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                                                 Table of Contents

Introduction ……………………………………………………………………                                                                              1
Worldwide Services …………………………………………………………..                                                                          2

Preparing to Move
Initiating the Process ...........................................................................................   3
Pre-Move Counseling .........................................................................................        3
Pre-Move Kit …………………………………………………………………..                                                                             4
Pre-Move Survey ………………………………………………………………                                                                             4
Prohibited Items ……………………………………………………………….                                                                           6
International Pre-Move Planner ……………………………………………….                                                                   7

Packing and Loading Process
Preparing for the Crew …………………………………………………………                                                                        8
Owner Packed Items ……………………………………………………………                                                                           9

Moving Day!
Packing and Wrapping ………………………………………………………….                                                                         10
Completing the Packing Inventory ……………………………………………..                                                                 11

Loading and Containerization
Air Shipments …………………………………………………………………..                                                                            11
Sea Shipments …………………………………………………………………..                                                                            12
Long Term Storage ……………………………………………………………..                                                                          12
In Transit ………………………………………………………………………..                                                                             13
Destination Services …………………………………………………………….                                                                        13
Deliver to Residence …………………………………………………………….                                                                        14
Reporting a Claim ……………………………………………………………….                                                                          16

Customer Satisfaction ………………………………………………………….                                                                        17
Settling Into Your New Surroundings! .............................................................                   18
Questions To Ask Your Destination Consulate ………………………………                                                             19
Pets ………………………………………………………………………………                                                                                  20
Automobiles …………………………………………………………………….                                                                              21
Common Phrases In International Relocation ……………………………….                                                             22-25
Thank you for selecting Suddath International for your upcoming international relocation. As
one of the world’s premier global movers, relocating 19,000 families each year, we are dedicated
to providing our customers with a positive and professional relocation experience.

With a history that dates from the mid-1950’s, Suddath International is known for setting the
standards that other moving company’s follow. Because global moves are complex and each
move often unique, Suddath International works alongside our clients to help them understand
the international move process.

At Suddath International, we realize that “preparation” is the key to a successful international
move for you and your family; therefore, we have created this moving guide to provide readily
available reference information that will help answer some of the questions you may have
concerning the move process.

In addition to providing overseas relocation assistance, this guide was designed to complement
your corporate relocation policy so you will be familiar with your company’s guidelines.

For any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this moving guide, Suddath
International’s team of trained and experience Relocation Counselors are available to advise,
assist and provide direction on how to make an overseas move seem as smooth as a move next
door. To further ease the transition, one of our seasoned Relocation Counselors will be assigned
as your single point of contact throughout the entire move process to provide support and
counsel. With such individual attention, we are able to focus our efforts toward the specific
circumstances surrounding your move.

Total customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our mission is not merely to maintain, but
rather exceed our customer’s highest expectations. We look forward to working with you and
welcoming you to Suddath International’s global family of satisfied customers.

If anytime during your move, you have any questions relating to our service or your
relocation in general, please do not hesitate to your Suddath International Relocation

Worldwide Services

To assist you in understanding the services we provide, we have outlined
our service portfolio for you here:

   Pre-move counseling

   Suddath International’s Pre-move Kit

   Pre-move estimate

   Export packing, wrapping and customized crating

   Long term storage at origin, if required

   International containerization

   Transport to the port f exit

   Ocean and/or air freight services

   Customs clearance

   Delivery to destination home or storage

   Full unpacking and unwrapping of all items

   Removal of all packing material debris

   International post move customer satisfaction survey

   International auto transportation

   Pet relocation services


Initiating the Process
Time is a critical element in the planning of an
international relocation. Contact should be made
to Suddath International as soon as it has been
confirmed that you will be relocating overseas.
We will immediately assign you an international
Relocation Counselor who will make
arrangements to perform a pre-move survey,
which is one of the most important elements to a
successful international move.

Please not that contact should be made with your assigned Suddath International Relocation
Counselor at least six to eight weeks before your international move dates. Please keep in mind
that the last weeks of the summer months are the busiest of all moving companies, so if you are
going to be moving during this time, please confirm your dates with your counselor at the
earliest possible time.

Pre-Move Counseling
Your Suddath International Relocation Counselor will discuss with you every step of the
international move process and answer any of the questions that you might have concerning our
services. Our counselors are trained and experienced in all facets of an international relocation
and will serve as a dedicated single point of contact throughout your move.

