebates are that:         Government Gazette published
                       per year. For employed learners,
                                                          • To claim, employers must             on 5 August 2002. Although
                       the maximum is R42 500.
                                                             provide SARS with:                  published in 2002, the
                                                             ∆ The name of the Seta with         incentives apply to any
                     • In both cases, these are maxi-
                       mum amounts. It is important             which the learnership            learnership agreement signed
                       to note that the actual amount           agreement is registered.         on or after 1 October 2001.
                       claimed depends on the wage           ∆ The title and code of the
                       or allowance paid to the                 learnership, as allocated by   To view this Government Gazette,
                       learner. For example, only if an         the Department of Labour.      visit the SARS website, select
                       unemployed learner receives an        ∆ The full names and identity     ‘Legislation’, then select ‘Acts’,
                       allowance totalling R50 000 a            numbers of the learners.       then select ‘Act No 30 of 2002’.

Learnerships: how to
get started
The financial incentives are in            Also decide how many learners
place, the learnerships are up             will be involved.
and running and Isett Seta is
standing by to smoothe the               Step 3: Approach
way administratively … now               Isett Seta
it’s up to industry. So how do           With the basic groundwork laid,
you get started on the                   you can now submit your written
learnership road?                        learnership proposal to Isett Seta.
                                         This step is crucial if employers
Step 1: Choose the                       want to qualify for the financial
learnership                              support available for learnerships.
Start with an analysis of the job
                                                                                                                      Standing by to
skills your company needs to             The main points to spell out in                                              smoothe your way
develop, then choose a learnership       your proposal are:                                                           on the learnership
to match these requirements.                                                                                          road are Lihle
Companies in the ICT sector have         • Your company’s skills levy                                                 Dlamini (top),
a choice of seven learnerships that        number.
                                                                                                                      Manager at Isett
Isett Seta has registered with the       • The job skills that your                                                   Seta, and Mary
Department of Labour. (See full list       organisation wants to develop                                              Woudberg,
on page 5.) Please note that Isett         through the learnership.                                                   Learnership
Seta’s financial grants only apply to    • Your choice of learnership.                                                Coordinator

these seven learnerships.                • The number of learners
                                           participating and whether they
Step 2: Put the right                      are existing employees or
people and resources                       unemployed people.
in place                                 • The training provider you have
Once you’ve chosen the learnership         selected for the learnership.
that best suits your skills needs, the
next step is to decide how the           Proposals can be sent by post or e-   Step 5: Enter into a
training will be done and who will       mail. The postal address is:          Learnership
conduct it. You also need to             Learnerships, Isett Seta, PO Box      Agreement
identify the learners who will be        5585, Halfway House 1685. Emails      This is a legal agreement between
involved, and how many.                  can be sent to Lihle Dlamini,         the employer, training provider and
                                         Learnership Manager, at               learner. It applies for the duration
• Training providers: employers or to      of the learnership and spells out
  can use a public, private or           Mary Woudberg, Learnership            the roles and responsibilities of
  inhouse training provider. Bear in     Coordinator, at                       each of the three parties. When
  mind, though, that the training           learners are unemployed, a second
  provider will have to be                                                     agreement, in the form of an
  accredited, either by Isett Seta’s     Step 4: Processing                    Employment Contract, has to be
  Education and Training Quality         the proposal                          signed. This also applies for the
  Assurance (ETQA) team or by            If your proposal meets                duration of the learnership.
  that of any other Seta or              requirements, Isett Seta’s
  accrediting agency. Also               Learnership department will           Step 6: All systems
  remember that at least 70% of a        approve it and send you a Service     go
  learnership is based on practical      Level Agreement (SLA). In this SLA,   With the paperwork done and
  workplace training. This means         Isett Seta agrees to help fund the    right people in place, it’s all
  training providers must be             learnership. It also asks the         systems go. Isett Seta’s
  equipped to handle workplace           employer to state the percentage      involvement will continue
  and classroom training.                of women, black and disabled          throughout the learnership, in the
                                         learners who will participate.        form of quarterly site visits to
• The learners: decide whether                                                 assess progress.
  your company will be sending
  existing employees on the
  learnership, or will be taking on
  unemployed people as learners.

                    Learnerships in the limelight

                    Small companies
                    also being targeted
                    An employer doesn’t have to            learnerships as impractical, it’s       from the smaller company (with
                    be big to participate in Isett         anything but – especially if it         Isett Seta carrying the learnership
                    Seta learnerships. In fact, even       teams up with a larger company.         costs through its contribution of
                    the smallest enterprises are                                                   more than R30 000 per learner).
                    ideal candidates for                   Here’s how this kind of                 Second, to avoid a situation where
                    learnerships.                          partnership could work in               the small enterprise is shortstaffed
                                                           practice. First of all, the larger      while a learner is away on training,
 CONTACT            While very small companies with        company could agree to offer            the bigger company could provide

                    two or three employees may see         workplace training to learners          a temporary replacement.
                    Looking for learners?
Head Office
 Head Office
T (011) 207 2600
 T (011) 207 2600
FF(011) 508 6833
   (011) 508 6833
                    Isett can help
                    Isett Seta has a ready-to-use database of hundreds of potential candidates for learnerships. Companies
                    wanting to participate in learnerships are welcome to use this database, which contains comprehensive CVs.
Cape Town
 Cape Town          The candidates are from all over the country and, although their experience and levels of education vary, all
T (021) 425 7736
 T (021) 425 7736   have at least a matric certificate.
                      For access to Isett Seta’s database, please contact Mary Woudberg on 011 207 2608.
T (031) 307 7248
 T (031) 307 7248   No pressure to
East London
 East London
T (043) 742 3514
 T (043) 742 3514
                    provide permanent jobs
                    Although Isett Seta encourages         The reason for this lack of             in high demand. Even if these
Call centre         participating companies to offer       pressure on participating               learners don’t get permanent jobs
 Call centre
                    permanent jobs to learners             employers is simple. All seven Isett    with the companies implementing
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                    who successfully complete a            Seta learnerships are specifically      learnerships, they have a strong
                    programme through them,                designed to address skills              chance of finding employment    there is no obligation on              shortages in the sector, meaning        elsewhere in the sector.
                    employers to do so.                    that learners acquire skills that are

                    Learnerships in a nutshell
                    A learnership is a 12-month            unemployed, an employment                To heighten learners’ chances of
                    training programme that                contract must also be reached for        success, the learnership process is
                    combines theoretical training          the duration of the learnership.         continuously monitored. All learners
                    with hands-on workplace                                                         undergo assessment before training
                    training, resulting in a nationally    To help employers pay training costs     begins, as well as throughout the
                    recognised qualification. At least     and learner allowances, Isett Seta       learnership. Assessment methods
                    70% of each learnership consists       makes a contribution of R30 760          include computer-based assessment,
                    of practical workplace training.                                                practical assignments and on-the-
                                                           per learner on a level 4 learnership,
                                                                                                    job assessment. Assessors could
                                                           and R37 480 per learner on a level
                    The three key parties to any                                                    include trainers, mentors, human
                                                           5 learnership. It’s important to note
                    learnership – learners, employers                                               resources consultants and line
                    and training providers – must enter    that these grants are linked to          managers. The assessment process
                    into a learnership agreement that      successfully completed learnerships,     is overseen by registered
                    spells out their roles and             which is why they are paid in            moderators, from inside the
                    responsibilities. Where learners are   instalments.                             company or outside.
                    1216 visual IGNITION

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