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					Danfoss Heat Pumps
Heating your home with stored solar energy


Good for your pocket and good for the environment.
Heat pumps are the technology of the future!
Just imagine. The solar energy             reasonably priced, renewable source of            Heating your home
stored in the ground beneath               energy. At the same time, environmental           The heat pump heats your home. It gives
                                           consideration is an increasingly important        you all the warm water you need. It can
your house could heat your
                                           factor.                                           even cool the house during the hot
home. Also imagine your house                  We have an acute need for energy-effi-        season. Heat pumps don’t take up much
getting all the hot water it needs,        cient solutions in all areas. Everyone realises   space, and need no maintenance or fuel.
and an energy system that could            that we can’t keep polluting the air while        In addition to all of this, it is an energy-
provide cooling. Imagine your              burning up the Earth’s energy reserves.           efficient solution that saves you money.
                                               In Scandinavia, Mother Nature is saved        You can save more than 50 percent of
heating costs dropping by
                                           from tremendous amounts of carbon                 your heating costs, compared with tradi-
over 50%.
                                           dioxide, soot, nitrogen oxide and sulphur         tional heating systems.
With gas and oil prices rising, more and   oxide every year thanks to the widespread
more people are looking for a reliable,    use of heat pumps.

    Let the sun
                                           warm your house
    Heat pumps are a highly energy-             Annual efficiency                           pumps produce hot water at the right
    efficient way of generating heat.           A heat pump’s efficiency is measured        temperature quickly and efficiently.
                                                over a whole year, both for heating and
    For each unit of energy used to
                                                cooling. A heat pump should continue        Service
    extract the solar heat, you get at
                                                to work, even when it is really cold        If your heat pump is to function opti-
    least three back.                           outdoors.                                   mally, it requires high levels of expertise
                                                     Danfoss heat pumps produce heat        from the installer. Danfoss’ installers are
    Two thirds of the energy is completely      efficiently throughout the year. The ef-    specially trained to provide the best
    free and comes directly from your own       ficiency is around 3, which means that      service.
    plot.                                       the pump produces three times as much            This includes how large a system is
         In Scandinavia, heat pumps are com-    energy as is supplied to it.                required for your house and what type
    mon technology that has been devel-              Certain manufacturers promise          of heat pump you should choose. The
    oped in the tough Nordic climate over       more, but they only measure extremely       system should also be finely adjusted
    decades.                                    beneficial situations when the pump is      after installation so that it provides the
         This is how we know that heat          working at maximum efficiency.              best possible operational economy.
    pumps work and that they can give your           The fairest way of measuring for you        An independent survey showed that
    house a perfect indoor climate.             as a customer is to see it on an annual     99% of Danfoss owners would recom-
         When you choose a heat pump you        basis. You need the heat most at the        mend a Danfoss heat pump to a friend.
    must concentrate on three things. The       coldest time of year.                       One proof that our products and service
    first is the annual efficiency, in other                                                maintain the highest quality.
    words how efficiently the pump can          Hot water production
    retrieve the stored solar energy.           Heat pumps provide your home with all
         The other is warm water production,    the hot water you need. Of course, it is
    how much warm water the pump can            vital that the pump can produce a lot of
    produce. The third concerns expertise,      hot water efficiently.
    that you will receive the correct service       Danfoss is in the forefront in the
    on purchase and installation.               development of technology, and our

The benefits of a
heat pump from Danfoss
» Reliable, tried and tested technology
» Heating cost savings of over 50%
» 2/3 of the energy is free solar energy
» Compact, footprint of around half a
  square metre
» Easy care, no maintenance
» Uses renewable solar energy
» No emissions into the environment
» Provides both heat and hot water
» Can also provide comfort cooling

                           The heat for your house is in

       the air, water, bedrock and ground
                           Energy is stored around your house. It is a store that is constantly replen-
                           ished by the heat of the sun. The energy is stored in the bedrock, the
                           ground, the ground water, lake water and the air. Danfoss offers five dif-
                           ferent heat pump principles to capture the stored energy and heat your
                           house. With a heat pump you get / of the energy needed to heat your
                           house and produce your hot water completely free.

