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					                                                         DAILY LEGAL NEWS
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Warranty Deeds
Bond For Deed
Dation En Paiement
Quitclaim Deeds
Redemption Deeds
Sheriff Deeds
Bill Of Sale
Trade Names
Notices Of Candidacy
Miscellaneous Conveyances
Special Mortgages
S & L Mortgages
Notices Of Seizure
Notice Of Lis Pendens
Tax Liens
Contracts & Bonds
Miscellaneous Mortgages
Oil & Gas
In The U S District Court
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New Suits Filed – District Court
New Suits Filed – Shreveport City Court
D W I – City Of Shreveport
No Proof Of Insurance – City Of Shreveport
Burglaries – City Of Shreveport
Names & Addresses - New Property Owners
City Of Shreveport Building Permits
Certificates Of Occupancy Applications
Invitation For Bids – City Of Shreveport - Monthly
Civil Calendar – Wednesdays Only
Sheriff Sale Schedule – Fridays Only
Chattel Mortgages & Ucc Financing Statements
Court Minutes Daily Legal News (Caddo) Only
                                                 Warranty Deeds
BRIAN, Donald Scott, 353 Albany Ave 71105 to Steven Bruce BRIAN, 6113 Gaylyn Dr 71105, all his undiv 1/3 int in N      5-12
 60 ft lot 128 & S 40 ft lot 129 Aulds Broadmoor Terrace sdv Unit 2 & imp, 6113 Gaylyn Dr 71105, Geo #171316-060-
 0133, $41,666.67 cash (#1882652)
ROBINSON, Beth Conrad, 512 Weavers Way, BC to Ann McCaleb CONRAD (wid Troy Laverne), 102 Carson Dr 71105,              10-7
 lot 140 Town South Estates sdv 8th Filing & imp, 102 Carson Dr 71105, $15,986.35 cash & assume $57,027.31 bal on
 $68,000 mtg MB 2711/103 (#1884822)
WEED, Marion Davis (wid), Dallas, Tx to Charles Edward WEED, 84 Spring Lake Way 71106, lots 17 & 18 blk H              10-3
 Werner Park sdv & imp, 2506 Woodford St 71108, consdr: partition of community ppty (#1884812)

                                                   Bond for Deed
ERWIN, William Brent & Teri Bright to David Mitchell & Donna Bustamento STEWART, short form memorandum of             10-23
 bond for deed, lot 54 Garden Valley sdv Unit 1 & imp, 3033 Valley View Dr 71108, $65,000 (#1887117)

                                             Dation en Paiement
PRUETT, Wilcie (wid Lucille Eliza Brown) & Mark PRUETT, Deltona, Fl to Joseph Douglas KILLGORE, E 50 ft lot 12        10-20
  blk 36 Morningside sdv & imp, 2751 Morningside Dr, consdr: cancel bal on $20,000 note dated Sept 23/91 #1319393

STOKES, Carlton D, Houma, La to Judy A BROWN, Minneapolis, Mn, lot 10 blk 10 Oakview sdv, 442 Marx St                  9-30

HIDDEN TRACE LLC to HIDDEN TRACE HOMES ASSN INC, lots 1, 3 & 6 Hidden Trace sdv Unit 5 & imp, in                      10-20
  exchange, Hidden Trace Homes Assn Inc to Hidden Trace LLC, lots 2, 4 & 5 Hidden Trace sdv Unit 5 & lots 8 & 9
  Hidden Trace sdv Unit 4 & imp (#1881992)

                                           Quitclaim Deeds
AFRICA, Jerome to Deanna KATZ, Boca Raton, Fl, tract in SW/4 NE/4 & N/2 SE/4, SE/4 SE/4 Sec 14-23-16, $1              12-31

                                              Redemption Deeds
ALLIANCE HOLDINGS LLC to Martha SIMMONS, lots 6 thru 8 & ½ abandoned adj street, blk 2 Bremmer Addn sdv in            10-13
  Rodessa in NW/4 Sw/4 Sec 22-23-16 & imp, $468.91 (#1885560)
VINETREE PROPERTIES LLC to Cora V BLACK, house on land assessed to Pike Hall III & imp, Geo #231624-000-              10-13
  0072, $582.27 (#1885562)

