Private Party Agreement and Reservation Form

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					                                       Private Party Reservation Form
            To secure your reservation, please E-mail this form and agreement to

Host/Hostess Name:                                        Credit Card Type:
Phone #:                                                  Credit Card #:
E-Mail:                                                   Expiration Date:
Occasion:                                                 Name as it appears on card:
Guest of Honor Name (if applicable):                      Billing Address:
Party Start Time:                                         City:
Party End Time:                                           State:
# of Requested Gift Bags:                                 Zip:

For planning purposes we need to know the services that each of your guests would like to receive. If you have a
big party, each guest may not be able to have both a manicure and pedicure and will be required to pick
only one service.

Guest List:
                  FIRST AND LAST NAME                                     TREATMENT REQUESTED

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                                    Private Party Reservation Agreement
     To secure your reservation, please e-mail this agreement and reservation form to

Private parties take place during or after business hours when Feve’s Manicure Affair is officially closed to the public.
Feve's charges $100 rental fee per hour plus the cost of services. There is a $400 minimum (including rental and
services fees) for a private party.

The rental fee is charged to the nearest ¼ hour and includes salon attendant, set-up, use of tables, serving dishes,
disposable plates and utensils, napkins, and clean-up. The salon offers complimentary beverages. If you BYOB, we
will provide the glassware. Please note that guests must be 21 to consume alcohol in our premises.

A $15 per guest deposit is required to make a reservation for private parties. This deposit will be charged at the time
of booking and credited to the final bill. All deposits and final charges must be combined and be paid under one bill.
A 20% manicurist gratuity will be added to all treatments.

Guests will be rotated as we can only serve 8 to 10 guests at a given time. Manicurist to guest ratio is one per two

Food and drinks must arrive at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled party time. We will chill your beverages and
coordinate your food and drink set-up. You may make special arrangements for delivery of your food and drinks up to
2 days prior to your party.


     Your event is confirmed 7 days prior to your scheduled time. Once confirmed, party date, time or ANY other
      services cannot be changed without incurring additional fees.

     You are confirmed if you are booking within the cancellation window

     Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to your scheduled time of the event to receive full deposit.

     Any cancellations within less 7 days notice prior to scheduled time of event will result in full charge of total
      scheduled services. Your deposit will be credited toward this charge.

     Your credit card will be charged full price if one or more guests do not show for the scheduled time of service.

     We will do our best to accommodate a late guests but cannot guarantee treatments for them

Personal Property: Feve’s Manicure Affair will not assume or accept responsibility for damages to, or loss of any
merchandise or articles left in the facility prior to, during or following your event.

Decorations/Banners: The use of flower petals, rice, confetti, glitter, etc is prohibited. Please don’t tape, nail, or wire
anything to walls, floors, ceilings, etc. Any damage to Feve’s Manicure Affair premises or equipment will be charged
to the host/hostess responsible for the event.

I, _____________________________________, the host/hostess of the party listed on the reservation form, have
read and understand Feve’s Manicure Affair private party agreement. I accept to take responsibility for all requested
services that are confirmed no later than five business days prior to the scheduled time of the event.


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