                                           One of the first items that your Relocations Counselor
                                           will review with you is your visa status and ability to
                                           work in the destination country. This is important to
                                           us, because without the correct visa and approvals, we
                                           cannot clear your shipment through customs at the
                                           destination port. While we can provide you with
                                           guidelines, it is your responsibility to make sure
                                           that you have all of the necessary documentation
                                           required to allow you and your shipment of
                                           household goods into the destination country. It is
                                           our recommendation that you contact the nearest
                                           consulate or embassy to verify the most current
                                           regulations and requirements. Please see the outline at
                                           the back of this planner regarding questions to ask at
                                           the counsulate or embassy.

During the pre-move counseling call, we will also arrange to set up a pre-move survey at your
origin residence. Your Suddath International Relocation Counselor will make the arrangements
and confirm the details to you in writing. At this time, we will also make arrangements to send
you our Pre-move kit. Although our Relocation Counselor are available to you throughout the
moving process, this initial contact is the most critical; so please do not hesitate to ask any
questions and take as much time as you feel necessary!

Pre-Move Kit
The Suddath International Pre-Move Kit was designed to help you in preparing for your
international move. Each kit is individually compiled to meet your specific needs and contains
material such as a destination country overview, information regarding customs clearance
procedures, pre-move organization labels, a child’s activity book, a destination country video
and many other useful guides to assist you through the international relocation process. Your
Suddath International Relocation Counselor will arrange to have the kit sent directly to your

Pre-Move Survey
The pre-move survey is one of the most crucial elements of an international move. Suddath
International will arrange for a representative from our designated origin service provider to
come to your residence to discuss and review the items that are to be moved and also to
determine which, if any, are to be placed in storage while you are overseas. Ideally, the pre-
move survey should take place approximately 4-5 weeks prior to your actual move dates.

                                           Typically, a survey will take at least 45 minutes to an
                                           hour. To best prepare you for the pre-move estimate,
                                           consider which items will be sent by which method of
                                           service; either sea freight or air freight. Also consider
                                           which items will be placed in storage, which items
                                           will be discarded. Particular areas to pay close
                                           attention to are items in the garage, the attic and as
                                           well as any items from an office that may need to be
                                           included in the shipment. Be sure to include any new
                                           purchases that will be delivered prior to moving day
                                           and included in your move. In addition, please
                                           consider the dates that you may be required to vacate
                                           your current residence and any specific dates that you
                                           require to have your shipments delivered by at
                                           A designated representative will review all of your

pre-move details with you and will walk through your home as you describe which items are to
be moved. Be sure to open every cupboard and closet so that the estimator is able to determine
and accurate estimate of the volume of your shipment. If you have any questions regarding a
particular piece of furniture or the method of transportation for your shipment, do not hesitate to
discuss these details with the estimator.
Once the walk through has been completed, the estimator will discuss with you the handling of
your shipment and the selected method of transportation. At this stage we will be able to
establish the number of days that are going to be required for packing and loading of your
shipment. So again, please be prepared to discuss specific dates with the estimator during this

From our experience, it is best to avoid making travel arrangements on the last scheduled day
that our crew is going to be in your residence. If possible, make all your personal travel
arrangements at least one day after your scheduled packing day.

Once the pre-move estimate has been completed, the estimator will confirm all of the details with
your Suddath International Relocation Counselor. In turn, you will receive a follow up call from
Suddath International to review all of the information with you and to answer any additional
questions you might have resulting from the pre-move estimate.
**One of the most important decisions regarding an
international move is which electrical appliance to
take with you, which to dispose of, or which to place
in long term storage. You should confirm with the
consulate what voltage (110/220), current
(alternating or direct) and the frequency (50 or 60
hertz) the electrical supply is in the destination
country. You should also consider which type of plug
will be required; for example, some countries have
round prongs while others have flat like those used in
the United States. Depending on your destination, a
combination of transformers for the voltage
differential may be required, a converter for the
frequency and an adaptor for the plug. Please be
aware that some countries do not have a consistent
supply of electricity, so you may need to protect your
appliances against “surges”. Also remember to check
the terms and conditions of any warranties covering
your appliances regarding transportation overseas and
ongoing coverage while in a foreign country. You
may want to consider taking a television and VCR
with you to play video tapes and games. It is unlikely that your system will be able to pick up
the new local television channels, but it can be useful to play video tapes sent from home.

Although many clients take their appliances overseas, and through the use of transformers and converters
are able to use them, when you consider parts supply, servicing issues and your warranty coverage, it is
sometimes better to purchase or rent new appliances in your new country. However, check with the
consulate and contact Suddath International if you have any questions.

