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CINCINNATI, OHIO                                                                                               MAY 11, 2008

                      Hymnal #972
    Acts 2: 1-11            Ps 104: 1, 24, 29-31, 34
     1 Cor 12: 3b-7, 12-13             Jn 20: 19-23
                                                                  This appeal concludes June 30, 2008, and has replaced the
                                                                  Archdiocesan Annual Fund Drive. So far we have received
                                                                  donations of $7,138, which is 24% of our parish goal of
Mon. May 12     8:15 am     Living & Deceased Members             $30,000. Envelopes have been provided in the back of
                            of Rosary Makers                      church. You can also visit the web site at
Tues. May 13  8:15 am       Cliff Glazier                for more information and to make
Wed. May 14   8:15 am       Paul Wallbaum                         your pledge online. Please be aware that donations made
              7:00 pm       Jubilarians                           through the parish will be posted to your parish account
Thurs. May 15 8:15 am       Mary Brodbeck                         and appear on your annual contribution statement next
Fri. May 16   8:15 am       Urban Vondrell                        January. The envelopes are addressed to downtown. Those
Sat. May 17   4:30 pm       Libby Mouch                           donations submitted other than thru the parish office may
Sun. May 18 8:15 am         Welfare of the Parish                 not be reflected on your annual statement from St. Vivian.
              10:00 am      Fr. Jack Filippine                    Feel free to drop off your envelope in the Sunday
              11:30 am      Alvin Santel                          collection or to the parish office to insure it getting posted

                                                                  Help Us Help You
                                                                  If your group is planning any special event that needs
Philip Bock, father of Perry Bock. Please keep him and his
                                                                  advertising or involves contacting people outside your
family in your prayers.
                                                                  group, please tell the parish office about your event. This
                                                                  allows the parish staff to pass along information about
                                                                  your event when people call the parish office with
Erik Josef Pharo, son of Edward G. and Judith L. Lawson           questions. We can’t help you if we don’t know your event
Pharo                                                             is happening.

Graduating in 2008?
To congratulate them for all of their hard work, we will be
publishing a list of our 2008 St. Vivian parishioner              Thank you for your generous response to the needy at our
graduates, including high school thru college. Please call        monthly food collection. With the 80 food items collected,
the parish office at 728-4331 and let us know if you have a       we also collected $58 for Mercy Franciscan at St. John’s.
student graduating this year. We would like to know their         Any help you gave is deeply appreciated. Please remember
full name and the name of their school. You can also email        that all food items must be nonperishable.
the information to Don’t miss this
chance to have your student’s name included in the list.          Festival 2008 – June 13, 14 & 15
Please spread the word around about this list, as we are          We are closing in on the end of the school year which
relying on the families to give us this information. We           means the St. Vivian Church Festival is almost here. We
don’t want to miss somebody.                                      are in need of many people to help make this a successful
                                                                  festival. We are still looking for a number of booth
Donut Sunday                                                      managers in the children’s and gambling areas. If you do
May’s Donut Sunday will be hosted by the Boosters. We             not want to manage a booth, please consider a few shifts at
hope you can join us for fellowship with other members of         various booths. We are in need of a number of people for
the parish. We hope to see you on May 18 after all the            the admission gate. We will have chairs at the admission
Sunday Masses.                                                    gate, so if your legs are not what they used to be, you can
                                                                  sit down at this booth. This admissions booth can also use
Kroger Cash Reward Cards/SCRIP Gift Cards                         teenagers to attach the admission wristbands once the
Because of the Mother’s Day holiday, the grocery fund             admission has been paid (service hours). Please call Kirk
sales will be next weekend, May 17 & 18. Please stop in           Vonderhaar at 542-2030 (home) or 240-3728 (daytime) or
the breezeway after the 8:15 and 10:00 Masses next                email at if you are not already
Sunday.                                                           involved with the festival.


