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April Skull and Bones NEWSLETTER


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									                     Skull and Bones
                April 1993                                              Gerard Louison, President

                          Mary Anne Eves, Editor, 58 Barren Road, Media PA 19063,
                      daytime: 215-941-9600; FAX: 215-941-9950; evening: 215-566-2342

As many of you know, when I moved to California the S&B officers did not keep in touch with me despite many
attempts on my part. Fortunately, this year’s President Gerard Louison did much to make up for that lack of
contact. I’d like to officially welcome our new initiates from Spring 1991 through Spring 1993.

The Skull & Bones Class of Spring 1991
Darryl Eugene Bundrige -1991-92 Executive VP Lion Ambassadors, 1991 Homecoming Court
Camille Anntonette Chang -1990-91 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Stepmistress
Anne Lydia Glosky -1990-91 Junior Committee Director, Lion Ambassadors
Dinetta Delphi Groce -1990-91 President, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Jeffrey Laurince Kemp -1991-93 Social & Educational Co-Diriector,
         Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Students Alliance
Leslie Osborn -1990-91 Undergraduate Student Government Executive Coordinator
Gayle Vanessa Ramdeen -1990-92 Editor-in-Chief, Engenuity (Penn State Engineer)
Brady James Semmel- 1991-92 Administrative Vice-President, Interfraternity Council
Steven Robert Signor -1990-91 Vice-President, Student Hearing Board
Ala M/ozi Stanford -1991 Co-Chair, Black Student Council
Mark Scott Stewart -1991-92 President, Undergraduate Student Government
Theresa Lynn Sumner -1990-91 Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Student Alliance Political Co-Director
Keirsten Leigh Walsh -1990-92 Penn State Cheerleader, 91-92 President, Delta Zeta Sorority
Kathleen Brookshier -1990-91 Secretary, Graduate Student Association
Sizwe Gladwell Mabizela -1988-89 Pres., African Students Assoc & International Student Council
Stephanie L. Barone -1988-89 President, African Students Association

The Skull & Bones Class of Fall 1991
Stephen Norris Boyd -Men’s Varsity Track Team & Eco-Action
Monroe Charles Brown, Jr. -1991-92 Captain, Men’s Varsity Basketball Team
Stephen Anthony Flores -1991-92 Captain, Men’s Varsity Fencing Team & Student Counselor
Philip Fuentes -1990-91 Co-Founder of Project Growth
Jill Lynn Harris -1991-92 Secretary, Panhellenic Council
Stacey Lynn Ishman -1991-92 Chair, Student Organization Budget Committee
Jessica Marie Maldonado -1990-91 Secretary, Puerto Rican Student Association
Geoff Straub Martha -1990-92 President, Penn State Ice Hockey Club
Tammi Cherie Mason -1990-92 President, Student Minority Advisory & Recruitment Team
John Charles Mitchell, Jr. -1989-93 Penn State Blue Band Feature Twirler
Michael Sean Ness -1992-93 Interfraternity Council Administrative Vice President
John Stanley Nugent -1991-92 Interfraternity Council Executive Vice-President
Michael Douglas Santo -1991 President, National Residence Halls Honorary
Alexander Clayton Webb -1991-92 Co-Chair National Pan-Hellenic Council
Merry! Elizabeth Werber -1991-92 Undergraduate Student Government Vice-President
Ronald George Marlow -1989-90 President, USG Senate
Robert Louis Goerder -Alumni Association International Clubs Liason
James Benjamin Stewart -Vice Provost for Educational Equity

The Skull & Bones Class of Spring 1992
Craig Dee Ashford -1991-92 Penn State Jazz Club President
John Anthony Bove -1989-92 Men’s Varsity Wrestling Team
Timothy Lindsay Durant -1991-93 Nittany Lion Mascot
Gigi Denise Highland -1991-92 Society of Manufacturing Engineers President
Joseph Alan Jorczak -1992-93 Interfraternity Council President
Christopher Louis Markham -1991-92 State College Mayoral Intern
Joseph Ali Naggar -1991-92 Sigma Alpha Epsilon President
Neena Mariam Philip -1991-92 Coordinator of Project Growth
Michelle Renee Robinson -1988-92 Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team
David Andrew Torrillo -1991-92 Undergraduate Student Government Treasurer
Christopher Edward Gazze -1991-92 Omicron Delta Kappa President

