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					VOL 11 NO 02                                                                              21 – 27 JAN 2011


Giving voice to youth                                                                      WEEK IN REVIEW

                         South Africa is a country with a long and rich tradition of
                         sport participation and achievement. Many say we are a            Raging floods cause chaos | The
                         sport crazy nation. South Africa has enjoyed international        government announced that in
                         successes from the early 19th Century.                            recent floods in most parts of the
                                                                                           country would cost R356million to
                         In 1884, E L Williams and E W Lewis reached the final of          bring relief. The floods and other
                         the first men’s doubles at Wimbledon Tennis, but                  incidents of natural disasters had
                         unfortunately lost. In 1893, Laurens S Meintjes became            displaced more than 6000 people.
                         South Africa’s (and most probably Africa’s) first world record    40 people reportedly lost their lives.
                         holder, in the sport of cycling. At the World’s Fair Cycle        Minister Sicelo Shiceka said a
                         Meeting in Chicago, he won the sixty-two mile international       national state of disaster would be
                         championship. In the same year in Springfield,                    declared in seven provinces
                         Massachusetts, he set a world record in the hour’s race.          covering 28 municipalities. Damages
                                                                                           to crops are estimated to be in the
                         In 1896, South Africa won its first rugby test ever, against      region of around R 1-billion and are
                         the British Isles. And we repeated the victory last Saturday      likely to escalate further.
                         against England on their home soil. You may have                  Government has indicated that it
discovered in your hotel rooms that we have more televised sport round the clock           would not provide financial aid to the
than most countries. You can watch more English Premiership Football games live            farmers whose farms were affected.
here in South Africa than in England. Need I say more?

South Africans have had a long and special relationship with the Olympic Movement.         Massmart owners accept Wal-Mart
The minority white South Africans first participated officially in the 1908 Olympic        bid | The take over of a majority
Games in London. It is significant that Reginald E Walker, from Durban, won the            stake in the South African retailer
Olympic gold medal in the 100 metres and equalled the Olympic record of 10.8               giants Massmart by the American
seconds for the second time. In the same year he equalled the world record of 11.4         retailer Wal-Mart came to a close as
seconds in the 120 yards. As a matter of interest, Walker wrote the first textbook on      nearly 79 per cent of Massmart's
sprinting in 1910, which was part of health and strength’s series on sports coaching,      shareholders voted in favour of Wal-
two years after winning Olympic Gold.                                                      Mart's bid. Although shareholders
                                                                                           overwhelmingly support the
One of the biggest victories at the Olympic Games was in 1912 when Rudolph Lewis           transaction, it’s alleged that
won the 320 km cycle road race in Stockholm. This was the only cycle event at these        continuing signs of tension between
Games and he was the only South African among the 123 riders from 16 countries.            Massmart management and trade
At these same Games, Ken McArthur and Chris Gitsham won the gold and silver                unions overshadowed the
medals in the marathon. Charles Winslow won the Olympic singles tennis                     shareholders’ meeting. Cosatu urged
championship beating his team-mate, Harold Kitson into the silver medal. Together          shareholders to vote against the
they won the gold medal in the men’s doubles.                                              transaction, which it claimed had
                                                                                           already cost more than 1 000 jobs. It
But we also know that the Olympic Movement has played a crucial role by assisting          threatened to hold the mother of all
the people of this country in the fight against apartheid. Olympic Movement expelled       boycotts to ensure that the deal
apartheid South Africa from the Olympic movement in 1970, leading to almost three          does not go through. The union
decades of sport isolation, and helped tighten the noose around the rebel rugby            hope to use Wal-Mart’s international
tours from Australia and New Zealand to this country. But you also warmly                  track record to ensure that the
welcomed the rising new rainbow nation back into the Olympic family in 1991.               competition authorities would attach
                                                                                           conditions to the merger.

