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					 The Achiever
 Northmead Creative and Performing Arts High School newsletter
 Campbell Street, Northmead 2152     Email:
 Tel: 9630 4116       Fax: 9630 2769 Web:
 Mrs N E Vazquez (Principal)                Mrs J Griffiths (Deputy Principal)                 Mr L Madry (Deputy Principal)
 No 7, Term 4                                                                                                                     November 2010

In this issue                                       Coming events                                             TERM DATES - 2011
Principal matters                         2         29.11.10      ‘Elvis’ Night, 6:30pm
Gifted and Talented News                  3         30.11.10      Formal Sports Assembly                      TERM 1           28.01.11 to 08.04.11
Digital Revolution Update                 4                       ESL Swimming
                                                                                                              TERM 2           27.04.11 to 01.07.11
Poetry in Action Workshop                 4         1.12.10       P&C Christmas Function
                                                                  BONZA Excursion, Rooty Hill AMF             TERM 3           18.07.11 to 23.09.11
CAPA News                                 6
Learning Support Team                     6         2.12.10       Orientation Day, Group 1
                                                                  Yr 10 Childhood Studies Incursion           TERM 4           10.10.11 to 20.12.11
Library News                              10        3.12.10       Orientation Day, Group 2
Uniform Shop                              11
                                                    6.12.10       Orientation Day 2, Group 1                     PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FIRST
Book Requirements 2011                    12                                                                    DAY OF TERMS 1-3 IS A SCHOOL
                                                    7.12.10       Presentation Evening
Fees Information 2011                     13                                                                         DEVELOPMENT DAY
                                                                  Yr 11 Entertainment Workshop
Community Information                     15                      ESL Swimming
Lachlan Macquarie N’Letter                20        8.12.10       Yr 9 & 11 Japanese excursion
                                                                                                                 PLEASE NOTE THAT 16 & 17
                                                    9.12.10       Yr 10 Formal                                   DECEMBER 2010 ARE STAFF
                                                                  Mufti Day                                        DEVELOPMENT DAYS
                                                    10.12.10      Orientation Day 2, Group 2
                                                    15.12.10      Last day for school students                   PLEASE NOTE THAT 19 & 20
                                                                                                                 DECEMBER 2011 ARE STAFF
                                                    16.12.10      Staff Development Day
                                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT DAYS
                                                    17.12.10      Staff Development Day

                    Achiever of the Month - Jack Nibbs

                                GOOD NEWS! GREAAAAT
                                HSC Drama
                           Congratulations to Jack Nibbs (our School
                           Captain 2010 and Year 12 Drama class
                           member). His promotional design pieces (4)
                           for the musical, ‘Assassins’ was selected for
                           ‘OnStage’ 2011 - an annual celebration of
   Band 6/Exemplary Drama Projects and Performances, held at The
   Seymour Centre every February. This is an incredible honour and a
   testament to his efforts.
   Jack’s outstanding design utilised his skills using the Adobe
   Photoshop program.
   Jack is thrilled to bits and rightly so! He is our first design candidate
   to qualify for this honour. We have had many actors nominated, but
   never a designer!

   Well done as well to Jack’s Drama teacher, Ms Garcia McCabe!

