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									Lori’s Hands
Volunteer Training
        The Lori’s Hands Story
Lori LaFave was an extraordinary mother whose active commitment
to her community, and the elderly in particular, impacted and inspired
those lucky enough to know her. She died in 2003 after an eight-year
battle with breast cancer, but her compassion
endures through Lori’s Hands. Her daughter Sarah
founded the organization in her memory at the
University of Delaware in 2009. Lori’s Hands
volunteers serve elderly individuals and families
affected by chronic illness. They assist their clients
with housecleaning, yard work, grocery shopping and
other activities of daily living. The organization
connects energetic college students with local
residents, fostering a positive cross-generational
relationship between the campus and the
surrounding community.
               Why Volunteer?
• Lori’s Hands offers a unique volunteer experience that
  provides hands-on opportunities to directly affect the
  lives of individuals with chronic illness
• Our volunteerism allows families to focus on their
  health as opposed to chores and housework
• We help to preserve client’s energy for fighting his/her
• Our families say that we provide relief during difficult
  times in their lives
     What Do Volunteers Do?
•   Cleaning
•   Grocery shopping/errands
•   Yard work
•   Laundry
•   Dog walking/pet care
•   Cooking and delivering meals
     Volunteer Responsibilities
• Take care to avoid injury to individuals and damage to
• Remain respectful to clients and their families,
  understanding that we will be entering personal homes
  during stressful times
• Understand duty to report any individual who is careless,
  negligent, or abusive and/or violates regulations of the
• Maintain confidentiality
• Volunteers will maintain complete confidentiality unless:
  – Maintaining confidentiality presents a threat to client
  – Maintaining confidentiality presents a threat to
    volunteer safety
  – There is a duty to the public to disclose
  – Disclosure is made with client’s consent
  – Disclosure is required by law
        Volunteer Limitations
• Volunteers, as members of Lori’s Hands, are not
  qualified nor authorized to offer medical assistance
  to other members or clients of the organization
• Volunteers have the right to refuse to provide any
  service that they do not feel comfortable providing
• While volunteers will be expected to remain
  professional and personable when in a family’s
  home, members of the organization are not
  expected to provide emotional support for a client
  in distress
• Volunteers will not transport clients or their family
  members for any reason
             Chronic Illness
• Clients will be undergoing treatment for/in
  remission from a variety of diseases
• For many clients, there are “good” days and
  “bad” days; for example, a client may sleep for
  days after chemotherapy but be full of energy
  later in the week or month
• Many treatments create sensitivity to certain
   – Avoid heavy perfume/cologne and
     understand client avoidance to foods/smells
                           Our Clients
• Addy: lives with one of her adult daughters; both of them have several health
   complications. We are helping them organize some rooms in their house and are also
   doing some work in the yard.

• Debi: is limited in what she can do by her pulmonary issues. We are helping her
   unpack and organize in her new home and also do some smaller activities each time we
   go, like walking the dog and filling the bird feeder.

• Denise: enjoys having us go to BJs or Costco with her to get groceries once a
   month (we ride the bus with her as she uses a wheelchair due to below-the-knee
   amputations). We’re also helping her organize some closets.

• Hazel: is an elderly woman who is active and independent, but has trouble
   carrying groceries up her stairs because she uses a walker. We do her grocery shopping
   each week.

• John: is an elderly man who has lived alone since his wife passed away. He has
   some mobility limitations and loves to have us come and do an all-over housecleaning
   every couple of weeks; he also really enjoys the company when we visit.
                  Our Clients contd.
• Martha: has had cancer for 12 years. She has mobility issues because the cancer
   recently spread to her bones and she's had several surgeries and procedures. She mostly
   wants help outside because she isn’t able to keep her yard up the way she used to.

• Nancy: is recovering from breast cancer. Her treatment has gone well so far and
   she is trying to stay as independent as possible, but appreciates the help with heavier
   cleaning like washing the floors and making her bed with clean sheets.

• Phillip & Ruth: are an elderly couple who like to have us go to the store
   for them and help outside in the yard. Ruth uses a wheelchair and Phillip uses a walker
   so these activities are difficult for them.

• Sandy: has had several strokes and subsequently uses a wheelchair. We are
   helping her organize and sort through some things in her house.
   Requirements of Volunteers
• Must be full-time matriculated students at the
  University of Delaware in good standing
• Signed waiver
• Participation in training
• Must wear green club t-shirt whenever
  providing a service as a member of Lori’s
        Next Steps for Becoming a
• Print and sign the volunteer waiver. Bring it to one of our meetings or
  the first time you volunteer: Volunteer Waiver

• Sign up for our scheduling website. Go to:
• Fill out the right-hand side of the form, "Request to Join the
  Community.” Once you've done this, we will receive an email back
  stating that there is a "pending member." We will approve you once we
  have received your waiver and then you will be automatically added to
  the community and sent instructions for setting a password and signing-
  in. You can use the calendar to see when volunteers are needed and to
  sign-up for times you’re available.
We’re looking forward to volunteering with you!

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