How can we ever forget our indebtedness to our heroes like Sam Ramsamy, Dennis
Brutus, and Jean-Claude Ganga, who with the support of the Supreme Council for            WEEK IN REVIEW
Sport in Africa, and the IOC and entire Olympic Movement, mobilised the world to
bring about this change through sport? We hope that this liberated and democratic
country makes you feel that you have come home. We trust that the next few days
will give you the well-deserved opportunity to experience our rich heritage and           ANC adjusts parliamentary
culture. You will experience for yourself what ubuntu is all about.                       committees | The Parliament
                                                                                          announced the appointment of 16
In June 2001, Heads of States and Representatives of governments met at the               new committee chairpersons, cluster
United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) dedicated to HIV and             convenors and whips. The latest
AIDS. The UNGASS recognised that the Aids epidemic had caused untold suffering            appointments are aimed at ensuring
and death worldwide. The United Nations Special Session also served to remind the         that parliament is equipped with a
world that there was hope. With sufficient will and resources, communities and            full complement of leaders who will
countries could change the epidemics’ deadly course.                                      expedite processes of government.
                                                                                          The new appointments include:
At the meeting the Heads of States and Representatives of government issued the           veteran MP Ben Turok, who will
Declaration of Commitment on HIV and AIDS. The declaration remains the powerful           chair the joint committee on ethics
tool that is helping to guide and secure action, commitment, support and resources        and members' interests; MP Beauty
for AIDS response. Many young people in Africa and across the world are denied            Dambuza, appointed convenor of
their right to participate in education, culture and sport due to their HIV status. HIV   the social transformation cluster;
and AIDS stereotypes are entrenched in the minds of many who by hook or crook             and, MP Lydia Chikunga, appointed
are systematically excluding those who are found to be HIV positive from                  convenor of the peace and security
participation in education, culture and sport. They do this in the pretext of being       cluster. A further 13 members were
cautious against being infected too.                                                      appointed as committee whips. They
                                                                                          include Linda Moss, Arthur Moloto,
For the past eight years a group of prominent sportspeople, AIDS activists, together      Andre Gaum, Mamaloko Kubayi,
with the Sport and Recreation South Africa has taken to the road for sixteen days         Gerhardus Koornhof, Nomalungelo
each year to promote a message of well-being in the face of HIV and AIDS in               Gina, Stella Ndabeni, Alpheus
communities across South Africa, with a special attention to rural areas. They walk       Maziva, Beatrice Ngcobo, Jonas
and run approximately 1 600km across the country (in both urban and rural                 Sibanyoni, Kgwaridi Manamela,
communities) visiting HIV and AIDS centres, giving sport equipment to communities         Jabu Sosibo and Ntombikayise
using sports clinics and a sports clinic for youth … What is so exciting by the Walk is   Sibhida.
such that it coincides with the South Africa’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign against
abuse and violence against women and children, and is planned so that it ends on
the World AIDS Day.                                                                       More enrolments overwhelm
                                                                                          South African universities | The
Across the world, AIDS activists, academia, researchers, communities and                  South African Institute for Race
governments have recognized that, one of the main pushers of HIV and AIDS                 Relations (SAIRR) announced that
infections have been the scourge of gender based violence, for an example battering       there is a significant increase in the
of women and rape.                                                                        percentage of black South Africans
                                                                                          graduating from universities (a 334%
Sport and Recreation can play a major role in combating gender-based violence             compared to 14% for whites). Most
through involving as many people as possible in sport and recreation whilst at the        higher education institutions are said
same time imparting life skills in the minds of participants. It have been proven         to be battling to accommodate even
across the world that it can enhance participation of people for health purposes and      25% of growing amount of
for healthy life style and result towards a targeted reduction of abuse, crime,           applicants. The research conducted
violence, rape and stereotypes.                                                           by the Institute which covered Black,
                                                                                          White, Indian and Coloured revealed
On this matter, schools and education, including culture, are and can be useful           that, in 1991 some 8,514 Africans
institutions and tools in the fight against HIV and AIDS and gender-based violence.       had been awarded degrees by
Sport, education and culture can be used as instruments that play a meaningful role       South African public universities,
in producing responsible citizens.                                                        going up to 2008, an increase of
                                                                                          334%," according to the research
“We need extraordinary measures to reverse the trends we are seeing in the health         institute. This compares with the
profile of our people. We know that the situation is serious. We have seen the            2,347 degrees conferred on colored
statistics. We know that the average life expectancy of South Africans has been           graduates in 1991 and the 5,286 in
falling, and that South Africans are dying at a young age. We have seen the child-        2008 - an increase of 125%. On
headed and granny-headed households, and have witnessed the pain and                      Indians, the institute said that in
displacement of orphans and vulnerable children. These facts are undeniable. We           1991, 2,333 Indians received
should not be tempted to downplay the statistics and impact or to deny the reality        degrees, and in 2008, this went up
that we face. At the same time, the epidemic is not about statistics. It is about         to 6,857, bringing about an increase
people, about families, and communities. It is about our loved ones. For many             of 194%. But in the same period of
families, it is a burden that they have to bear alone, fearful of discrimination and      1991, a total of 27,619 whites
stigma,” President Jacob Zuma, 1 December 2009.                                           received degrees and the figure shot
                                                                                          up to 31,527 by 2008.

