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Executive Liability Insurance
for Life Sciences Companies

                                David Aller
                              Vice President
            Monitor Liability Managers, Inc.
What is Executive Liability?

• Comprehensive coverage for a variety of
  executive management exposures
• Coverage can include:
  – Corporate coverage
  – Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage
  – Employment Practices Liability (EPL) coverage
    (including employees)
  – Fiduciary coverage
Closing the Liability Gap
• Standard Business Owners Policy or
  Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
  policies generally do not cover:
   – EPL claims – wrongful termination, harassment,
     discrimination, retaliation, defamation
   – D&O claims – inadequate or inaccurate disclosure,
     business interference, breach of fiduciary duty,
     antitrust, shareholders suits, deceptive trade practices
• Business owners can benefit from Monitor’s
  Executive Liability policy to meet their needs and
  fill in potential coverage gaps.
Why Executive Liability Insurance?

• Protects the personal assets of individual
  directors and officers from claims made
  against them.
• Helps attract/retain qualified board members.
• Reimburses corporate indemnification
  provisions with directors and officers.
The Risk is Real

Directors & Officers
Financial performance      Deceptive trade practices
Merger/acquisition         Antitrust violations
Breach of fiduciary duty   Breach of duty to minority
Employment Practices
Wrongful termination       Retaliation
Discrimination             Defamation
Harassment                 Breach of contract

You can do everything right and still be sued.
Manage the Risks with Monitor
• Litigation expenses
• Time spent away from your business
• Stress and emotional toll on you and
  your employees
• Negative publicity
• Damage to your personal and
  business reputation
• Potentially devastating financial
BIO-Executive Liability Program
• Monitor Liability Managers is the preferred
  provider of Executive Liability Insurance for
  the life sciences industry

• BIO Business SolutionsSM provider for a over
  a decade
• Extensive experience underwriting liability
  protection for life sciences companies
• Companies at all stages
• Public and Private
BIO-Executive Liability Program
• Pre-negotiated coverage terms
• Affordably priced premiums for companies
  at all stages
• 7.5% no-claims policy renewal credit
• Unlimited access to expert advice about loss
  prevention issues
      • Toll-free Employment Practices
         Liability Hotline
      • Interactive CD, “Guidelines for Reducing
        Exposure to Employment Lawsuits.”
Protect Your Business
• Monitor Liability Managers, Inc., has been in
  business since 1992.
• We offer the best combination of service, price
  and executive liability products for the life
  sciences industry.
• The Tillinghast 2005 Directors and Officers
  Liability Survey ranked Monitor (Admiral
  Insurance Company) number 1 on their list of
  leading insurers for the biotechnology industry
  and number 3 on their list of leading D&O carriers.
Learn More

 • Ask your agent for a D&O and EPL quote
   from Monitor Liability Managers, Inc.

 • For more information, please contact:
    Dave Aller
    (800) 446-2100, ext. 502

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