Prohibited Items
While you are determining the items and possessions you wish to include in your international
shipment, pleas take the time to review the items that are prohibited from traveling in your
international household goods shipment. If you are being relocated overseas as a job transfer,
consult the company policy to verify if the company has any restrictions, prohibited items or

Depending on the country, the following items may be prohibited:
    Perishable items
    Hazardous, Flammable or Explosive materials
    Fire Arms and Ammunition
    Aerosol containers
    Unmarked medicines
    Narcotics
    Pornography

The following items may also be prohibited for insurance purposes:
    Coin and Stamp collections
    Jewelry
    Furs
    Plants and seeds of any kind

Also note that while you can bring alcohol and tobacco into many countries, we advise our
clients not to include such items in their shipments for two reasons: 1) you will have to pay duty
on such items, so you need to verify the allowed amounts of alcohol and wine with the local
consulate; 2) if you declare alcohol, wine or tobacco, it is likely that your shipment will be called
for a full physical inspection to determine accurate quantities of each product. This often occurs
at the port of entry and is conducted by port labor and not skilled workmen from a moving and
storage company. For this reason alone, we advise our clients to seriously consider not taking
alcohol, wine or tobacco in their shipment.

If you should have any questions relating to any of these specific items then pleas contact your
Suddath International Relocation Counselor immediately.


While every move and family circumstance is different, we have identified some standard issues
you will need to consider as your moving dates approach. You may want to consider which of
these issues you will need to make arrangements for at your new destination.

      Confirm travel arrangements (air, hotel, rental car, etc.)
      Verify status of passports, visas, residence and work permits
      Obtain copies of school records and transcripts
      Obtain medical, dental and prescription records
      Review and verify all home country contact details (friends and business)
      Obtain change of address cards
      Notify post office of change of address
      Make arrangements for forwarding of all mail
      Notify your bank (saving and checking)
      Obtain travelers checks and a small amount of destination currency
      Notify your broker and finance companies
      Notify credit card companies
      Notify your U.S. tax consultant
      Notify your lawyer
      Close out mail order accounts
      Clean all garden equipment, drain fuel where required
      Arrange to hold a garage sale
      Consider using or disposing of frozen foods
      Purchase holiday cards specific to your home country to mail to friends and family
      Notify leasing company for automobiles and other leased items
      Notify home “on line provider”
      Notify and close out all utility and home delivery services
      Make arrangements with neighbors for moving vans/parking
      Confirm which appliances will work overseas, dispose of others
      Dispose of all prohibited items
      Locate all appliance boxes and packaging that you may have kept
      Notify voter registration
      Separate clothing that you will take from clothing movers will pack
      Mark items with Suddath pre-move organization labels
      Clean oven and defrost refrigerator and freezer
      Notify dentist and doctor
      Schedule check ups, inoculations, eye and dental examinations
      Donate unwanted items
      Back up all PC files and software, computer data cannot be insured

Preparing For The Crew

Your Suddath International Relocation
Counselor will be in continuous contact
with you during the time period leading
up to the arrival of our origin crew to
begin the packing and loading process.
Your counselor will have confirmed the
length of time it will take for our crew to
prepare, pack, wrap and load your
shipment. In order to determine the
loading process, we evaluate how much
packing is to be completed, how much
 furniture is to be wrapped and how close we can position our equipment to the front of your
 residence. Taking these factors into consideration and based on an average size crew of three to
 five crew members, your Relocation Counselor will be able to estimate how long the crew will
 be at your residence.

We recommend that our clients remain at the residence during the entire packing and loading
process. The crew may have several questions regarding the items being moved and the order
you would like the residence packed. We also recommend that you designate (and inform the
crew) which bathroom is available for their use.

We suggest that you make your hotel arrangements after consulting with your Suddath
International Relocation Counselor. Our crew will arrange to work to your schedule so that you
are able to stay in the house for the maximum amount of time possible. Remember to consider
which bed linens will require washing prior to packing in the shipment and at what stage the
crew can wrap and pack the bedroom furniture.

Another important factor to consider prior to the arrival of the crew is the preparation and
servicing of your appliances. IN GENERAL TERMS, THIS WILL REQUIRE THAT ALL
PRIOR TO MOVING. If you are taking any appliances overseas, then it is advisable to have
them serviced professionally before the moving crew arrives. When possible, please locate the
original locking devices supplied by the manufacturer for the transportation of the piece. If
appliances are going to be stored for a number of years it is also important that each appliance is
dry and clean. Several products can be purchased that eliminate moisture during transit and
storage, eliminating any odor that may occur. If you have any specific questions then contact
your Suddath International Relocation Counselor.

