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									Prathamesh Dalvi                                   Certified SAP NetWeaver Portal Consultant
571.366.8004 |


   I am a Sr. SAP NetWeaver Portal Consultant with around nine years of experience having expertise
    in implementing and managing SAP NetWeaver Portal projects
   I have been helping clients with designing, developing, implementing and enhancing NetWeaver Portal
    projects. With exposure to newer technologies, I have been involved in assisting clients by choosing the
    right development technology for implementing their solutions
   With multiple Full Lifecycle SAP EP 6.0/EP 7.0 Implementations under my belt, I possess in-depth
    understanding of various SAP NetWeaver Technologies such as:
         o   Enterprise Portal Administration and Development
         o   Knowledge Management(KM) & Collaboration–Development & Configuration
         o   TREX Configuration
         o   Portal Archives Development involving AbstractPortalComponent, JSPDynPages, JSP,
             HTMLB, JavaBeans, KM, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
         o   WebDynpro for Java
         o   NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) Administration and Development (NWDS)
         o   Configuring and Customizing Business Packages like ESS/MSS, Biller Direct etc
         o   Adobe Document Services(ADS) (Design/Development experience for Adobe forms, using
             Adobe LiveCycle designer in NWDS)
         o   Adobe BlazeDS- SAP NetWeaver Integration
         o   Portal-SharePoint Integration
         o   Portal-Webtrends Integration
         o   Web Page Composer(WPC)
         o   Visual Composer development
         o   Creating Web Services
         o   Configuration and Customization of Universal Worklist(UWL)
         o   Guided Procedures, BI Java Integration, Lotus Domino Integration,
         o   User Management Engine(UME) Configuration, Single Sign On Configuration
   I have evolved from an Enterprise Portal developer to a Portal Project Lead / Project Architect
    wherein I have handled projects from the rudimentary stages by preparing the RFPs to having executed
    them successfully


       Bachelor of Engineering(Computers), Mumbai University, India
       SAP Certified NetWeaver Portal Development Consultant 2004s
       Sun certified Java Professional (SCJP)


        St Jude Medical                                                                  St Paul,MN
        St. Jude Medical develops medical technology and services that focus on putting more control into
        the hands of those who treat cardiac, neurological and chronic pain patients worldwide and is
        headquartered in St Paul, MN

        SJM Enhancements                                               [Nov‘09 – Till Date]
        Role           : Sr. SAP NetWeaver Portal Developer/Consultant
        Environment : EP7.0 SP19-SP22 (NW2004s), ESS 600 SP17, ECC 6.0
        Project Type : Implementation & Enhancement
        Team Size      :5
        Significant Contributions:

           Successfully upgraded the ESS MSS webdynpro applications from version 600 SP15 – ESS
            600 SP17 and BP EPR05 1.0 SP15 – BP ERP05 1.0 SP17
           Successfully rolled out the Employee Performance Management module in MSS with
            customizations to the underlying Web Dynpro development components and the OADP
            configurations in ECC
           Successfully integrated Adobe BlazeDS on the Java NetWeaver platform for a custom
            Employee Compensation Management(ECM) Tool
                   Created a java proxy project that encapsulated the MessageBrokerServlet(BlazeDS)
                    and the proxy classes of the ECC Function modules
                   Created a Portal component to display a pdf or an excel sheet based on the GUID and
                    parameter provided
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           The front end was Flex Based and the flex application consumed the methods specified
                in the java proxy project to execute the FMs using the amf protocol
   SJM wanted to implement a help feature for most iViews on the portal which would provide the
    user with support information of the application within the iView
           Successfully implemented an iView help application that leverages the standard SAP
            iview help property to show the available support options for every iView.
           The solution was implemented using the underlying portal technologies namely,
                o    AbstractPortalComponent – To display the Support options available for the
                     user by reading the contents of an XML file in the KM
                o    XML form Builder – To display the respective XML form with details such as
                     Support Information, Release notes etc. when the user clicks on a particular
                     support option in the help application
                o    Web Dynpro – To create an application to maintain the XML file from which
                     the application reads data. Created a KM lookup functionality for ease of