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment     The Achiever November 2010                                                    page 1
 Principal matters
Welcome to the November newsletter! It has been an exciting                 Meglyn Dent for English, Drama & Music, Year 7
month with many wonderful achievements. Three Year 12                       Lucy Dennis for English, HSIE & PDHPE, Year 7
students have excelled in Dance, being nominated for the
                                                                            Ayla Malcolm for English & Visual Arts, Year 7
prestigious ‘Callback’.
                                                                            Kimberly Morgan-Crofts for Drama & Maths, Year 7
 Jieun Lee for her Core Composition
                                                                            Well done to these dedicated and diligent students.
 Kate McNamara for her core performance and Major
                                                                            The following students have been awarded certificates for Know
     Study Performance
                                                                            the Deal 2010 Video Competition. Congratulations to Dalia Al
 Heidi Fox-Hatton for her Major Study Composition                         Haj Qasem, Amber Kukas, Gabrielle Pratiknjo (Year 7).
Callback is a selection of exemplary performances and                       Three of our teachers are receiving educational excellence
projects for Higher School Certificate Dance. Students                      awards for outstanding achievement and commitment to learning
nominated have been asked to provide a DVD to the Arts Unit                 in our public schools. They are Warren Flanagan, Maria Scott
for final selection. It is a great honour to be nominated and we            and Tina Karayannis. Congratulations to these dedicated
hope to see all students selected and performing in February                teachers.
2011.                                                                       Our new school captains Katelyn Stevenson and Kyle van
A Year 12 Drama student, Jack Nibbs, has also been                          Leeuwen competed in the Lions Youth of the Year. This
nominated and selected for ‘On Stage’ for his video and                     competition takes into account the students’ academic
design poster. His individual project - static display will be              achievements, their extra-curricular participation, positive
exhibited in the foyer of The Seymour Centre, Sydney from 5                 contributions to society and their ability to speak publicly, both in
February 2011 to 11 February 2011. Congratulations Jack!                    a prepared and impromptu way. I was very proud to be the
Callum Walker of Year 10 will be presented with a Premier’s                 Relieving Principal of Northmead CAPA High School; both our
ANZAC Memorial Scholarship 2011 on 29 November 2010.                        students performed well. Katelyn spoke about the need to belong
He has been selected to tour Vietnam along with 7 other                     in her prepared speech which was both sensitive, knowledgeable
students from NSW as well as two History teachers. Callum                   and humorous. Her impromptu speech was around what needs
impressed the selection panel with a high standard in his                   to be done about the illegal refugees entering Australia. Both
application. He will spend time in Vietnam in April and May                 Kyle and Katelyn spoke about humanity, oppression and the
2011. This prestigious award includes luggage, uniform,                     need to communicate. An excellent response! Kyle in his
accommodation, travelling and spending money. Well done!                    prepared speech spoke about the issues of war. An enlightening
                                                                            and explicit speech. Congratulations to Katelyn and Kyle for
The following students received certificates for the NSW
                                                                            representing this school in such a positive way. You are great
Premier’s Reading Challenge 2010:
                                                                            ambassadors for our school and public education.
 Ashish Sagy
                                                                            Tienna Parrello of Year 8 has been selected to play in the U14’s
 Khem Raj Kharel                                                          Indoor Netball team for NSW. This is the third year that Tienna
 Christopher Joy                                                          has made the state team. Taylor Byers of Year 10 has also
                                                                            been selected for the NSW Indigenous Indoor Netball Team. Well
With Gold going to Aman Sanghvi. The Premier’s Reading
                                                                            done and play well!
Challenge 2011 registration starts 1 March 2011. See
                                                                            This week sees our SRC Christmas Concert on Tuesday night I would
encourage all students to read regularly.                                   with the proceeds going to the Karjalainen Fund to help support
                                                                            the new arrivals to their family. A great initiative! Thank you SRC.
I am very pleased to announce the following Principal Awards:
                                                                            Presentation Night is on 7 December. Awardees are expected to
Harley Williams for Music & TAS, Year 11
                                                                            collect their awards on the night. This is the school’s night to
Kareem Fawal for Year 12 Graduation, English & PDHPE,                       acknowledge outstanding academic performance of students
Year 10                                                                     across all KLAs and extra-curricular activities.
Evangeline Doust for Drama, Year 9                                          Year 10 will finish school on 10 December with a year assembly.
Brad Saunderson for Drama, Year 9                                           Students will receive their school report and School Certificate on
Andrew Timms for Drama, PDHPE & Science, Year 8                             this day. I look forward to seeing Year 10 students for their social
                                                                            event on 9 December at Castle Hill RSL and also to acknowledge
Patrick Cole for Drama and Language, Year 8
                                                                            their School Certificate on the Friday. School for Year 11 2011
Elizabeth Bartolo for English & Science, Year 8                             will start on Monday 31 January 2011.
Aaron Stone for English & Science, Year 8                                   I look forward to seeing you at Presentation Evening.
Madison Pratt for English & Drama, Year 8                                   Kind regards,
Monique Vaa for English, Language & Visual Arts, Year 8                                                                           Jann Griffiths
                                                                                                                              Deputy Principal
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                                page 2
 Gifted and Talented News

DigiEd Success                        chosen from over 400 student
In a previous newsletter, students    videos made each month.              of-the-month/
reported on the DigiEd                Congratulations to our finalists:    You can see all the videos which
claymation workshop which they        Dalia Al Haj Qasem, Gabby            the students produced on the day
attended. I am very pleased to        Pratiknjo, Stephanie Slater and      on our school website. They are
announce that one of the videos       Lauren Hafner. You can vote for      all exceptional quality and great
which our students produced on        their video Santa Times Two on       fun to watch.
that day has been selected as a       the DigiEd website. Just go to the   Well done 7H!
finalist in the DigiEd Movie of the   following website and register
                                                                                                       Lyn Keane
Month Award. This is no mean          your vote.
                                                                                               (Head Teacher)
feat given that the finalists are

