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                    JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

The Board of Island County Commissioners (including Diking Improvement District #4) met in
Regular Session on June 14, 2010 beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Board of County Commissioners
Hearing Room (Room # 102B), Annex Building, 1 N.E. 6th Street, Coupeville, Washington.
Helen Price Johnson, Chair, Angie Homola, Member, and John Dean, Member were present. The
meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.


                               Welcome to New Employees - December

                 Department                                          Employee
                       Clerk                                   Candace Mustatia-Clark
                     Facilities                                     Ross Cartmill

                                     Employee Service Awards

         Department                          Employee                        No Years
           Assessor                      Leanne Erickson                            10
        Commissioners                    Joyce Kasperson                            20
            Health                        Chris Luerkens                            5
            Health                            Jim Exe                               20
   Juvenile Court Services                Gerald Murphy                             5
           Treasurer                       Dawn Thomas                              10

                                  Employee of the Month for May

                                           Joe Laxson
                                  Environmental Health Specialist

In his capacity as an Environment Health Specialist, Joe is responsible for assisting in the
development and implementation of the inspection and maintenance program for septic systems,
known as the HOST program. His hard work, diligence and energy have brought great credit to
the program and increased awareness as to the importance of the septic system inspection
program in regard to environmental health.

It was due to his dedication that Mr. Laxson was nominated and selected as Employee of the
Month. As reported by a citizen of Island County, Joe reacted quickly and effectively in assisting
a property owner in resolving a difficult and time sensitive problem associated with a failing
septic system on an adjoining property. He provided expert guidance, follow up and oversight to
ensure that the matter was resolved quickly and appropriately. His ability to communicate
information to the public, work toward a solution and provide education as to the importance of
the HOST program left a lasting and positive impression on all concerned parties.

Joe’s sense of service to the public and the effective performance of his duties are to be

                                                                                        Vol. 2010
                    JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION


Tom Norton, 6573 Columbia Beach Drive, Clinton. Mr. Norton expressed his displeasure with
the Planning Commission’s decision that will now require he obtain a variance. The decision
derails his plans and he believes it to be extortion. Mr. Norton does not plan to obtain the
required variance.

CONSENT AGENDA (Record @ 17:55)
[Documents on file with the Clerk of the Board]

    BY UNANIMOUS MOTION (3-0) the Board approved the following items presented on the
    Consent Agenda with a clarification to the agenda’s language relative to Item 6, Services
    Agreement with Kris Wiltse:

    Pre-audited bills and vouchers for payment - Voucher #s: 336438–336685 - $378,941.42
    EFTs (electronic funds transfers) - $299,868.64
    Minutes from previous meeting(s) - Work Session 5/12/10
                                         Regular Session 5/14/10

    Emergency Management
     Grant Agreement with the Washington State Military Department and the Department of
       Homeland Security for the Emergency Performance Grant (EMPG) program. Contract
       number E10-303; Amount $12,676.00 (RM-DEM-10-0280)
     Amendment B to Inter-local Agreement with Fire District #1 for emergency management
       planning services on Camano Island and is funded by US Dept. of Homeland Security
       Emergency Performance Grant. Contract No. E09-181; Amount $14,420.00 (RM-DEM-

    Extension Services
    Services Agreement between Island County, through its Marine Resources committee, and
    Kris Wiltse, dba Popeye Design. The Amendment extends the Agreement date to September
    30, 2010, and is funded by WA State DOE CZM grant. Amount: $3,000-$4,000 (RM-WSU-

    Ms Marlow indicated that the agreement is not an amendment; however, is funded by a
    Washington State Department of Ecology CZM grant contract.