                                                     Sheriff Deeds
BARNES, Tommy C & Lacy M THORNHILL to CENDANT MORTGAGE CORP, lot 10 Lawler Gardens sdv Unit 3 &                        9-24
  imp, $600 (#1884820)
NICHOLSON, Joseph Phillip & Jimmy Fay to BANK ONE NA, tract desc as beg at SEC lot 39 Irving Bluff sdv Unit 2 in       9-24
  E/2 NW/4 Sec 32-19-14 thn N along E line said lot 202.5 ft thn E to pt f/d & imp, $13,334 (#1884818)

                                                 Bill of Sale
BAKER FORESTS LP to HOOD INDUSTRIES, timber deed, all pine timber marked with blue paint in NE/4 SW/4 &               10-20
 SW/4 NW/4 Sec 22-19-16 & all merchantable timber & all pine in part of SMZ lying S of Gardner Creek in part of N/2
 NW/4 NW/4 NE/4 & SW/4 NE/4 Sec 22-19-16, $142,000 (#1881825)

SBA PROPERTIES INC to SBA PROPERTIES LOUISIANA LLC, memorandum of Assignment of Master Assignment                      6-19
  & Bill of Sale dated Dec 31/02 (#1885501)
WEESE, Gary to THE LAMAR CORP, memorandum of lease agreement dated Oct 13/03 covering sign location on N              10-13
  side of Shreveport Barksdale Hwy 120 ft W of Knight St, 10 yrs, rent ? (#1885538)

PEATROSS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, 4643 Shadywood Ln, Dallas, Tx 75209, Sydney K Peatross, General Partner;                10-20
  also articles of partnership (#1886435)

                                     Trade Names
ABUNDANT LIFE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, 2702 Abbie St 71103, affidavit of trade name by Ellis J Marshall               10-13

ALZHEIMER’S SERVICES INC (non-profit), 401 Edwards St Ste 1000, 71101, Directors: James Beadles, Karen Pilcher,        9-18
 Jerald N Jones & Connie Herring; also certificate of articles of incorporation (#1882675)

                                              Notices of Candidacy
                                              Name, address, position

                                          Miscellaneous Conveyances
ADAMS, Cecil G, 9541 Baird Rd 71118 to Lilla Bea ADAMS, 9541 Baird Rd 71118, power-of-atty (#1882665)                  9-23
BROCK, Sandra Kaye to Michael W BROCK Jr, correct deed dated July 14/03 #1868915 to correct appearance clause on       9-23
 Page 1 of Michael W Brock Sr to show Sandra Kaye Brock appeared for purpose of acknowledging ppty as his separate
 ppty (#1882669)
CAMPBELL, Raven, immobilize 2001 Oakwood m/h on 40 acre tract in NW/4 Sec 34-23-15 f/d (#1885523)                      10-7
CRABBE, Polly H (Settlor & Trustee), amended extract of Polly H Crabbe Revocable Living Trust dated Nov 4/97           10-9
DOIRON, Roy Glen (succession), judgment putting heirs in possession #479265 (#1884830)                                 10-2
GARNER, Sidney R to Patsy T Cooper GARNER, correct donation dated Aug 12/2003 #1874969, to correct marriage             10-3
  status of both parties to be single (#1884837)
HIBERNIA, notice to reinscribe Assignment of Leases & Rents by All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church Inc of           10-6
  Shreveport dated March 14/94 #1424599 (#1885597)
JACKSON, Johnny, judgment in proceedings #477586 declaring him to be the natural father of 1 child & other f/d          10-7
LOCOCO, Vincent Bryant & Lecrecia Lynn Eldridge to AMSOUTH, assign leases, rents & income covering lot 12 blk 59        9-15
  Vivian, 301 W Georgia Ave, as addnl security on $17,000 mtg (#1885518)
SHREVEPORT, CITY OF, Ordinance #86 of 2003 rezoning ppty on N side of South Lakeshore Dr 500 ft W of Municipal          8-26
  Pier Rd from R-1D, Urban One Family Residence District to R-1H(PUD) Urban One Family Residence (Planned Unit
  Development) District (#1882686)
STEWART, James E Sr and Helen Ewing GAFFORD, matrimonial agreement to establish separate ppty regime                   10-13
TILLMAN, Curtis Deangelo, judgment in proceedings #461189 declaring him to be the natural father of 1 child & other     10-7
  f/d (#1884824)
WEATHERTON, Douglas Ross & Gayle Ann L, 616 Loch Ridge 71106 to CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK NA,                              9-22
  resolution authorizing Douglas R Weatherton, pres, to act (#1882653)
WILLIAMS, Larry N (Helen Elizabeth Monroe), affidavit in re ppty desc as W 40 ft Plot 53 West Highland sdv & imp, is   10-10
  his separate ppty (#1885530)