NHS – Quality                                                                          Learning and Creativity in a
 Digital Revolution Update
Recall of Blue Laptops:                Laptops for Year 9, 2011:                Digital Citizenship:
Thank you to Year 9 students and       We have received notice that our         This term DET has released a series
their parents for a very successful    laptop consignment for 2011 will         of Learning Modules which aim to
recall of the blue laptops for         arrive in late January. If the laptops   teach students about responsible
maintenance purposes. At this          arrive on schedule then we will          digital citizenship and safe behavior
stage we have only about 15            probably be distributing the laptops     on line. Ms Scott and Ms Budanovic
laptops which have not been            in February. The date which we have      have worked very hard to adapt
brought in for repair. If your child   tentatively scheduled for the Parent     these modules for our students and
has not already brought his/her        Information Evening is Wednesday         this week on Thursday 24th and
laptop in for this maintenance,        9th February at 6:00pm. Please           Friday 25th, all Year 10 students will
please ensure that they do so as       pencil this date into your diaries and   undertake this learning. This is an
soon as possible.                      we will confirm it early in Term 1,      invaluable experience for students in
Repairs under the DET special          2011.                                    the 21st Century and I thank Ms
deal:                                  Once we have conducted the               Scott and Ms Budanovic for their
                                       Information Evening and received         wonderful efforts.
This week we also received back
a batch of laptops which have          your signed Laptop Charter, we will      You can check out the latest news
been repaired under the DET            probably be in a position to             on Digital Citizenship on the
special deal. These have been          commission the laptops and hand          following website:
distributed to students and we are     them out in the week beginning 14th
hopeful of receiving the remainder     February.                                                            Lyn Keane
of these laptops under repair                                                                          (Head Teacher)

 Poetry in Action Workshop
                                        Gifted and Talented Students
                                       recently enjoyed an end of year
                                         treat in the library - here are
                                            some of their comments:
                                                   Best Ever!!


                                                              NHS – Quality
Photos from the Poetry in Action Workshop

                  NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment   The Achiever November 2010
DANCE                                              exemplary Drama projects and                      On other happy news about our
                                                   performances: we know that he                     recent Year 12 Drama graduates:
Congratulations to HSC Dance
                                                   worked very hard to achieve this                  ‘Congratulations’ to Courtney
students         who       have       been
                                                   level      of    success         and        his   Fleming who gained entry into
nominated for ‘Callback’ which
                                                   promotional design demonstrates                   the Sydney Theatre School’s
selects only the best HSC works.
                                                   an      impressive        take     on      the    Diploma               of       Theatre
The girls worked really hard and
                                                   m u s i c al     ‘Assassins’              (see    Performance course for 2011:
it’s great to see that their efforts
                                                   Achiever of the Month section                     she is a magnetic actor of many
have been rewarded!
                                                   on the first page!)                               talents and everyone who saw
Heidi         Fox-Hatton               was
                                                                                                     her perform as Lady MacBeth will
nominated for her Major Study                      Also       achieving          state-wide
                                                                                                     attest to this. Good luck with your
Composition;                                       success is Year 7 CAPA student
                                                                                                     continued          studies     in   Drama,
                                                   Kate McNamara who performed
Ji Eun Lee was nominated for                                                                         Courtney       -     we      wish   you      a
                                                   in ‘Blue Hour’, a playbuilt piece
her Core Composition, and                                                                            wonderful year ahead refining
                                                   as part of the Year 7 State
Kate McNamara was nominated                                                                          your      craft     and       pursuing       a
                                                   Drama Ensemble at the State
for both her Core Composition                                                                        professional acting career.
                                                   Drama           Festival,        Seymour
and Major Study Performance.                                                                         Our recent excursion to view
                                                   Centre in late October. What an
Well done also to their Dance                                                                        ‘Ruby Moon’ (by M. Cameron) at
                                                   incredible feat for such a young
teacher, Ms Pattalis.                                                                                the Riverside Theatre was a
                                                   performer and we look forward to
                                                                                                     lovely day out for two periods and
                                                   her      inclusion       in    the        state
                                                                                                     we     were        treated    to    a    very
                                                   ensemble again next year should
                                                                                                     different     interpretation        of    this
                                                   she successfully re-audition. Well
                                                                                                     double-hander play that students
                                                   done, Kate!
                                                                                                     study for the HSC course in
                                                                                                     Australian Drama. ‘It begins like a
                                                                                                     fairytale…..’ but it sure doesn’t
                                                                                                     end that way! What a mysterious
                                                                                                     and enchanting plot and the
                                                                                                     design elements were interesting
Kate McNamara (Yr 12) in action                                                                      too. We will see more versions of
                                                                                                     this play next year as it is
                                                                                                     imperative         that    students       can
                                                                                                     discuss the work as a live piece
We are suitably inspired by Jack                                                                     of art.
Nibbs (Year 12 Drama) and his
                                                                                                     COMING EVENTS:
inclusion into the prestigious ‘On
Stage’        2010        program          of      Kate McNamara (Yr 7 CAPA)                          ‘Elvis’ Night - Monday 29
                                                                                                          November at 6:30pm
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                                    page 6
A reminder that Term 4 finishes on Wednesday 15th December for students.
I would like to extend ‘Season’s Greetings’ to all members of our NCAPAHS community and hope that 2011 is a year of
peace and joy for everyone.
I urge all parents and carers to update their contact details with the school office and please know you are always very
welcome to contact members of the LST to schedule appointments regarding your student’s welfare and learning needs.
Thank you for your support in 2010. I look forward to meeting with you in the New Year.
Please enjoy the final newsletter item from me this year below.
                                                                                               Ms R Garcia McCabe – HT LST
Year 11 Study Skills Camp
Another very successful year at the Yarramundi YMCA site with Year 11 writing their Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
and learning some study skills with which to attack the HSC. There was certainly some time for some fun as well and the
many recreational pursuits were enjoyed by staff and students alike.
Special thanks to the Year Adviser, Mr D Lavy, for his planning and organisation of this event, and the other school staff
who supported this initiative and gave up some of their week to spend with Year 11: Steve Barnett, Mr D Neeves and
Miss N Pullen. Thankyou also to Mr L Madry who also popped in to camp to visit Year 11 and work with them on their
ILPs. Without staff support, camps cannot happen so make sure you say “thank you”! By all accounts, the food was
plentiful and “yummy”, the weather was fantastic and the event ran smoothly. Stay tuned for some photos!