The Skull & Bones Class of Fall 1992
Kevin Cripanuk -1993 Captain, Men’s Varsity Track Team
Adam David Dombchik -1992-93 Interfraternity Council Vice-President for Relations
Michelle Marie Gentile - 1991 Homecoming Queen
Michael Thomas Gillespie, Jr. -1992-93 President, Undergraduate Student Government Senate
Valerie Lynn Gray -1992-93 President, Penn State Association of Black Journalists
Michael Dean Fletcher LaFlam -1992-93 Co-Coordinator, About Face
Heather Anne Liszka -992-93 Vice-President, Society of Women Engineers
Helen Fran Mc Dermid -1992-93 Captain. Women’s Varsity Swimming Team
Steven James Sergi -1992 Co-Captain. Men’s Varsity Soccer
Kimberly Susan Snyder -1992-93 Executive Vice-President, Lion Ambassadors
Daniel Jo Sweeney -1992-93 Administrative Vice-President Panhellenic Council
Desiree Michelle Trader -1992-93 President, Black Caucus
Craig Richard Waldo -1991-93 Political Co-Dir, Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Student Alliance
Tricia Ann Waniewski -1992-93 President, USG Academic Assembly
Shawn Michelle Arango -1991-93 Trainer, Center for Conflict Management
Ricardo Edward Hall -1991 Tri-Captain, Men’s Varsity Indoor Track Team
Lawrence W. Young -Director, The Paul Robeson Cultural Center

The Skull & Bones Class of Spring 1993
John Uzoma Ekwugha Amaechi -Men’s Varsity Basketball Team
Olga Alex Chernyak -1992 National Fencing Champion (Foil)
Carla Linn Coleman -Women’s Varsity Basketball
Amy Lynn Dorenfeld -1992-93 Judicial Board Chair, Panhellenic Council
Thomas Walter Dymek -1993-94 Administrative Vice-President, IFC
Jennifer Christine Eggers -1993-94 President, Business Student Roundtable
Gregory Neal Huckstep -1993-94 Co-Chair. National Pan-Hellenic Council
Michael John Imm -Men’s Varsity Soccer
Erich Gerenser May -1993-94 President, USG-Academic Assembly
Christine Margaret McGinley -1993 Co-Captain, Women’s Varsity Field Hockey
David Lesly Muir -1993 Co-Captain, Men’s Varsity Volleyball
Lilian Marie Rodriguez -1992-93 President, Asian-American Student Coalition
Randal Lucas Shelly -1992-93 Tri-Captain, Men’s Varsity Swimming
Mark Shiner -1992-93 Political Co-Director, Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Student Alliance
Nancy Jane Jennifer Narcum -Leadership Coordinator, Student Organization Resource Center
Lamont O’Neil -1991-93 Vice-President, Jazz Club & United Soul Ensemble
Anne Katherine Ard - Senior Diversity Planning Analyst. Office of Vice Provost

                                               The President’s Message

There is so much to write about, but I will try to keep it short. I would like to congratulate Brothers Tony Knific (FA
’88), Mark Stewart (SP ’90), and Bill Cluck (SP ’81) for making it out to the Formal Initiation Night for the Spring 1993
Tap Class. We had another long night as I am sure many of you all remember too well! They are a good group and
the Active Chapter will benefit as we always have in the past. For those not able to make it out to this past initiation,
we’ll keep you posted on the Fall date in the next newsletter.

As many of you have gathered by now, the planned 80th Anniversary Celebration/Reunion will not be held in April
and instead will be pushed back until the Fall. It seems that everyone is planning something on that weekend since
last Spring, thus we could not find a location to hold 200-300 Bones. We also needed 3 things that we did not have:
1) Money; 2) Money; and 3) Time. Seriously, our dire straits financially kept us out of several places requiring a
financial guarantee on the banquet room (we had no problem reserving blocks of rooms).

This points up to why we so desperately need a functioning, incorporated Alumni Association of the Bone. We need
this for 4 reasons: 1) Continuity of organizationlal ideals and norms; 2) Institutionalized Framework that we can make
Penn State Ha Better Place to be” other than the P. St. Alumni Association; 3) networking mechanism for our alums
out there and our Active Chapter Bone~ and 4) Fiduciary Enhancements.