    Bedrock heat pump                            Ground heat pump                                Lake water heat pump
    A bedrock heat pump uses the solar en-       Ground heat pumps retrieve the solar en-        With a lake water heat pump you retrieve
    ergy stored in the bedrock. This is energy   ergy stored in the ground via a hose that is    the solar energy stored in the lake water
    that later can be used to heat your house    dug down under your plot. If the bedrock        through a hose that is lowered to the
    and your hot water. Retrieving energy from   is deep, or if there are other reasons not to   bottom of the lake. The hose is laid on the
    bedrock is the most common solution.         drill on your plot, you can select a ground     bottom of the lake or watercourse, where
    Pipes are lowered through one or more        heat solution.                                  weights hold it in place.
    holes (50 - 200 metres) into the bedrock.         A hose is dug down at a depth of ap-           The principle is the same as for ground
                                                 proximately one metre. The hose is coiled       heat.
                                                 around your plot and the energy is then
                                                 received from the ground in a similar way
                                                 to the bedrock heat.

    Advantages                                   Advantages                                      Advantages
    » No great size of plot required             » No drilling needed                            » No drilling needed
    » The hole in the rock maintains an even     » Lower installation costs                      » Little impact on your plot
      temperature throughout the year            » The coil in the ground maintains an           » The lake coil holds an even temperature
    » Little impact on your plot                   even temperature throughout the year            throughout the year
    » Permits passive cooling                    » Permits passive cooling                       » Permits passive cooling

How heat pumps work                                                                      Return from the domestic                  To the domestic
                                                                                         heating system                            heating system
1. Brine* circulates in a collector coil and
   absorbs the heat energy from bedrock,
   ground, air or water.
2. At the heat exchanger (evaporator) the tepid
   brine in the collector coil meets the ice-cold
   refrigerant** in the heat pump, which is then
   heated a few degrees and condenses.
3. Then, a compressor compresses the refrig-
   erant. The heat that is then generated is
                                                                    4                                                                                 3
   transferred via a heat exchanger (condenser)                             Expansion valve                                   Compressor
   to the house’s heating system.
4. The refrigerant circulates and an expansion
   valve lowers the pressure and the refrigerant
   becomes cold again. The process begins
   again when the refrigerant meets the tepid
   brine from the collector coil.


 * The brine is a mixture that cannot freeze,
for example alcohol or glycol.
** Modern environmentally sound refrigerant
are used, e.g. hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.                                                                                   1
Formerly, freon was used.
                                                                                          Return to the                               From the collector coil
                                                                                          collector coil                              in the bedrock, ground
                                                                                                                                      or water

Groundwater                                         Air heat pump
heat pump                                           With an air heat pump you don’t have to
A groundwater heat pump collects en-                dig or drill. Instead, you retrieve the energy                 Heat pumps are built around the fact
ergy from the groundwater. The water is             directly from the surrounding air using an
                                                                                                                   that gas that is compressed gets hot,
pumped up from a groundwater borehole               air module. This is located outside your
                                                    house and interacts with a heat pump                           and gas that expands cools. Remem-
to a heat exchanger, where the energy is
recovered. The water is then discharged             indoors.                                                       ber a bicycle pump that compresses
back through another borehole.                          An air heat pump is not as efficient
                                                                                                                   air, creating heat. The opposite
                                                    when it is really cold outdoors.
                                                                                                                   example is when you spray perfume
                                                                                                                   on your hand (expansion).

Advantages                                          Advantages
» No great size of plot required                    » Lower investment costs
» Little impact on your plot                        » No impact on the ground
                                                    » Normally no obligation to report
                                                      installation to municipal
                                                      environmental health boards
    The brain of the heat pump
    The controller coordinates and controls     up to 15 percent compared with tradi-
    the heating system and Danfoss heat         tional technology.
    pumps work with complete precision to           Our controller is very easy to use. You
    give your home the best possible indoor     raise or lower the temperature at the
    climate at the lowest possible cost.        touch of a button.
        Danfoss’ technology regulates the
    supply of heat at the source, which saves

    Hot water quickly
    Danfoss has developed a technology          The technology is called TWS (pat-
    that produces huge amounts of hot           ented) and provides the best hot
    water very quickly without consuming        water production on the market. TWS-
    more energy. The technology builds          equipped pumps deliver a lot of hot
    on efficient heat transfer and that the     water quickly, while still maintaining
    water in the immersion heater is sepa-      its excellent efficiency.
    rated in different layers.

