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									                        The Spark
Official Newsletter of Club Virago WA Inc December 2009 Edition
From the Presidents Desk
Hi Everyone
The ride last month was a mystery one till we got to the start point. We were
heading into the hills for morning tea then through to Dwellingup for lunch. With the
weather being good it was a great day being out on the bike and also to catch up
with some members (Buddha and Vee Bee) we don’t see that often due to their
commitment to their grand kids. But as they say the doors open so drop in when
you’re in the area.
With Christmas approaching us the opportunity to participate in the charity rides. First one was the Bikes
Unlimited Toy ride from Belmont to Joondalup. As usual we had a good turnout of members, even some
whose faces we have nearly forgotten. It’s always good to see them when they appear and it’s a great
feeling to ride with thousands of other riders supporting a worthy cause.
Next weekend is the second of the charity rides we participate in, which is on the 12th Dec. going from the
Ravenswood Hotel into Mandurah. Those wishing to meet at the Rockingham foreshore at 8.00am then
leave at 8.30am to head to the start point can do so or you can go straight to the start at the
Ravenswood. The ride departs AT 10.30am hope to see you there.
Following the Mandurah toy ride is the Clubs Xmas party being held at Point Walter Rec Camp as per last
year. It’s looking like it will be another great night of fun with great friends and mates. I would like to
thank all those involved in the organizing of the party. Poo Bear and Pee Cee for arranging the venue
and catering, Vet for the booking of the band, Kushee for the raffle prizes on the night. I would also like to
thank Southern River Motorcycles who have donated a helmet for raffle valued at $100.00.
Coming up next year in February we are organizing a quiz
night to help raise funds for Head West (Head Injury Society
of WA). So we need your help in bring your friends along
for a good night of fun, also if you are able to assist in any
way of donations towards prizes please contact a member
of the committee. All the details are on the web site or in
the Spark.
On a final note, it’s the silly season as they say so please
take extra care on the roads and be more vigilant whilst
riding. As you know they all say “I didn’t see you “so make
sure that you see them. Once again please take care, drink
responsibly, ride safe and stay upright.
Merry Christmas
Brutus and Kushee

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    CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                NEWSLETTER                    DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

                           Dwelling a while in Dwellingup

Our morning began with a beautiful fine morning, ideal for getting on ya bike.

With only 12 bikes and 3 pillion’s we headed south on Kwinana Freeway to Armadale Rd along to
Nicholson Rd south to Thomas Rd and onto Kargotich Rd south to Mudanjong Rd then onto the
Southwest Hwy with a short dogleg into Jarrahdale Rd through the forest to Jarrahdale for our
first morning coffee stop.

Clancy, acting S.O.A. then got his book out and picked on my pillion’s knitting, a spider web on the
number plate.

 The journey continued through Kingsbury Drive crossing Serpentine Dam and a great winding
road through the forest to Southwest Hwy. Heading south to Del Park Rd and a leisurely ride into
Dwellingup for lunch at the pub. Vee Bee and Buddha popped in to say G’Day also our friends at
West Coast Motorcycle Clothing (WCMC )have set up shop in Dwellingup and have bought the
house opposite the servo and are planning to build a new shop with an al fresco in the near future.

From Dwellingup we headed to Pinjarra and onto the Forrest Hwy and home.

Thanks to those who participated and enjoyed the day.


                   BACA Christmas Ride
B.A.C.A. W.A. is holding their first annual Christmas run
in conjunction with the Free Family Christmas Concert in

They are meeting at the Mandurah Bunning’s car park at
4PM and plan on leaving around 4:30PM, There is a
$10 registration fee per bike and all proceeds raised go
to B.A.C.A. W.A. to help them help the kids.

When the ride leaves the Bunning’s car park it will be
heading down to the Rockingham foreshore where there
is a FREE Family Christmas concert with stalls, stuff for
the kids and Santa will be stopping by to say hello,

Bring the whole family, last year there was approximately 10,000 people enjoying the free
concert and sharing the Christmas spirit. So come along and join in the fun.

For further details just email B.A.C.A.W.A. at or text 0419 986 627

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  CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                         NEWSLETTER                          DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

                  Whiskers and Patty getting Mellow ‘n Yellow

Here’s a picture of Patty and I taken as we were leaving South Sydney on our four state tour of the
Australian coast line spanning 15 days.

