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New Culture, DisCovery aND wilDlife tours
Hidden Gems of THailand                          oman & Jordan advenTure                             colombia’s coasT & craTers
12 days                                          16 days                                             11 days
n	   Venture	beyond	Thailand’s	beaches,	         n	   Experience	the	mosques,	souks	and	             n	   Discover	Tayrona	National	Park’s	
     relaxing	in	excellent	eco-lodges	along	          ancient	forts	of	Oman.                              rainforest	riches.
     the	way.
                                                 n	   Stay	overnight	in	a	Bedouin	camp	              n	   Go	underground	to	see	Zipaquira’s	
n	   Trek	in	the	Golden	Triangle	and	enjoy	a	         in	the	Wahiba	Sands	and	stunning		                  peaceful	salt	cathedral.
     traditional	Palong	hilltribe	homestay.           Wadi	Rum.
                                                                                                     n	   Snorkel	in	the	bath-warm	waters	of	the	
n	   See	some	of	the	most	spectacular	           n	   Discover	Jordan’s	Petra,	the	Dead	Sea	              tropical	coast.
     scenery	in	Thailand	in	Pai	and	Mae	              and	the	mighty	Roman	city	of	Jerash.
                                                                                                     n	   Lose	yourself	in	Bogota’s	historical	
     Hong	Son.
                                                 www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pgoj                   centre	and	feverish	nightlife.
n	   Experience	a	northern	cuisine	cooking	
                                                                                                     n	   Embark	on	an	optional	walk	to	
     class,	mud	bath,	longtail	boat	ride,	
     bamboo	rafting	and	an	elephant	ride.
                                                 nile river explorer                                      the	Nevado	del	Ruiz	glacier	and		
                                                                                                          Crater	La	Olleta.
                                                 11 days
                                                 n	   Spend	seven	nights	aboard	our	4	to	
                                                      5-star	Nile	cruise	boat,	cooling	off	in	the	
GalapaGos, amazon &
                                                      pool	at	the	end	of	a	day’s	exploration.        amazinG cosTa rica
inca advenTure
                                                 n	   Explore	Edfu,	Komombo	and	the	grand	           9 days
26 days                                               island	temple	of	Philae.
                                                                                                     n	   Follow	the	trails	of	the	remote	
n	   Join	us	aboard	the	first-class,	8-cabin	    n	   Relax	beneath	the	triangular	sail	of	a	             Monteverde	Cloud	Forest,	home	to	a	
     M.Y.	San Jose	in	the	Galapagos	and	              traditional	felucca.                                vast	array	of	exotic	flora	and	fauna.
     frolic	with	sea	lions,	get	up	close	
     to	giant	tortoises	and	gaze	upon	           n	   See	Cairo’s	Egyptian	Museum,	pyramids,	        n	   Get	up	close	to	the	perfect	cone	of	
     swimming	iguanas.                                Sphinx,	Medieval	Quarter	and	Kahn	al-               Arenal	Volcano.
                                                      Kalili	bazaar.
n	   Marvel	at	the	Amazon’s	astounding	                                                              n	   Relax	on	Manuel	Antonio	National	
     biodiversity,	including	the	rare	pink	      www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pgne                   Park’s	white	sand	beaches	backed	by	
     Amazonian	dolphin.                                                                                   lush	jungle.