                                                   Special Mortgages
ADAMS, Charles Wayne & Bonnie Mae Barksdale, 10520 Keith Rd, Keithville, La 71047 to WELLS FARGO                        10-9
  FINANCIAL LOUISIANA INC, multiple indebtedness mtg in maximum amt of $150,000 as security on $104,547.89
  mtg, 1 acre tract in Sec 25-16-15 f/d & imp, 10520 Keith Rd, Keithville, La 71047 (#1885511)
BOGAN, Tyrone D & Lakesha, 7916 Masters Dr 71129 to WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE INC, $118,475 due                         10-8
  Nov 1/2033, lot 143 Fairway Forest Area 4 in Huntington Park sdv & imp, 7916 Masters Dr 71129 (#1885500)
CARTER, Robert to CITIFINANCIAL CONSUMER SERVICES INC, $59,088.45 in 8.98% note due Oct 8/2033, lot 19                  10-3
  & N/2 lot 18 blk A Clover sdv & imp, 7033 Louise St 71108 (#1884804)
CHANEY, William Donald Jr & Barbara Cecile Dunaway, 1056 Bauxhall Cir to ANECA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION,                    9-30
  mtg to secure future advances in the maximum amt of $330,000, lot 23 Long Lake Estates sdv Unit 1 & imp (#1884847)
KENNEDY, Donald Ray & Jody Anne, 9670 La Bonne Terre Dr 71106 to REGIONS BANK or F/H, home equity mtg,                  9-23
  tract in Sec 12-16-14 & Sec 7-16-13 desc as beg at NEC Sec 13-16-14 thn S 89 deg 15’ 00” W 671.94 ft f/d, ctg 5.03
  acres & imp (#1885506)
PUGH, Mamie Lee (single) to AMERICAN GENERAL FINANCIAL SERVICES OF LOUISIANA INC, $10,000                               10-6
  collateral mtg in 24% note due on demand, lot A Renture Park sdv & imp (#1884805)
RICE, VINCENT BUILDER LLC to AMSOUTH BANK, mtg, security agreement & assignment of lease, rents &                       9-22
  proceeds, lot 21 Sand Beach Estates sdv Unit 1 & imp, 171 Sand Beach Blvd 71105 (#1882662)
SAXON, Jean, 338 Colony Bend 71115 to AMSOUTH BANK or F/H, $12,000 credit agreement secured by home equity              9-11
  mtg, lot 338 Town South Estates sdv 22nd Filing & imp, 338 Colony Bend 71115 (#1884838)

                                             S & L Mortgages
MAYNARD, Jeanne Marie (single), 704 Edgemont 71106 to HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN, multiple                       10-20
 indebtedness mtg in maximum amt of $25,000 as security on $25,000 note due Oct/2008, lot 3 Thaxter sdv Unit 2 &
 imp, 704 Edgemont 71106 (#1887101)

