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									                                        Comparison of Popular eReaders
                                         Nancy Shuster, EdS, MS, OTR, ATP
                                  Coordinator, ACES Assistive Technology Services

Many eReaders have flooded the market in past few years and it is difficult to keep up with the constant additions
and upgrades. Amazon released its first Kindle almost three years ago and in the past year, there has been an
explosion of electronic readers. There are many new devices, technological advances in the visual display, new
methods to obtain content, and there's no sign this trend stopping any time soon. Although many eReaders do not
allow other functions other than reading eText, this is also changing rapidly. Along with serving as an electronic
format to read books, newspapers, and magazines, some eReaders allow users to obtain word definitions,
bookmark pages, and highlight text. Several readers like the Kindle are equipped to connect wirelessly to an
online bookstore, while others can only download when connected to a computer. For students with special
challenges, there are numerous considerations when selecting an eReader including but not limited to: the
student’s ability to access and manipulate the icons for functional tasks (e.g. turning pages, bookmarks), managing
the size and weight of the device, and utilizing the visual display; the ease of downloading eText including the
methods within the particular district (e.g. wireless capabilities, district’s server limitations); and whether the
eText will require conversion to a different file format (e.g. compatibility with file formats). The method of
connectivity is another consideration since the ease of downloading books is important for busy educators. Here
is a comparison of popular eReaders to assist in the selection:
                   Amazon           Amazon                            Barnes         Sony Daily
   Model:                                           Noble Nook                                        Apple iPad
                   Kindle 3        Kindle DX2                       Noble Nook        Edition

 Unit Image

                                                                                                     9.56" x 7.47"
                                                                                                        x 0.50"
     Size         7.5" x 4.8" x    10.4" x 7.2" x   8.1” x 5.0” x   7.7" x 4.9" x      8.1" x 5" x
                     0.335"            0.38"            .48”           0.50"              0.6"
                                                                                                     Wi-Fi model:
                                                                                                        1.5 lbs
   Weight            8.7 oz           18.9 oz         15.8 oz         12.1 oz            12.8 oz
                                                                                                      Wi-Fi + 3G
                                                                                                     model: 1.6 lbs
                       6"               9"               7”              6"             7.1"             9.7"
   Pixel          600 x 800,        1200 x 824
                    Reads in                        1024 x 600       600 x 800       600 x 1024       1024 x 768
 Resolution         sunlight
                   16-Level      16-Level           16 million       16-Level         16-Level       Color IPS LCD
                  grayscale     grayscale             colors         grayscale        grayscale           LED
                Use Amazon    Use Amazon                                                AT&T 3G        3G models
                Whispernet to Whispernet to                                             wireless        require
                 provide free  provide free                          AT&T 3G             (free),     monthly data
 3G Wireless       wireless      wireless                no          wireless           access to    plans that are
                coverage via  coverage via                            (free)             eBook       activated via
                  AT&T's 3G     AT&T's 3G                                              store only     the iPad. 3G
                 high-speed    high-speed                                                              models are
              data network      data network                                                        unlocked and
                globally          globally                                                            use GSM
                                                                                                    micro-SIMS to
                                                                                                    possible use
                                                                                                     with other
              Built-in Wi-Fi;
                public and                                                           Wi-Fi :
                                                                                                      All models
              private Wi-Fi                           Wi-              Wi-          Supports
                                  Amazon                                                              have Wi-Fi
               networks or                      Fi/802.11b/g     Fi/802.11b/g     HSPA, UMTS,
                                Whispernet to                                                       and Bluetooth
                 hotspots;                         1st Wi-Fi        1st Wi-Fi       Edge, and
                                provide only                                                          2.1 + EDR
   Wi-Fi         does not                       eReader/Free     eReader/Free      GPRS data
                                 currently                                                           technology;
                connect to                       in all Barnes    in all Barnes   services with
                                  wireless                                                            free AT&T
              enterprise or                        & Noble          & Noble        two bands
                                 coverage.                                                             Wi-Fi at
               peer-to-peer                          Stores           Stores        (850 and
                  Wi-Fi                                                            1900 MHz)

