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043_Oil _ Gas Course Information


									                                                FACULTY OF LAW
                                           CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY


28 April 2010

Re:     Notice re new Oil and Gas Law Courses
        LL.M. (Business Law) Program
        Chulalongkorn University
        2 August – 2 October 2010

We are pleased to announce the offering of two specialized courses in oil and gas law, policy and economics. The
Faculty of Law has agreed to include the following two courses in its LLM (Business Law) program:

        Course 1: International Oil and Gas Law: History Technology Policy and Economics
                  Week 1–4: 2 – 26 August 2010

        Course 2: International Oil and Gas Law: Negotiation and Contracting
                  Week 5–8: 6 September – 2 October 2010

Draft details of the two 4-week courses are attached. They are based, in part, on the successful Oil and Gas LLM program
established in Angola with financial support from BP and technical support from their Senior Counsel, Norman Nadorff,
who will be an instructor. A world-class faculty has been organized for this course, comprising leading oil and gas
professors, consultants and practitioners who frequently lecture in similar programs around the world. They include top
professors from the Universities of Dundee, Aberdeen, Houston, Oklahoma and SMU, and in-house counsel from major oil
companies. The current President of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN), Karen Krug, will teach
Week 1.

The objective of these new courses is to promote the training and education of Thai lawyers, petroleum engineers,
negotiators, economists, commercial and financial managers and other professionals and regulators in the area of oil and gas
law, policy and economics, in order to create a group of qualified professionals who will serve the interests of Thailand and
its petroleum industry. Presently there is no post-graduate oil and gas law/economics/policy program offered by any
university in Thailand.

Target Group
The courses are primarily designed for professionals from various academic disciplines and areas of endeavor who are
interested in increasing their knowledge and competence in oil and gas law, economics and policy.

The two 4-week courses will be offered by the LL.M. (Business Law) Program, Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University,
during August and September 2010. The courses will be stand alone training sessions, open to applicants from private and
government sectors, and students in the LL.M. (Business Law) program. Certificates of Achievement by Chulalongkorn
University will be given to all students completing the courses, and students in the LL.M. (Business Law) program will also
receive credit toward their LL.M. requirements. Participation in the courses will be limited to approximately 40 students.
The courses will be offered in the evenings, Monday through Thursday, with occasional sessions during the day on Fridays
and Saturdays.

Applications are subject to an interview and to approval by a selection committee including representatives of the LL.M.
(Business Law) Program, Petroleum Institute of Thailand, and Chandler & Thong-ek Law Offices. Applications should be
submitted no later than 21 May 2010.

75c34034-2579-4215-b763-1fbc385395ce.doc                                                                        1
                                                OIL AND GAS TRAINING COURSES

                                                 Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University
                                                             Bangkok, Thailand
                                                         August – September 2010

Two new oil and gas training courses are being offered to introduce lawyers, engineers and other professionals
and government regulators to the legal, technical, economic and policy issues required to work effectively as
negotiators, managers, and regulators.

Course 1: International Oil and Gas Law: History Technology Policy and Economics
          Week 1–4: 2 – 26 August 2010

Course 2: International Oil and Gas Law: Negotiation and Contracting
          Week 5–8: 6 September – 2 October 2010

Course Information                         Courses will be held in English language at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn
                                           University, normally Monday to Thursday, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. (occasional sessions
                                           and field trips will be held during the day or on Fridays or Saturdays).
                                           Course descriptions are attached. Instructors include experienced foreign
                                           professors, economists and engineers, and Thai counterparts. Three field trips
                                           have been scheduled.
                                           Texts to be provided:
                                              Barrows “International Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Agreements:
                                               Legal, Economics & Policy Aspects”, 2009.
                                              Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, “International Petroleum
                                               Transactions” (3rd Edition), 2010.
                                            Model Contracts, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.
                                           Although highly recommended, it is not necessary to enroll in both courses.
Course Requirements                           Requirements for LL.M. students: 48 hours plus exam, paper or project, per
                                              Requirements for course certificate: 48 hours, per course.
Applicants                                 Applicants should hold a degree in law or be in petroleum related profession; to
                                           be subject to approval of selection committee.
Course Fees                                Fee for Course, Part 1:                 Baht 102,000
                                           Fee for Course, Part 2:                 Baht 102,000
Course Coordinator                         Albert T. Chandler, Chandler & Thong-ek Law Offices, Bangkok