n	   Experience	the	history	of	Peru	in	Cusco,	   TurkmenisTan &                                      www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/psar
     the	Sacred	Valley	and	the	cloud-            uzbekisTan revealed
     shrouded	lost	city	of	Machu	Picchu.                                                             HiGHliGHTs of croaTia
                                                 18 days
n	   Explore	Lake	Titicaca,	home	to	Incan	                                                           & THe balkans
                                                 n	   Visit	the	UNESCO	World	Heritage	sites	
     creation	myths	and	fascinating	reed	
     island	cultures.                                 of	Konya	Urgench	and	Merv	–	where	             8 days
                                                      3000	years	of	history	await!
                                                                                                     n	   Marvel	at	Croatia’s	Plitvice	Lakes	
                                                 n	   Camp	overnight	at	a	manmade	oddity	                 National	Park.
                                                      –	the	Darvaza	Flaming	Crater	(Gates	
                                                                                                     n	   See	Bosnia	&	Herzegovina’s	medieval	
                                                      of	Hell)	where	flames	continuously	
                                                                                                          towns	of	Bihac	and	Jajce.
                                                      emerge	from	the	ground.	
                                                                                                     n	   Explore	the	highlights	of	Sarajevo	and	
                                                 n	   Wonder	around	Tolkochka	Bazaar,	one	
                                                      of	the	last	great	caravanserai	markets	in	
                                                      the	world	–	better	than	Kashgar!	              n	   Discover	Montenegro’s	Boka	Kotorska	
                                                                                                          fjord	and	town	of	Kotor.
                                                 n	   See	Alexander	the	Great’s	fortress	and	
                                                      spend	the	night	in	Sentab	village.		           www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pehc
                                                                                                     raJasTHan revealed –
                                                                                                     TOUR	LEADER’S	SPECIAL
                                                                                                     15 days
                                                                                                     Designed	by	our	senior	Indian	tour	leaders!
                                                                                                     n	   Sample	the	lifestyle	of	a	maharaja	by	
                                                                                                          staying	in	historic	palaces	and	a	haveli,
                                                                                                          an	ornate	private	mansion.
                                                                                                     n	   Connect	with	the	local	people	during	
                                                                                                          tribal	village	visits.
                                                                                                     n	   Saddle	up	for	a	sunset	camel	ride	
                                                                                                          among	the	sand	dunes	near	Mandawa.
                                                                                                     n	   Discover	the	fabled	cities	of	Udaipur,	
                                                                                                          Jodhpur	and	Jaipur.
what’s New iN afriCa
new wildlife-viewing Safari vehicleS
The	world’s	most	captivating	wildlife	region	is	a	big	place	and	we	believe	
we	have	found	the	best	way	to	see	it	–	in	our	brand	new	wildlife-viewing	
safari	vehicles,	seating	12	and	featuring:	
n	 Extra	large	tinted	windows	with	tiered	seating	for	superior	game	viewing.
n	 Front	window	hatches	for	extra	visibility.
n	 An	expert	crew	of	two	–	Peregrine’s	local	leader	and	assistant/driver.
n	 Fridge,	safe	and	individual	lockers.
n	 Inverters	for	charging	cameras,	iPods	etc.
n	 Onboard	lighting	and	speakers.
n	 Rear	luggage	compartment.

These	safari	vehicles	are	used	on	the	below	tours:	

besT of easT africa neW!                        delTa, dunes & falls                             neW WesT africa Tours
15 days                                         19 days
n	   Explore	the	highlights	of	Kenya,	Rwanda	   n	   More	dates	are	now	available,	especially	
     and	Uganda	in	just	two	weeks!                   during	July-September	when	the	
                                                     Namaqualand	wildflowers	bloom.
n	   Go	gorilla	trekking,	we	pre-purchase	
     your	permits.                              n	   Now	including	a	‘Fair	Trade	in	
                                                     South	Africa’	-	accredited	tour	with		
                                                     the	San	people.
                                                n	   Now	spends	three	nights	at	Etosha	Park	
                                                     in	rest	camps	situated	near	floodlit	
easT africa discovery neW!                           waterholes.
                                                                                                 seneGal & THe Gambia
11 days
                                                                                                 14 days
n	   See	Kenya’s	Masai	Mara,	Lake	Nakuru	       www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pfddr
     and	Lake	Naivasha,	and	Tanzania’s	                                                          n	   Discover	Dakar	and	colonial	Saint-Louis	
     Serengeti,	Ngorongoro	Crater	and		                                                               –	a	heaven	for	West	African	music,	
     Lake	Manyara.                                                                                    including	the	famous	Jazz	Festival.
n	   Give	back	by	assisting	at	the	                                                              n	   Bask	beneath	the	stars	on	an	overnight	
     East	African	Mission	Orphanage.                                                                  desert	excursion	to	Lompoul,	staying	in	
                                                                                                      Mauritanian-style	tents,	with	a	morning	
www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pfed                                                                camel	ride.
                                                                                                 n	   Visit	Kaolack	–	home	to	one	of	Africa’s	
visions of africa neW!                                                                                largest	covered	markets.
16 days                                                                                          n	   Explore	the	great	Gambia	River	–	
                                                                                                      known	for	its	wildlife	riches	and	the	
As	per	East Africa Discovery,	plus:
                                                                                                      Wassu	Stone	Circles,	a	mysterious	
n	   Spend	time	in	the	little-visited	                                                                collection	of	rock	columns	thought	
     Usumbara	Mountains,	hiking	and	                                                                  to	be	the	burial	grounds	of	kings	and	
     learning	first-hand	about	the	local		                                                            queens,	dating	back	to	1000	AD.
     way	of	life.
n	   Enjoy	walking	on	the	slopes	of	
     Mount	Kilimanjaro.                                                                          WesT africa encompassed
n	   Discover	the	bustling	port	city	of	                                                         39 days
     Dar	es	Salaam	–	Tanzania’s	largest		
     city	and	former	capital.                                                                    As	per	Senegal & The Gambia,	plus:

www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pfvi                                                           n	   Do	something	really	different	–	explore	
                                                                                                      Senegal,	The	Gambia,	Mali,	Burkina	Faso,	
                                                                                                      Benin,	Togo	and	Ghana!
THe road To zanzibar neW!
                                                                                                 n	   Gain	an	in-depth	insight	into	the	
20 days                                                                                               cultures	of	the	Dogon,	Lobi,	Dahomey	
                                                                                                      and	Ashanti	people.	
As	per	East Africa Discovery	and	
Visions of Africa, plus:                                                                         n	   See	ancient	sites,	such	as	the	ruins	of	
                                                                                                      Loropéni,	and	the	birthplace	of	voodoo.
n	   Explore	the	exotic	island	of	Zanzibar,	
     known	for	its	stunning	beaches	and		                                                        n	   Safari	in	Pendjari,	trek	through	the	
     role	in	the	spice	trade.                                                                         spectacular	Dogon	Country,	explore	
                                                                                                      Niger	River	and	discover	Lake	Togo		
www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pfrn                                                                by	boat.
self-GuiDeD tours iN europe
Our Self-guided tours in italy, france, Spain, the czech republic, austria and hungary are
ideal for those looking for an independent and flexible holiday. we provide carefully
researched itineraries, detailed maps and route notes, arrange your accommodation and take
care of your luggage transfers. there is always assistance at hand, with our local offices just a
phone call away, 24 hours a day.

camino de sanTiaGo neW!                          Tuscan Trails neW!                                valleys & villaGes of HunGary neW!
8 days                                           8 days                                            8 days
n	   Walk	the	last	100km	of	the	famous	          n	   Follow	in	the	footsteps	of	pilgrims	along	   n	   Walk	through	the	Bükk	Mountains	and	
     pilgrimage	walk	of	Camino	de		                   Via	Francigena,	one	of	Europe’s	most	             explore	fairytale	rural	villages,	including	
     Santiago	(the	French	Way)	from	Sarria		          important	‘highways’	in	ancient	times.            Nosvaj,	with	its	many	wine	cellars,	and	
     to	Santiago	de	Compostela,	one	of		                                                                Lillafüred,	with	its	neo-renaissance		
                                                 n	   Explore	the	medieval	towns	of	
     the	most	scenic	and	traditional	of	all	                                                            style	castle.
                                                      San	Gimignano,	Siena,	Buonconvento	
     Camino	routes.
                                                      and	Montepulciano.                           n	   See	the	caves	of	Istallosko	and	Balla,	
n	   Enjoy	a	hotel-based	itinerary	with	                                                                where	stone	tools	and	the	ancient		
                                                 n	   Stay	in	one	of	Tuscany’s	most	beautiful	
     average	walking	distances	of	22km	                                                                 bones	of	a	bear,	hyena,	buffalo	and		
                                                      agriturismos	and	in	a	famed	convent	at	
     per	day.                                                                                           child	were	discovered.
                                                      Monte	Oliveto	Maggiore.
www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pecm                                                             n	   Relax	in	Miskolctapolca,	renowned	for	
                                                 n	   Sample	the	local	drop	at	Colle	Val	d’Elsa.
                                                                                                        its	thermal	baths.