The picture was taken three weeks ago so I can now report that we're back safe and sound. I think
however that there may be a thin line of melted yellow plastic left behind covering some 800 kms as the
temperature reached 45 degrees. It got to this just after the Nullarbor Roadhouse and stayed there until
nearing Barradale Roadhouse.

With regular stops to quench our thirst and with Patty
dousing herself with water we did manage to cover
the 1,304 Ks from Streaky Bay to Norseman in the
one day.... simply to get this boring & hottest 'leg' out
of the way.

If you ever get a chance to see Tumby Bay, Port
Lincoln and the various bays that lead to Streaky Bay
then do it!! The coat line just east and west of
Esperance is also not to be missed. Whilst they are
not quite as good as Tassie they're getting close.

I can honestly say that there's no need to go overseas
to view scenery when we have it all here.

The temperature differential is also amazing!

                                         Forthcoming Rides
December 12 Mandurah Charity Toy Ride and the Social Event of the Year—the Club Virago Christmas Party
Meet at the Rockingham foreshore to join the super friendly Mandurah Toy Ride and later that day head to Point
Walter Recreation Camp for our annual Christmas Party and Sleep Over.

Janaury 17 Twilight Ride                                     Please note
To be advised                                              Change of Date!!!

If you haven’t led a ride before or just not for a long time, please step up. You won’t be left to go it alone
with the planning or the execution. We just need your ideas and enthusiasm. Anybody who is unable to
access the website or has a query on the monthly rides please contact Bundy on 0433 906 418

                                 Ride Meeting Time & Place
All club rides start from the car park opposite McDonald’s Family Restaurant - Corner of Canning Hwy & Sleat Rd,
Applecross. Assemble at 8:30am. Departure is 9.00am sharp. Please fill your tank before arrival.

       You can view past copies of the Spark and more photos on our website:
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   CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                      NEWSLETTER                       DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

        Roadkill exposes himself and Poppet in the nicest way
 I was born in Enfield Middlesex U.K. School was Theobalds Secondary Modern. The only school with
its own swimming pool which I was pushed in by the P.E.teacher to break the ice for others. Those were
the hard days not like the kids have it today. Finished school in the 6th year ending up as Head Prefect. I
was relieved of that post when I threw a bucket of cold water out the window at the little school kids
drinking their milk below. What I didn't know there was a teacher there that got the lot, yes still up to no
good then as I am now?

It was then Motor bike time for this wiz kid. My Dad bought me my first bike a bloody moped, had it for
two weeks and was soon into the Lamberetta Mods and rockers stage in life, complete with the fur around
the parker, tassels from the handle bars and the black and white chequered go faster tape. Perhaps I
have never grown up cos I have been told I am still like it today. Then came the 250cc Francis Barnet
otherwise known as the Fanny B. At last I was out of the mod stage and into the rockers era.

It was then time to take my test on the 250. I went to Enfield and was told by the examiner the route I
was to take and during that route sometime he will stand out in front of me hand raised it was then for me
to do my emergency stop. I did the route and got back to the test centre without doing my emergency
stop. Funny, I thought as the centre was in chaos. The examiner had jumped out in front of the wrong
bike and was run over, and was lying on the wooden bench waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I was
told to do the test again as I hadn't done the emergency stop, I passed without any more incidents, thank
God. The bikes came and went quickly after that which were, in the 500 range, BMW, AJS, ASP
(all spare parts) Aerial, then ending up with the Triumph Thunderbird 1000cc.

I spent 7 years at Smithfield College in the meat industry getting all the certificates I could get my hands
on. It was then time for cars and settling down. I married at twenty one with three jobs: slaughtering till 12
noon; butcher till 5; and engineering till 11pm. First child born a son (Lee David) then moved to Devon in
the west country as a butchery supervisor - have car will travel job - looking after 7 cash and carry meat
departments. When my son Lee was 18 months old, the worst happened - marriage break up. It was the
worst time of my life. What happened then I can write a book on but the quick version for you all is I
employed a nanny to look after Lee, married the nanny had a little girl Rachel and that marriage lasted 12
months. I had to leave. Leaving my job I went to Nottingham to stay with my first in laws so they could
look after Lee. It was then I found the love of my life in Poppet.

Hazel was born in Nottingham in 1946 went to Kimberley Secondary school and left when she was 15
working at a factory making under garments until Mark was born in 1968, Carl born 1972, and her
marriage broke up in 1973. On her own for seven years looking after her mother and two small children
surviving on eight pounds and working from home machining children's clothes.