Parents are urged to warn children about the dangers of ‘sexting’– the growing trend for young people to send
provocative images of themselves to their friends via mobile phones.
Tips for parents:
            Warn your children about the consequences of sexting.
            Remind children to think before they act.
            Tell children that sending or possessing child pornography is illegal.
            Warn them about sexual predators.
            Parents should learn how to use and monitor their children’s mobile phones.
            Parents should check photo galleries on their children’s Facebook accounts.
            Give your children clear rules on what they can & can’t do with their mobile.
Parents can learn about how technology is used in their child’s life by visiting the education department’s website

Facebook page for parents
Visit and become a fan to see helpful and practical advice to support your child.
More tips on child safety at

Cyberbullying – what the experts say
Following an Australian study of 10,000 kids, the world expert Professor Donna Cross summarises the facts. Find out
how common cyberbullying is, which kids are the most vulnerable, who does the bullying and what you can do as an
adult at

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment   The Achiever November 2010                            page 7
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010   page 8
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment   The Achiever November 2010   page 9
 Library News
Signing out students from Years 12                 library is for the benefit of the entire      We’re just a little concerned over the
and 10, I was saddened at the number               school community]. If you have any            number of books that are missing from
of people who said something like, “I              websites that you like or have used           the library. Unfortunately they are
don’t have any books out. I don’t come             that you think are fun, interesting or        mainly the popular series that almost
to the library and I’ve never borrowed             useful for either recreational, school or     everyone wants to read – like Harry
a book”.      But I was even more                  research purposes, please let us know         Potter, Twilight, etc. if you steal them,
disappointed by the number of them                 and, if they’re not inappropriate, I’ll try   others can’t read them and we can’t
who sounded proud of it.                           to catalogue them – or at least ‘tag’         afford to buy new copies. Please bring
If you do not use the opportunity to               them so that others can use them.             them back – tomorrow if you can. No
access the wide range of resources                 This year Years 7 & 8, and some Year          need to get into trouble but please
and services of the library, you will              9 ‘did’ the Premiers Reading                  think of others. You can always
suffer in the long term and will regret            Challenge. Congratulations to those           borrow. Could everyone please hunt
your apathy in the future.                         few who completed it. In 2011 the             around for any books that they might
                                                   Library, along with English teachers,         have.
In the 21st century, a library isn't
“where books are kept”. That’s just                will be ensuring that all 3 years             Chess has become quite popular, and
the last five hundred years of                     achieve PRC goals.                            lots of you are participating in friendly
misunderstanding. A library is where               We’re hoping to get e-readers soon            games. Why not get together and
information – both real and virtual                for you to use and borrow. Watch this         start up a club – we could even
(on-site and on-line) – is organised &             space!                                        arrange to enter competitions against
accessed.                                                                                        other schools.
                                                   We get the Sydney Morning Herald
                                                                                                      This curse on book thieves is actually
You can use it to support your                     and the Daily Telegraph every day                from the library in the monastery of San
learning, leisure interests, and school            but we also get some magazines like               Pedro, Barcelona, Spain – that is in this
& personal research, using both                    Girlfriend, Wheels, Mad Magazine,                                                  picture