iNDepeNDeNt iNDia
in india, we offer the                           THe colours of raJasTHan neW!                     THe GanGes, TaJ & raJ neW!
opportunity to travel in either                  10 days                                           14 days
a small group or, on some of                     n	   Head	beyond	the	popular	tourist	             As	per	The Colours of Rajasthan,	plus:
                                                      attractions	to	really	discover	India!
our tours, with just one                                                                           n	    Take	a	dawn	boat	trip	on	the	Ganges	
companion.                                       n	   Explore	the	temples,	forts	and	colourful	          to	witness	the	mesmerizing	spectacle	
                                                      remote	villages	of	Sawarda	and	                    of	river	ghats	coming	alive	as	Hindu	
n	   You	choose	the	day	to	depart	on.                 Mandawa,	as	well	as	600-year-old	Karauli,	         pilgrims	perform	their	rituals.
n	   You	will	be	met	by	Peregrine’s	local	            with	its	palace	and	countryside	farms.
     guides	at	each	site,	rather	than	have	      n	   Stay	in	a	Rajput	palace	and	at	an	exotic	
     a	tour	leader	accompany	you	for	the	             haveli	(private	mansion).
     duration	of	your	travel.
                                                 n	   Experience	the	marvels	of	the	Taj	Mahal,	
n	   We	will	provide	a	car	with	an	English-
     speaking	driver	on	any	road	sections.            Hawa	Mahal	(Palace	of	the	Winds),	
                                                      Amber	Fort	and	India	Gate.
n	   You	will	be	escorted	to,	and	welcomed	
     on	arrival	of,	any	trains	by	a	Peregrine	   www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/piic
New epiC aDveNtures
asia in depTH –                                    Grand middle easT advenTure                      isTanbul To beiJinG overland
banGkok To sHanGHai                                26 days                                          38 days
30 days                                            n	   See	Turkey,	Syria,	Jordan,	Israel	and	      n	   Go	on	a	classic	multi-continent	
n	   The	complete	Asian	experience,	                    Egypt,	flying	to	cut	down	on	travel	time.        overland	experience	exploring	the	
     covering	the	highlights	of	Thailand,	                                                               major	highlights	of	Iran,	Turkmenistan,	
                                                   n	   Discover	Gallipoli	and	the	ancient	sites	
     Laos,	Cambodia,	Vietnam	and	China.                                                                  Uzbekistan,	Kazakhstan	and	China.
                                                        of	Ephesus,	Troy,	Palmyra,	Crak	des	
n	   Venture	to	the	hilltribes	of	Chiang	Rai	           Chevalier,	Allepo,	Petra,	Abu	Simbel	and	   n	   Ride	the	Trans-Asia	Express	–	a	2968km	
     for	a	slow	boat	cruise	on	the	Mekong	              the	pyramids.                                    journey	from	Istanbul	to	Tehran	
     River	and	follow	in	the	footsteps	of	                                                               through	Cappadocia,	Kurdistan,	former	
                                                   n	   Explore	Jerusalem,	Bethlehem,	Jericho,	
     Marco	Polo,	roaming	the	canals	and	                                                                 Armenia	and	north	eastern	Iran,	
                                                        Masada	and	the	Dead	Sea.
     streets	of	‘the	Venice	of	the	East’	–	                                                              accompanied	by	an	expert	Peregrine	
     Zhouzhuang.                                   n	   Go	on	a	Wadi	Rum	jeep	safari,	cruise	on	         local	tour	leader.
                                                        the	Nile	from	Aswan	to	Luxor	and	enjoy	
n	   Explore	ancient	history,	including	the	                                                        n	   Explore	the	Kazak	wilderness	and	ride	
                                                        a	sail	on	a	traditional	felucca.
     Plain	of	Jars,	the	Angkor	complex	and	                                                              the	Almaty-Urumqi	train.		
     the	Terracotta	Warriors.                      www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pggm
n	   Walk	along	an	original,	remote	and	
     largely	unvisited	section	of	the	Great	
     Wall	and	sail	overnight	on	Halong	Bay.