As an important part of your preparation, we suggest you identify a closet in which to place
items that you wish to take with you on the plane. This will include travel papers, passports,
luggage, clothing, toiletries, keys and other essential items. The closet door should be closed
                                                  and labeled accordingly. You will have received a
                                                  quantity of pre-move organization labels in the
                                                  Suddath International Pre-Move Kit that come with
                                                  light adhesive and should be placed on either
                                                  individual items, cupboards or rooms as
                                                  appropriate. The labels come as SEA, AIR,
                                                  STORAGE and DO NOT PACK. If you require
                                                  additional labels, please contact your Suddath
                                                  International Relocation Counselor.

It is common today to find personal computers (PC) included in the shipment of household
effects and personal items. You should prepare your PC by locating the locking devices
provided by the manufacturer for transportation and disposing of any ink cartridges or toner that
your printer may use. If you do not have the original boxes and packaging, leave the PC to be
packed by our crew. Your PC will be protected by a combination of Styrofoam peanuts, bubble
packing and paper, prior to being loaded into the appropriate size cartons.

Once your shipment has reached your new residence, allow your PC and any other sensitive
electronic equipment, about 24 hours for the components to adjust to room temperature before
turning them on. Consult the manufacturer if you have any specific questions relating to the
preparation and transportation of your computer system.

Owner Packed Items
While it may be tempting to pack some of your own items,
we would like to stress that it is not necessary and in most
cases should be avoided. If you pack your own items, we
cannot be responsible for any damage. The cartons that we
use are designed specifically to fit into standard shipping
containers. If you introduce cartons of differing sizes then
you will diminish the integrity of the load. Also, by not
having our crew pack the carton, they will be unfamiliar
with the contents and, therefore, not know where this
particular carton should be placed in the load.

It should be noted that customs officers are alerted by shipments that contain “owner packed”
descriptions on the packing inventory that is presented during the customs clearance process.
This can lead to the increased likelihood that your shipment will be called for a full examination.


Your Suddath International Relocation Counselor will confirm with you the date and time that
the appointed origin crew will arrive at your residence. The foreman of the crew will introduce
himself and his team and ask you to walk them through your home. During this walk through,
please confirm with the foreman any specific packing order of rooms that you may have. The
foreman will be able to confirm to you the anticipated start and finish times of each day they are
at your residence.

Having viewed the residence, the crew will bring their packing and wrapping materials into the
house and prepare your home for the moving out process. This preparation includes door frame
and floor protectors, as well as stair runners. Members of the team will be assigned specific
rooms and duties and each will protect the surface that they are working on.

Packing and Wrapping
                                     Your furniture will be protected with a minimum 5 ply paper
                                     pad. For those pieces with highly finished surfaces, additional
                                     cardboard may be used. No tape, wax paper or inventory
                                     stickers will be placed directly to finished wood surfaces. All
                                     items of china and glass will be individually wrapped in white
                                     paper and packed into purpose built cartons.

                                     Clothing will be packed into wardrobe cartons that either lay
                                     flat or stand up. Similar to when you travel and pack clothing
                                     in your luggage, wrinkling or creasing may occur. While we
                                     do everything possible to protect your clothing, there is no
                                     guaranteed method of transporting clothing that eliminates the
possibility of wrinkling or creasing and you should expect that some pressing will be required at

Any carpets or rugs that are to be included in the shipment will be rolled and not folded.
Mattresses will be packed in new mattress cartons and any item that requires disassembly will
have the hardware attached to the piece in a small plastic bag. All garage items being moved
will be packed and wrapped, so it is important that they are all cleaned, emptied and prepared for
shipment, prior to the crew’s arrival.

After filling the contents of one carton, the crew will then complete a full description of what is
in the carton and from which room the items came. This information is marked on the top of the
carton and the information will be used later when the time comes to complete a full inventory of
what has been packed.

                                           During the pre-move survey, the estimator may have
                                           measured certain items that will require customized
                                           crates, which will be brought to the residence. Once
                                           the item has been wrapped, the item will be placed in
                                           the crate and sealed at your residence, prior to being
                                           loaded into the shipping container.

                                           **One important difference between a local move
                                           and moving overseas, is that the crew are packing for
                                           density. This means that they are going to be
                                           utilizing every available space to obtain minimal
                                           volume. You will see the crew creating bundles of
                                           soft items to be packed in drawers and other available
                                           empty space. This standard practice helps create a
                                           tightly packed and secure shipment.