   SJM wanted to implement a CENTER approach to clearly demarcate the 3 sets of users bases
    that accessed the portal instead of the existing purely role based approach
            Successfully devised the CENTER concept to add the EMPLOYEE CENTER,
             INFORMATION CENTER and SALES CENTER and all the existing worksets showed under
             the relevant CENTERS
            Added the portal idle timeout functionality for the EMPLOYEE CENTER only, to
             secure the personnel data of the users in case of idle usage
            Changed the Branding (masthead) and the theme to conform to the branding standards
             of SJM
   Changed the logon page to activate the third party(Secude) X509 certificate in case of a failed
    logon and redirect the user back to the portal
   Customized the detailed navigation to default the expansion all the folder nodes within
   Integrated the Business Objects WebI reports in the Portal in the dashboard format using
    the workset map iView
   Built a Web Dynpro application for displaying the Total Compensation Statements to the ESS
    users using Adobe forms
   Successfully implemented a healthcare provider lookup application using Visual Composer and
    interfaced it with a webdynpro application to provide features like export to excel and pdf

Burger King                                                                          Miami, FL
Burger King (BK) is global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants with close to 11,000
restaurants in more than 65 countries.
The BK Gateway is the SAP Enterprise Portal system which provides access to all the SAP and third
party applications. It is hosted in 3 languages namely English, German and Spanish and caters to
more than 20,000 users across the globe.

BK Gateway Enhancements                                           [Aug‘08 – Oct’09]
Role           : Sr. SAP NetWeaver Portal Consultant/Portal Lead
Environment : EP7.0 SP16 (NW2004s), EP6 SP22, Biller Direct 6.0, ESS 600, ECC 5.0
Project Type : Implementation, Enhancement & Support
Team Size      :7
Significant Contributions:

   BK wanted to implement SAP Biller Direct to offer its franchisees to view their invoices via the
    Portal(EIPP) and streamline the dispute management process
            Successfully executed Full lifecycle implementation of Biller Direct business
             packages(Biller Direct 6.0 SP12) which included the modules, Collection
             Management and Dispute Management
            Configured tracks for Biller Direct in NWDI and customized Biller Direct UI as per
            Modified JSP pages to customize BD UI by
             o   Adding custom columns Restaurant#, Description in Open Bills and Dispute screens
             o   Applying sort functionality to custom columns
             o   Enabling Multi-Language Support for custom columns
            The BK Franchisee user data creation was maintained by two systems, ARIES and User
             Admin(.Net app) which lead to the need for consolidating data for BD UME
            Created a Portal Web Service to address the above concern which was consumed by
             the user creation systems to store data in the UME of the BD Portal
            Created an par application(pdk based) for the ‘Biller Direct Disclosure Agreement’
   BK wanted enhancements in the BK Gateway (SAP Portal) in terms of look and feel,
    performance, search and navigation. The technical specifications and wireframes were provided
    by a third party vendor
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           Developed new framework page, page layout and Top Level Navigation(TLN) through
            customizations in JSP DynPage based on the wireframes provided
           Created par applications (KM Components) which dynamically displayed content to
            the users based on their language, geography and user-type. These par applications
            rendered content much quicker than the old par applications which were replaced
           Optimized portal performance by enabling the Portal Cache at the iView level and
            thereby mitigating risks of network bottlenecks
           Awarded ‘Most Valuable Player’ for the project
   BK wanted to track the portal page and document hits through the Webtrends-Web Analytics
           Successfully integrated the SAP Portal with the Webtrends tool at the Page and
            Document Tracking levels
           Worked with Webtrends consultant to develop a JavaScript which was embedded within
            all the Portal Page Layouts which transferred all the required data over to the
            Webtrends server
           Enhanced the JavaScript to implement Path Analysis within the Portal
           With all the data transferred from Portal to Webtrends, BK was able to create various
            new web analytic reports based on user-type, language, organizational structure etc
   BK wanted to integrate the SAP Portal with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) to
    understand the interoperability between the two. The research was on experimental basis.
           Successfully integrated the two technologies at levels such as Front-end Integration
            and Document Management Interoperability
           Document Management Interoperability was achieved by creating a WebDAV
            Repository Manager to integrate SharePoint. It allows you to navigate through the
            SharePoint Document structure through SAP KM
           Front-end Integration was achieved by URL integration
   Enhancements in the ESS Business package(WebDynpro based) include
           In Benefits Enrollment, mandated SSN and DOB for dependents and telephone
            number for Emergency Contact
           In Payroll, modified the Tax Exempt Indicator under W-4 Tax Withholding
           Migrated changes across environments through NWDI
           Created a java pdk application to switch between the ESS landing page and a static
            html based on the Payroll job schedule
   Support activities included
           Responsible for System Administration activities like creating indexes and CM
            repositories, managing(importing/exporting) Portal transports
           Responsible for Content Administration activities like creating Portal Objects like iView,
            Pages etc
           Managed the multi language portal object headers through the Worklist translations
           Responsible for Content Management activities like auto and manual classification,
            offline Knowledge Management(KM) transports through ICE and WebDAV and online
            KM transports through ICE