On Friday, 3 December 2010, the world was celebrating and commemorating the
International Day of persons living with Disabilities. There is almost seven hundred        WEEK IN REVIEW
million people living with disabilities worldwide and all countries are urged to
intervene and join hands with persons living with disabilities.

The rights, dignity and Justice, of all persons living with disabilities are enshrined in   SARB keeps repo rate unchanged
the Universal Principles of the United Nations (UN). These principles together with         | South African Reserve Bank
non-discrimination and equality are embedded in many instruments of the UN such             Monetary Policy Committee kept the
as the UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, along with Treaties            repo rate unchanged. The bank cut
such as the International Covenants on Human Rights, and the Convention on the              its repo rate by a half percentage
Rights of Persons with Disabilities.                                                        point to 5.5 percent in November last
                                                                                            year, a 30-year low, off a peak of
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be achieved if persons with                12.5 percent in December 2008.
disabilities are not included. Efforts to achieve the MDGs and implement the                The Monetary Policy Committee's
Convention are interdependent and mutually re-inforcing. It is in this fact that, the       decision was based on a number of
Republic of South Africa, through its legislative institution, the Parliament of the        factors, including improving
Republic, has honoured the call from the United Nations (UN) by Ratifying the               household spending on the back of
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2008.                              lower interest rates, higher
                                                                                            manufacturing production and retail
In this regard, I would like to humbly take this opportunity to urge all members of the     sales and better consumer
IOC who have not yet, by any reason, ratify the convention to do so, as a matter of         confidence. SARB governor Gill
progressivism. Hence, the need to develop a consensus and a deep understanding              Marcus said that while recovery will
of sport as catalyst for change and development in order to question; what is meant         be sustained, global growth
by both the concepts of change and development?                                             prospects remain uncertain and a
                                                                                            number of risks still loom large.
The latter articulates a multitude of potentially constructive, desirable and envisaged     Risks to domestic growth and
outcomes across a wide spectrum, covering a wide range of phenomena, that is,               inflation outlook have been identified
from informal play, fun events, school games, theatre competitions, community               as higher oil and food prices.
competitions up to mega events such as Olympics, Paralympics, World Cups, etc.              Interest rates are expected to remain
                                                                                            at current levels for most of this year.
At the same time, sport for development articulates many meanings, depending on
the socio-political will and envisioned effects.

Therefore, the key is to put sport in the equation for ‘change’ and that change can in
turn be channelled to stand for ‘development’. The “One Goal” campaign, (1Goal), is
a living example of this symbiotic link between sport and change in the context of
sport and development. Thus, we believe that Education beats poverty and give
people the tools to help themselves. This campaign is seizing the power of sport to
ensure that education for all is a lasting impact in all sport activities, especially in