Completing the Packing Inventory
Once the crew has prepared your shipment for international transport, they will complete a
packing inventory. This document is a critical step and is different from the packing inventory
that you have prepared for insurance purposes. The packing inventory is used in the customs
clearance process, and serves as a numeric count of the pieces that make up a shipment and their

Having completed the inventory by numbering and marking each piece of furniture, and every
carton and bundle, the crew will commence the loading process. You will receive a copy of the
packing inventory when everything has been loaded into the appropriate containers and you
verify that there is nothing left behind in your residence. Both you and the crew foreman will be
asked to sign the inventory. It is important to keep your copy with you, as this document is
necessary for the unloading process at your new destination residence.

Air shipments
Air shipments in general consist of small essential items that will be needed immediately upon
arrival at destination. It is important to note, however, that the typical transit time for an air
shipment to any destination in the world will be approximately 10 – 14 days. Air shipments
normally consist of additional clothing, shoes, some toys and games and other items that could
not be hand carried on the plane. Air containers come into three to four standard sized of either
wooden or industrial strength cardboard construction. The containers can be loaded at your
residence or at the warehouse depending on the size of the shipment. Each air container is
designed to fit into the cargo hold of aircraft and is banded with steel straps for additional
security. If you would like more information on the size of these air containers, please contact
you Suddath International Relocation Counselor.

Sea Shipments
The size and the final delivery destination of
your sea freight shipment will determine the type
of container(s) used for your sea shipment. In
general terms, if you have a residence available
at destination, then your household and personal
effects may be loaded directly into a steel
steamship container at your residence. These
large containers are the property of the steamship
company and generally come in two standard
sizes, either 20 feet or 40 feet in length.
The containers are brought directly to your residence, loaded and sealed and driven directly to
the port of departure.

The other type of container used for sea shipments is a lift van. A lift van is used for smaller
individual shipments or when storage is required at either end of the international moving
process. Because the items are already loaded into the lift vans, they can be stored in these
containers. This eliminates the need for the double handling of your possessions and increases
the security of your shipment. In some parts of the world it is impossible to use the larger steel
steamship containers and so we have to utilize lift vans.

Long Term Storage

                                           In some cases, your move overseas may not be
                                           permanent and you may be scheduled to return to this
                                           residence at some point in the future. It is common
                                           for clients to ask for Suddath International to arrange
                                           for the long term storage of some of their effects
                                           while they are overseas. In this case, your effects
                                           will be loaded into large wooden containers, know as
                                           storage vaults. These storage vaults are
                                           approximately double the size of a standard lift van
                                           and provide long term security and protection for you
                                           while your are overseas.

Both the estimator and your Suddath International Relocation Counselor will be able to provide
more information on the specifications of each of these containers once the volume and weight of
your shipment has been determined.

In Transit
Once the containers leave your residence and the shipment is “in-transit”, your Suddath
International Relocation Counselor will keep you informed of the status of your shipment. It is
important that you make sure that you have given Suddath International all of your contact
information and travel plans prior to your personal departure. Please contact your Relocation
Counselor immediately, if any of your arrival information changes. It is very important that we
know exactly when you and your family will be arriving at destination and where we can contact
you during the customs clearance process.

                                                Based on years of experience and a thorough
                                                knowledge of moving goods across international
                                                borders, Suddath International’s team of
                                                specialists will use a system of evaluating the most
                                                cost-effective, time efficient method for your
                                                shipment. In addition, we will make all
                                                arrangements for your shipment including customs
                                                clearance and final delivery to your new residence.
                                                Prior to your departure, make sure that you still
                                                have the destination agent contact information that
                                                was provided to you by Suddath International. If
                                                you have any questions regarding the destination
agent or who to contact upon your arrival, ask your Suddath International Relocation Counselor
before you leave the home country.

Destination Services
Upon arrival in your destination country, you should immediately contact the following:
 Your local Embassy/Consulate
 Your place of work and verify a point of contact (typically the HR department)
 The nominated Suddath International destination agent

Your Suddath International Relocation Counselor will have sent the nominated destination agent
an “arrival notice” with information regarding your shipment and arrival details. The destination
agent will make the arrangements regarding the clearance of the shipment through customs and
all of the necessary paperwork. Therefore, it is important that you make contact with them as
soon as possible.

For some destination countries, Suddath
International is able to provide you with the
customs documentation prior to your departure.
However, for most countries around the world,
you will be required to complete all of the
documentation once you have arrived in
country. This may require a visit to either our
destination agents facility or to a customs
office. Your destination agent will consult with
you and them make the necessary arrangements
for you. If at any time you have any questions
or concerns regarding the destination services process, do not hesitate to contact your Suddath
International relocation Counselor.