    Historical Preservation
    Historical Preservation Grant Contract with Island County Historical Society to collect,
    preserve, and exhibit historical materials illustrating the history of Island County. Fees
    authorized under RCW 36.22.170(1)(a) fund this contract and can only be spent on historical
    preservation activities. Amount: $15,000 (RM-BUD-10-0271)

                                                                                 Vol. 2010
                    JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

    Human Resources - Personnel Action Authorizations
     Department      PAA #           Description             Position #       Action                 Eff. Date

     WSU             043/10          Program                 1208.00          Replacement        06/15/10
     Extension                       Coordinator Weed
                                     Control .70 fte
     Prosecuting     046/10          Legal Secretary      1806.00             Replacement        08/02/10
     Attorney                        Office Administrator

    Planning & Community Development
    Public Hearing Scheduled – June 28, 2010 – 2:30 p.m.
    303/09 WSR: Applicant Island Transit PTBA System requests to create a new water system
    within existing Town of Coupeville water service area to serve a future 241-employee transit
    center at their current location

    Public Health
    Purchase Order with Whidbey Island Conservation District – Soil Evaluation Workshop.
    Purchase order for soil evaluation workshop coordination. PO No. 8967; PO Amount:
    $2,812.44 (RM-HLTH-10-0256)

    Public Works – County Roads
     Supplemental Agreement No. 2 – Anchor QEA, LLC.; On-call Consultant Agreement
       Environmental Services; Increase Maximum Amount payable by $50,000 (RM-PW-10-
     Contract/Contract Bond – Coral Construction Company; 2010 Guardrail Projects –
       Whidbey & Camano Islands; CRP 10-01, WO 455; $195,195.00 (RM-PW-01-0221)

    Liquor License(s)
     Application for Special Occasion Liquor License No 093914 by Slow Food Whidbey
        Island for a special occasion to be held on June 27, 2010 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at
        the large barn, Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Rd., Ste. A201, Greenbank, WA
     New Application for Liquor License No. 405292-6E by Whidbey Island Distilleries,
        LLC, James Heising, Elizabeth Mava Heising, Steven Heising and Beverly Heising d/b/a
        Whidbey Island Distillery, 3466 Craw Rd., Langley, WA

REGULAR AGENDA (Record @ 26:01)
[Documents on file with the Clerk of the Board]

Planning & Community Development
PRD 447/07 Holbeck Construction & Design, Inc. Final "Ridgeview" Planned Residential
Development application. 13 lots; Parcel Nos.R23235-205-1980 and R23235-161-1250

    Mr. Pederson indicated that PRD 447/07 is a final plat and unlike short plats which are
    administrative actions, long plats (5 or more lots) require Board signature on the final plat.
    The PRD went through the preliminary review and approval process and the applicant
    demonstrated compliance with the conditions of approval. Staff, therefore, recommended

                                                                                   Vol. 2010
                    JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

    Following clarifying questions to Mr. Pederson from the Board,

    PRD 447/07. MOTION CARRIED: 3-O

PUBLIC HEARINGS (Record @ 30:55)
[Documents on file with the Clerk of the Board]

Assessor/Planning & Community Development
Ordinance C-48-10 In the Matter of Adopting Amendments to Chapter 3.40 ICC to Revalue all
Land Classified as Open Space in the Current Use Program under the Public Benefit Rating
System to Comply with State Law

    At 10:31 a.m. Chair Price Johnson opened the public hearing.

    Proposed Ordinance C-48-10, according to Mr. Pederson, is an ordinance put forward by the
    Assessor with participation by Planning & Community Development. The ordinance was
    brought forward because the Department of Revenue indicated that the County must bring
    into compliance with State law old Chapter 3.40 ICC (Public Benefit Open Space Rating
    System) and re-value properties currently in that program in accordance with the Public
    Benefit Rating System (PBRS) Current Use Program. The re-valuations are specific to those
    presently in the old system. If any other property owner should wish to apply, that property
    owner would do so in the normal manner. Mr. Pederson provided a history of how Chapter
    3.40 ICC came into being and Mr. Bur spoke to what it will mean for those property owners
    in the old system to transition to the Public Benefit Rating System. Property owners of
    approximately 53 parcels were notified through the mail of the impending re-valuations and
    public hearing.

    At 10:33 a.m. the Chair opened the floor to public comment from Susan Vanderbeek; Steve
    Erickson on behalf of Whidbey Environmental Action Network; Brendan Donckers, the
    attorney representing the estate of David Henny; Al Lunemann; and Rufus Rose. Following
    responses from Mr. Pederson and Mr. Bur to questions and concerns, Chair Price Johnson
    closed public comment at 10:59 a.m.

    After Board questions and responses from Mr. Pederson and Mr. Bur it was agreed to delay
    action on the ordinance in order to revisit and modify some of the language presented.