The key overall strategy in initiatives of this nature is to institute a significant mass
which will be utilised to call upon everyone in the world in particular governments to
deliver on ‘Education for All by 2015’ and reach the UN Millennium Development
Goals for Education. In the same vein, the benefits of sport reach beyond the impact
on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport not be
under-estimated. Efforts should be concentrated towards the leadership training, the
process of training both professionals and volunteers who are likely to lead such
programmes. Coaches and physical educators have the potential to provide strong
leadership if they fully activate this aspect of their work with young people. Positive
social interaction between peers also links strongly with sporting and educational
outcomes and as such, peer educators and leaders also require quality training and

There is also relevance in the relationship between sport and attitudes towards
school among children and young people. A number of studies show that once
sports are introduced, learners’ attendance increases. But, the distinction between
recreational and competitive youth sport and physical activity must be drawn to
understand the extent to which sport acts as a magnet or repellent to school.

Evidence among those at risk of being excluded from school shows that an increase
in the availability of sports activities would make the prospects of attending school
more appealing. In this sense, sports activities in schools act as a gateway, if
presented in appropriate ways, to drawing children and young people towards
attending school.

On the other hand, research has shown that excessive and intensive training for
competitive youth sport can act as an obstacle to fulfilling educational and academic
pursuits among youth athletes who compete in higher-level sports competitions.                THIS WEEK IN HISTORY
Concretely, cases in which adults, including sports coaches and even parents, push
young athletes to abandon their studies to focus almost full-time on their sport
pursuits are prevalent in competitive youth sports.                                           21 January 1987: Several men
                                                                                              armed with AK47 assault rifles killed
Human culture is linked to the biological evolution of human beings. Thus, cultural           13 people, including 7 children, in a
diversity is the result of geographical location, religious beliefs and lifestyles.           house in Kwamakhuta. At the time
That is why a healthy relationship can be a great way to add stability and                    Archie Gumede, a United
companionships to one’s life. Several studies show that men and women in happy                Democratic Front (UDF) leader,
healthy relationships have an increased overall satisfaction with their lives in              claimed that the attack had been
general.                                                                                      aimed at Victor Ntuli, the 21-year-old
Most of couples strive to have compatibility and fulfilment in their relationships.           founder, treasurer and area
Achieving true compatibility is the ultimate goal for many relationships, so the              organiser of the Kwamakhuta Youth
question is; if you are in an intercultural relationship how large a role does culture        League (KYL). He was not home at
truly play, specifically as a sport person?                                                   the time. Ntuli had been the earlier
                                                                                              target of an unsuccessful attack by
Compatibility can be based on personality. But, there are great ways to continue to           people he had identified as IFP
nourish your already healthy relationship between you, education, culture and sport.          members.
Therefore, the importance of cultural, educational and sporting experience is evident
in the lack of human development characteristic of socially isolated children and
youth.                                                                                        22 January 1992: Nelson Mandela,
                                                                                              leader of the ANC and de Klerk
In this sense, if early childhood development is devoid of educational, cultural and          received the Unesco Houphouet-
sporting experience, the young person may fail to develop normal language,                    Boigny Peace Prize.
traditional, and cultural skills leading to limitations in other social learning, like
language, sport and recreation. It is true that, we all enter this world as potential
social beings that are capable of doing anything that nature commands on us. It is            23 January 1999: Sifiso Nkabinde,
said that when we are born, we are essentially helpless and must depend upon                  former Secretary of the ANC in the
others to fulfil our most basic cultural and physiological needs.                             Natal Midlands and at the time of his
                                                                                              death secretary-general of the
As we grow and mature, we experience an ongoing process of cultural, educational,             recently formed United Democratic
social and sporting interaction, which enables us to develop the skills, we will need         Movement, was shot dead outside
to participate in human excellence. The process of culture and sport is embedded              Bridgeway Supermarket in
within the context of our family. The family has primary importance in shaping young          Richmond. He was a self-admitted
persons’ attitudes and behaviour towards sport and recreation, because it provides            ‘warlord’ terrorising the Richmond
the context in which the first and most long-lasting intimate cultural and sporting           area. His death triggered the murder
relationships are formed.                                                                     of eleven members of the rival ANC
                                                                                              by gunmen linked to Nkabinde on
While the family offers the young person intimate cultural and sporting relationships,        the same day.
the school offers more objective cultural, educational and sporting relationships.
School is a social institution, which orientate youth to many social activities that
involve culture, education and sport. As such, it has a direct responsibility for             24 January 1964: It was
instilling in, or teaching, the individual the information, skills, and values that society   announced that efforts by Britain’s
considers important for social activity.                                                      Foreign Secretary, Mr. Butler and
                                                                                              Glasgow University to obtain
It tells you about the skills of interpersonal interaction, learning to share, to take        permission from the apartheid
turns, and to compromise with your peers. I am responsible, we are responsible, and           government for ANC President,
South Africa is responsible!                                                                  Chief Albert Luthuli to leave Natal to
                                                                                              be installed as Rector of Glasgow
May the spirit of Olympism be spread across the length and breadth of our beloved             University failed.
land South Africa, so that all our people are exposed to its philosophy and the
positive lessons, values and attitudes.