Once the necessary documentation has been submitted to the customs authorities, the clearance
procedures can take anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, with the exception of a few
destinations. The destination agent will be able to give you a move accurate time frame once
your paperwork has been submitted. Please remember that the customs officials are virtually
accountable only to themselves. We will do everything possible to obtain clearance of your
shipment in a timely manner, however, trying to apply pressure to the customs officials is likely
to further delay the process!

Please have any back up receipts available should they be required and make sure that you are
available to answer any questions that the customs officers may have regarding your possessions.
You should also be aware that duties, taxes and additional charges may be raised during the
customs process. We will either require payment of these charges prior to delivery or if you are
being relocated by a company, then authorization of payment of charges will be accepted.

                                               ** You must be able to be reached during the
                                               customs clearance process. If you are required
                                               to leave the country prior to or during the
                                               process, it is critical that you contact Suddath
                                               International or our destination agent before you
                                               make any travel arrangements. In some cases
                                               you may incur significant costs and/or penalties
                                               if you are not personally available during the
                                               customs clearance process.

Delivery to Residence
Once the formal customs process has been completed, the destination agent will contact you to
arrange a date and time for the delivery of your shipment. In general, less time is required at
your residence to deliver a shipment than to pack, wrap and containerize for export. Please
make sure that your are able to be present at the residence during the entire unloading and
unpacking process!

  Between your Suddath International Relocation Counselor and the destination agent, a suitable
  time frame will be established with you for the completion of delivery services. Your shipment
                                                   will be delivered to your residence and full
                                                   unpacking services will be performed. In most
                                                   cases, customers do no want everything
                                                   unpacked as they have yet to decide which items
                                                   will go where in the new residence. If this is the
                                                   case then arrangements can generally be made
                                                   for the destination agent to return at a later date
                                                   to collect any packing material debris.
                                                   Otherwise, the crew will unpack everything and
                                                   set up the furniture as required.

  Please not that if you do decide to unpack cartons yourself, be very careful about disposing of
  used packing material. Often, what looks like used packing material, has a small item wrapped
  inside. It is our recommendation therefore, that you unfold each piece of packing paper to
  verify that nothing has been wrapped inside.

  Please make sure that you have your copy of the packing inventory available during the
  unloading process. It is important that you mark off the inventory numbers as they are brought
  into your residence. You should also note the condition of each item and mark the inventory
  accordingly. We also advise that your walk through your residence before the crew departs to
  inspect and verify the condition of all major items of furniture. If any cartons are not unpacked
  at your request, please mark on the inventory against each carton “delivered but not opened”.

Any item of furniture that was disassembled at origin will
be reassembled at destination. Wherever possible, this will
be undertaken by the delivery crew; however, for specialist
pieces, it may be necessary to employ the services of an
outside contractor. These arrangements will be made on
your behalf and will endeavor towards having the item
worked on while we are completing the unpacking process.

The crew, once they have completed all delivery and
unpacking services, will ask you to sign the inventory to
verify that everything has been delivered and then take one
final walk through to make sure that everything is in place

During the delivery process, you will receive a follow up customer service call to verify that
everything is being completed to your satisfaction and to answer any remaining questions that
you may have regarding our services.

Reporting a Claim
In the unlikely event that you do suffer any loss or damage to your shipment, it is important to
follow the procedures that are outlined on your valued inventory forms. You have 45 days from
the delivery date to notify your Suddath International Relocation Counselor in writing of your
intent to file a claim. You then will receive a claim form with instructions, and you will have a
further 90 days to complete the claim form and return the information to the insurance company.
If at any time you have any questions relating to the claims process, contact your Suddath
International Relocation Counselor.

Throughout your move with Suddath International, you will receive several telephone calls from
your Suddath International Relocations Counselor regarding your level of satisfaction with the
services we have provided. Once your shipment has been delivered and you have begun to settle
into your new home, you will receive a formal customer satisfaction questionnaire, asking you to
comment on and rate our services.

We take great pride in our customer satisfaction scores and your feedback is important to us.
Your total satisfaction is what each member of our team strives to accomplish. Indeed, word of
mouth referrals are one of our best sources of new business! We like to encourage our
customers to write and tell us about how we have performed. We value your opinion as we
strive to be the “best in the business”. Please send your comments to:

                                     Stephen F. Crooks
                                   Suddath International
                                   815 South Main Street
                                 Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Once your move has been completed, you and your family will have the opportunity to explore
your new environment and culture. While this can be a stressful time, it can also be one of the
most rewarding experiences in your life.