Danfoss is leading technological development
Creating energy efficient and high performance heat pumps with a
long lifetime requires advanced technology. Danfoss looks back on
several decades’ experience in developing and manufacturing heat
pumps. Our Research and Development department is in the forefront
of advances.

The heart of the heat pump
Danfoss heat pumps feature scroll com-          compressors also provide high efficiency
pressors as standard. Scroll compressors        for production of heat and hot water
have fewer moving parts than conven-            over 40 °C. Which means it increases
tional compressors, which increase their        both the efficiency and the lifetime of
lifetime and reduce noise levels. Scroll        the heat pump.

Advantages               » Quicker hot water production
                         » Lower the costs of hot water production
with TWS                 » Increases efficiency

                A traditional immersion heater provides a slow heat                   A TWS water heater uses a new technique where the
                transfer. The hot water from the pump surrounds the                   hot water from the heat pump is led through a coil in the
                immersion heater. A technology that requires twice                    water to be heated. The water in the heater is also split
                as long time to heat a heater that is empty, compared                 so that some of the water reaches the correct tempera-
                with the TWS technology.                                              ture more quickly. TWS provides more efficient heat
                                                                                      transfer and more warm water.
     The heat pump can both heat and cool your house
     When it is cold outside you want       With all of our heat pumps, with the       When you need extra cooling, the
     heat, when it is warm outside you      exception of the air heat pump, it is      compressor can be started and increase
     want cooling, naturally! Danfoss       possible to cool the house using passive   the effect, and this is called active cool-
     heat pumps can do both. The heat       cooling at a very low cost. It actually    ing. Even this is a more efficient system
     pump can naturally enough provide      requires less energy than a couple of      that traditional climate systems/air
     heat, but also comfort cooling. This   light bulbs.                               conditioning.
     provides the perfect indoor climate,
     all year round.

Passive cooling                                   Active cooling
During the summer, cool houses are good           Passive cooling is normally sufficient, but if
to be in. Why not use your heat pump? The         necessary, extra cooling can be obtained by
coolant is circulated through the ground loop,    using the compressor. Active cooling from the
cooling the house at a cost equivalent to         heat pump is more efficient than traditional
the energy consumption of a couple of light       air conditioning, because of its lower energy
bulbs. This technique is called passive cooling   consumption. Active cooling requires an extra
and can be used with all heat pump systems        accessory in the form of a cooling module
apart from air heat pumps. The passive cool-      (passive/active).
ing module is an accessory (except DHP-C,
where it is standard).

     Danfoss Heat Pump range

                                                Danfoss DHP-H
                                                A high performance
                                                heat pump
                                                Danfoss DHP-H is a very high performan-     efficient heat pump and contributes to
                                                ce heat pump, because it is extremely       operational reliability and quiet running.
                                                efficient and reliable. The patented TWS    It is user friendly and easy to maintain.
                                                technology provides both more and hot-           Available in five outputs with an
                                                ter water. The time taken to recharge the   integrated three-step electrical heating
                                                hot water tank after peak consumption       element as back up.
                                                has more than halved in comparison
                                                with old technology. In addition, it can
                                                produce – if needed – higher tempe-           Special features
                                                ratures for your heating system. It also    » Extra and hotter hot water
             SKISSBILD                          features an extra large hot water tank.     » Large integrated hot water tank
                                                     Installing the Danfoss DHP-H can
                                                                                            » TWS technology provides hot water
                                                reduce heating costs by more than 50          quickly with low operating costs
                                                percent. Danfoss’ specially developed
                                                                                            » Can reduce heating costs by more
                                                scroll compressor makes it a really           than 50 percent