BHP Billiton                                                                          Houston, TX
BHP Billiton is a global leader in the resource industry and designed around Customer Sector Groups
like Energy Coal, Iron Ore, and Petroleum etc

Intranet Portal Convergence                                                       [Oct‘07 – Jul’08]
Role           : Sr. SAP NetWeaver Portal Consultant/Project Lead
Environment : EP7.0 SP11
Project Type : Implementation
Team Size      :6
Significant Contributions:

   BHPB wanted to implement a Content Management Inventory for their editors to update news
    on their Portal without the intervention of the Portal administrator.
            Implemented the Content Management Inventory(CMI) using the XML Form Builder and
             custom portal applications which allowed the content managers to directly edit and
             publish content on pages
            Developed a custom KM component which displayed contents(news links) from the
             Documentum folder structure in KM
            Conducted study on the Web Page Composer(WPC) to evaluate its capability vis-à-
             vis the custom solution on parameters like visual appeal, WYSIWYG, stability,
             development effort, SAP support etc
            Reviewed overall design approach of the CMI
            As a development lead
                  o   Collected inputs from the customer representatives to prepare the Requirement
                      Analysis & Design documents and Tech Specs
                  o   Communicated project progress to the business
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   BHPB also wanted all their existing Intranet sites to be blended into their existing SAP Portal,
    whose look and feel had to be simulated to that of their corporate intranet site.
           Created custom portal page layouts and themes
           Created a custom pdk application (KM and JSP DynPage) as a navigation
            component that replaced the standard detailed navigation. The component read the
            folder structure in KM based on the page being viewed
           Created CSS files within the custom components to adhere to the new look
   As a part of POC for the project, BHPB wanted the team to demonstrate the capability of
    working with some latest Technology in SAP Portal.
           Developed a solution with Adobe Interactive Forms in WebDynpro for Java
                 o   Displayed invoice details consisting of header and line item details in Adobe
                 o   WebDynpro based views were used to allow the user to choose the period to
                     display the list of invoices
                 o   Based on the invoice selected by the user, displayed the details(header and
                     line items) in the Adobe Forms

Nortel Networks                                                                         RTP, NC
Nortel Networks is a multinational telecommunication equipment manufacturer with a large portfolio
of services and products like packet, optical and wireless technologies.

Manager Self Service Enhancements                                     [Jan‘07 – Sep’07]
Role           : Project Lead/Architect, Sr. SAP NetWeaver Portal/Webdynpro Consultant
Environment : EP6.0 SP16, SAP ECC 5.0
Project Type : Enhancement
Team Size      :6
Significant Contributions:

   Nortel wanted enhancements in the Personal Change Requests and Organizational
    Management modules of the custom MSS application simultaneously focusing on amendments
    in the User Interface. The project dealt with minimizing time for the Manager in completing the
    modifying occupied/unoccupied scenarios thus segregating them through separate roadmaps.
            Modified the Portal Framework page to change the ESS/MSS landing page on the portal
            Used the underlying ISR framework and Adobe Interactive forms to segregate PCR
             scenarios like modifying occupied and unoccupied positions in WebDynpro for Java
            Created separate roadmaps using WebDynpro for Java and Adobe Interactive
             Forms to guide the user(manager) through the following scenarios
                 o    modify occupied position - compensation related changes only
                 o    modify occupied position – Non-compensation related changes only
                 o    modify occupied position - position title and Cost Centre related changes
                 o    modify unoccupied position - position title and Cost Centre related changes
                 o    modify unoccupied position - vacant position related changes
            Designed and Implemented a new roadmap for ‘Changing Building Code’ Request to be
             accessed through a new link on the MSS homepage
            Developed a logic to show custom-sorted dropdowns in subsequent screens based on
             input selected in previous screens
            Tuned the performance of the application by implementing a custom extended value
             selector to avoid the user navigating through the entire help pop-up
            As a Project Lead/Architect
                 o    Designed the solutions based on the existing architectural landscape
                 o    Gathered Requirement analysis through interactive sessions with the client’s
                      Business Primes
                 o    Collected inputs to assimilate contents of Technical Specifications
                 o    Coordinated the Onsite – Offshore development activities
                 o    Communicated the Project progress through status reports and live
            Showcased the BI-Java integration capabilities and development in Visual
             Composer as a part of a POC for the project

Proctor & Gamble                                                               Boston, MA
P&G is one of the largest FMCG Company placed globally with sectors including manufacturing
products in the area of Beauty, Household Care and Health & Well-Being.

Enterprise Portal Central Support                                                 [Jan‘06 – Dec’06]
Role           : Project Lead, SAP Portal/NWDI Consultant
Environment : EP6.0 SP16
Project Type : Support
Team Size      :6
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Significant Contributions:

   The Enterprise Portal Central Support (EPCS) is a second level support for P&G’s Portal
           Monitored the portal landscape through NetWeaver Administrator(NWA)
           Configured Java Connections(JCO) for WebDynpro applications to connect to the
            backend SAP systems
           Configured and maintained the NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
           Configured SSO with Logon tickets between portal and the backend systems
           Configured Lotus Domino and Calendar Integration with portal
           Managed users, groups and their respective roles, worksets, pages in portal
           Managed all the portal and KM transports
           As a development lead,
                o   Allocated problem tickets to the team
                o   Conducted knowledge transfer sessions within the team
                o   Maintained the quality processes in the project
                o   Coordinated the Onsite – Offshore development activities

Proctor & Gamble                                                                      Boston, MA

Requisitioner User Interface on SAP EP                                [Oct‘04 – Dec’05]
Role           : SAP Enterprise Portal Consultant, WebDynpro Consultant
Environment : EP6.0 SP9, SRM 4.0(BBP)
Project Type : Implementation
Team Size      : 12
Significant Contributions:

   Requisitioner User Interface (RUI) was developed to enhance the user’s online procurement
    experience in SRM. RUI is a WebDynpro application that resides on the SAP Enterprise Portal
    simulating an online shopping experience. The User Interface of RUI was designed by HFI with
    inputs from P&G’s global user community
            Developed a complex WebDynpro application to simulate a Shopping Cart
            Created portal service/web service for User Search
            Developed a WebDynpro application to consume the Web Service to provide search for
             the regional concierge
            Developed a WebDynpro application to maintain the user defaults
            Revamped the UI of the portal by customizing standard portal iViews in the framework
             page and through Portal themes
            Configured SSO between portal and the SRM server
   P&G wanted a highly customized Universal Worklist(UWL) which would act as a very intuitive
    inbox for the end user
            Configured and customized the UWL to a great extent as required by the client. SAP
             validated the solution claiming further xml customization was not possible.
                  o   Defined a new default view
                  o   Provided a dropdown to choose another view
                  o   Added new columns with custom item attributes, deleted unwanted columns
                      and changed their order
                  o   Added custom item launch configuration
                  o   Provided decision buttons upfront for users
                  o   Deleted unwanted tabs in the display
                  o   Analyzed and improved the refresh rate without hampering the system

