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FurnStar iS an extenSion oF the induStry-leading Submerged-arc Furnace controller
developed by mintek – the minstral, which is installed on over 100 furnaces in 9 countries. FurnStar
extends minstral’s capabilities beyond controlling electrode penetration and power input to the
furnace, to include a number of electrode management and process control tools.
FurnStar Minstral                                                             FURNSTAR ARCMON
FurnStar minstral is a submerged-arc furnace control system that              the arc-monitor, or arcmon, is an adjunct to the minstral control system
optimises furnace operation by means of a patented resistance                 that provides additional information about the conduction behaviour
algorithm, enabling stable operation at optimal power. electrode              within the burden.
penetration is controlled using electrode-to-bath resistances
calculated from accurate primary measurements. no hearth voltage              arcmon distinguishes non-linear arcing from linear resistive conduction,
connection is necessary. the predictive power control strategy                and can even differentiate between certain modes of arcing. arcmon
manipulates the transformer tap positions to ensure that the furnace          can also provide an indication of the individual electrode reactances.
is operated at its optimum under all operating conditions, within the         the ability to distinguish between arcing and resistive conduction
limitations of the furnace circuitry.                                         provides useful information about the behaviour of the burden within
                                                                              the reaction zone, including the carbon balance. arcing information
FurnStar Slipping Scheduler
                                                                              can also be used to improve the regulation of electrode penetration
the FurnStar Slipping Scheduler is aimed at replacing the inaccurate          to enhance furnace efficiency. The individual electrode reactances
and unreliable manual techniques with an accurate, dynamic, and               give an indication of the length of the conduction path through the
flexible automated system.                                                    electrode to the “conduction floor”.
the FurnStar Slipping Scheduler comprises an industrialised slip              hence, the arcmon reactances can be used to monitor the metal bath
measurement device - the “Slipmeter”- an electrode length estimator,          level. arcmon does not use harmonics or require a hearth connection,
and the scheduler itself. the slipping rate is adjusted by considering        and treats each electrode completely independently.
electrode position, length and baking current.
                                                                              FurnStar Resistance Optimiser
FurnStar Baking Controller
                                                                              the FurnStar resistance optimiser can take into account varying
the FurnStar electrode baking facility controls the electrode current         conditions within the furnace and automatically determine the
through the electrode after long slips are taken to ensure proper             optimimum resistance for various objectives, such as maximum power
baking of the electrode, and after long shutdowns to prevent thermal          input or electrode penetration.
shock to the electrodes.
                                                                              FurnStar Charming
FurnStar Roses
                                                                              charming provides additional functionality to the minstral by
FurnStar Roses is a real-time, on-line electrode simulator that uses finite   dynamically displaying the operating region of a furnace on the
element analysis of the current and heat flow distributions within the        furnace’s characteristic curves.
electrode to simulate the temperature and thermal stress profile within
the electrode.
FurnStar Power Optimiser
                                                                                chris hockaday – head: Furnace control
the FurnStar Power optimiser is the next generation of power
controller that provides improved control and increased flexibility in
terms of the objectives of the controller. the Power optimiser is based
on an objective function where one can place different weightings on
the various parameters, such as power input and current asymmetry

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