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									                                                Wednesday, 6th September, 2006

            Election Day
    Saturday, September 9th, 2006
       Response to our requests for cakes and volunteers on the day has been
minimal and therefore, the likelihood of conducting our Election Day Sausage
Sizzle and Cake Stall is uncertain. We urgently need more volunteers to help
on the day in both our Sausage Sizzle and our Cake Stall, as well as
generous donations of items for our cake stall.

If every family donated at least one cake / slice or item for our cake stall, we
would certainly have sufficient for a successful Stall.

This is our last chance to recruit volunteers. If you are able to help just for one
hour, please fill in the form below and return it URGENTLY to the school by
Friday morning, 8th September. Unfortunately, if we do not have sufficient
volunteers by Friday morning, the cake stall and sausage sizzle will be cancelled.
A decision will be made on Friday morning on the viability of continuing with this
venture. The few people who have indicated their support will be contacted with
the decision on Friday morning. It would be a shame to miss out on such an
obvious fund raising opportunity.

=================================          ================================

I am available to assist on Election Day, 9th September at the following times:
Name: ________________________Contact Phone Number:___________
I am able to provide cakes for the cake stall
            SAUSAGE SIZZLE                  CAKE STALL
            9.30 – 10 am set up             9.30 – 10 am set up

            10 – 11 am                      10 – 11am
            11 am – 12 pm                   11 am – 12 pm
            12 – 1 pm                       12 – 1 pm
            1 – 2 pm                        1 – 2 pm
LIBRARY LINES                                                              POSITIONS VACANT
Book Week Thank you to all those children who
dressed up for Book Week. It was a lot of fun and
there were some very clever ideas!
Missing Books As we are getting near the end of             ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER AO 2
term, please try and find any Mount Petrie library          We currently have an A02 (AAEP) vacancy available
books that are missing. Perhaps it is time for a good       at Mount Petrie State School. This position will be
spring clean of those bedrooms and bookshelves.             filled through an open-merit selection process. This
Many of the classrooms are missing library books            position currently involves 28 ¼ hrs per week + ADO
borrowed by teachers for use in the classroom. Your         time (subject to variance depending on enrolments).
child may have one at home, or in their tidy tray. You
will see a list of some missing resources in the            Position description, application information and
newsletter. We are especially keen to have these            selection criteria which need to be addressed in
returned. If you find any class readers etc., please        applications for the position maybe obtained from:
return them to the library or classroom teacher, even           • Our website -
if they have been at home for a number of years. It             • An email addressed to
may be part of a scheme that is missing just that one      
book.                                                           • The school office
Australian Readers Challenge Children who
participated in the Australian Readers Challenge will                                        th
                                                            Applications close Tuesday 12 September. If you
be presented with their certificates in October. Well       are interested in applying for this position, please
done to those students who completed their reading          send your application to:
on time.
ALL LIBRARY BOOKS ARE DUE BY NEXT                           The Principal
WEDNESDAY, 13TH SEPTEMBER.                      HOLIDAY     Mount Petrie State School
BORROWING IS IN THE LAST WEEK OF TERM.                      950 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Road
PRESCHOOLERS DO NOT BORROW FOR THE                          Mackenzie Q 4156
HOLIDAYS.                                                    Or email:
New Library Furniture On Tuesday, 12 September
the library furniture will be installed from 8 am. If any   Please do not hesitate to contact the Principal should
parents can help return books to shelves, it would be       you require further information regarding this position.
most appreciated, even if you can give 30 minutes
after dropping children at school. Grade 2 will have
their lesson rescheduled for later in the day.              UNIFORM SHOP CONVENOR
                                                            We are still looking for someone who may be willing
Please help us find the following missing                   to take over this voluntary position which involves
resources. Your child may have taken them from              ordering stock and opening the Uniform Shop a
the classroom.                                              couple of times each week. If you are interested in
                                                            this position commencing Term 4, please contact
                  JUNIOR NOVELS                             Karen for further information on Ph. 3343 3563.
Under the Tiles            Face the Music
Melvin’s        Marvellous Spooking Sally                                                              Michael Cini
Medicine                                                                                                  Principal
Clever Trevor              Hayley the Rain Fairy            SCHOOL PHOTOS 20th September
Secret of the Tower        Emily Eyefinger and the
                           Lost Treasure
                                                            Just a reminder that school photo day is
The Flower Fairies         Monty – Up to his Neck in        getting closer. Please remember to wear
                           Trouble                          full school uniforms and brush your hair
Christmas                  The Third Wish                   nicely! A letter and payment envelope will
Sports Day at Scumbagg Amazing Facts about                  be sent home later this week.
School                     Australian Marine Life
Freeing Billy              The Sea Dog
                                                            FATHERS DAY STALL
                    NON FICTION
Poetry just for Fun        Australian Weather – Ray         Thank you to those who