printed and electronic technologies                Australian    Geographic,     National           “For him that stealeth, or borroweth
(books and internet).                              Geographic, Choice, PCUser, etc. If           and returneth not this book from its
                                                   there’s one out there that we don’t get       owner, let it change into a serpent in his
The Library is open every day. You’re
                                                   & you think people would like, let us
                                                                                                 hand and rend him.
welcome     before    school,   both
                                                   know and we’ll consider it.                      Let him be struck with palsy, and all
Recesses, Lunch, & after school
                                                                                                 his members blasted.
most days.                                         Note that we have set up a system
                                                                                                    Let him languish in pain, crying aloud
The resources available include                    with the computers where some
                                                                                                 for mercy, and let there be no surcease to
books (fiction, non-fiction, picture,              computers can’t be used for games
                                                                                                 this agony till he sing in dissolution.
                                                   and on the others, research or work
reference), magazines, computers,                                                                       Let
internet,     games,     newspapers,               have priority. And no ‘Halo’ or other
interactive     whiteboards,   video               ‘M’ or ‘MA’ rated games – it’s against
                                                                                                    gnaw his
conferencing,       meeting rooms,                 the law in schools.                             entrails in
relaxation & reading areas, and a                  If you wish to borrow books over the           token of the
trained T-L/Info Specialist.                       holidays, you may do so during weeks            worm that
The first things you notice are probably           9 and 10. That is from 6th December, I           dieth not,
                                                   think. To do that, you must make sure         and when at
the books.        Books are bits of
                                                   that all other books are returned.                last he
technology that we often forget are just
                                                                                                  goeth to his
bits of technology! Their purpose,                 Please, if you have any books out,
fiction or non-fiction, is to store                would you return them! There are far                punishment, let the flames of hell
information. Non-fiction stores raw                too many and some students are                            consume him for ever.
data. Fiction, stores information and              ignoring letters home. If you do get a
wisdom, through how people act and                 letter home about an overdue book
relate to each other. It allows us to              which you have returned, don’t panic           ”WE AGREE WITH
make       moral     and      emotional            or “fly off the handle” [that’s old-          THIS !!!
judgements about things.                           fashioned term for “throw a fit”, which
We’re trying to build up a database of             is a less old-fashioned term for “have a
websites that might be useful &                    hissy attack” which is an even less old-
interesting to students, teachers &                fashioned term for . . . whatever you
others [remember that NCAPAHS                      call it now!!] just come in and tell us.
                                                   It’s probably on the shelf.
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                            page 10

                                      MONDAYS                                                 12:30PM – 3:00PM
                                      WEDNESDAYS                                               7:30AM – 10:30AM

                                                                                              SECOND HAND CLOTHING

                                                                                         We are in desperate need of second hand
                                                                                         If your child has outgrown their school uniform and
                                                                                         it is still in good condition - Why not donate it back
                                                                                         to the school. We could send these uniforms to a
                                                                                         good home.

                                                                                        Message from Back to Basics
                                                                                        Due to overwhelming amount of bounced cheques
                                                                                        we have been receiving through the uniform shop,
                                                                                        we will no longer be accepting cheques. We now
                                                                                        offer Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos and Cash.
                                                                                        Sorry for any inconvenience.
                                                                                                                              The B2B Team

                                                                STOP PRESS!!!

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment    The Achiever November 2010                                              page 11
 Book Requirements for 2011
                                                     2011 Stationery Requirements for Year 8

   Agriculture                                            A4 Loose leaf folder
   Computing Skills:                                      A4 Display Folder
   Dance:                                                 96 page exercise book
   Drama:                                                 46 page exercise book
   English:                                               A4 Wallet folder, 250 page exercise book
   Geography:                                             200 page exercise book, Colouring Pencils, Glue and Scissors
   Health:                                                164 page exercise book
   History:                                               150 –200 page exercise book
   Home Economics:                                        Apron (preferably white)
   Languages:                                             96 page A4 exercise book
   Maths:                                                 Grid Book 250—300 pages. Geometry set - (protractor, compass, set square,
                                                          ruler) Calculator (CASIO - purchased through front office)
   Music:                                                 96 page Music book (manuscript pages)
   Science:                                               250 - 300 page exercise book
   Technology:                                            A4 Display Folder
   Visual Arts:                                           Visual Arts process diary (Spiral bound VAPD - black cover A3), HB pencil,
                                                          eraser, ruler.