                                  Notices of Seizure
CHASE MANHATTAN MORTGAGE CORP vs Alma Barfield JOHNS, lot 62 Woodland Springs Addn sdv & imp, subj                     10-23
 to mineral rights (#1887214)

                                            Notice of Lis Pendens
AGATE, Timothy W vs Lynne THOMPSON, notice in Justice of the Peace Court, Ward 3 proceedings #2-2001 as to             10-20
 ownership of GEMCO Portable Bldg 12 ft by 24 ft on ppty at 4973 Quiet Acres (#1887290)

FARMER, Murrell to FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE, $2,341.33 plus 19.8% int from Feb 7/92 until paid,                  10-2
  $500 atty fees & costs (#1884825)
PRINT IT YOUR WAY LLC to G E CAPITAL COLONIAL PACIFIC LEASING, $78,081.06 plus legal int, atty fees &                   9-30
  costs & reserving rights against Kary Ware (#1885556)

                                                   Tax Liens
PARADISE ENTERPRISES OF LA INC to STATE REVENUE DEPT, $6,416.73 corp F & I tax (#1884803)                               9-12
PAUL, James K & Michele F, Grand Prairie, Tx to STATE REVENUE DEPT, $4,882.83 income tax (#1884800)                     9-12

 INC, $4,954 for labor & materials on ppty at 104 & 106 Wichita (#1886998)

SHREVEPORT, CITY OF to SERVICE CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLY CO INC, acceptance of Lakeshore Dr                                10-20
 improvements as per contract dated March 10/03 (#1883144)

ALLEN, Yolanda to WHITE’S BUILDING & REMODELING, certificate of completion of repair work to home at 6305              10-20
 Border Ln 71119, as per contract filed March 24/99 (#1886955)

                                              Contracts & Bonds
SOUTHERN SOIL ENVIRONMENTAL to CITY OF SHREVEPORT, 900 Block Charlotte Street Sanitary Sewer &                         10-17
 Water Improvements, $135,573, Hartford Casualty Insurance Co, surety (#1887218)

SANDERS, Kim A to STATE OF LOUISIANA, $10,000 notary public bond, Western Surety Co, surety (#1886249)                 10-20
                                             Miscellaneous Mortgages
ABN AMRO MORTGAGE GROUP INC to Harry Edwin & Margaret Akins FLETCHER, cancel paid in full lost $42,950                        10-8
  mtg to Jean Fore Mortgage Inc dated Nov 20/78 #776741 covering lot C Summer Grove Village sdv Unit A & imp
BANCORPSOUTH BANK, request for notice of any seizure of E/2 lot 4 Oak Hill Circle sdv & imp, 6920 Gilbert Dr                  10-8
  71106, owned by Stuart & Debra Blum (#1885575)
BNC MORTGAGE INC to BANK ONE NA, assign mtg desc #1641280 (#1885502)                                                          9-23
BRUNSWICK PLACE SDV, affidavit of Stephen E LeRoy, Land Surveyor, in re inspection of bldg site affecting lot 109            10-10
  Unit 4, owned by Colonial Co Inc (#1885519)
SCRIBER, Don E & Suzanne P to AMSOUTH BANK or F/H, modify mtg dated June 1/00 #1710522, to increase                           9-19
  maximum principal indebtedness from $50,000 to $65,000 (#1885503)
TULLEY, Larry Lynn & Brenda Brown to WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL LA INC, correct mtg dated Sept 22/03                              10-10
  #1882898, to show notary to be Sharon E Ross & notary’s Parish to be Caddo (#1885509)
WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK FA to John Kenneth & Marye-Anna Gress JACKSON, partial release $91,800 mtg                             9-25
  dated March 26/03 MB 3534/283 insofar as covers lot 2 Southern Heights sdv Unit 8 being resdv of W 110 ft lot lots 3
  & 12 & N/2 abandoned Edgemont St to S less N 10 ft lot 3 for St r/w in Sec 19-17-13 (#1884817)
WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL BANK to WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL ACCEPTANCE INC, subordinate $41,904 mtg                                   9-26
  by Doris Rae Herrington West filed Nov 6/02 MB 3431/227 covering SW 60 ft lot 8 measuring on Leo Ave, blk 8
  Broadmoor sdv Unit 3 & imp, 123 Leo Ave to mtg by Doris covering said ppty (#1885593)
WILLIS, David F & Rebecca D, 7062 Soda Lake 71107 to QUALITY FINANCIAL INC, UCC F/S covering water                            9-23
  treatment system (#1882682)