    MOTION BY HOMOLA, SECONDED BY DEAN, to CONTINUE the public hearing on
    Ordinance C-48-10 to June 21, 2010 to revisit and add some clarifying language to address
    concerns. The modifications are:

        H. Active or Passive Recreation Area

        …. The facility must be open to the public and if charging a use fee, that fee shall
        be no higher than the fee charged by a like public facility ….

                                                                                     Vol. 2010
                      JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

        Golf courses open to public with fees comparable to local public golf courses and which
        adhere to Best Management Practices (as determined by Island County Planning &
        Community Development). …
        Properties with public or private trails: ….

   The Chair called for the vote. MOTION CARRIED 3-0 to continue the public hearing to
   June 21, 2010 at 10:20 a.m. to allow for added clarification prior to adoption. (GMA No.


Chair Price Johnson

       Letter of support from the Central Whidbey Chamber of Commerce proposing a name
        change for the ferry dock at Keystone to the Coupeville Ferry Dock

   Following discussion it was MOVED BY HOMOLA, SECONDED BY DEAN, to agree a
   letter of support. In order to assure a broad touch to the business community, the Chair will
   confirm that the Coupeville Chamber conducted outreach to its members. MOTION
   CARRIED: 3-0

       Feedback requested from the Coastal Caucus:

   1) Should lead organizations with the Puget Sound Partnership for each of the categories be
      required to use a competitive process to make sub-awards?
   2) Relative percentage of the remaining funding outside of the lead agency that should be
      applied to each category?
   3) Is 45 days sufficient for preparation of a proposal for the RFP?

   The lead organization applicants would manage the action agenda with watershed based
   priorities for implementation. Other priorities: tribes, ecosystem restoration and protection,
   including watershed protection; toxics and nutrients reduction and control pathogens; and
   nearshore and shoreline protection.

   The Chair believes that using the competitive process for making subawards is important
   when moving forward but at the same time, is mindful of the fact that smaller organizations
   such as Island County often are dismissed out-of-hand due to smaller projects and lower
   ratings. With a competitive process she would advocate that there also be a mitigating factor
   for smaller jurisdictions.

   Both Commissioners Homola and Dean concurred with the Chair.

                                                                                  Vol. 2010
                      JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

   Commissioner Dean added that he would like to rank the priorities in the following order:

   1)   75% of money going to ecosystem restoration;
   2)   15% for tribal priority projects;
   3)   10% to manage implementation of the action agenda;
   4)   That an over-amount of money be spent on additional research.

   Commissioner Homola would rank instead, with different percentages:

   1) Ecosystem restoration;
   2) Manage implementation of the action agenda;
   3) Tribal priority projects.

       Advocacy Committees

   The discussion to appoint volunteer members to serve on the local voters’ pamphlet
   committees for Proposition 1, Levy for Retention of Basic Public Safety and other Essential
   Services, will occur in Special Session June 15.

       The Northwest Workforce Council

   The Council received a clean audit and is planning a regional public forum about workforce
   training. There is an effort to disseminate information that the North Puget Sound area is
   open and ready for business with trainable employees who are willing to work.

Commissioner Homola

       State Building Code Council

   The Commissioner attended the State Building Code Council meeting during which
   discussion occurred in response to a request from the Governor to delay adoption of the
   Washington State Energy Code. There was also dialogue about whether to re-open the
   Energy Code for revision. It was determined that the Council would accept the letter of
   request from the Governor and in order to follow State law, extended adoption of the Energy
   Code for 120 days. The Council did not entertain the idea of re-opening the Energy Code for

       Northwest Clean Air Agency

   The Northwest Clean Air Agency agreed that anything to do with the overall health of the
   environment, including air, would be more open to projects. Awaiting information about
   how the burn permit program is being implemented.

                                                                                  Vol. 2010
                    JUNE 14, 2010– REGULAR SESSION

There being no further business to come before the Board the meeting adjourned at 11:49 a.m.
The Board will meet next in Regular Session on June 21, 2010 beginning at 10:00 a.m.

                                      BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
                                      ISLAND COUNTY, WASHINGTON

                                      Helen Price Johnson, Chair

                                      Angie Homola, Member

                                      John Dean, Member


Elaine Marlow, Clerk of the Board

                                                                              Vol. 2010

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