   All Subjects:                                          Blue, Black & Red Biros, ruler, HB pencil, eraser, colouring
                                                          pencils, scissors & glue stick, 2.GB memory stick

                                                     2011 Stationery Requirements for Year 9
   Agriculture:                                           200 page exercise book & A4 loose leaf folder
   Ceramics:                                              Spiral bound sketch book
   Commerce:                                              200 page exercise book
   Dance:                                                 96 page exercise book, pens
   Design and Technology:                                 A4 Display Folder
   Drama:                                                 46 page exercise book, coloured pencils, scissors, glue
   English:                                               250 page exercise book, wallet folder (A4)
   Food Technology:                                       Apron
   Geography:                                             200 page exercise book, Colouring Pencils, Glue and Scissors
   Health:                                                128 page exercise book.
   History:                                               1A4 - 128 page book ; Black/blue pen; Highligher; Glue and scissors; Coloured
   Industrial Technology – Timber:                        A4 Display folder
   Industrial Technology – Engineering:                   A4 Ring binder
   Information & Software Technology:                     A4 Display folder
   Languages:                                             96 page A4 exercise book
   Maths:                                                 Grid Book 250 - 300 pages. Geometry set - (protractor, compass, set square,
                                                          ruler) Calculator (CASIO - purchased through front office)
   Music:                                                 96 page Music Book (manuscript in middle section), pencil HB, eraser,
                                                          A4 display folder
   PDHPE: (Health):                                       A4 128 page exercise book, glue
   Physical Activity and Sport Study:                     150 page exercise book, gluestick & ruler
   Science:                                               200 page exercise book, calculator
   Visual Arts:                                           Visual Arts process diary (Spiral bound VAPD - black cover A3), 2 x 3B pencils,
                                                          sharpener, ruler.

   All Subjects:                                          Laptop; Blue, Black & Red Biros, ruler, pencil, eraser, colouring pencils,
                                                          scissors & glue stick, 2.GB memory stick.

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                         page 12
 Book Requirements for 2011
                                                      2011 Stationery Requirements for Year 10

  Agriculture:                                                  A4 Loose leaf folder
  Commerce:                                                     A4 164 page exercise book, pencils, gluestick, scissors
  Drama:                                                        A4 46 page exercise book
  Dance:                                                        A4 125 page exercise book
  English:                                                      125 pages exercise book (not A4), A4 wallet folder
  Food Technology:                                              Apron
  Geography:                                                    A4 164 page exercise book, gluestick, scissors, ruler
  History:                                                      A4 125 page exercise book, highlighter, eraser, ruler, gluestick, scissors, pencil
  Industrial Technology - Engineering:                          A4 Display folder, 2GB USB
  Industrial Technology - Timber:                               A4 Display folder
  Information & Software Technology:                            A4 Display folder, 2GB USB
  Languages:                                                    96 page A4 exercise book
  Mathematics:                                                  Grid Book 250 - 300 pages. Geometry set - (protractor, compass, set square,
                                                                ruler), Calculator (CASIO - purchased through front office)
  Music:                                                        A4 exercise book, 96 page music book with manuscript, A4 display folder
  PDHPE: (Health):                                              A4 128 page exercise book, glue
  Physical Activity & Sport Study:                              A4 150 page exercise book, glue
  Science:                                                      200 page exercise book
  Visual Arts:                                                  Black Spiral Bound Visual Diary A3 (VAPD), Art smock/shirt HB & 3B pencil,
                                                                eraser, ruler.

  All Subjects:                                                 Laptop; Blue, black, red pens, coloured pencils, gluestick, scissors,
                                                                pencil, ruler, and eraser, 2.GB memory stick.