                                                        In June 1979 she says she met the love of her life
                                                        now known as Roadkill. We met in a night club, I
                                                        asked if she was married she said " NO WHY" I
                                                        replied my "mum told me not to speak to married
                                                        women" and that was that she was HOOKED. We
                                                        were engaged on Valentines Day 1980 and
                                                        married in July 1980. I knew then I had at last got
                                                        what I had wanted all my life and that was to be a
                                                        happy family man, (it was third time lucky.) Poppet
                                                        says there is not many women who can say that
                                                        their Father in Law gave them away.

                                                        I built a house on the back of Hazels house so we
                                                        could all be together. All went fine until Poppet
                                                        blew herself up with the gas oven cooking the
                                                        Christmas turkey and was left with no hair.
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  CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                      NEWSLETTER                       DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

Eating the Christmas bird with snow coming through the kitchen window, I got blown across the other side
of the room when my bracelet connected with the positive and negative terminals which the links fused
together. I nearly fell through the rafters one night when I had a little too much of the hard stuff. Apart
from that the build went ok. The three boys got on great getting up to all sort of stuff that they shouldn't
(don't know where they got it from?) Such as digging up the cats eyes from the M 1 Motorway and using
them for marbles, digging up the garage floor in the search for gold, having parties when we were away
but all you had to do was look in the dust bin to find the evidence.

It was in 1984 we decided we’d come and see Poppet's sister in Australia. On our return to the U.K. I saw
the light for OZ and by 1986 we had arrived. It was hard as I had my own meat dept in a cash and carry
and all the family worked there. The last Christmas I was there we sold 36,000 turkeys (never eaten
another one since). We came to OZ and were all in the meat trade until I had another bright idea to open
my own business as Paul's Professional Floor Sanding. I had to use our last savings to buy the
equipment. Yes, it was a gamble, but it worked in the end employing 7 and two other vehicles on the

Finally building our double storey dream home at Ocean Reef mainly for retirement purposes. It was then
the industry took its toll (three back operations and a new knee) I had to retire. I had laid and sanded
floors in Sovereign Hill and both of us liked the area so off we went on a new adventure again.

We bought the block, I owner built living in the shed for six months and travelling back and forth
weekends to be a real estate seller on my own home. We moved in the year of 2003 when we met this
guy called POM. The motor bike stage was on again. He had a bike and he was in need of a mate with
two wheels. Well since knowing him he has cost me $27,000 plus? What a mate. When I had the Virago
I bought Poppet a crash helmet for Christmas she said what do I want that for? Just in case you want to
have a go was the reply. Now I can’t get her off the bike! She loves it. There is not going to be any side
car for Mum.

Best ride ever— Tassie. Greatest joy—welcoming our grandson to our family.

In conclusion we are both happy to have friends in the Virago Club as it feels like we are all one big

          Eds Note

Although              appre-
   hensive about asking
Roadkill to     expose him-
   self and Poppet in our
 magazine (particularly in
  the centerfold) after his
 performance at his 60th I
would like to thank the two
  of them for their efforts
      with their story.

 Quite a life I’m sure you’ll

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 CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)           NEWSLETTER                     DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

          Sergeants Mess                           For Sale by Members

 Whiskers      New Bike                          1997 Royal Star Tour Deluxe 1300cc
                                         Black & chrome, 84K’s with over $2,400 of conservative
                                                 extras. Immaculate condition. $9,300
 Whiskers      Yellow Bike
                                                 1989 GL1500 SE Honda Goldwing.
 Whiskers      Yellow Honda bike         Only 66,000 Ks. Full intercom, cassette, iPod adaptor,
                                          CB radio, electronic cruise control, front progressive
 Bundy          Cobwebs                   shocks, air adjustable rear shocks with on board air
                                          compressor, sheep skins. Full original tool kit & full
 Warren         Indicators                         w/shop manual. Iridescent silver.
                                                        Immac cond. $14,200.
 Clancy         Indicators                            2004 'SMART' Roadster.
                                             Turbo charged 693 cc. Auto/manual, triptronic.
                                               Alarmed, keyless entry, heated seats, A/C,
                                              CB/radio, elect roof & Targa top, log books.
                                                         A real 'pocket rocket' &
                                                      20 Ks/litre to boot! $18,500

                                         Professional mechanical inspection or RAC inspection
                                                    welcome on any of the above.