            NEXT SUNDAY’S READINGS                                   Festival Sponsors Needed
                       Hymnal #974                                   Interested in an easy way to help at the Festival? Do we
        Ex 34: 4b-6, 8-9        (Ps) Dn 3: 52-55                     have an opportunity for you! We need booth and fireworks
      2 Cor 13: 11-13                  Jn 3: 16-18                   sponsors to help offset the cost of the up-front costs that
                                                                     the Festival involves. Forms are available on the tables
                                                                     near the church exits, and they will be in upcoming
Liturgical Ministers                                                 bulletins as well. The forms are being added to the website
Sat. May 17      4:30 pm        Fr. Paul Gebhardt                    as we speak, or you can call Fran Schwartz at 378-5482 to
Eucharist:       M & L Hagen, J Hagen, A Kremer,
                                                                     receive one. Thank you in advance for your help and
                 D Madden, R McGoron, E McMahon,
                                                                     continued support.
                 T & S Merkle
Greeters:        S Pasqualetti, G Wallbaum
Lectors:         McManus, Sandquist
Servers:         E Frey, T Slayton, S Slayton

Sun. May 18      8:15 am       Fr. Paul Gebhardt
Eucharist:       S Montgomery, B Erman, P Hadden,                     Please pray for the following persons who are currently
                 S Lennert, M McDaniel, G Luebering,                               serving in our Armed Forces:
                 R Cappel, JA Schildmeyer,                                      Army Captain Kathleen Brackmann
                 B & V Wagner                                               Navy Lieutenant Commander Matt Brigger
Greeters:        H Kutzing, A Babey                                               Army Private Michael Chiseck
Lectors:         Riley, Biederman                                                  Army Specialist Adam Curry
Servers:         M Goldick, T Weickert                                             Army Colonel Kevin Fagedes
Sun. May 18   10:00 am      Fr. Ed Pigott                                Ohio National Guard SPC Kenneth Glassmeyer
Eucharist:    E Neltner, S Hermes, M Holterman,                                    Navy EN3 Mark T. Hagen, Jr.
              I Hufnagel, S Kent, L Morris, M Taske                                Air Force Major Barry Holte
Greeters:     H Tepe, K Vonderhaar                                            Air Force Senior Airman Justin Janney
Lectors:      Vonderhaar, Neltner                                                     Marine CPL DJ Jaspers
Servers:      K Shoaf, S Kent, R Neltner                                          Marine Corporal Paul Kutzing
Trav. Chalice Maryan Gardner                                                      Marine Sergeant Andrew Lang
Sun. May 18      11:30 am     Fr. Ed Pigott                                   Army/Air Force Captain Melissa Lang
Eucharist:       C Wolff, E Davis Knight, E Knight,                           Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Tim Mack
                 D Ruter, C Hanson, M Zins, T Mastriani                  Army Chief Warrant Officer II Brendan Madden
Greeters:        N Klus, J Martens                                                  Army Private Emily Maycox
Lectors:         Barry, Southwick                                              Marine Lance Cpl. John G. McElwee
Servers:         J Volker, L Huser                                          Army Reserve Specialist Cassie McMahan
                                                                           Army Staff Sgt 1st Class Kathleen McMahan
Festival Major Award                                                                  Army Capt. Jeffrey Noll
Festival Raffle Tickets will be available for pickup after all
                                                                                   Army Specialist Albert Royal
the Masses this weekend. By picking them up, we are able
to save on postage. Completed tickets can be placed in the                          Army Specialist Neal Royal
black boxes in the back of church over the next few weeks.             Army/Air Force Private First Class Robert Schnelle
Anyone can win, parishioner or non-parishioner but as the                 Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Andrew M. Smith
Lottery Officials always say, “You have to play to win.”                      Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Sukovaty
Get those tickets in for a chance to win $10,000.                                    Marine Cpl Chris Taylor
                                                                                     Army Sergeant Clint Voss
Buy and Take
No bid sheets and no competition make this year’s Buy                If you wish to have the name of your family member
and Take a tamer version from proceeding years.                      currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Military
However, you will be able to buy items at terrific bargain           Services published in the bulletin, please call the parish
prices, all the time helping your parish. If you have                office at 728-4331 and leave that person’s name, military
something to donate, contact Joan Rimele at 522-8646.                branch and rank.
Merchandise can be brought to the parish office.                     Memorial Fund
CINCINNATI, OHIO                                                                                               MAY 11, 2008