                                          Being aware of the many resources available to you will
                                          help you settle into your new location. Check with the
                                          destination agent and local consulate or embassy
                                          regarding local clubs or groups of expatriates that meet to
                                          welcome newcomers to the area. You will also find a
                                          great deal of reading material on how to deal with culture
                                          shock and other emotions that may stem from moving
                                          internationally. With vast material available on the
Internet, you are never very far from professional advice on how to adjust to living and working

We encourage all of our clients to visit our web site: and review
our Suddath International Pre-Move Kit which both contain a variety of information and
available resources regarding international relocation and your approach to enjoying this
fantastic opportunity.

      Thank you for selecting Suddath International and we look forward to our next
                            opportunity to be of service to you.

Different countries have different procedures and it is important that you verify every step of the
customs process prior to finalizing your moving arrangements. The local consulate or embassy
should have the most up-to-date information and should be contacted at your earliest
opportunity. If you have any questions relating to the documentation and general entry
requirements for your household effects and personal items then do not hesitate to contact your
Suddath International Relocation Counselor.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to have all necessary documentation that is required for your
formal entry, and the import of your household goods and personal items. This list has been
compiled for your use only as a guide. Please ask the consulate or embassy to provide your with
comprehensive details regarding their specific requirements.

   Formal entry requirements for working in the country (passport, visa, letter of employment).
   Formal entry requirements for accompanying family members.
   Restrictions on length of stay.
   Requirements for entry of household goods shipment/shipments.
   Whether subsequent shipments of household items/personal effects are allowed.
   Duties, taxes or other charges associated with the import of household items and personal
   Restrictions/requirements for importing automobiles.
   Duties, taxes or other charges associated with the import of an automobile
   Prohibited or restricted items.
   What medical records will be required upon entry.
   What inoculations/vaccinations will be required.
   Formal entry requirements for the importation of pets.
   Driving permits and or license requirements.
   What the electric current is at destination.
   Procedure for registering with local authorities upon arrival.
   Currency restrictions upon arrival.
   Procedure for re exporting your shipment, what documentation is required.
   Estimated length of time it will take to process the required documents through the origin
    consulate or embassy.

There are many things to consider when thinking about taking your pets with your while your are
overseas. The first thing to do is to check with the local consulate regarding the process for
bringing a pet into the country. Many countries have very stringent and complicated rules
regarding the import of pets, which may include a lengthy and sometimes costly stay in
quarantine. You should also consider the age and health of your pet and the impact of this
undertaking on the pet’s long term health.

Your Suddath International Relocation Counselor is available to coordinate the international
transportation of your pets; however, if you decide to make the arrangements yourself, then you
should review the following guidelines:

   Confirm all entry requirements with the local consulate, including all documentation
    required, charges incurred and airports that allow pets.
   Confirm which authorities should be notified in the destination country prior to the pets
   Confirm with your vet that they can comply with all of the health requirements and
    supporting documentation.
   Check with your airline if your pet can travel on the same flight as you and your family.
   Verify size restrictions the airline imposes on pet containers and consult with your vet
    regarding the optimum size and type for your specific pet.
   Avoid making travel arrangements that result in the pet arriving over a weekend or holiday.
   Discuss with your vet the impact of any pre-flight medication (tranquilizers) on your pet.
   Make sure your pet container is well marked and that all emergency contact numbers are
    clearly written on the container and the pet’s collar.
   Discuss with your vet and airline what food and water should be allowed prior to and during
    the journey.
   Help your pet to become familiar with the pet container. Allow the pet to see the container in
    your home and, if possible, have the pet spend time in the container with familiar items.

If you are considering shipping an automobile overseas, check with the consulate regarding the
regulations surrounding the importation of your specific make and model. You will need to
verify what duties and charges will be assessed and what modifications may be required to meet
local standards, specifically check safety and emissions.

You may also want to consider how “practical” your current model would be in the new country;
you should consider road size, traffic congestion/parking and safety. In some countries it might
be better to “blend in” with the locals rather than advertising the fact that you are an expatriate.
Other considerations include the availability of parts, the cost of insurance, service and
maintenance programs and the gasoline/petrol supply (leaded or unleaded).

Consider that you will need to maintain your vehicle insurance coverage up to, and including, the
vehicle’s scheduled day for collection from your residence. In some cases this may include
driving the vehicle to another location to facilitate the loading process; therefore, it is important
to maintain full coverage.

