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					                                                  Theme 2006-
                                                   “Lead The
                                         The Rotary Club
                              Port Macquarie West Inc.
                         Chartered 26 April 1971 by the Rotary Club of Port Macquarie

                                   Bulletin Vol 37 No. 6 – 8th August 2006
President: Geoff Jhonson (Judy)                                                             Secretary: Ken Goswell
Phone: Home: (02) 6582 6181                                                                     Postal Address:
         Mobile: 0407 867 961                                                  PO Box 330 Port Macquarie 2444
District Governor: Laurie Barber (Glenda)                                        Phone: Home: (02) 6584 9092
Rotary International President: Bill Boyd (Lorna)                                        Mobile: 0412 782 629
Pakuranga, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

                                             COMMITTEE 2006 - 2007
President Elect / Vice President         Ken Thompson         Immediate Past President               Trevor Gilson
Treasurer                                Peter Kenny          Youth Director                         John Channon
Community Service Director               Anne Meister         Club Service Director                  Barry Perkins
International Service Director           Carolyn Atkin        Vocational Director                    Barry Bird

                              Westport Bowling Club every Tuesday, 6.00 for 6.30 pm

    Apologies and guests please to Peter Kenny no later than 10 am Tuesday, on his home phone, number
                65863615. If no one is home, please leave details on Peter’s message bank,
                              or mobile 0416 080 145 or e-mail

                   15th August 2006                       22nd August 2006                   29th August 2006
Speaker                     Westport High School              Lee Burdette               Brian Peel – Oxley Travel
                             and McKillop Senior                                              (Jetset Travel)
                            College Interact Club
                               Change Over &
                               Public Speaking
Subject                     Change over & Public         DPI – NSW Dept. of                   Travel Industry
                                  Speaking                    Fisheries
Meet, Greet &                      John Channon           Heather Duncan                       Lou Hayward
Intro and thanks                   John Channon           Keiren Freeman                      Carolyn Atkin
Setting up                         Ken McKenzie               Anne Meister                     Darrel Moore

           Speakers on the road ahead: 29th August – Brian Peel - Oxley Travel (Jetset Travel),
 5 September – Pat Hines – Earthwatch & 5W in worldwide projects. 12th September – Cocktail Party, Leanne
                  Alexander – Port Macquarie Community College - Date to be advised

        If you are unable to attend to your rostered duty, please arrange for someone else to do it for you.
Players Theatre  1st of September – Calamity Jane at the Players Theatre $21.00 per person,
Night            unfortunately, unable to access nibblies room, but please discuss your thoughts re:
                 pre show dinner with Lou Hayward.

Birthdays                John Channon 21st                         Eric Graham 13th
                         Peter Kark 14                            Alan Naylor 15th
                         Shibu Sen Gupta 23rd                     Judie Billerwell 12th
                         Audrey Down 30th                         Warren Fuller 25th
                         Mary Schwennesen 25th                    Jacqui Everett 6th
                         Lois Walesby 25th                        Marilyn Warner 3rd
Anniversaries            Val & Peter Kark 1st August               Nanette & Barry Lewis 22nd August
                         Anne & Wolfgang Meister 10th August       Kathy & Alan Naylor 5th August
                         Elsie & Nic Panos 5th August

Welcome to our Visitors
Trish Rowlands                                Sarah Fraser
Kate Byrne                                    Terri Van Dijk
Andrew Campbell from King and Campbell (Guest Speaker)

International Toast
This week Alan Cleaver (with only a minutes preparation prior to stepping up the plate) offered a toast to the
Spanish City of Pamplona, host city to the running of the bulls, during the Festival of San Fermin.

The Podium
Lou Hayward – there are approximately 6 tickets left for Calamity Jane on the 1st of September. Dinner has been
booked for the upstairs function room at Café 66, menus will be available next week to pre order your pre show

Peter Kenny would once again like to remind members that your fees are due for this year. Please note: I have
insider information that Peter knows where you live, so please donate generously … whoops I meant, cough up!

Tom the Pom – Our new website will be up and running next week. Rotary Membership Flyer is going ahead and
will also be in circulation soon. Wine, Cheese/Cocktail night will be going ahead on the 12th of September.
Please make a note on the sign in pad of any friends who may be interested in Rotary.

Barry Perkins asked for a general response from members with regards to changing venue one night. Barry has
approached Piaza at Settlement Point. General response was fairly positive. They say a change is as good as a

John Meyers spoke to members in relation to a recent development with the construction of the Cultural Centre.
It was asked of our guest speaker last week Agris Celinskis if seats will be available for sale as part of the
promotion of the new centre. This was still in the developmental stages. During the week, it has been announced
that Rotary will have the first rights to the sale of the seating with profits from the sale going to the Motor
Neurone Disease Foundation.