Hilda Roettele, Mary “Betty” Deye, Alvin Santel, and               The Catholic Telegraph is a great supplement to learn
Richard Putt have been added to the Memorial Fund. If              about our faith. The cost for 51 issues is $24 each year.
you would like to add your loved one to the Memorial               Your packet of church envelopes for April through June
Fund, please call the parish office. Inclusion in the              includes an envelope for the annual subscription of The
Memorial Fund consists of the deceased names being                 Catholic Telegraph. If you are presently receiving The
added to the plaques in the vestibule in Church and the            Catholic Telegraph, you will not be invoiced from the
offering of one Mass per month for the repose of their             Telegraph office. They will bill the parish for your
soul, the next one being on Sunday, June 29 at 11:30 am.           subscription, therefore, please use the envelope to submit
                                                                   payment for your subscription to the parish. If you are not
Bundle Weekend                                                     currently receiving the Telegraph and would like to, please
On Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, the St. Vincent            use the envelope to submit your payment to the parish.
de Paul truck will be on the church grounds before and             You will then be added to the mailing list. New
after Masses. Donations of clean clothing, household               subscriptions begin in July.
miscellaneous, and seasonal items are needed. Furniture
that is need of cleaning or repairs cannot be accepted.            St. Vincent de Paul Society
                                                                   Today as we celebrate Pentecost, Jesus says to his
Applebee’s Fundraiser                                              disciples: “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me,
St. Vivian School gets 10% from the bill when you join us          so I send you.” This month, through your gifts, the Society
at Applebee’s for dinner on May 15 and 22. The time is             of St. Vincent de Paul was able to bring the peace of God
from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. Please present the flyer from last           to the poor by assisting 11 families, providing $360 in
week’s bulletin or get one from the tables outside the             food, and $702 for utility, rent bills, etc. Thank you.
church doors. The location is 8565 Winton Road. You
must present a flyer to get the credit. Thanks for your help       Free Spirits
towards our school. You can also download the flyer from           The Grand Victoria trip is full. The bus will pick up on
the St. Vivian website. For questions, contact PTA                 Friday, May 16 along the side of Ursuline Hall at 9:30 am.
President Tami Prophater at 674-9321.                              The next meeting on June 2 will be our wine and cheese
                                                                   lunch in honor of the anniversary of Free Spirits. We hope
Baby Shower Collection                                             to be able to install new officers for the coming year.
The seventh grade Cadet Girl Scout Troop #336 is
working on their Marian Medal. One of the projects is to           Greener Living
collect baby items to support mothers who have said yes to         Spring cleaning with white distilled vinegar: a) to clean
life. The Baby Shower Collection is from May 4 thru May            microwave add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water. Bring
18. Bins will be located in the Breezeway for donations.           to boil inside microwave and let it sit until it steams. Food
Greatly needed supplies are diapers and snap under shirts          comes off easily. Use same solution to clean inside of
(no Onesies). Other supplies needed are bottles, books,            refrigerator; b) discourage ants by spraying full strength
formula, infant clothes, blankets, toys and money                  around doorways and windows; c) get rid of fruit flies by
donations. Please donate new or gently used items.                 placing small dish of vinegar on counter near fruit. If you
                                                                   have a Greener Living tip, you can email Lisa Brackmann
Girls Basketball Registration                                      at or call her at 771-0607.
Registration forms for Girls basketball are due no later
than May 16. This is for girls who will be in 3-8 grade for        Vocation View: Come, Holy Spirit, with your seven-fold
the school year 2008-2009. Team rosters must be                    gifts. Inspire, enlighten, energize, and encourage me to be
completed by the end of May. If you have not already               a witness for the gospel.
submitted your registration, please send it to Lisa Johnston
at 823 Denier Place, Cincinnati, OH 45224. For questions           Canceled Meetings
contact her at 521-1543 or you can email to                        All groups are asked to call the parish office if they have                                            canceled their scheduled meetings or event. Many times
                                                                   we have made arrangements for key pick-up or told other
AMOS Meeting                                                       groups they couldn’t use a meeting space, only to find out
There will be a St. Vivian AMOS Core Team meeting on               that the original group did not meet. If you have a meeting
Tuesday, May 13 at 7:00 pm in the Gather Room. All are             space scheduled and need to cancel it, please call the
welcome to attend.                                                 parish office as soon as possible so that we know you will
                                                                   not be using the reserved space.
Catholic Telegraph                                                 High School Honor Roll