                                                    Oil & Gas
ROSS, Paul J to Bonnie Green ROSS, all his mineral int in Sec 26-22-16 & tracts in Bossier, DeSoto, Union, Lincoln,          10-13
 Ouachita Parishes & Panola County, Tx, consdr: donation (#1885595)
WELSH OIL CO INC & BARNEY ENGINEERING INC to ROMAR EXPLORATION LLC, assign their int in three (3)                             9-22
 O&GLS by Carl F Haggard et al covering H H Haggard #1 well in Sec 22-17-16 Greenwood Waskom Field, effective
 Sept 1/03, $100 & other (#1883650)

                                                  IN THE U S DISTRICT COURT
03CV-01916     Plaintiff vs Defendant, Petition for Review of HHS Decision for Social Security Benefits (In Proper Person)
03CV-01923     Plaintiff vs Defendant, alleged racial discrimination in employment practice (In Proper Person)
03CV-01930     Plaintiff vs Defendant, Diversity – Breach of Contract (Bryce J DENNY)
03CV-01935*    Plaintiff vs Defendant, Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (*Petition for removal from 1st Judicial District Court,
                 Caddo Parish) (In Proper Person)
03CV-01949     Plaintiff vs Defendant, alleged violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (Ellen B HAHN – Lafayette, La)
03CV-01954     Plaintiff vs Defendant, Petition for Writ of Mandamus (In Proper Person)

                                              IN THE BANKRUPTCY COURT
03Bk-13903   NAME, 4903 O’Keefe St, BC, La, Chapter 13 (Gerald J BREAUX – Haughton, La)
03Bk-13904   NAME, Rt 3 Box 562, Ringgold, La, Chapter 13 (Carolyn HEDGES – Minden, La)
03Bk-13906   NAME, 9250 Dean Rd #1910, Chapter 7 (Carolyn HEDGES – Minden, La)
03Bk-13917   NAME, 2840 Cable St #47, Arcadia, La, Chapter 13 (Tim L WALTMAN)
03Bk-13924   NAME, 143 Pecan St, Gloster, La, Chapter 7 (Gerald J BREAUX – Haughton, La)

                                            NEW SUITS FILED – DISTRICT COURT
479708 Plaintiff vs Defendant, for divorce & reserving rights for alimony & partition of community ppty (In Proper Person) (Sec E)
479710 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 6201 Industrial Lp #57, $3,260.22 bal Mastercard credit card acct (Newman, Mathis, Brady,
         Wakefield & Spedale, FICK – Metairie, La) (Sec A)
479711 Plaintiff vs Defendant, petition to take possession of abandoned 1996 Skyline Winner m/h & appliances located at 10659
         North Ferry Rd (Tillery & CAVANAUGH – Baton Rouge, La) (Sec C)
479712 Plaintiff vs Defendant, $8,665.43 bal merchandise & service acct (W Kyle GREEN – Ruston, La) (Sec C)
479714 Plaintiff vs Defendant, for benefits of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policy (Ryan E GATTI) (Sec B)
479715 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 3752 Murvon St, $16,766.59 bal c/m on 2002 Mitsubishi Montero (Anita M WARNER – New
         Orleans, La) (Sec C)
479716 Plaintiff vs Defendant, petition to determine and/or declare paternity & to establish child support (Harvetta S COLVIN) (Sec
479717 Plaintiff vs Defendant, for reasonable damages resulting from personal injury (Ronald J MICIOTTO) (Sec B)
479719 Plaintiff vs Defendant, for reasonable damages resulting from automobile accident (Ronald J MICIOTTO) (Sec C)
479725 Plaintiff vs Defendant, to recog & make executory $21,488.24 judgment East Baton Rouge Parish District Court dated Nov
         27/00 (Roedel, Parsons, Koch, Blache, Balhoff & McCollister, HILL – Baton Rouge, La) (Sec A)
479727 Name of Decedent, Succession (Donald R MILLER) (Sec B)
479729 Plaintiff vs Defendant, to recog & make executory $1,592.07 judgment Bossier Parish District Court dated May 7/02 & for
         garnishment proceedings against Martin Marietta on said judgment (W Simmons SANDOZ – Opelousas, La) (Sec A)
479739 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 1317 State St, $24,700 bal mtg on lots 23 & 24 Caddo Heights sdv Unit 2 & imp Executory Process
         (Donald L WILSON) (Sec B)
479741 Plaintiff vs Defendant, petition for extension of time for Medical Review Panel deliberation (Robert G PUGH Jr) (Sec C)