This last one was very evident to our Executive Board in the past year. We designed graduation rings for the first
time and did not have enough for the die charges. We also redesigned our membership pins and hats (the original
style) and had to pay the die charge and pattern charge. respectively. This stuff can add up after awhile. We
redesigned the Shingle and this charge was also significant.

The Alumni Association could purchase the pins, the sweatshirts, the hats, and the Shingles (the rings would still be
their responsibility with Balfour Ring Co.) at great discount with bulk ordering. You see, if we had such a group
organized we could ensure that the Active Chapter was being responsible in its own financial maners, taking in
individuals consistent with aims and ideals of the organization, and working on improving their leadership skills
through workshops and discussions, rather than worrying about if they had a dozen people to order sweatshirts or

The question that arises every so often, is who has the hats, the sweats, and hardly any of you ever received pins,
although it is stipulated in everyone’s copy of the constitution that you were supposed to.

We would have an Executive Board/Council of 15-21 members, a President, and a annual or bi-annual meeting time
that would permit many of us to be in State College. Homecoming and Blue-White Game are two times that pop
quickly into my mind, but there is also Arts Festival weekend on Friday night. There many purposes for forming such
an organization outside of those aforementioned. We all need to see each other once in awhile and besides, State
College is a great place to visit.

I met thirty alumni/ae members of S&B at Arts Festival Class Reunions from different class years (1942, 1967, 1977,
1982, 1987) and one they all had in common was that they wish we could have met formally or informally that weekend
since many are back that weekend anyway. Those from 1942 especially, thought it was shame that since they left
they have not heard a word from the Active Chapter. These alums are untapped resources for a variety of things:
leadership workshops, the sharing of student history. and networking.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here and wait for your input. The Executive Board of this past year worked
hard for the Bone, as others have in the past, and it would really be a shame to see it squandered once again. We
do need an Alumni Association of and for the Bone.

For the Bone, Gerard A.L. Louison ’91, (814) 867-1990 (until Dec. 1993)

PS. It would be nice if we could start identifying ourselves by our names and Tap Class in the Alumni Newsletter
(see my note in Alumni News). Also we should title the newsletter like News From the Grotto, For The Bone. or
something of that sort (Mary Anne you could have a contest).
                                                   A Letter from the Editor

Reply to Gerard’s P.S. above: The less typing I have to do the better! I usually include addresses with responses
but I didn’t this time because I was hoping to include an address list but this newsletter is big enough already. I’ll
try to get one out early this summer. If any of you in the Philadelphia area have access to a copy machine and/or
a third class mail permit that S&B could make use of, please let me know. We’d be able to print larger newsletters
if we could save money on printing and postage.

There is a new space on the reply form for a FAX number. I’ll still contact you primarily by mail or phone. I don’t think
our office faxes should be tied up printing newsletter responses. but in a pinch it’s good to have an alternative form
of communication.

On the personal front: I’m trying to adjust to life on the east coast, I really miss the people and weather I left in California.
A little sunshine and some warm days here might help. I could use a call from any S&Bers in the Philly area to take
me out and cheer me up. I’m currently working in Conshohocken for BYTE Magazine at the National Software Testing
Lab, it’s enjoyable but not very challenging and there is no money in it. I guess I’ll have to figure out something to
do with the rest of my life pretty soon. Deno, Bronk and Berardinelli: Send details as soon as the blessed events
occur! Dona DeNaro: I could use a Tarot card reading, maybe it will help me figure out what to do with my life.
Give me a call maybe we can meet at the Blue-White game. Bruce Blake - I am typing this during the blizzard of
March 13, I’m sure you’ll be very busy after this weekend. Becker: I thought the Dahli Lama was in exile in LA.
Doesn’t he hang out with Richard Gere? Brian Allen: Megan Evans tells me you’re doing a little broadcasting for
the Bruce Parkhill Show. She promised to save the shows she taped so I can see them. We was robbed in that Indiana
game, even people from Indiana admit it. My friend from Indianapolis paid me for the bet we had. Andy Raine:
Congratulations on your engagement! So when will I hear that you are taking over for lacoca? When can you get
me a Dodge Viper to test drive? Switch: Tell Susan Jane Evans married Jim Rhoa in the spring of 1991, they are
still in State College and expecting a baby in August. Becker: Andre left Spork. He came home the Monday before
Thanksgiving, told her he couldn’t handle being married, he’d never been on his own, and he had to try to handle
his own life. Then he took his stuff to his mother’s house. She was completely taken by surprize and pretty upset
at first but she’s over it now. Jim Leous: I know the answer to Deryk’s question if you are stumped.