>> Fikile Mbalula is an ANC NEC member and Minister of Sports and Recreation

                                                                                           THIS WEEK IN HISTORY
Not an insurmountable hurdle
                                     On Saturday 15 January 2011, the people of            25 January 1965: Bram Fischer
                                     South Sudan concluded their historic weeklong         Q.C. jumped bail and failed to arrive
                                     referendum that according to preliminary results      in court to face charges of
                                     is most likely to see Sudan, the largest country in   membership of the illegal
                                     the continent, being split to two and a new           Communist Party, which was
                                     independent state born. A senior official of the      unlawful under the Suppression of
                                     National Congress Party (NCP) in Khartoum has         Communism Act.
                                     already announced that the referendum met the
                                     standards necessary for its outcome to be
                                     recognised and accepted.                              26 January 1887: Ethiopian army
                                                                                           defeated the invading Italian forces
                                     The referendum was part of the Comprehensive          in the battle of Dogali.
Peace Agreement (CPA) that was signed in Kenya and it was conducted in a free,
transparent and peaceful manner. The voters braved the scorching sun, walked long
distances and patiently waited in long queues to cast their votes on self-                 27 January 1914: Black women in
determination.                                                                             the Free State protested when they
                                                                                           were included in Pass legislation
This should not come as a surprise as the Chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation            previously reserved for African men
Movement (SPLM) and the President of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS),                 only. This law was subsequently
Salva Kirr recently met with all 25 parties in South Sudan and all agreed on               relaxed until the 1950s.
secession including a post-referendum framework and all party (unity) government.
This also saw a signing of a ceasefire agreement with the rebels in the south.

The south Sudanese saw their referendum vote as a means to end slavery and to
create a brighter future for them and their children. They saw voting for unity as
voting for second-class citizenship in their own country. They are determined to be
free in order to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of their forefathers and martyrs who
perished in the struggle for freedom.

To them their vote is a means to enjoy their rights, restore their dignity, and to be
able to practice their culture and traditional beliefs as citizens in their own country.
They are yearning to participate in their political, social and economic development
as free people. They are certain that freedom, peace, security and stability will
enable them to focus on nation building and creation of a better future for them and
their children, and their children’s children.

Unity, since Sudan’s independence from Britain in 1955 has only caused people of
South Sudan pain and misery, conflict and displacement, death and poverty, slavery
and under development. Skin colour came to distinguish racial differentiation so that
a light brown person was an Arab and a black African person was seen as a slave.
The stigma of slavery and blackness meant marginalisation that continues to date.

In 2005, the violent conflict that devastated the Sudan for many decades showed
signs of abating and the warring parties came together in Kenya to sign the CPA
which marked the end of the devastating civil war and outlined a plan that would
transform Sudan from a war-ravaged country to a place that harboured hope for
peace and development.

The CPA provided a time frame within which the north and the south could work
through the conflicting issues and constructively set out a political resolution that
would reshape Sudan. The CPA introduced a platform for discussion and dialogue
that would pave the way for transformation, and provided for a power-sharing deal
between NCP, with a stronghold in the North; and the SPLM, which hold majority
support in the South.