McAuley                                                           Only you can divide your property as you want it divided.
First Honors: Lauren Hadden, Catherine Junker, Grace              A Bequest to your church can be a living memorial to the
Junker, Hannah Martin, Tayler Thress, Michelle Yung               nobility of your life. A Bequest to your Church is exempt
Second Honors: Grace Bergmann, Aimee Boeddeker,                   from estate and inheritance taxes, and reduces the amount
Megan Hartmann, Pauline Holthaus, Sarah Kaehler                   of the estate to be taxed. Your attorney will be happy to
                                                                  assist you.
St. Xavier
First Honors: James Allgeier, Kevin Asper, Andrew                 Please Notify the Parish of Hospitalization
Brackmann, Ryan Brady, Cameron Cunningham,                        If you know of a parishioner in the hospital or if you have
Christopher Hanson, Gregory Harris, Thomas Kacner,                a planned hospitalization, please let us know. As a patient,
Ryan McGoron, Jeffrey Nichols, Michael Ponti-Zins,                please tell the hospital admitting clerk or a pastoral visitor
Craig Raffenberg, Daniel Warden, Alexander Williams,              that you would like your church notified.
Eric Yager-Schweller, Steven Zins, Christopher Zust
Second Honors: Connor Doyle, Xavier French, John                  Parish Policy
Gallagher, Ryan Hampel, Dustin Landon, Raymond                    Due to legal/liability and maintenance issues, all items to
Lanser, Michael Neltner, Ryan Ponti-Zins, Jacob Roll,             be posted in or around St. Vivian, including bulletin
Edward Roth, Jerome Roth, Christopher Rutz, Stephen               boards and outside premises, must be dropped off to the
Schindler, Peter Siegel, James Siegel, Jr., Sean Warden,          parish office. Thank you for your cooperation.
Alexander Wheeler
Mt. Notre Dame                                                    Please remember all articles for the weekly bulletin must
Second Honors: Margaret Baker, Amy McMahan                        be to the parish office by Monday at 10:00 am. They can
                                                                  be sent via regular mail, email to,
Moeller                                                           fax, or dropped off at the parish office. All scheduled
Second Honors: Joshua Hafele, Adam Johnston, Adam                 flyers to be stuffed in the bulletin must be in the parish
Riccobelli, Jason Sander, Kyle Shoaf                              office by Wednesday at 10:00 am. 800 copies are needed.
                                                                  Pulpit announcements are due in the parish office by
LaSalle                                                           Thursday at 10:00 am. There cannot be any exceptions to
First Honors: Timothy Gory, Nicholas Krabacher                    these deadlines. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Second Honors: Anthony Heckle
                                                                  Parking Lot Safety During School Hours
Roger Bacon                                                       Parishioners are asked to please pay attention when they
First Honors: Sarah Lankford, Kyle Raabe                          enter the front or back parking lot during school hours. If
Second Honors: Helen Cappannelli, Tory Diedling, Marco            students are present, please stop and wait for the teacher in
Fiorini, Anton Gantt, John Hagen, Victoria Hartmann,              charge to move students to ensure their safety.
Alex Kraemer, Zachary Merkle, Kelsey Morgan, Kelly
Raffenberg, Keith Romer, Amanda Shaw, Eric Weickert,              Media Centers
Maria Weickert, Nicholas Wilking, Matthew Wurtzler,               Are you aware that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has
Michael Wurtzler                                                  Media Centers in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Sidney that are
                                                                  available for your use? For further information call your
St. Ursula Academy                                                local Media Center, 100 East Eighth St., Cincinnati, OH at
First Honors: Ann Junker                                          421-3131 or log on to and
Second Honors: Lauren Schenk, Ysabel Wright                       click on Media Centers Catalog.

Outside Sign                                                      McAuley Fine Arts Weekend
There are forms available in the parish office for any            The Spring Concert, featuring McAuley’s Vocal
parish group interested in getting something on the outside       Ensemble, Chorus, and 47-member Orchestra, will be held
sign. The sign is a very visible way to communicate to the        on Friday, May 16 at 7:30 pm in the new performing arts
parish and the community at large. Please take advantage          center. Tickets are $5 at the door. On Sunday, May 18, the
of this wonderful way to get your message out to the              annual Spring Art Show will be presented. The art will be
public. You can also download the form from the website           displayed from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the art room and
by going to, then to All Groups &                throughout the ground floor corridor. Admission for the art
Organizations, and then Outside Sign.                             show is free.
Remember Your Parish in Your Will

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