                                                         Alumni News

Joe Battista -Recently received the USA Hockey Master Coach Award. The team is off to a 9-0 start and won
the Ohio State Tournament. We moved into a new home, finally. A two-story colonial on Williamsburg Drive (how
quaint). Our daughter Brianna is 6 months old, teething, rolling around, said Mama, and keeps Heidi and me up all
night. Glenn-O: Good to see you at the Navy game. Looking forward to Alumni weekend in Feb. Josh: Any good
hockey players in Connecticut? Send them our way. To all the Alums: Hope you’ll all support Gerard and the
rest of the Active chapter, they are doing a super job.

Todd Becker -Currently in Kansas City MO on assignment at United Telecom/Sprint. I’ve been here for about nine
months and except for pick-up trucks with gun racks, its a nice place to be! Going to India for two weeks in March,
can’t wait to meet the Dahli Lama. I’m giving u]p computers and going to law school, save me! (If you believe that,
I’ve got some slightly used ICBMs for you.) Dymond: Are you really going to join another partnership? Gould:
Where are you? Nils: Are you still alive? Dr. Lisa Goodison Faden: Congratulations!

Paula Berardinelli Hunter -SHAZZAMM!! Yep, it’s really magic. Coming your way, April 30, 1993 is “Ziggy”
(short for zygote). Yes. we ARE really expecting a baby! Easy enough for Jeff to say, but I wish the stork made
deliveries. Any suggestions for a name are welcomed. All respondents will receive a photo of the new born. Just
fill in the blank: “__________________ Berardinelli Hunter”.

Bruce Blake -I am a Senior Claims Representative with State Farm. I handle homeowner’s claims in the
Philadelphia area. Often I travel the country to assist with national disasters, i.e. Hurricane Andrew. My wife, Lisa
Hunter Blake is also a PSU graduate and athlete (track). We are expecting the birth of our first child near the end
of Feb. 1993.

Jody Caroselli Holt -Work is extremely business! A couple of public offerings and an acquisition project have
kept me “chargeable”. It’s incredible how much I don’t know about accounting. The married life is still wonderful,
we are expecting a baby in September! Rod Hutter: Come work for Price Waterhouse in Boston.

Amy Constantine -Hello tap class of Spring 1988! finished law school at Pitt and am now a PA Superior Court
law clerk. My co-worker and roommate is fellow S&Ber, Angie Dumm.

Pat Conway - Still with Congressman Clinger, managing PA operations for the office, working primarily from the
District Office in State College. I’ve been enjoying Fall Football weekends entertaining old friends who visit SC for
Nittany Lion games. Any S&Bers back in SC for a visit, please give me a call. Slim Pickens: What’s up? Margie
Utt: Settle down. Bob Butler: Still in LA? Eric Graves & Ben Siegel: Congrats to both of you on you new
born baby boys! Mike Pirrotta: How’s the train of life?

Bill Cluck - I moved to Lemoyne, PA in Feb. 1992 to open up the Harrisburg office of Saul, Ewing, Remick & Saul,
the firm I’ve been with since graduating from Temple Law in 1988. I still represent members of the regulated
community (i.e. polluters) and truly enjoy the intellectual and legal challenges of going head-to-head with the Fish
Commission. Big win for a railroad client whose choo choo fell in the river and killed 10,000 fish; Fish Code
unconstitutional; Philadelphia lawyer loophole. 1992 has been the year of the Grateful Dead. I know, every year has
been the year of the Dead, but this one more than others. In 1991 I was retained by Grateful Dead Productions, Inc.
to handle a matter that must remain confidential. That matter was resolved in Philadelphia in March 1992 and
coincided with three Dead shows in Philly with Bruce Hornsby. To make a long story short, I got back stage passes
then went back to Weir’s hotel room to party with the band! One of the partying highlights of my not so young life.
I went on a whee! tour in the summer following the Dead to Giants Stadium, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh enjoying
a few more back stage/party with the band opportunities.

Dona DeNaro - Last June I was promoted into the management training program at Southwest National Bank of
PA in Greensburg and I am doing exceptionally well. I’ll probably start work on a Master’s degree within the next year.
I moved in with a man I had been dating for almost and year and I am the happiest I have ever been!