 Fees Information for 2011
                    PLEASE NOTE:                                General School Contributions are as follows –
                                                                   $ 90 1 student
                                                                  $170 2 students
                                                                  $250 3 students
                                                                  $330 4 students

YEAR 7, 2011                                                                    YEAR 8, 2011
General School Contribution                                          $90        General School Contribution                                $90
Dance                                                                $10        Sport Contribution                                         $20
Drama                                                                $10        P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                       $40
Music                                                                $10        Hot Maths Interactive Web Base Learning                    $25
Visual Arts                                                          $30        Japanese Workbook HAI2                                     $16
Technology (Industrial Arts)                                         $30        Mandatory Technology (Home Economics)                      $60
Mandatory Technology (Home Economics)                                $45        Dance                                                      $10
Sport Contribution                                                   $20        Drama                                                      $10
P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                                 $40        Music                                                      $10
Hot Maths Interactive Web Base Learning                              $25        Technology - Industrial Arts                               $35
Japanese Workbook HAI1                                               $16        Visual Arts                                                $40
TOTAL                                                                $326
                                                                                Endeavour Electives (1 only to be chosen):
Endeavour Electives (1 only to be chosen):                                       Cabinet Making                                          $20
 Cabinet Making                            $20                                 Creative Cooking                                        $70
 Creative Cooking                          $70                                 Electronics                                             $20
 Electronics                               $20                                 Woodcraft                                               $20
 Woodcraft                                 $20
BOOK PACK (including flash drive)            $62
YEAR 7 CAMP      $50.00 deposit         ($220.00)
NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment      The Achiever November 2010                                                page 13
 Fees Information for 2011
YEAR 9, 2011                                                                YEAR 10, 2011
General School Contribution                                    $90          General School Contribution                         $90
Sport Contribution                                             $20          Sport Contribution                                  $20
P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                           $40          P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                $40
Agriculture                                                    $25          Agriculture                                         $25
Careers                                                        $ 5          Careers                                             $ 5
Ceramics                                                       $40          Ceramics                                            $40
Childhood Studies (over 2 years)                               $20          Childhood Studies (over 2 years)                    $20
Dance                                                          $10          Dance                                               $10
Drama                                                          $15          Drama                                               $15
Food Technology                                                $70          Food Technology                                     $70
Design and Technology                                          $60          Hot Maths Interactive Web Base Learning             $25
Hot Maths Interactive Web Base Learning                        $25          Industrial Technology, Wood                         $70
Industrial Technology, Engineering                             $60          Information and Software Technology                 $40
Industrial Technology, Wood                                    $60          Music                                               $20
Information & Software Technology                              $40          Textiles & Design                                   $45
Music                                                          $20          Visual Arts                                         $40
Textiles & Design                                              $45          Visual Design                                       $40
Visual Arts                                                    $40
Visual Design                                                  $40

YEAR 11, 2011                                                               YEAR 12, 2011
General School Contribution                          $90                    General School Contribution                          $90
     + $20 for senior student                                                    + $20 for senior student
Sport Contribution                                   $20                    P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                 $40
P&C Donation/Membership (Per Family)                 $40                    Agriculture                                          $25
Agriculture                                          $25                    Construction                                         $40
Chemistry                                            $32                    Design & Technology                                  $70
Construction                                         $50                    Ind Arts Equipment                      (To be advised)
Construction White Card                              $20                    Industrial Technology – Multi Media                  $50
Design & Technology                                  $70                    Information Processes & Technology                   $40
Industrial Technology - Wood                         $70                    Major IA Major Work                     (To be advised)
Information Processes and Technology                 $40                    Dance                                                $10
Exploring Early Childhood                            $20                    Drama                                                $15
Food Technology                                      $70                    Entertainment                                        $30
Hospitality                                          $120                   Food Technology                                      $70
Hospitality Uniform                                  $55                    Hospitality                                          $70
Textiles & Design                                    $55                    Textiles & Design                                    $50
Dance                                                $10                    Music                                                $20
Drama                                                $15                    Photography                                          $60
Entertainment                                        $30                    Visual Arts                                          $50
Music                                                $20                    Sport (students who continue with sport)             $20
Photography                                          $60                    Yr 11 Senior Textbook Deposit                        $100
Visual Arts                                          $50                       (refunded on completion of Yr 12 and all texts returned)
Visual Design                                        $50
Yr 11 Senior Textbook Deposit                        $100
   (refunded on completion of Yr 12 and all texts returned)

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                        page 14
 Community Information

                                                                                                       Art for kids

                                                                                                    art classes for children 5-15
                                                                                                    Thursday night 6.30- 8pm for
                                                                                                      taught by experienced artists
                                                                                                        Phone Linda for more inform ation

DRUMMOND BATTERIES                                     - 36 Frances Street,                                         9688 1890
NORTHMEAD 2152                                                                                                      Toongabbie
(for all enquiries, phone 9630 8999)
For all:          Mechanical repairs
                  Auto electrical service
                  Air conditioning maintenance
                  Safety checks and inspections
                  Software upgrades
                  4WD specialist services
                  Manufacturers recommended service schedules
                  Show this to receive 10% labour discount

                                                                    Build Good Habits…. For Life
                                                                                1hr driving lesson = 3 hrs in log book
                                                                                        Package deals available
                                                                                  Keys 2 Drive & RTA accredited
                                                                            Patient, friendly & reliable female Instructor
                                                                                       New model automatic car
                                                                                   0, 20, 50 or 100 hrs all welcome

                                                                               Mention Northmead High & get                    $10 discount
                                                                                        off your first lesson
                                                                Call Amanda to receive your discounted driving
                                                                                             0434 531 805

         Northmead CAPA High School does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes or services as mentioned in this newsletter.