Update on Rotary Lodge – Courtesy of David Symons and Noted from Hastings Rotary Club Newsletter - The
Rotary Lodge Annual General Meeting took place last week at Quality Sails Resort. Geraldine Buckland, who
manages Rotary Lodge, also attended. The Lodge is performing very well, under difficult circumstances
because the Radiotherapy Unit, that was originally intended to open in mid 2005, won’t be open for business
until mid 2007. Profit for the year was over $20,000, with donations from Rotary Clubs of $31, 520 and public
donations of $26,094. The Loan balance is now down to $300, 437, and net debt is $283,426.

Carolyn Atkin reminded members that the International Dinner is fast approaching so please book your seat
DUYFKEN VISIT – Courtesy of Kerrie Smith (Hastings Rotary)
In 1606, the small Dutch ship Duyfken sailed from the Indonesian island of Banda in search of gold and trade
opportunities on the fabled island of Nova Guinea. Under the command of Willem Janszoon, Duyfken and her
crew found the northern coast of a huge continent: Australia. Captain Janszoon was the first European to map
and record Australia in history so Duyfken's voyage marks the beginning of Australia's recorded history.
A replica of the Duyfken was built in Fremantle and completed in 1999. It is now touring to commemorate the
400th anniversary of the first documented European contact with Australia.
It will be visiting Port Macquarie from 13th to 18th August.
Members of Rotary have been asked to volunteer over this time to stay on the ship and hand out brochures and
guide visitors. Volunteers will be trained on the background and history, but most will be used for directional
duties such as welcome, handing out brochures and perhaps overseeing the donations chest.

President Geoff mentioned that Ron Walesby was still in hospital and just prior to being discharged, suffered a
mild heart attack. Lois mentioned that Ron would love to see some visitors in the afternoon if possible. We wish
Ron and speedy recovery.

Members are reminded that on Tuesday the 15th of August our meeting will be a Partners night. Please be sure
to inform Peter of any additional guests attending. At this meeting the Westport High and McKillop Interact Clubs
will conduct their change-overs and we will conduct the Public Speaking Competition with 3 students from
Westport High School.

Guest Speaker
This weeks guest speaker was Andrew Campbell of King and Campbell, who briefed members on developments
in Port Macquarie.
Issues which affect developments:
    • More environmentally friendly developments
    • Arrest the sprawl of major cities
    • Population growth largely driven by international immigration
    • Internal migration within Australia include: - Sun belt drift, lifestyle type products.
    • Social Changes:                         Smaller Families
                                             Children living at home longer
                                             Sinks & Dinks (Single Income No Kids and Double …) Households
                                             People letting go of the ¼ acre block dream.
    • Urban Consolidation
    • Property Market driven by 50+ year olds
    • Transportation
    • Communications
    • Retail Habits
    • Size of Dwellings have increased significantly
    • Comparison of cities Petrol consumption vs urban density
        Examples of this:
                      Annual Petrol Consumption Per capita (Gigajoules)                       People per Hectare
        Houston                              75                                                     15
        Hong Kong                              5                                                    300
Andrew also mentioned: Avoid the Chaos – live closer to work. Andrew showed members photos of different
destinations around the world where great and not so great development has taken place. An example of great
design and development was in Amsterdam where streets are lined with street cafes and commercial properties
but above residential units, but not overhanging the street, actually set back from the side walk.
The streets were also lined with bikes, trams and busses. Behind the buildings are also the train lines and ferry
access. Another great example of this was Southbank development in Brisbane. Vancouver in Canada has high
density human scale at street level. High rise is set back from the street and many of the properties has lovely
views. This type of development is referred to as Multi-functional Public Space.
    • Development has also been affected by bulky goods retailing eg. Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Spotlight.
    • Only 25% of turnover at Settlement City came from PMCQ residents
    • Consumers are also destination shopping at DDS (Discount Department Stores eg. Big W and Target)
Port Macquarie’s population growth:
                      1996 – 57,228                   2001 – 97,800                   2005 – 70,581
In 2005 the average price of land:
       Port Macquarie         - $206,000
       Sydney                 - $521,168
No. of Development Applications in Port Macquarie:
       2000 - $175million            2004 - $360million          2005 - $488million
Area 13 (Soverign Hills) estimated population is: 11,000
Area 14 (Bonny Hills/Lake Cathie) estimated population is: an additional 11,000 within the next 11 years.

Club Attendance Statistics as of the 8th August 2006
Total Number of Members                   52
No. Members Exempt from attendance        5
Members on Leave                          3
Active members present                    32
Make Ups                                  5
Attendance percentage                     78.7%
Additional Guest                          5

Last Note

            People are like sausages: it’s what’s under the skin that’s important.
                            So poke them with a fork periodically!

Keiren Freeman – Bulletin Editor

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