Maryann Deno Brock - Nov. 30,1992 was our first wedding anniversary. Tony is in law school and clerking at
the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office. I’m working as a paralegal at a personal injury firm and awaiting the birth
of our first child in March 1993. If I have one more person tell me the baby will change my life I’ll scream!

Angie Dumm - Graduated from Pitt Law School clerking for the Superior Court of PA. Clerkship ends in the Fall
of 1993, so I am looking for a job to start in the fall. Chris Vicente: How are you? Did you get my message? Please
call soon 717-288-8228. Steve Siegal: Are you really engaged? Michelle Harmon & Tara Goff: Hi, how are

Joanne Elwell - Changed jobs. Teaching 6th grade at Whitaker Elementary in Cincinnati, OH. I also coach the
Women’s Varsity Volleyball team for the Finneytown School District. We went to the state championships my first year
so I am extremely excited. We finished 3rd. I turned down an offer to play professional volleyball in Europe, both
Italy and France. I love where I live and decided to stay. Sherriocity Rutolo: Miss you tons and I’m looking forward
to seeing you real soon! Joannschtein Brian Allen: Where have you been hiding?

Susan Fusetti Taptich - Graduated in Fall ’89 as a civil engineer and after two years I decided it wasn’t for me.
So, once again I’m roaming the streets of Penn State University. This time to get a certificate in Elementary Education.
I’ll be done soon. I was married in November 1992. Married life is the best. We have a new (four legged) addition
already, his name is Ben and he barks. Dan and I just bought a house and spend a lot of time remodeling (or going
through six-packs as Luke would say). Rachel: Thinking of you, hope all is well. Switch: Still building houses?
Luke: You’re now residing in my hometown of Chippewa. My family is around everywhere. They’ll be happy to
enhance your social life! Nic: Do you still live? Where are you? Angie: Anything exciting happening in the

Tony Gaertner - Life is great in Arizona. If any of your “Bones” get too cold this winter, give me a call. I have plenty
of room at my house for all S&Bers. Jeff Glazier: Can’t believe that the “Straight Poop” party did not garner one
electoral vote. Keep the faith! Bob Costagliola: Merry Xmas. Happy New Year, blah, blah blah...

Deryk Gilmore & Camille Chang - Camille left Federal Express as a sales rep to work as a Financial Aid
Administrator at the University of Illinois. She starts a master’s program in Multinational Finance in fall ’93. Deryk is
a Program Manager at The U. of Illinois and will begin the LlR master’s program also in fall ’93. Deryk is also being
considered for the position of Assistant Director of minority Student Affairs. We will be married on July 4, 1993 in New
York City. Mike Bowie, Monie, Stan, and Rick: You cats! “Meow” Be out dogs! Gerard: What’s up my brother,
call me. Tara: You have my address. What’s up? Karrol Ann: Miss you buddy. Jen Grimm: Where have you
been? Busy Blair: Yo! I know you love New York, have you been to the Palladium and Garage? Johnny Greene:
How are those Tri-Delts? Brian Allen: Still smiling? Andre: How’s DC? Go to Jasper’s on Thursday tell Brick
what’s up! Tony K.: What’s up? Scott Gob: Can you believe that ND game! Kelly G.: How’s your job? Wesss
Jonessss! Jim Leous: What’s ReRun’s real name? Not his real life name, his television real name?

Rich Goldbeck - Sales rep with Kraft/General Foods in the metro-Philadelphia area. Greetings to the Class
of ’89!

Marian Glosky Clowes - DuPont transferred George, we moved to Parkersburg, WV right after Christmas. I start
work with the Parkersburg Community Foundation on Jan. 11, 1993. I am the foundation’s first and only employee!
Are there any S&Bers in West Virginia? We’ve been warned not to flaunt our Penn State gear down here, this is
Mountaineer country. Jane M., Dana F., John Z., Rodney O. Darian G., and Mike P.: Good to see you
at John’s wedding. John Z.: Hope that married life is treating you well. Chris Vicente: How are you? Michelle
Hannon, Rachel Lyter, Chris V.: Missed you at the Lion Ambassador reunion this fall.