                                                 Basic Web         Basic Web
Web Browser        Yes              Yes                                                 No                Yes
                                                  Browser           Browser
                                                8GB Internal      2GB Internal
                                                                                  User available
                                                memory/stor        memory/
  Storage     4GB internal,     4GB internal,                                      capacity: Up
                                                 age (up to      storage (up to                      16GB, 32GB
  Capacity    3,500 books       3,500 books                                          to 1.6 GB
                                                   6,000             1,500                          or 64GB flash
                                                  eBooks)           eBooks)                             drive
                                                                                  Dual memory
                                                   Micro SD         Micro SD
                                                  expansion        expansion
 Expansion                                       slot; a 32 GB    slot; a 16GB
                   No                No                                              slots for            No
   Slots                                        card holds up    card holds up
                                                                                  memory stick
                                                   to 35,000       to 17,500
                                                                                  duo & SD card
                                                    eBooks           eBooks
                                                                                   up to 32 GB
              Kindle (AZW),     Kindle (AZW),                                       ePub, PDF,
                                                                                                       ePub, pdf,
                TXT, PDF,          PDF, TXT,    iPad, iPhone,                       TXT, RTF,
                                                                                                    mp3, jpeg, gif,
                 Audible            Audible      iPod touch,                        Microsoft
                                                                 iPad, iPhone,                      tiff, doc, docx,
                 (Audible         (formats 4,    BlackBerry,                          Word,
                                                                  iPod touch,                         htm, html,
                Enhanced            Audible        Android                         (Conversion
                                                                  BlackBerry,                       key, numbers,
               (AA, AAX)),         Enhanced     Smartphone,                        requires MS
 Supported                                                          Android                           pages, ppt,
                   MP3,         (AAX)), MP3,    HTC HD2 and                           Word);
 Media File                                                      Smartphone,                         pptx, txt, rtf,
               unprotected       unprotected         HP                              BBeB and
  Formats                                                        HTC HD2 and                         vcf, xls, xlsx
                MOBI, PRC         MOBI, PRC      computers,                       other text file
                 natively;         natively;     PCs and full                      formats, PC
                                                                  computers,                         A computer
               HTML, DOC,        HTML, DOC,         color                            and Mac
                                                                      PCs                             and iTunes
                JPEG, GIF,        RTF, JPEG,    newspapers,                        compatible,
                                                                                                      account is
                PNG, BMP           GIF, PNG,     magazines                           ability to
                                                                                                     required for
                 through        BMP through                                          playback
                conversion.      conversion                                       unsecured         setup.
                                                                                 MP3 and AAC
                                                                                  audio files;
                                                                                 Images: JPEG,
                                                                                 PNG, GIF and
                                                                  3.5” color
                                                                                                  Yes, captive
                                                                touch screen
Touch Screen        No               No             Yes                              Yes          screen with
                                                                                                  178 degree
                                                                 eText is in
                                                                                                 viewing angle
                 feature can
                read English                                                                     Yes; including
                                 feature can
                newspapers,                                                                       Speak it! 2
                                read English
                 magazines,                                                                      app and Web
  Text To                       newspapers,
                  blogs, and                         No              No               No          Reader 2.2
  Speech                         magazines,
                 books; .pdf
                                  blogs, and
                reader with
                                 books; .pdf
               lookup, notes,
               and highlights
                                                    Digital         Digital
                                                   lending;        lending;
                                                  between         between
                    No               No         Nook, iPhone,   Nook,, iPhone,        No              No
                                                 iPod touch,     iPod touch,
                                                 BlackBerry,     BlackBerry,
                                                 PC, Mac OS      PC, Mac OS
                                                Rechargeable    Rechargeable
               Rechargeable     Rechargeable                                                      replaceable
                                                 replaceable     replaceable     Rechargeable
                  lithium          lithium                                                          25 watt
Battery Type                                       lithium         lithium        lithium Ion
                 polymer          polymer                                                           lithium
                                                   polymer         polymer           battery
                  battery          battery                                                          polymer
                                                   battery         battery
               Up to 1 month    Up to 14 days   Up to 8 days    Up to 10 days
               with wireless    with wireless   with wireless   with wireless                    10 hours / 1
Battery Life    off, 10 days     off, 4 days     off, 2 days     off, 2 days                     month stand
               with wireless    with wireless   with wireless   with wireless                        by
                                                                                 page turns”
                      on              on              on              on
                                                 Barnes &         Barnes &
                 Amazon           Amazon                                          Sony Daily
   Online                                       Noble Nook       Noble Nook
                 Kindle3          KindleDx                                         Edition        Apple iPad
information                                       Color           Wi-Fi 3G

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