                                    NEW SUITS FILED – SHREVEPORT CITY COURT
2003E07466 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 4715 Shreveport Blanchard #107
2003E07485 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 2601 Silver Pine Blvd #104
2003E07492 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 1431 Doris
2003E07493 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 1439-1/2 Ashton St #360 A-6
2003E07495 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 2326/2328 Line Ave
                                                          Record Suits
2003R07467 Plaintiff vs Defendant, Stephanie Richardson VEKOVIUS & Bob PALMOUR, $2,210 for damages (T Lynn GENEUX)
2003R07468 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 6316 Westwood Rd, $1,909.20 bal Visa credit card acct (Jon Ann GIBLIN)
2003R07469 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 115 Prospect St, $1,271.82 FITAP/food stamps (Karen C YARBROUGH)
2003R07471 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 656 Dalzell St, $8,283.32 bal Discover credit card acct (Peter S THRIFFILEY)
                                                          Small Claims
2003S07470 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 442 Dudley, $2,780 money owed
2003S07473 Plaintiff vs Defendant, $3,000 for ppty damages & personal injury
2003S07494 Plaintiff vs Defendant, $272.20 ppty tax

                                            D W I – CITY OF SHREVEPORT
                                          Name                   Address

                                NO PROOF OF INSURANCE – CITY OF SHREVEPORT
                                          Name               Address

                                      BURGLARIES – CITY OF SHREVEPORT
                                    RESIDENCE       BUSINESS    AUTOMOBILE
                                      Address         Address      Address

                                 NAMES & ADDRESSES - NEW PROPERTY OWNERS
                                      Name                     Address

                                     GROOM’S NAME & BRIDE’S NAME, ADDRESS

                              PARENTS’ NAMES, ADDRESS, SEX OF BABY (BIRTH DATE)

                                     CITY OF SHREVEPORT BUILDING PERMITS
                                              MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2003
            8995 Mansfield Rd        Comml Repair                      Charles I Guinn Sr                   $40,000.
            9400 Ellerbe Rd          Move & Add Sprinkler Heads        Fire Tech Systems Inc                       X.
            336 Montgomery St        Relocate (8) Heads                Fire Tech Systems Inc                       X.
            5755 Lakefront Dr        Res Pier & Boat Dock              Joe Pulliam                             2,500.
            341 77th St              Res Reroof                        Florence W Lewis                        1,200.
            300 Pierremont Rd        Res Siding                        Harmon Brothers                         3,300.
                                                 ELECTRICAL PERMITS
            3159 Milton St                                Inspection                                   Linda Coatney
            8001 Youree Dr                               Registration                        Wilhite Electric Co Inc
            4250 Greenwood Rd                        Replace Gas Pumps                        Hinkie Electric Co Inc
            9137 Chimes Ln                            Repair Meter Can                  Stills Electrical Contracting
            919 Monrovia St                         100Amp/AC Hookup                      Shreveport Electric Co Inc
            151 Albany Ave                              Branch Circuit                Seth Seman dba Nova Electric
            3064 Dallas St                               Temp Power                               T & T Electric Co