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment   The Achiever November 2010                                                          page 15
 Community Information
                                                                                                                   U n i t i n g
                                                                                                                   Netball Club
                                                                                                                  U n i t i n g
 At Parent Line we are committed to helping families develop richer, more rewarding
relationships and create safer, more nurturing environments for children to grow and                              Netball club is
          develop into happy, healthy, confident, contributing young adults.                 a member of the Gooden Reserve
                                                                                             Netball Association. This is a local
             Issues in Parenting Adolescents                                                 community competition held on
One third of parents who call our counselling team talk to us about issues                   Saturday afternoons at Gooden
to do with adolescent children. Raising adolescents is a particularly chal-                  Reserve in Winston Hills. We are
lenging parenting stage. Young people want more independence and can                         committed to maintaining a low
become less connected with their parents and family. They tend to have
more focus on their peers and developing their own identity.                                 cost competition that has a
                                                                                             friendly, safe and welcoming
In 2009 the top 5 reasons that parents of adolescents called our service                     environment where girls of all skill
                                                                                             levels can participate.
1.   Managing challenging behaviours (e.g. refusal to cooperate in the fam-                  2011 Fees - These fees are a one
     ily, aggressive and disrespectful behaviour, internet use issues, social
                                                                                             -off payment which covers the
     networking concerns, gaming issues, peer relationships, going out)
2.   Parent-child relationships (challenges and difficulties in finding a way                entire season.
     to have a connection, arguments)
                                                                                              Fun Net: $30
3.   Running away from home
4.   Violent behaviour of child (towards parents)                                             Under 16’s: $65
5.   Study and educational Issues (e.g. school refusal, HSC, difficulties with
     relationships at school, bullying).                                                      Over 16’s: $70
                                                                                             Register now at
During adolescence the brain is developing in unique ways and for a period
of time, the frontal lobe is “under construction”. This means that skills like     
problem solving, empathy and emotional regulation are affected for a pe-                     m
riod of time.
                                                                                             Or call 0423 126 278 or email
To add to this, parents may be caring for ageing family members, may be            
managing their own developmental issues and many times managing busy
working lives. It is also around this time that parents start to have less                   Fun Net - for ages 5-7 we have Fun
contact with other parents. The school, sporting and community connec-                       Net, which teaches ball skills, the
tions are not as strong and parents can feel isolated, alone in carrying a                   rules of the game and teamwork. Fun
multitude of concerns for their child’s wellbeing and future. On top of this,                net is held every Saturday at 12.30.
the parenting strategies that worked before often seem to no longer work!
                                                                                             Junior Competition - our junior
It can be a volatile and challenging time in the family. The opportunities for               competition is open to everyone,
connection, real conversation and closeness are less obvious and do not                      including those who have not played
come around as often as with younger children.                                               previously. Games are held every
                                                                                             Saturday at 12.40pm or 2.00pm.
At Parent Line we firmly believe that there is always a possibility that
things can change and that relationships can improve. Our philosophy is                      Adults Competition - our adults
that if something isn’t working, let’s try something different. Our aim is to                division is a social competition with a
focus on today’s issue in a way that works on a better relationship with                     fun, friendly atmosphere. We have
your child tomorrow.                                                                         players who join after not having
                                                                                             played for years and even those who
The highly qualified and experienced Parent Line counselling team are
available 24 hours a day for the cost of a local call (charges may apply to                  have never played. This is the perfect
mobile phones) and are happy to talk through the issues that you are ex-                     competition to join with a group of
periencing with your adolescent.                                                             friends for some exercise and fun! We
                                                                                             are also happy to receive individual
Call us at Parent Line 1300 1300 52, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or
                                                                                             registrations to join existing teams.
log onto our website for more parenting information
                                                                                             Games are held every Saturday at
Written by Tarja Malone, Manager of Parent Line NSW                        email             12.40pm or 2.00pm.

NHS – Quality Learning and Creativity in a Caring Environment The Achiever — November 2010                                   page 16
Community Information

                        NHS –
Community Information

Community Information

Lachlan Macquarie College Newsletter

 Lachlan Macquarie College Newsletter

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