Jack Gorman - Working for Tenneco Gas in Houston, and it’s hectic. I was promoted to Manager of Communication
Services in August ’92. I’m too busy to even worry about our massive layoffs. No offense, but I’m praying for a very
cold winter. Crank up those thermostats and remember Gas Heats Best! Libby and I are fine. We see each other
every other month because she has been travelling to Florida, Oklahoma and West Texas on insurance business
(Mother Nature is embroiled in the change!). Hish: Greetings to you and the lovely bride. Bill J.: Congrats to you
and Eileen. Stefan: Good to see you in October. Put me down for a case of White Rock Ginger Ale. Up yours too!
Joe M.: You are the best dressed janitor in Phila. history! Great seeing you again. Luke T.: You didn’t need to
buy a house just to drink beer, or has something gone horribly awry in your life?

Gigi Highland - Working with Ingersol-Rand in the Manufacturing Management Training program. The program
lasts two years then I’ll receive a permanent assignment. Taking APICS courses to become certified. Taking GMATS
to eventually take night classes to achieve an MBA. Helping out at a food shelter on Sunday mornings. Since I am
in Colorado Springs I’ve taken up skiing, hiking (14 footers), and mountain biking. Ishman: Miss you and our
apartment. Watch out for Jim’s and Jemy’s out there!

Stacey Ishman - I’m working for Northwestern Flavors (a subsidiary of Wrigley Gum) as a lab technician. I’m
studying for the MCAT and sponging off of Mom and Dad to keep costs down.

Gerard A.L. Louison (SP ’89) - Perm. Add. 82 Clinton Ave #1, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 596-1357. I am the
outgoing Skullmaster (President) of the Active Chapter, the first graduate student to be such. I finish my Master of
Public Administration degree in Fall of 1993 and will go back to Brooklyn or D.C. to begin a teaching career. Sooner
or later, I want a Ph.D. in Political Science, but I need a break first. I have taken too much space already, call me
in State College if you are coming to town. Hello to Spring ’89 Tap Classmates! Deryk Gilmore: How is Univ. of
Illinois-Urbana treating you? Are you married to that Sister of the Bone yet? Judy Falce: How are you doing back
in Pittsburgh? Shawn Arango: Congratulations on being married during the blizzard of ’93. And congrats to those
wedding guests who arrived on cross-country skis!

Beth Metzger - I’m getting married July 4, 1993 and moving to Long Island. Pat Dugan: Great talking with you.
I missed you a lot! Come visit. Steve Siegal: Where are you? Ken Hong, Jodie Crombie, Karen Rosenthal,
Tara Goff: Miss you all!

Jeannette Morris Smith - Son Macy is now 16 months (Dec. ’92) and the spitting image of his Dad, except Macy
has more hair. He is very independent. His favorite pastime is eating. His vocabulary is limited to Mama, Dada,
variations of his older brothers’ name, Tory, and a very clear No No No No. Tory is 4 1/2 and a great kid. He’s nuts
about trains, fire trucks, the classroom pets at his school, and has developed a new fascination with Batman this year.
A clear demonstration of how capable he is of learning from his peers, since as far as we know he has only ever seen
one episode of the old TV series on Nickelodeon.

Vic OrIer - We have a new son, Holden

Andy Raine - Still at Chrysler and buying lots and lots of steel. The big news is that I’m engaged, the wedding is
planned for July 17, 1993. My fiancee is Heidi Bashara a financial planner and Michigan State (that’s a Big 10 rival)

Pam Scott - I start my internship with the Supreme Court ( yes, the United States Sur)reme Court) in a couple weeks
and I’m excited. Life at Georgetown Law is interesting but quite hectic. Phil Fuentes: I hear you’re down here in
D.C. Where exactly are you? Hi Everybody!

P.J. Sternberg - Sales reps for Merck, Sharpe & Dohme Pharmaceuticals in lower Manhattan. I’m in their
management training program. I love the company, the job, and the city, especially the New York night life. My
roommate is S&Ber Tom Lynch. I’ll be going tD NYU for my MBA at night starting in Jan. 1993. Janyne: Keep up
the good work at Medical School. Fellow S&Bers: Sorry I lost contact with everyone. Now that I’ve got my life
in order, I would really like to hear from you. If you are ever in New York look me up.

Joanne Swiderski McLaughlin - Christopher Michael Mclaughlin was born December 1, 1992 weighing in at
6 Ibs. 5 oz. and 19.5 inches.

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