For further information, contact:

      LL.M. (Business Law) Program                                   or    Albert T. Chandler
      Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University                             Chandler & Thong-ek Law Offices Ltd.
      Chula Soi 42, Phyathai Road                                          7th Floor, Bubhajit Building
      Bangkok 10330, Thailand                                              20 North Sathorn Road
      T: +662-218-2017 Ext. 516                                            Bangkok 10500, Thailand
      F: +662-218-2063                                                     T: +662-266-6485
      E:                                        F: +662-266-6483
      Website:                         E:

75c34034-2579-4215-b763-1fbc385395ce.doc                                                                                      2
                                                Course Descriptions                                                   Instructors
                                                Indicative, subject to change

                                           COURSE 1: 2 – 27 August 2010
International Oil and Gas Law, Part 1:
History, Technology, Policy and Economics                                                    Units: 3
      WEEK 1 (2 – 7 August): Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry (History,
                              Geosciences, Drilling, Transportation, Refining)
       World Energy distribution                                                                               Karen Krug (confirmed)
       Oil /Gas Distribution                                 Why Oil matters                                    AIPN President
       Other Primary Supply                                  Markets: supply/demand + commodities               Denton Wilde Sapte
       Industry Life cycle Overview: from Access & Exploration to Decommissioning
       Accessing Hydrocarbons                Operations                                                        Professor from Chula
       Exploration: Geology and Geophysics   Operations Management + Reservoir                                  College of Petroleum, or
       Project Development                       Depletion Planning                                             Faculty of Engineering
       Drilling and Completions              Lifting
       Sub Sea Equipment                     Enhancing Reserves
       Facilities                            Decommissioning

       Field Trip (Thursday-Friday- 5 – 6 August 2010): Sirikit Oil Field, Phitsanulok

      WEEK 2 (9 – 11, 13 or 14 August): World Petroleum Systems
       Deal Capture: Commercial Framework of Operation                                                         Jacqueline Weaver
       Concessions                        Hybrid systems                                                        (confirmed)
       Production Sharing Agreements      U.S. Regime                                                           Professor
       Tax-Royalty                        U.K. Regime                                                           University of Houston
       Risk Service                       Thai Regime
                                                                                                               Siriporn Chaiyasuta
                                                                                                                In-house counsel
      WEEK 3               (16 – 19 [and 21] August): Petroleum Economics and Taxation
       Economics of Field Development                                                                          Daniel Johnston
       Valuing Discoveries                                   Key metrics in the Industry                        (confirmed)
       Monetizing Reserves                                                                                      Expert on petroleum
                                                                                                                economics and fiscal
       International Oil and Gas Taxation                                                                       regimes
       Introduction                                          Basic Concepts of International Taxation
       Special Topics in International Taxation              Issues in International Oil and Gas Taxation      Thai instructor (tba)
        Government Take                                      The PSA regime
        Tax credits                                          JOA Considerations
        Permanent Establishment                              U.S. implications (avoidance of partnership)
        Transfer pricing/Reference price                     Taxation of “out of country” services
        Royalty

      WEEK 4               (23 – 26 August): Petroleum Policy
       Public Policy                                                                                           Philip Andrews-Speed
       What is Public Policy?                                 Governmental priorities and considerations        (confirmed)
       History of energy policy                               Societal priorities                               Professor
       Why Have an Energy Policy?                             Thai national energy context                      University of Dundee
       Global trends                                          Energy and Development                            Scotland

