Head boy Valediction _Prefects_

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					Head boy Valediction (Prefects)
Mr Mitchell, members of staff, honoured guests and the gentlemen of Clifton - Good morning

Today you will be hearing the bell ring as a symbol that will announce the departing of the Matric Class of 2009. It
will not only be announcing the last day in our school career, but this bell will be heard throughout Durban,
symbolizing the birth of an exceptional school, that is only 7 years old. WE, the Clifton family have laid the
foundations to carry us further and given us the strength to conquer any challenge which may come our way in the

This foundation is of course governed and controlled by a group of boys who have willingly served Clifton College
throughout the year. These men have without a doubt raised the bar yet again and given a new meaning to the
term “Clifton Gentlemen”. Their courage, passion and determination to serve their school has been admirable to
say the least.

Their devotion to the badge will always be seen and remembered as the pinnacle of patriotism to Clifton. To have
had the privilege to work with this group of fine young men is something which I will cherish for the rest of my life.
The prefects of 2009, for everything you have done for Clifton, your work, your commitment and your
determination..I thank you.

I would also like to thank my Deputies, Mark Spencer and Brian van Vuuren whom I’ve had the privilege to work
with very closely and who willingly gave up the majority of their matric year to strive for excellence within Clifton

Of course, without the strong leadership and enriching knowledge of Mr.Boniaszczuk ,Mr.Bresler and Mr Mitchell
it wouldn’t have been possible to have such a successful group of prefects. Therefore I thank you respectively for
showing us the essence of not only becoming a leader within Clifton but also being one far beyond its boundaries.

To the newly elected prefects, all I can ask of you is follow the example that has been set by the prefects of
2009.They have set themselves apart from the rest and I wish that you - the prefects of 2010 do the same. Stay
humble, never become arrogant or unwilling to learn from your mistakes - don’t fear the tasks that lay before
you…..- grab them……., face the challenge head on and keep the Clifton badge close to your heart! The saying will
speak true, pain and suffering is temporary but - glory is eternal!

I wish each and every one of the new leaders good luck for the future, may your year be filled with even greater
victories than the pioneers you are replacing.

Go well Clifton Gentleman,

Go well

JJ Booysen

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