                                 CERTIFICATES OF OCCUPANCY APPLICATIONS
                      Stop N Fly (Shah Mir) 3102 Jewella Ave Conv Store/Gas/Beer               631-5600
                                                  1856 Christopher Glen Dr
                 Joe Price Enterprises Inc (Joe Price)                       Internet Sales     221-5290
                                               New Construction
                   Name of Company (Name of Owner)      Address      Purpose                Phone #
                                              Change of Ownership
                   Name of Company (Name of Owner)      Address      Purpose                Phone #
                               INVITATION FOR BIDS – CITY OF SHREVEPORT - MONTHLY
                                    (Commodities - $15,000) & (Construction - $100,000+)
                                            Opens Thursday, October 9/03 @ 2pm
Number       Item/Project Description                                          Pre-Bid Conference   Buyer’s Name & Number
IFB-03-066   Furnish & Install SPAR Swimming Pool Liners                                                    K Pines 673-5456
                                            Opens Tuesday, October 14/03 @ 2pm
Number       Item/Project Description                                          Pre-Bid Conference   Buyer’s Name & Number
IFB-03-062   Taxiway A & C Lighting @ S’port Regional Airport                                               K Pines 673-5456
                                           Opens Thursday, October 16/03 @ 2pm
Number       Item/Project Description                                          Pre-Bid Conference   Buyer’s Name & Number
IFB-03-359   S’port Convention Center & Parking Garage                                                      K Pines 673-5456
                                            Opens Tuesday, October 28/03 @ 2pm
Number       Item/Project Description                                          Pre-Bid Conference   Buyer’s Name & Number
IFB-03-074   Ardis Taylor Water Main Extn (Colquitt Rd to Leaside Way)                                      K Pines 673-5456

                                 REQUEST FOR STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS
                                            Opens Thursday, Oct 23/03 @ 3pm
Number     Item/Project Description                                             Pre-Bid Conference Buyer’s Name & Number
RFS-03-714 Architectural & Engr Serv – Cargo Facility @ S'port Regional Airport                                  673-5454

                                          REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)
                                            Opens Wednesday, Oct 8/03 @ 3pm
Number     Item/Project Description                                        Pre-Bid Conference Buyer’s Name & Number
RFP-03-817 Owner Controlled Ins Program for Constr Convention Ctr                                   T Mattox 673-5457
                                             Opens Thursday, Oct 9/03 @ 3pm
Number     Item/Project Description                                        Pre-Bid Conference Buyer’s Name & Number
RFP-03-816 Vehicle Towing/Wrecker Servs for City Owned Vehicles                                      A Taylor 673-5459

                       CIVIL CALENDAR – WEDNESDAYS ONLY
DISTRICT COURT                    ARGUMENTS         FOR WEEK OF OCTOBER 27, 2003
MONDAY                            A - Judge Brun                          OCTOBER 27
 455488  Brandi Howard et al            vs Willis Knighton Medical Center

                                           FOR TRIAL
DISTRICT COURT                              SETTINGS         FOR WEEK OF OCTOBER 27, 2003
MONDAY                                       NONE                           OCTOBER 27

TUESDAY                              A - Judge Brun                             OCTOBER 28
 471474 Troy D Waters (M Allyn Stroud)     vs John Burnes et al (Ronald F Lattier)

WEDNESDAY                            A - Judge Brun                            OCTOBER 29
 451926 Ophelia Lee Davis (Sam Jenkins)    vs City of Shreveport et al (Edwin Byrd III)

THURSDAY                             A - Judge Brun                          OCTOBER 30
 457236 Christopher T Davis (John Bennett) vs Hollywood Casino Shreveport (John Madison)

FRIDAY                                    A - Judge Brun                         OCTOBER 31
 445503      Velma S Moore (Bennett Politz)     vs David L Rogers (S Jay Thomas)