                           Wilkie                           supported the Fathers Day Stall.
Magic Eye II               Built for Speed – Boats          It was a huge success and our students
Amazing World of Ants      Your World – Mini Beasts         enjoyed the opportunity to purchase a gift
                                        Karen Murphy        for their Dads. A big thank you goes to
                                      Teacher Librarian     Glynn Larch for all the time and effort she
                                                            gave to make the stall such a success.
                                                            Thank you also to those who helped on the
                                                            day at the stall.
                                                                 COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD
On Friday, 8 September, Mount Petrie will be                 JULIE THOMAS SWIM SCHOOL                    Swimming
holding its Showcase of Talent and Sausage Sizzle            lessons and training sessions will be commencing
at the Word of Faith Church, Weedon Street,                  from Monday, 9 October, 2006. Existing members
Mackenzie. There will be a gold coin donation at the         need to rebook by phone in order to secure the day
door and the proceeds will go to the “Save the Bilby         and time that most suits each swimmer. All new
Fund”. We would like to invite everyone to come and          swimmers need to be assessed. This will enable me
support our students. You can enjoy the talent, even         to place each swimmer in the most appropriate
if our child is not performing.                              group.
                                                             Assessment day will take place on Saturday, 23
The Sausage Sizzle will be held at 6 pm and then the         September, 2006 at Wishart State School Pool from
Showcase will follow at 7 pm. Sausages will be               9 – 11 am.
available on the night for $2 or order on the form           Fees: LTS $7.50                   Mini Squad $6
which went home yesterday. We look forward to                                  A/B Squads $5.00
seeing you there!                                            I will also be offering a holiday swim clinic from 2 –
                                                             6 October for all mini-squad and Squad swimmers.
CAN YOU HELP?                                                Cost is $30 for mini-squad and $25 for squad.
The preschool is in need of some small pieces of soft        Sessions are one hour in duration, commencing at 3
pine, suitable for students to use in our carpentry          pm – m/s, 4pm – B squad and 5 pm – A Squad. All
corner. Metal beer bottle tops (not screwtop) are            bookings can be directed to Julie on 3397 7659.
great for nailing on to wood. If you have some at
home, could you please collect them and send them            WISHART SWIMMING CLUB SIGN ON Saturday,
in to the preschool.                                         23 September from 9 – 11 am at Wishart State
                                                             School Pool. New members welcome.
                                                             JOHN BYRNE’S TENNIS ACADEMY invites
At Mount Petrie, we want to encourage the use of
                                                             enrolments for this term in its accelerated-learning
email as a major form of communication between the
                                                             classes and junior fixture programs conducted
school and families. We are currently updating our
                                                             Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at COC,
records to facilitate this. Could you please fill in the
                                                             Wecker Road, Mansfield.         Term 4 (10 weeks)
form below and return to the school office with your
                                                             coaching fees including GST are:
email details. Even if you don’t have an email
                                                             Special Little Joey Program (4 – 9 years) $110.00
address, please return your form and simply tick the
                                                             (half hour lesson)
“No” box.
                                                             Beginner to Advanced Tennisense Program $140
                                                             (hour lesson)
======================               ============            (Deduct $10 discount when paid in advance i.e.
                                                             before term starts).
Name: ________________________________                       “Little Joey” and beginner programs offer a free
                                                             racquet for new pupils and introduce young children
Child/ren’s Name: ______________________                     to tennis basics and coordination skills in a
                                                             rewarding, fun way. September holiday clinics cost
Email Address: ______@_________________                      $85 and run for four days (Sept 25 – 28) both
                                                             mornings and afternoons, for all ages and levels in a
                                                             fun holiday environment. Please call 3273 8356 to
I do not have an email address                               make a booking or fill out the enrolment form
                                                             included in this weeks’ newsletter.
Contact Phone No. ____________________
                                                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
            SCHOOL WATCH
                    1. LOOK
                    2. LISTEN and
                                                               DATE                  EVENT
                    3. REPORT                                  Tue, 12 Sept          P&C Meeting (7 pm)
                                                               Wed, 20th Sept        School Photos & Open
    Do not take any further action. If you see or hear
                                                                                     Day (1.30 pm)
    suspicious behaviour, report the incident immediately.
                                                               Fri, 22nd Sept        End of Term
              CONTACT:       13 1788

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