Larsen & Toubro Infotech,                                                            Edison, NJ
L&T Infotech is a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited - India's largest engineering and
construction conglomerate. It is a leading IT solutions and service provider offering services in
industries like Banking, Insurance, and Manufacturing etc

SAP4ALL EP6 Implementation                                                      [Aug‘03 – Sep’04]
Role           : SAP Enterprise Portal Consultant
Environment : EP6.0
Project Type : Implementation
Team Size      :5
Significant Contributions:

   L&T Infotech wanted to host their SAP Enterprise Portal to provide a common frontend to all
    their backend servers, leverage the collaboration capabilities and integrate the various
    repositories through Knowledge Management.
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           Involved in sizing of the project and hardware requirement for 2000 users
           Installed Web Application Server(WAS), Enterprise Portal(EP) and Knowledge
           Installed and configured TREX Search and Classification Engine
           Configured User Management Engine(UME) with multiple LDAPs
           Configured SSO through Windows Integrated Authentication
           Configured SSO between Portal and other SAP backend systems
           Configured SSL between UME and LDAP
           Integrated Documents from a Windows System (File Server) into KM
           Configured Collaboration facilities like Email ,Instant messaging, Quick Poll,
            Collaboration rooms
           Configured repositories in KM to undergo the document approval process
           Configured SSO to different applications using Application Integrator
           Installed and configured the following Business Packages on SAP Netweaver Portal
                o    CRM Business Package 4.0 60.2
                o    Employee Self Service 60.2
                o    Manager Self Service ERP 60.1
                o    SRM Business Package 4.0 60.2
           Customized the logon page and portal desktop
           Configured the LDAP user password reset through SSL
           Configured Lotus Domino and Calendar Integration with portal
           Configured the System Landscape Directory(SLD)
           Configured and maintained the Java Connections
           Fine-Tuned Portal Performance
           Performed patch WAS and Portal service pack upgrades

Ultratech Cement                                                                      India
UltraTech Cement Limited, a Grasim subsidiary has an annual capacity of 17 million tones. It
manufactures and markets Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement and
Portland Pozzolana Cement.

Receipt Tracking Report                                                           [Mar‘02 – Jul’03]
Role           : ABAP Developer
Environment : SAP R3 4.7
Project Type : Implementation and Enhancements
Team Size      : 10
Significant Contributions:

   The project demanded the creation of a Receipt Tracking Report to keep track of the raw
    materials that were purchased, the Purchase Order for which was generated later. It also
    involved enhancing the performances of existing reports and module pool programs.
           Gathered requirements through meetings with Business Analysts
           Developed new ABAP reports and enhanced existing ones
           Developed new module pool programs

L&T Electrical & Electronics Division (EBG)                                                 India
Electrical & Electronics Division (EBG) is one of the divisions of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) -
India’s largest engineering and construction conglomerate. This division is engaged in the business
areas of Switchgear Products, Metering & Protection Systems, Medical Equipment, Petroleum
Dispensing Pumps and Control & automation systems.

PPD2                                                                            [Aug‘01 – Mar’02]
Role           : ABAP Developer
Industry       : Manufacturing
Significant Contributions:

   Understanding the functional specification and the requirement and prepared the technical
   Analysis of errors, research for the cause of error, provided corrective solutions and suggested
    for preventive actions to avoid recurrence of the errors
   Created Reports and Tested ABAP/4 developments in SD and FI module
   Unit testing and Integration testing
   Development of ABAP reports and transactions to meet certain non-standard requirements
   Conducted workshops for common understanding of SAP system functions and processes.
   Assisted in end user training
   Worked closely with technical and functional consultant of other groups to resolve cross-
    functional issues

Crompton Greaves                                                                               India
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Role           : Programmer Analyst                                         [Aug‘00 – Aug’01]
Industry       : Manufacturing
Significant Contributions:

   Involved in reviewing the use cases.
   Interaction with the client to understand the business requirements.
   Analyzed requirements for support of new RNC architecture

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