New expeDitioNs
beyond THe Golden TrianGle                         THe kinGdom of musTanG                           bHuTan’s sacred summiT Trek
20 days                                            18 days                                          13 days
n	   Trek	through	untouched	jungle	in	             n	   Trek	through	Himalayan	terrain	re-          n	   Arguably	the	most	spectacular	trek	in	
     Burma	and	Laos.                                    opened	in	1992	for	strictly	limited	             all	the	Himalaya.
n	   Visit	minority	villages	of	the	Khun,	              numbers	of	organised	trekking	groups.
                                                                                                    n	   Trek	through	the	Paro	Valley	with	
     Palaung,	La	Hu	Shi,	Shan,	An	and		            n	   Explore	the	villages	of	various	                 nomadic	yak	herders,	hopefully	sighting	
     Akha	people,	where	the	locals	rarely		             ethnic	tribes.                                   the	rare	musk	deer	and	blue	sheep.	
     see	tourists.
                                                   n	   Discover	the	fabled	walled	city	of	         n	   Stand	beneath	the	dramatic	ice	peaks	of	
n	   Discover	Mong	La	on	the	Chinese	border	            Lo	Manthang	–	Mustang’s	‘capital’		              Chomolhari	at	its	Base	Camp	(4050m).
     –	a	frontier	town	in	the	spirit	of	the	            and	home	to	the	Royal	Family.
     Wild	West.                                                                                     n	   Reach	4700	metres	crossing	
                                                   www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/phkm                Bang	Tue	Pass.
n	   See	the	tranquil	old	British	colonial	
     settlement	of	Loi	Mwe,	a	little-known	                                                         www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/phbc
     former	hill	station.                          monGolian eaGle fesTival
www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pago             14 days
                                                   n	   Witness	Golden	Eagle	hunting	
paTaGonia ice Trek                                      competitions	and	other	traditional	
11 days                                                 pastimes,	such	as	horse	racing	and	
                                                        bouzkhasi	(goat	grabbing)	in	Sagsay.
n	   Venture	deep	into	the	Patagonia	Ice	
                                                   n	   Overnight	with	an	Eagle	Hunter	family.	
     Field	–	the	world’s	largest	outside	of	the	
     Polar	regions.		                              n	   Spend	three	days	trekking	in	the	remote	
n	   Cross	the	famous	Marconi	Glacier,	                 Altai	Mountains	through	summer	
     enjoying	spectacular	views	of	Fitz	Roy	            pastures	of	Kazak	nomads,	supported		
     and	trek	to	the	Viedma	glacier.                    by	pack	camels.	
                                                   n	   Overnight	in	gers	in	Tsambagarav	
n	   Take	the	Paso	Marconi	to	Circo	de	los	
     Altares,	our	camp	at	the	foot	of	the	              Uul	(Mountain)	National	Park.
     towering	western	face	of	Cerro	Torre.         www.peregrineadventures.com/trips/pcef
take your kiDs oN a real aDveNture!
Take	the	hassle	and	stress	out	of	organising	your	
next	family	holiday	by	going	on	a	Peregrine	Family	
Adventure!	Enjoy	the	company	of	other	families	
and	tours	designed	with	kids	in	mind	–	plenty	
of	activities	to	keep	both	adults	and	children	
interested,	balanced	with	comfort	and	relaxation.	


private Groups
Choose	from	one	of	our	standard	tours	and	change	the	dates,	or	let	our	Private	Groups	team	help	you	design	a	completely	unique	
itinerary.	For	seven	or	more	people,	most	tour	costs	remain	level	with	our	standard	small	group	tours.	If	you	book	a	group	of		
11	people	(including	you)	or	more,	your	land	tour	will	be	free!	

www.peregrineadventures.com/groups or call 1300 854 439

Competitive airfares & travel iNsuraNCe
We	can	also	organise	your	international	flights,	arrival	and	departure	transfers,	visas,	travel	insurance	and	optional	tours	and	activities.	
Speak	to	one	of	our	consultants	when	booking	your	trip.

orDer or view a BroChure oNliNe

                                                                                                                                                                       lic. no. 31009


                                                                                                    vic, nSw, act & taS       1300 854 445
                                                                                                    Qld                       07 3850 7699
                                                                                                    wa                        08 9321 1259
                                                                                                    Sa & nt                   08 8223 5905
                                                                                                    or contact your local travel agent

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