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OU RC Specs modified 4122008


									                 Desktop (Item                 Desktop                Workstation (Item              Server
                     101)                    (Item 102)                       l03)                 (Item l04)
                                                                     Intel   Xeon    E5405      Dual-Core Intel®
                 Intel Pentium ®
                                      Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo            2.00GHZ,     12MB L2       Xeon® processor
                 Dual        Core
                                      Processing with Intel          Cache /1333 FSB QC         E5205 (1.86 GHz,
                 Processor   with
                                      Extended Memory 64             CPU / AMD Opteron          1066FSB, 65W) /
CPU              Intel ® Extended
                                      technology -    Intel          processor 1214 2.2         Quad-Core Intel®
                 Memory        64
                                      E7300     (2.66 GHz)           GHz, 1MB L2 Cache          Xeon® processor
                 Technology     -
                                      Processor, 1066 MHz            with    1GHz    Hyper      E5405        (2.0
                 Intel E2160 1.8
                                      FSB                            Transport Technology       GHz,1333    FSB,
                                                                     Bus                        80W)
                                                                     Intel® 5400 Chipset /
                 Intel    chipset                                                               Intel       5100
Motherboard/                          Intel chipset Q33              AMD690G        Chipset
                 G33          (or)                                                              chipset / Intel®
Chipset                               (or) equivalent                with the AMD SB600
                 equivalent                                                                     5000Z chipset
                                                                     south bridge
                                                                                                Integrated 6 MB
                                                                     12 MB L2 Cache         /
Cache            1MB L2 cache         3 MB L2 cache                                             L2 cache / 12MB
                                                                     1MB L2 Cache
                                                                                                L2 Cache
                                                                                                2 GB          PC2-
                 512 MB DDR II                                                                  5300         Fully
Memory                                1GB DDR II SD RAM–             1 GB (2x 512         MB)
                 SD RAM (667                                                                    Buffered DIMMs
                                      667 MHz                        DDR II -667 ECC
                 MHz)                                                                           DDR      II   -667
                 160 GB SATA                                                                    146 GB SAS 10K
HDD                                   160 GB SATA 3.0 Gb/s           2x 160 GB 7200 rpm
                 3.0Gb/s     HDD                                                                Hot    plug 3.5”
                                      HDD 7200 rpm                   SATA 3.0Gb/s
                 (7200 rpm )                                                                    HDD
CD ROM           CD Writer            DVD + CD RW                    DVD + CD RW                DVD + CD RW
                                                                                                32MB        shared
                                                                                                supporting 1600
                 Integrated                                                                     x
                                      Integrated      onboard
Graphic Card     onboard graphics                                    NVIDIA Quadro FX370        1200x16Mresolut
                                      graphics          media
                 media Accelerator                                   256MB PCIe Graphics        ion    /Integrated
                                      Accelerator 3100
                 3100                                                                           ATI        ES1000,
                                                                                                32MB         video
                                      Realtek ALC888 High
Audio            Integrated       8   Definition audio codec,        Integrated       High      Support through
Controller       channel       high   3D audio compliant with        Definition audio with      PCI Based Audio
                 definition audio     AC'97 Rev. 2.3 and HD          internal speaker           Card
                                      Audio compatible
                 17” CRT    Color                                                               17" TFT     Color
Monitor                               17" TFT Color Monitor          17" TFT Color Monitor
                 monitor                                                                        Monitor
                  PS/2       std.                                                               PS/2          std.
Keyboard                              PS/2 std. Keyboard             PS/2 std. Keyboard
                 Keyboard                                                                       Keyboard
                                                                                                Gigabit NIC Card
Network          10/100/1000          Integrated 10/100/1000         Integrated
Interface card   network              Ethernet                       10/100/1000 Ethernet
Speakers         Optional             Integrated Speaker             Integrated Speaker
Mouse            Optical Mouse        Optical mouse                  Optical Mouse              Optical Mouse
                                                                     2 external 5.25" bays,
                 Two     (2)  3.5”    (2) 5.25” external bays        3.5" external bay for
Drive Bays       Internal, Two (2)    and (2) 3.5” internal          optional floppy drive, 2   Up to Hot plug
                 5.25” External,,     bays, (1) 3.5’’ external       internal    3.5"    bays   drive bays
                 Two (2) 3.5”         bays                           (convertible     to    3
                                                                     internal 2.5" bays)
                 2    Front  USB      Rear I/O: (6) USB 2.0, (1)     Front IO: 2 USB 2.0,       Serial 1, Pointing
                 Ports, 6 USB 2.0     standard serial port, (1)      IEEE-1394 (optional ,      Device1,
I/O Ports        ports, 1 serial      optional serial port, (1)      headphone out and          Keyboard        1,
                 port, 1 parallel     optional parallel port, (2)    microphone in, 5 USB       Graphics 1, USB
                 port, 2 PS/2, 1      PS/2, (1) RJ-45, (1) VGA,      2.0 (rear), 1 USB 2.0      2.0 Ports 8 (4
                 RJ-45, 1 VGA, 1      (1) audio in, (1) audio out,   (internal), 1 standard     Rear, 2 Front,
                     audio in, 1 audio      Front I/O: (2) USB 2.0,       serial    port      (only   and 2 Internal),
                     out, 1 MIC             headphone          and        available via internal      RJ-45(1), remote
                                            microphone, Dual Color        header with optional        Management 1
                                            Diagnostic LEDs               module), 2 PS/2, 1 RJ-
                                                                          45, audio line in, audio
                                                                          line     out,        and
                                                                          microphone in.