                                             Offers will be considered on each of the above.
                                                    Contact Whiskers on 0419 908 175

                                             Bike Tow Hitch, Black, made for Virago
                                                      XV1100 $50.00

                                           Screen & fittings, Virago XV1100 $50.00

                                          Large Black Leather Saddle bags $70.00

                                         All in Good Condition & all offers considered.

                                               Ring Calamity Jane 0408057757

          Celebrations                   I got this new deodorant
Between now and the next Spark we wish
                                            The instructions said
 Calamity Jane      20/12                  remove cap and push
                                                 up bottom
 Kirsten            2/1
 Gizmo              3/1                   I can barely walk, but
 99                 9/1                  whenever I fart the room
                                             smells awesome!
Happy Birthday to you
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  CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                                    NEWSLETTER                                  DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

                                               Deals and Spiels Page

The following businesses have kindly offered Club                         Get noticed wearing the latest “new century”
Virago member’s preferential pricing on the goods and                     fashionable club gear. Simply see the Property
services they supply.                                                     Officer at any club meeting to purchase the
Members are encouraged to                       support       these       following:-
organizations at every opportunity.                                       Club car stickers (yellow)                               $1.00
Remember to present your current membership card                          Club Virago badge (round)                                $6.00
when requesting discounts.
                                                                          Club Virago Caps (new stock)                           $15.00
Five Star Yamaha                   (08) 9430-4090
54 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill.                                        Club Virago T-Shirts (new style)                       $25.00
Causeway Yamaha                                 (08) 9361-8244            Club Virago “shaped, iron on” patch                     $ 5.00
115 Albany Highway, Victoria Park.
                                                                          Club Virago windcheater                                $25.00
Highway Yamaha                                  (08) 9274-6744
31 Victoria Street, Midland.                                              Individual “sew on” badge ....Two for…. $10.00

Cully’s Motorcycle Centre                       (08) 9344-4444            Club Bandanna (grey and black)                          $ 8.00
9/511 Wanneroo Road, Balcatta.                                            Club square metal badge                                 $ 8.00
Total Motorcycle Accessories        (08) 9472-3030                        The Club Shirts look really great with their black
1028 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park.                                  and gold collars and represent good buying at
                                                                          All stock is available from Gina (99) and on sale
                                                                          at each monthly meeting

                                                                                  Phone 0418 867 656 OR 9286 2825

                                                                             Join Bikers Against Child Abuse
                                                                                    W.A. Chapter Inc.

                                                                                Ph: 9467 7877
                                                                                Fax: 9583 5602
                                                                                Mob: 0419 986 627
If you have anything to sell then please send your advertisement through to the Editor no later than by the end of the first week of
              the month addressed to: watkins1100@hotmail,com OR Phone 9391 3224 (w) or 6278 1386 (h)                                  Page 7
  CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                    NEWSLETTER                     DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

                                       Did you know?
♦ The pneumatic tyre was invented by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888 for use on push-bikes.
  Boyd also invented the word “pneumatic”.
♦ Slick tyres offer more grip in the wet than treaded tyres up to the point at which they aquaplane.
♦ Front tyres disperse water at three times the rate of rear tyres.
♦ When cornering, 75 per cent of a bikes grip comes from the front tyre.
♦ Devil, Satan and Lucifer have all been names of motorcycle manufacturers.
♦ MZ invented two-stroke expansion chambers.
♦ Early bike helmets were lined with cork
♦ Mike Duff, the Canadian rider who won the Belgian 250cc GP in 1964 and the Dutch 125cc in
  1965 is now Michelle Dufff, following a sex change.
♦ Super-fit Troy Bayliss has a resting heart rate of 36 bpm, around half the normal rate. During a
  race, Bayliss’ heart rate rises to 186bpm.
♦ When Valentino Rossi was five, his dad Graziano built him a go-cart to discourage him from
  getting into bikes.
♦ Jim Moodie and Sean Emmett have both worn sanitary towels inside their helmets to stop sweat
  dripping in their eyes in hot conditions.
♦ The con-rod of a sports bike engine at full chat is enduring alternate compression and tensile
  forces of 10 tons, 500 times a second.
♦ The foot-operated sequential gear change was invented by Velocette’s Harold Willis in 1927.
♦ Shoei helmets have been known to withstand bullets
♦ The most technically complex production motorcycle ever was the Honda NR750 of 1992, with its
  oval pistons, eight valves per cylinder and two con rods per piston.
♦ In 10,000 miles, the average four-cylinder bike engine will have done 100,000,000 revs.
♦ Lawrence of Arabia was killed while riding his Brough Superior.
♦ On average, engineers are the most likely people to crash. Lecturers are the least likely.
♦ The first monkey-style bike, the excelsior welbike, was designed to be dropped
  from planes with paratroopers during World War II.
♦ The highest altitude reached by a land motor vehicle under its own power is 20,065ft
  by two Chinese Jinlong motorcycles on Mount Everest in May 2002.
♦ The world’s smallest motorcyclist, Hungarian circus performer Pityu Toth, is only 2ft 4in tall.