       Social Responsibility                                                                                   Thai instructor (tba)
       The “Oil Curse”                                       Proper use of Revenues – Transparency
       Local Content                                         Saving for Future Generations (Norway Model)
       Sustained Development                                 Environment
       Empowerment of Local Workforce                        Challenges for Thailand

75c34034-2579-4215-b763-1fbc385395ce.doc                                                                                                   3
                                            Course Descriptions                                        Instructors
                                            Indicative, subject to change

                                  COURSE 2: 6 September – 2 October 2010
International Oil and Gas Law, Part 2:
Negotiation and Contracting                                                         Units: 3
      WEEK 5 (6 – 9 September): Upstream Legal Issues and Agreements
       Introduction                                                                             Owen Anderson
       What is special about oil and gas agreements?                                             (confirmed)
       History of oil and gas agreements.                                                        Professor
       The history and use of oil and gas form agreements.                                       University of Oklahoma

       Drafting Oil and Gas Agreements                                                          Thai instructor (tba)
       Fundamentals of Drafting                  The Role of the Contract Drafter
       Ethical Considerations                    Editing skills and tips
       Pre-contractual agreements
       (Letter of Intent, memorandum of association, etc.) 1

       Liabilities and Indemnities in Oil and Gas Contracts

       Model Form Contracts of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
       About the AIPN (and other industry associations)
       The AIPN Model Form Contracts: history, theory and usage tips

       Field Trip (Friday, 10 September 2010): PTT Gas Separation Plant and LNG
                                               Receiving Terminal (under construction)

      WEEK 6 (13 – 16 September):                     Understanding Selected AIPN Model
                                                       Form Contracts and related issues
       AIPN Model Form Contracts: Theory and Discussion                                         John Lowe
        Confidentiality Agreement                                                               (confirmed)
        Study and Bid Group Agreement                                                           Professor
        Farmout Agreement                                                                       SMU Dedman
        Joint Operating Agreement                                                               School of Law
        Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement                                                Dallas, Texas
        Service Agreement
        Lifting Agreement                                                                      Thai instructor (tba)

       Analysis of Selected Clauses common to various Model Form Contracts

      WEEK 7 (20 – 23 September):                     Natural Gas and LNG Chain
             The Essence of the LNG and Gas Sales Contract                                     Harry Sullivan
             The Contractual Chain in Gas Development                                           (confirmed)
             Current practice in Gas & LNG Sales Contracts                                      ConocoPhillips
             Price Terms in Pipeline Gas Contracts
             Price Terms in LNG Contracts
             LNG Sale into the US Gas Market                                                   Thai instructor (tba)
             The Full Gas Sales Contract
             LNG Regasification Terminal Throughout
             Gas Project Financing – Fundamentals
             Identification & Handling of Risk in Gas Projects

       Field Trip (Friday, 24 September 2010): Oil Refinery

     Including in class and homework exercises.
75c34034-2579-4215-b763-1fbc385395ce.doc                                                                                  4
                                              Course Descriptions                                                                          Instructors
                                               Indicative, subject to change

      WEEK 8 (27 – 30 September and 2 October):                                 Contract Drafting
                                                                                 [working with AIPN forms
                                                                                 and “hands-on exercises”]
       Working with the AIPN Forms 2                                                                                          Norman Nadorff
       Letter of Intent                                                                                                        In-house counsel
       Confidentiality Agreement                                                                                               BP Angola
       Study and Bid Group Agreement
       Farmout Agreement                                                                                                      Albert T. Chandler
       Joint Operating Agreement                                                                                               (confirmed)
       Service Agreement                                                                                                       Senior Partner
       Lifting Agreement                                                                                                       Chandler & Thong-ek
       Other types of Agreements                                                                                               Law Offices Ltd.
       Area of Mutual Interest Agreement                                                                                       Bangkok
       Project Financing Agreement

End of Course Social: Saturday, 2 October 2010 (venue and time – to be advised)

     In respect of each form there would be an explanatory lecture, an in-class session involving applying fictitious facts to the form.
75c34034-2579-4215-b763-1fbc385395ce.doc                                                                                                                 5

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