                                                                                                      Two    (2)  PCI-
                     Two      (2)   full-                                                             Expresses     x8,
                                                                          2 PCI slots (full-length)
                     height PCI 2.3                                                                   Three (3) PCI-
                                                                          2 PCI Express x16
                     slots on PCA, One                                                                Expresses x4(x8
                                                                          Gen2 graphics , 2 PCI
                     (1) full-height PCI                                                              connector)  and
                                                                          Express               (x8
                     Express x1 slot                                                                  One (1) PCI (32-
                                            (1) full-height PCI slot,     connectors,            x4
Expansion            on PCA, One (1)                                                                  bit / 33 MHz).
                                            (2) full-height PCIe x1       electrically) / 2 PCI
slots                full-height     PCI                                                              One          slot
                                            slots, (1) full-height PCIe   slots (fu1 PCI Express
                     Express x16 slot                                                                 designated    for
                                            x16 (ADD2/SDVO) slot          x4         slot       (x1
                     on PCA                                                                           optional      HP
                                                                                                      ProLiant 100 G5
                                                                          full-length),     1 PCI
                                                                                                      Lights-Out 100c
                                                                          Express x16 slot for
                                                                          Integrated 4 channel
Disk                                                                      SATA      3.0   Gb/s        Integrated    SAS
                     On board               On board
Controllers                                                               controller with RAID        controller card
Cabinet              Micro tower            Micro Tower                   Tower                       Tower 5U
                                                                                                      650    Watt    CE
                     300 Watt ATX                                                                     mark complaint
Power supply                                300 Watt power supply         650 watt 80 PLUS
                     power supply                                                                     Hot plug power
OS                   DOS                    DOS                           DOS                         Without OS
                                                                                                      Windows          ®
                                                                                                      Server          1M

                                                                                                      2003, Windows/
                                                                                                      advanced Server,
                                                                          Documentation CD            Red hat Linux®,
System                        -                           -
                                                                          Recovery CD                 SUSE        Linux,
                                                                                                      Novell Netware,
                                                                                                      VM Ware, ESX
                                                                                                      Server,       SCO
                                                                                                      Open       server,
                                                                                                      SCO Unix Ware
Anti Virus             Anti Virus SW              Anti virus SW                Anti Virus SW            Anti Virus SW
                                                                          US ENERGY STAR 4.0
                                                                          (Windows          only,
                                                                                                      ACPI           V2.0
                                                                          available on selected
                                                                                                      compliant,      PCI
                                                                          configurations) , US
Industry                                                                                              2.3      compliant,
                     US Energy       star   US        Energy      star    Federal          Energy
standard                                                                                              PXE        Support,
                     certification          certification                 Management Program
compliance                                                                                            WOL        Support,
                                                                          (FEMP) , China Energy
                                                                                                      Microsoft® Logo
                                                                          Conservation Program,
                                                                          IT ECO declaration,
                                                                          Japan PC Green label*
Warranty                   3 years                   3 years                      3 Years                  3 years
Price in (Rs.) for
Linux OS
Deviation       if
                    IN LIEU /EXTRA AND OTHERS ITEMS

S.No.                       Description of items             Price in Rupees
                                        IN LIEU ITEMS
        1 GB DDR-II in Lieu of 512 MB DDR-II
        2 GB DDR-II in Lieu of 1 GB DDR – II
        52X CDROM in lieu of 48X CDROM
        17” TFT in lieu of 17” CRT
        DVD Writer in lieu of CD Writer
        DVD Writer in lieu of Combo Drive

                                          EXTRA ITEMS
         2 GB DDR II
         1 GB DDR II
         512 MB DDR II
        52 X CD RW
        DVD writer
        Additional 146 GB SAS HDD
        Additional Processor for Server
        DVD Writer

        Laser HP LaserJet Printer Model 1007 (CC365A)
        HP LaserJet Printer Model 1008 (CC366A)
        HP LaserJet Printer Model M1319 Multifunction
        printer series (CB536A)
        HP LaserJet Printer CLJ CM Model 1015 MFP (CB394A)
        HP Scanner Scan jet Model 2410 (L2694A)
        HP Scanner Scan jet Model 5590 (L1910A)

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