The Presidential and Constituency elections in April 2010 in Sudan marked a critical
stage of the implementation of the peace deal between the NCP and the SPLM. It
resulted in President Omar Al Bashir retaining his position as President of the
Sudan, while Salva Kirr won the Presidential seat in the autonomous South Sudan.

The presidential elections were widely criticised for not having met international
standards. Though administered in an orderly and peaceful manner, the calls for
postponement of the elections. The sudden withdrawal of several independent
candidates and political parties shortly before the polls, caused ructions in the
international community, with many concerns that the democratic process would
disintegrate into violent chaos, amid reports of intimidation.

However, the Sudanese displayed their political maturity and yearning for lasting
peace by conducting that election process in an orderly and relatively peaceful
manner. There were rumours of behind the scene deals that were struck to ensure
particular outcomes that would maintain the balance of power until the recent crucial
referendum on secession of the South. This was seen as a means to secure the
presidential seat for Omar Al Bashir, thereby ensuring his political legitimacy.

A senior official in the South Sudan said unity with the north has not been made
attractive. The economic disparities between the north and the south are garish.
Outside Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, which its roads were recently and are
in a process of being tarred, the infrastructure is almost non-existent in the south.
There are no tarred roads, running water, proper school and health facilities. The
cost of war saw even churches and church run schools in the south bombarded and
destroyed and thus leaving most of the population illiterate.

Much like our own transition from apartheid to democracy, Sudan still has a long
road ahead post-referendum. Many issues have to be addressed to maintain and
ensure peace. The post-referendum issues such as the referendum for Abyei, border
demarcation, natural resources, economic issues, citizenship, security and other
issues must be resolved in an expeditious manner that will benefit all parties
involved. South Africa must fully support and work with the African Union High Level
Implementation Panel in facilitating the negotiations of the post-referendum issues.

Drawing from our experience we must show solidarity and champion efforts to help
people of South Sudan to come out of their situation. Africa has its special role and
must lead the international community in the development efforts and bringing
lasting peace to South Sudan. Our own freedom was made possible because of the
solidarity of African states and international community.

A degree of uncertainty, expectations and hope, and fears of the unknown will mark
the next few months. The ANC has a special role in the post-referendum. Not only
because people of South Sudan are looking up to the ANC for guidance and
stewardship but also because for almost 100 years, the ANC has led the struggle to
bring about a South Africa that truly belongs to all people. The ANC has always held
together the unity of the African people in their struggle for freedom and dignity. It is
this unity that is a source of the ANC strength and that inspired many who sacrificed
their lives so that we can attain our freedom.

The ANC became part of the progressive forces that fought against colonialism,
racism, poverty, patriarchy and other social ills. The founders of the ANC defined the
organisation as a unifier and a premier representative of the African people within
and beyond our borders of South Africa. The international front was one of the key
pillars of the struggle that led to the defeat of the apartheid minority regime in 1994.

We must continue being active on the international front, in pursuit of the goal of
achieving a just world and a better Africa. The ANC should never betray the cause of
African advancement and African unity, and we should never be found wanting in
executing these responsibilities. Our freedom was attained because of solidarity of
Africans and other progressive people of the world.

Sudan will remain multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious societies. Like in our
country this diversity will be a source of strength. With the conclusion of the CPA the
two countries need new constitutional arrangements and to consolidate the peace
and stability achieved under CPA. All countries and parties of the world need to
ensure that peace is maintained between these neighbours.

Coming from South Sudan I know that it is in desperate need of investments aimed
at infrastructure and economic development and that support needs to given to
GOSS to uplift its administrative capacities.

People of South Sudan united under the banner of the SPLA/M sacrificed their lives
for their freedom. The unity of people of South Sudan must be upheld if South Sudan
is to progress. The SPLM as an organisation needs to be assisted to become a
proper and modern political party. Its organisational capacity needs strengthening to
ensure sustained maintenance of unity and development of all African people in the

The ANC and our government must champion the cause for cancellation of the
Sudan debt by the creditor countries particularly as it relates to the south. If the
south still has to pay debts that it never benefited meaningfully from for its
development it might as well wave the dream of being a modern country that is
meeting the basic needs of its people goodbye.