                                  ADVANCE TRIAL SETTINGS
DISTRICT COURT                            SETTINGS       FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 3, 2003
MONDAY                                B - Judge Crichton                NOVEMBER 3
 476904  Ford Motor Credit Co                 vs A J Crain

TUESDAY                            B - Judge Crichton                     NOVEMBER 4
 468267 Akime Plater (Lee Aronson)         vs Ironwood Land Co LLC (Richard Hiler)

WEDNESDAY                           B - Judge Crichton                          NOVEMBER 5
 474062 Christus Health (R Kleinschmidt Jr) vs Stanley Bell (Charles Strickland)

THURSDAY                               B - Judge Crichton                         NOVEMBER 6
 469986 Linda Smith                           vs    Hollywood Casino Shreveport et al

FRIDAY                                       NONE                                  NOVEMBER 7

                              JURY TRIAL CALENDAR
DISTRICT COURT                          SETTINGS    FOR WEEK OF NOVEMBER 3, 2003
MONDAY                               A - Judge Brun                        NOVEMBER 3
 473086  Roy A Taylor (R V McKneely III)   vs SMT Properties LLC (Steven E Soileau)

                                   FAMILY LAW CALENDAR
DISTRICT COURT                          ARGUMENTS    FOR WEEK OF OCTOBER 27 2003
FRIDAY                                    NONE                      OCTOBER 31

DISTRICT COURT                           SETTINGS      FOR WEEK OF OCTOBER 27, 2003
MONDAY                               D - Judge Nesbitt                OCTOBER 27
 455149  Ellen D B Nations (Gary Mitchell)  vs Anthony E Nations

TUESDAY                                 D - Judge Nesbitt                           OCTOBER 28
  479570     Pamela Jones (Roland McKneely)         vs    Paul Jones

WEDNESDAY                          E - Judge Waddell                         OCTOBER 29
 463815 Brandi Richardson-Sims (L English) vs Michael Joe Moore (Skip Beresko)

THURSDAY                                   D - Judge Nesbitt                          OCTOBER 30
 269624 Michael J Kouragian                       vs Jennifer R Kouragian (Joe Cordill)

FRIDAY                                     D - Judge Nesbitt                               OCTOBER 31
 472751      State (Brian Joffrion)               vs Gregory W Pegues

                                        SHERIFF SALE SCHEDULE – FRIDAYS ONLY
459591 Plaintiff vs Defendant – lot 26 Savanna Park sdv & imp, subj to mineral rights (Dean Morris)
475227 Plaintiff vs Defendant – W 80 ft of E 269.18 ft of N 180.55 ft of SE/4 Sec 6-17-13 desc as beg at SEC University Place sdv
         3rd Filing at pt where E line said sdv intersec N line of Merrick St thn N along E line said sdv 150.55 ft to pt of beg f/d &
         imp, 121 East Olive St (Scott R SIMMONS)
123456 Plaintiff vs Defendant, 2003 Mitsubishi Galant (Scott R SIMMONS)

474493       Plaintiff vs Defendant

 NUMBER        NAME & ADDRESS OF MORTGAGOR                                                                          COVERING
               TO – SNAP ON CREDIT LLC
 1025500       Lionel Bou, 145 Defiance Dr, Slidell, La 70458                                                 Tools & Equipment
 1025501       Doyle Trahan, 234 Eugenie Dr, Duson, La 70529                                                  Tools & Equipment
 1025502       Joseph F Fitzpatrick DDS, 2900 E Causeway Approach, Mandeville, La 70448                   Tangibles & Intangibles
 1025503       Welders Equipment Inc, 1201 W Park Ave, Eunice, La 70535                                                     Tanks
 1025504       Richard kF Rathbone, 11323 Church St, Clinton, La 70722                                                 Equipment

                                       COURT MINUTES Daily Legal News (Caddo) Only
         SIGNED AND FILED. (JUDGE BRUN) (LK)                                     COURT THEN ADJOURNED