Here is an actual sign posted at a golf club in Scotland.

CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)              NEWSLETTER                      DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

                           Social Event Calendar

                                                 Don’t Miss the Club Virago WA Inc
                                            Social Event of the Year—Our Christmas Party

                                                Venue: Point Walter Recreation Camp,
                                                     1 Stock Road, Point Walter

                                               Starting on Saturday December 12 and 13.

                                                   Your ticket includes nibbles on the
                                             terrace overlooking the Swan, evening meal,
                                                live entertainment, accommodation and
                                                         a full cooked breakfast.

                                             Just bring your drinks and your party mood.

                                               Cost is $50 for members, $100 for guests.

                                                   If you pay by the October meeting
                                            you will be placed in the draw to win your ticket
                                                               cost back!

                                               The night has a Bling and Fluoro theme .

      Club Virago Quiz Night
       Support our major fundraiser
       Saturday 13 February 2010
             Tables of eight

   You don’t need to be a music officiado
     Just someone who enjoys music

    We’ve got a great quiz master and it
        promises to be a fun night

    So lock in the date and your mates
        And support our great Club

        Part proceeds to Head West
       (Head Injured Society of WA)

     Assistance with prizes/donations
            gratefully accepted
  CLUB VIRAGO WA (Inc)                             NEWSLETTER                         DECEMBER 2009 EDITION

            Club Virago Objectives                              Club Committee and Contact Details
       To promote and encourage the ownership of
       Yamaha Virago and Yamaha XV cruiser                     President:             Phil Clegg (Brutus)
       motorcycles.                                                                   0427 590 968
       To promote and encourage motorcycling and co
       -operate with kindred bodies in fostering and           Vice President:        Jeff Haywood (Pee Cee)
       maintaining motorcycling as a sport.                                           0407 821 856
       To organise and conduct social outings and                           
       encourage good fellowship amongst club
       members.                                                Secretary:             Warren Camarri
                                                                                      0414 774 559

            Membership Definitions                             Treasurer:             Wendy Haywood (Poo Bear)
                                                                                      0409 085 046
FULL MEMBER – Owner and rider of a Yamaha cruiser                           
motorcycle with unrestricted access to club facilities and
benefits and voting rights at all Club meetings and includes   Webmaster:             Ray Constantine (Mono)
free access to special subsidised events.                                             0409 106 005
ASSOCIATE - One who does not participate in club rides &                              9339 7790 (H)
wishes to maintain an active involvement in the club; or,                   
one who participates in Club rides but rides a cruising        Tour Master:           Brett O’Leary (Bundy)
motorcycle other than a specified Yamaha Cruiser (please
                                                                                      0433 906 418
check if not sure). Associates will be sent a copy of the
monthly Club news letter – ‘The Spark’ & are eligible in all                          9272 7517 (h)
subsidised club events.                                                     
PILLION – One who participates in Club activities primarily    Editor:                Robbie Watkins (Flame)
as a pillion passenger. A Pillion may not necessarily be                              0405 822 521 (m)
associated with the same machine. Also eligible in all                                6278 1386 (h)
subsidised events                                                           
NB - Please ask for a copy of the Club’s Constitution for a
complete breakdown of requirements, benefits and
privileges.                                                    Please direct all articles for “The Spark” to the Editor.
                                                               Deadline for all articles is the first Monday
  Membership Fees ($35) now due                                of each month.

The Editor and Club Virago WA (Inc) accepts no responsibility for any advertisement placed in the magazine. Furthermore,
     the views expressed in “The Spark” do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the committee or its members.

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   Club Virago WA (Inc)
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