The people of South Sudan are expecting us to take them along the path towards
the attainment of a better life for all. All of us know that there can be no development
without peace. The challenge of the day is for all of us to commit to stay the course
so that our mother continent can earn its place in the sun.

The independent Sudan poses to the continent and the world with the challenge of
having to deal with a new entity. This will no doubt impact on the dynamics of the
continent. The new country needs to be guided to relate to its neighbours well as this
would determine how well it would be received in the international community. The
Sudanese on either side of the border will always share a common history. The
relations between these states must be made peaceful and harmonious.

From our own experience we know that there are no hurdles that are
insurmountable, we must strengthen our efforts and work tirelessly with the countries
and people of Sudan.
>> Muzi Ndlovu was part of the 10 member team deployed to South Sudan
Referendum by the ANC

                                                                                                 LATEST STATEMENTS
                    The African National Congress held its first NEC meeting for this
                    year on the 12th January 2011. This NEC meeting was then
                    followed by a two day Lekgotla the 13th - 14th January 2011, at
                                                                                                 ANC welcomes by-election
                    the Gallagher Conference Centre.
                                                                                                 20 January 2011
                   In his political overview, President Jacob Zuma re-affirmed the
                   centrality of the Freedom Charter in guiding the work of the ANC
led government. He premised the discussions of the Lekgotla on the clause "The
People shall share in the country’s wealth". He also emphasized that this year we
                                                                                                 Statement of the ANC Lekgotla,
need to concentrate on the creation of jobs and meaningful economic
                                                                                                 12 January 2011
transformation, and that the New Growth Path should be used as a framework for
the creation of the much-needed jobs.

The ANC used its own NEC meeting and the two day Lekgotla to focus on job
creation as a focal point of its activities this year within the five priorities identified in
the 2009 manifesto. The discussions were guided by the ANC NGC that took place                   Madiba death hoax malicious and
last year, ANC election manifesto of 2009 and the NEC 2011 January 8 statement.                  insensitive - ANC,
                                                                                                 16 January 2011
        Guided by this understanding and having done its own analysis, the
        ANC is confident that in the next ten years the economy will be able to
        create 5 million new jobs and thus reduce our unemployment rate from
        the present 25% to at least 15%. These jobs will be achieved through
        five clusters of "job drivers" namely; Infrastructure (energy, transport,
        water, housing and ICT), main economic sectors (agriculture agro-
        processing, mining and beneficiation, IPAP2, tourism etc), social capital
        (social economy and the public sector) and new economies that include
        the green economy and the knowledge economy spatial opportunities
        (rural development and the African region development)

Our envisaged contribution by sectors towards 5 million jobs to the economy
is as follows:

• Infrastructure - 250 000 (public investment - construction, operations
maintenance and supplier industries
• Mining - 140 000 (up-scaling of mining output and beneficiation)
• Broad based manufacturing - 350 000 (sectoral manufacturing outside of
• Tourism - 225 000 (cultural industries and knowledge economy)
• Business services - 50 000
• Green economy - 300 000 by 2020, and 400 000 by 2030 (biofuels, solar and
wind energy manufacturing)
• Knowledge economy - 100 000 (ICT, higher education, healthcare, new
technologies, mining-related technologies, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology)
• Social economy - 260 000 (non-profit producers, co-ops and social investment
• 10% growth of the public service (EPWP, and new youth schemes)
• Rural Development - 500 000 (infrastructure, marketing institutions, education
and skills)
• African regional development - 150 000 (exports of goods and services, business
and logistics services
• In addition the Lekgotla instructed all government departments in all spheres of
government to come up with ways and means of creating jobs in their respective

The Lekgotla further instructed the Cabinet to act on the following as a way to
facilitate job creation:

On the public service

• Transform Palama Institution of Training to be a government school that will be
used to give meaningful training and empowerment to senior civil servants
• Standardization of conditions of service to facilitate the establishment of a single
public service
• Engage unions to identify ways of delivering quality services

On agriculture and land reform and rural development:

• Concrete plans for commercial farmers, emerging small-scale farmers and food
•   Land reform programmes
•   Revitalisation of extension services
•   Revitalization and resourcing of agriculture colleges
•   Support for three land holding options (leasehold of state land, freehold with
limited extent on private land and foreigners being allowed to lease land with
ownership reverting back to South Africans at the end of the lease)

Infrastructure development

• Rail revitalization must be concretely outlined with clear targets.
• Water programmes that may look at how we dam some of our rivers for
preservation of water.
• The agreement also emphasized the importance of linking national infrastructure
to that of the region and the continent.