     Danfoss DHP-L
     A pump for smaller spaces
     The DHP-L differs from the DHP-H with
     its separate hot water tank. Its low
     height makes it ideal for use where
     ceilings are low. The Danfoss DHP-L
     features the reliable, quiet scroll com-                                               Danfoss DWH water heater
     pressor and has an integrated three-step                                               The Danfoss DWH is designed to be per-
     electrical heating element as back up.                                                 fectly compatible with the Danfoss DHP-L.
                                                                                            It is very efficient, and when used with
                                                                                            our pump it provides optimum heating
       Special features                                                                     and hot water comfort. The patented TWS
                                                                                            technology provides hot water quickly at
     » The same features as DHP-H,                                                          low operating costs. The Danfoss DWH is
       but with separate water tank                                                         available in two sizes, 200 and 300 litres,
     » Can reduce heating costs by                                                          and with a copper-lined steel or stainless
     more than 50 percent                                                                 steel tank.
Danfoss DHP-C                              Danfoss DHP-A
A complete                                 Retrieves heat from
climate system                             the air down to –20°C
You can’t beat the indoor comfort          Danfoss DHP-A is so efficient that you
provided by the Danfoss DHP-C. Heating     can reduce your heating costs by up to
in the winter, cooling in the summer       50%. Thanks to its advanced technology,
and hot water all year round. The pump     it can retrieve energy from the air down
basically features the same equipment      to a temperature of minus 20 degrees.
and performance as the DHP-H but,          The patented TWS technology heats hot
thanks to its passive cooling function,    water faster and with less energy con-
it also provides pleasant cooling in the   sumption than any other system on the
summer.                                    market. Danfoss DHP-A does not require
                                           any boreholes, and produces both heat
                                           and hot water.

                                                                                        Danfoss DHP-A consists of just two units
                                                                                        – the air module and the heat pump.

                                           In contrast to many other types of air
                                           heat pumps, the vital parts of Danfoss
                                           DHP-A are located in the heat pump,
                                           which stands inside your house. The-
                                           refore they are not exposed to wind            Special features
                                           and weather, increasing service life and
                                           reliability.                                 » Operates efficiently down to – 0°C
  Special features
                                                The outdoor section of the system       » Provides heating and hot water
» Provides heating, cooling and            must be defrosted to retain high ef-         » TWS technology provides hot water
  hot water                                ficiency at low temperatures. Danfoss          quickly with low operating costs
» TWS technology provides hot water        defrosting is automatic and on demand.       » No heat losses, vital parts
  quickly with low operating costs         It is only activated when it is needed and     inside the house
» A built in 0 litre water tank          only for as long as is necessary.            » On demand defrosting                     
     Making modern living possible
     The Danfoss Group is a leader       Passion and responsibility                   Danfoss Heatpumps
     in development and production       Based on our core values, Danfoss’ vision    Danfoss entered the heat pump market
                                         is to be a global market leader within       in the autumn of 2005, when the group
     of mechanical and electronic
                                         our core sectors: Refrigeration & Air Con-   purchased the Swedish manufacturer,
     products and controls. Our prod-
                                         ditioning, Heating & Water and               Thermia, then one of the leading heat
     ucts help to heat and cool homes    Motion Controls.                             pump producers in Europe.
     and offices, refrigerate food and        We aim to meet the expectations             Today, Danfoss has established a re-
     control production lines. In        of our stakeholders by being a highly        search and competency centre for heat
     short, Danfoss contributes to       respected company, improving quality         pump technology at the Swedish factory
                                         of life by mastering advanced technolo-      and is in the process of consolidating its
     the conveniences of modern life
                                         gies in customer applications, while         position across the European heat pump
     as well as to a safer and cleaner   focusing on environmental and social         market.
     environment.                        responsibility.

                                                              Heat pumps are the future for our homes.
                                                Solar heat is used economically and is sustainable in the long-term.
                                                            Read more at www.heatpumps.danfoss.com

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   Danfoss reserves the right to make any changes to our range and technical solutions after publication of this brochure.