Please discuss the export documentation required with your Suddath International Relocation
Counselor and make sure that you have the original registration document available. If the
vehicle is leased, you must contact your leasing company prior to making any arrangements for

Your should also note that a vehicle can only be transported overseas with a minimum amount of
gasoline/petrol in the tank. In addition, no household items may be loaded in the vehicle; only
the spare tire, jack, hubcaps and factory fitted accessories may travel in the vehicle. The primary
reason is sometimes the vehicle is cleared through customs separately from the household goods.
If household goods are included in the vehicle, the result can be significantly prolonging the
clearance process, incurring additional charges and ultimately the confiscation of the household

In order to transport a vehicle, the battery will be disconnected for safety reasons. Consult your
manual or local dealership to verify which of the vehicle’s systems may be effected by the loss
of power (audio systems, on-board computers, etc.) and how to reactivate them.



Common Phrases in International Relocation
Accessorial Services: Services provided by an agent, such as maid service or disassembling
swing sets in addition to the transportation of household goods.

Agent (Moving): Moving company authorized to perform origin and destination services and
hauling household goods.

Air-Van Service: Forwarding of household goods by cargo plane.

Bill of Lading (B/L): A document issued to a shipper by a carrier describing the goods to be
shipped, acknowledging their receipt and stating the terms of the contract for their carriage.

Claim: Shipper’s statement of damage or loss to household goods while in charge of a carrier or
its agent.

Consignee: Person noted on bill of lading to receive shipment at destination.

Consignor: Person named on shipping documents as authorized at origin to release good to a
transportation company.

Consulate: A person appointed by the government to aide and serve its citizens and business
interests in a foreign country.

Customs Bond: A bond or guarantee for the strict observance of customs laws; used for bonding
goods until release by customs authorities.

Customs Broker: Person holding a license to engage in clearing goods through customs.

Destination Agent (D/A): Provides delivery to the destination residence and unpacking services.
Also facilitates customs process.

Door-to-Door Service (DTD): Shipment of household goods direct from origin to destination.

Duty: A government-levied tax on the importation or exportation of “use and consumption”

Entry requirements: Procedures set forth by governments to allow importation of goods into
their countries.

Estimate: An approximation of moving costs, size and bulk, determine by an agent’s physical
survey of a shipment.

ETA: Estimated time of arrival.

ETD: Estimated time of departure.

Extra Stop (Pickup/Delivery): If a van operator is required to make an extra stop at either origin
or destination other than the main pickup or delivery points, an extra charge will be assessed,
with the amount to be determined by the tariff, contract or rate schedule.

Expatriate: Person who has left his or her country of birth.

Forwarder: People, a moving company or broker especially licensed for the transportation of
goods throughout the world.

Gross Weight: The weight of an article together with the weight of packing material and its

Inventory: A multi-copy form used by a van operator to record a description and number of
articles to be shipped. The inventory also contains a description of the condition of items at the
time of pickup and allows the shipper to annotate the description of items upon delivery or
receipt at destination.

Liability: The maximum amount for which a carrier is normally liable in connection with loss or
damage of cargo while in transit or storage.

Lift-Van: A wooden container used on overseas removals. Manufactured or built specifically to
transport household goods.

On-Site Services: Destination relocation support offered by Relocation Services. Includes
everything from finding a home and school, to full settling-in assistance overseas.

Order for Service: The document authorizing a carrier to transport household goods.

Origin Agent (OA): Agent who provides preliminary preparations of shipments before

Passport: A government document issued to a citizen for travel abroad. It certifies identity and
citizenship and entitles the bearer to protection in his or her own country and any countries

PBC (PBA): Packed by Carrier (Packed by Agent).

PBO: Packed by Owner.

Permanent Storage: After a shipment has been in storage a specified number of days (depending
on the van line), the bill of lading ceases and the warehouse must write up a new contract and
assume responsibility for the shipment, which then is termed in “permanent storage”. Prior to
that time, shipment is in “temporary storage” or is “storage in transit (SIT).

Port Broker: A person or company designated to clear goods or merchandise through customs
for a consignee or shipper.

Prohibited Articles: Items a mover will not handle, such as explosives and flammable items.

Quarantine: Any isolation or restriction on travel or passage imposed to prevent the spread of

Repatriate: Person who has returned to his or her country of birth.

Storage In Transit (SIT): A shipment, while under a bill of lading, held in the warehouse of a
carrier pending further transportation; may be in SIT for a specified number of days before
storage becomes “permanent”.

Visa: Endorsement on a passport showing that a person has been given official entry into or
passage through a country.

Work Permit: Legal document enabling a person to work in a country where he or she is not a
citizen, usually for a limited amount of time.


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