On state owned enterprises

• State Owned Enterprises must play a role in training and resourcing young
graduates including the SETAs.
• Professional councils must be used to give access professional registration of

On mining and mineral processing

• Process of operationalizing the state-owned mining company must be expedited.
• Down-stream beneficiation of minerals

On the financial sector

• The PosBank must be repositioned as a state bank that is duly licensed.
• Pay attention to the transformation of the South African Reserve Bank and the
debate on shareholding

On health

• The need to appoint qualified professionals to manage public health facilities.
• Nursing colleges need to be re-opened and that practical bedside training be re-
• The IMC and the Cabinet must approve the NHI proposed programme so that
budget and therefore implementation can go ahead.

On Basic Education

• Urgent replacement of mud-schools with proper structures.
• Schools that are in good condition but closed due to dwindling learner numbers
should be used for other needs of the education sector including training of teachers.
• Teacher training colleges must be re-opened and that they must focus on
supplying teachers with skills on mathematics and science.
• Skills upgrade for teachers must be stepped up

On Higher Education

• The need to resource historically disadvantaged institutions of higher learning to
ensure quality education. This will include Further Education Training Colleges and
the former bush universities.
• The unbundling of Medunsa and reinstate it as a stand-alone medical university.
• The department must develop concrete plans to build a Medical School in the
University of Limpopo and the building of new university in Mpumalanga and the
Northern Cape.
• The bursary scheme for students from poor families must be used as an
incentive for performance.

On crime and corruption

• The departments must create facilities for whistle blowers and that they must be
• Our criminal justice system must ensure that those guilty of corruption and crime
must be arrested, prosecuted and convicted as the only means to deter crime.
• The tightening of tender processes

On sport

• The Lekgotla called on the building of a network of academies for the various
sports disciplines in our various communities
• The re-introduction of schools sports
• Ensure mass participation in sports

On the international front

• The Lekgotla expressed its appreciation of the role of party-to-party relations that
assisted with lobbying for South Africa to be admitted into BRIC to make it BRICS.
• It was also resolved that struggle heritage sites will be identified in the continent.
It also identified the need to determine the role of the party in the debate about
transformation of the United Nations and its institutions.

On organizational matters

• The ANC must build the necessary capacity to drive the implementation of its
• Resume with the establishment of a fully-fledged monitoring and evaluation unit
• A Party school and the Policy Institute must be established this year.
• The Lekgotla reaffirmed the target of I million members by 2012 as a realistic and
achievable goal.
• The ANC will launch its elections campaign for local government election in mid
February this year

Other decisions taken by the National Executive Committee of the ANC relate to
Western Cape and the North West. The provincial conference of the ANC in the         TO SUBMIT ARTICLES OR
North West will take place at the end of January and that of the Western Cape will
take place in the second week of February this year. The NEC resolved to             COMMENT FOR
reconvene the regional conference of the Boland region (Western Cape) because of     ANC TODAY
the number of irregularities that occurred at the conference.

The NEC approved the formation of two new sub-committees,namely, the Gender
Sub-committee and the State Owned Enterprises Sub-committee, in addition to                Send your email to
reconfiguring all the NEC subcommittees for the year 2011.                      

The Alliance Summit as informed by the Secretariat meetings and decisions will be
held in mid February 2011.                                                                        OR

>> The ANC NEC members, the Leagues of the ANC, Ministers and Deputy
Ministers, Director Generals and the leaders of the Alliance, attended the ANC           By Fax to 086 508 2440


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